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Aug 01

Aug 01

MLB The Show Challenge of the Week #22: Choice of Signed Jersey

Ramone Russell's Avatar Posted by Sr. Community Specialist & Game Designer, San Diego Studio

MLB 11 The Show: Challenge of the Week #7

Challenge of the Week #22 is an NL Inter-division match-up. The Brewers starter goes up against the D’backs young slugging right fielder.

Climb the leaderboard and get as many hits as you can to win your choice of signed jersey, from one of six MLB stars: Cabrera, Kershaw, Sabathia, Soriano, Tulowitzki, Posey.

Week #22 begins on Monday August 1st at 5:30am PDT and ends Monday August 8th at 4:30am PDT.


To play, simply select the Challenge of the Week option in the main menu.

This week continues the August monthly prize period – $2000 in cold, hard cash. Every 4 weeks a monthly prize will be awarded to the player with the most Challenge of the Week points. Weekly scores will also be added from May 30th until September 18th 4:30am PST for a chance to win Grand Prize #2, a trip for two to a 2011 World Series Game!

Each user can only win each type of prize ONCE, so complete leaderboards for weekly, monthly and grand prizing, along with the official rules can be found at the home of MLB The Show at

Stay tuned to the comments section of the weekly Challenge of the Week blog, as we will be giving away some free voucher codes for Challenge of the Week!

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ez_____ez_____ez said:

August 1st, 2:06 pm

WE WANT AVATARS!!!!!!!!! BRAVES!!!!!!!!

ez_____ez_____ez said:

August 1st, 2:07 pm

C’mon Ramone, we’ve been begging forever!

    Ramone Russell's Avatar

    Ramone Russell said:

    August 1st, 3:09 pm

    The last set of avatars are coming, we just don’t have a date yet.

GarrettKapman said:

August 1st, 3:39 pm

Please Ramone, help this poor soul with A CAT PLAYING A PIANO as his avatar. Something must be done…

M-Easy said:

August 1st, 3:47 pm

lmao @ 3

ViCi0USV1C said:

August 1st, 5:18 pm

ps3 does need a party chat…..NOT CROSS GAME CHAT…just party chat or something that will make ps3 stick out from the xbox

x_X_SilenT_WAR4 said:

August 1st, 8:21 pm

ramone what kind of avitars are their going to be?????/witch do u thunk is going to most popular

x_X_SilenT_WAR4 said:

August 1st, 8:23 pm

also that is tru wat vicicusv1c sed too

cardinalsforward said:

August 1st, 9:55 pm

See this is how buying the game for $60 can possibly turn out in the longrun,but still even if you dont win the money,you have a great game.

jqtaxpayer said:

August 2nd, 4:06 am

Any possibility of a price drop on PSN Store for the PSP version of MLB ’10? It’s still the same price as MLB ’11 on there.

ez_____ez_____ez said:

August 2nd, 7:51 am

@ 3 That’s exactly my point. Look at that cat. He’s sad. He needs a baseball cap on.

Thanks for the reply Ramone.

zombie9 said:

August 2nd, 10:32 am

@ aquastorm you can see a GIGANTIC PINK ELEPHANT? never seen one myself :)

Ftwrthtx said:

August 2nd, 10:32 am

Time to see if I can do better than last week

skinny01 said:

August 3rd, 2:08 pm

@Ramone – Thanks so much for the answer. I thought we would never see the rest of the avatars.

acdcfab said:

August 4th, 11:00 am

We want NHL avatars! Please Ramone

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