Sucker Punch Productions Joins SCE World Wide Studios

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Sucker Punch Productions Joins SCE World Wide Studios

Sucker Punch and Sony World Wide Studios

Earlier today we announced Sucker Punch Productions has officially joined Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. We’re thrilled to share the news and welcome Sucker Punch to the PlayStation family.

Brian Fleming, managing partner of Sucker Punch Productions had this to say about becoming the sixteenth studio to join PlayStation:

“We’ve enjoyed an incredible relationship with Sony that has allowed us to combine our creative design capabilities with their guidance to make some of the best franchises to hit the PlayStation platforms. Equally important, the relationship with SCE has provided us the flexibility and trust to take creative risks and invent new properties. And best of all, we get to keep doing what we do — pushing ourselves to make more innovative games and more exciting experiences for PlayStation gamers!”

We’ve worked closely with Sucker Punch for more than 12 years, bringing fan favorites like Sly Cooper series and, of course, the inFAMOUS storyline to life on PlayStation platforms. On behalf of our executive team and Worldwide Studios, I’d like to take just a moment to welcome this immensely talented group of individuals to our team. I look forward to seeing what kind of gaming magic we can make happen in the months and years ahead!

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  • Congratulations to Sucker Punch, here’s looking to more great games from them in the future.

  • Congrats Sucker Punch and SCE World Wide.

  • AWESOME! Congratulations all around, Sony, Sucker Punch and the fans!

  • This is awesome news! Sucker Punch are my favorite developers in the whole wide world!

  • Alpha_Gamer

    All your base are belong to us, Sucker Punch!

  • Smart move for Sony. Sucker Punch is a great studio with a bright future ahead of them.

    Now, about iNFAMOUS for Vita…

  • ArcaneAltair

    Well deserved. Congratulations.

  • I loved inFAMOUS, The Sly Collection and inFAMOUS 2.

    I believe SCE’s the best publisher in the world from a developer relations and content standpoint.

  • InFamous 1 & 2 are the games to get for the system. Good to hear Sucker Punch will get to continue making great PS3 games like these for the long haul.

  • Congratulations Sucker Punch! Hope everyone there is as excited as we fans are!

    Congratulations also to Sony for a massive acquisition. Another peacock feather in your illustrious cap.

  • poweredbyzen

    i can’t wait for infamous 3!
    nice ending to infamous 2,
    leaves a lot to the imagination!

  • Congrats! Sony treats its World Wide Studios well. Just look at Naughty Dog :)


    They (and everyone else in the industry) needs to start making apps and mobile games or else everyone is going to fail. Big budget games are going to become a gamble here pretty soon (especially exclusives) so hopefully they chose the right path. Still a good move on their part.

  • Congrats to Sucker Punch on this latest achievement err trophy :D
    Looking forward to more awesome games from them!

  • NamesIrish13

    Cant wait to see what they come up with next…. I bet it will blow all of our minds!

  • InFAMOUS on PS Vita..



    If it’s not about a Legend of Dragoon sequel or remake I don’t care!

  • congrats sucker punch and sony !!!!
    how about giving us info on inFAMOUS ps vita ? we know it will happen lol

  • does Xbox still get suckerpunch games is my question they already get infamous I dont wanna see them stab us in the back like Metal Gear creator heido kojima did

  • next studio : Quantic Dream or Light Box Interactive !!!!

  • + mgsnull617

    Your ignorance is astounding. And you seem so eager to share it.

  • @11 Tom hoang
    I cant tell if ur being sarcastic…..are u?

  • LegendaryPhoenix

    + msgnull617

    You are very clearly a bored troll.

  • BJtheLegend


  • Awesome congrats Sony and Sucker Punch!

  • Conglaturations! I hope you guys create even more hit PlayStation franchises!

  • Crazy! I just got both Infamous and Infamous 2 Hero Edition, this weekend. Congrats!

  • Congrats to Sony and Sucker Punch for making a nice collaboration together. Now the awesomeness of more games is gonna approach us soon with great quality!!!

  • congrats to sony, i guess that this should make easier and faster for sucker punch to do their games since everything will be step for sony would be world domination XD


    Congrats to Sony and Sucker Punch


    Good Job

  • I won’t lie. I thought Sucker Punch was already first party. Boy I’m dumb.

  • Fantastic news… SP really can really put out some AAA games and i hope with this new partnership they will get a bigger team so they can pump out more titles faster :)

    Hook them up Sony!

  • This rocks! Congrats to Sucker Punch and SCE!

  • @18 mgsnull617 lol Xbox never Got MGS3 Substance (which had Metal Gear 1+2 1980’s version)And never got MGS4 and never got MGS. So how did he stab us in the back?

  • Airwalkinman17

    that is so awesome. congrats sucker punch!
    I know that many of gamers like myself will continue to reap the rewards. Thank you Sony. You guys rock!

  • AndyAsteroids

    @Mister-Nep You’re not dumb. If you are that means I am too! D:

  • Congrats guys :D

  • MilaNumber14

    Sucker Punch and SCE … unstoppable ;D

    I’m really happy for them :)

  • Excellent News :P Now can we have a PS3 price cut for World domination(like the PS1 & PS2 days) :P

  • Oh yeah, Congrats Guys. This is Wonderful news!!!

  • Congrats Sucker Punch and congrats Sony.

    Building up your profile of developers and franchises will benefit you in the long run when it comes to business.

    Go long and go pro!

  • Congrats. Sucker Punch is one of my favorite developers because they brought two great franchises to me, Sly Cooper and Infamous. Can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeve.

  • kNoWlEdGe22

    Great news! Sucker Punch FTW!

  • For the win! Congrats!

  • TeflonGreen

    i wanna see infamous on playstation vita, but if your doing a vita title, honestly a sly cooper or a new family friendly ip would be smarter seeing u guys wawnt more then just the hardcore audience to play, and there are good ones like little big planet and modnation aswell little deviant but after that i only know about rayman origins as a famil friendly game coming and thats whats goina bring vita down if anything, we need some jak and daxter, ratchet and clank, sly cooper, and if possible to get crash bandicoot they need to make him sony owned cuz activision is doin nothin with him, and honestly sony needs to have a sit down with them and talk over the possiblity even if they gotta buy him for alot of money. but back to the point sucker punch is awesome, guess its time to suckerpunch the industry lol

  • loadstone007

    Congrats on the great purchase Sony!

  • SEAL_TEAM_7p

    Welcome to the family!

  • guitarded77


  • zekececil14

    Lol, I just got the movie Sucker Punch from Netflix today. Now I hear about this. Kinda funny.

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