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Aug 03

Aug 03

Coming to PlayStation Plus: Comix Zone Free and Early

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VP, PlayStation Network

Welcome to the latest view on upcoming releases for PlayStation Plus! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed your access to this month’s free PSN game Crash Commando that dropped this week on August 2nd. And with the August 9th Store Update, we’re not only bringing you free DLC for Crash Commando but also the SEGA Genesis Collection classic, Comix Zone, free and early for Plus!

Have a look at what’s coming and as always, drop us your feedback in the comments. Enjoy!

PlayStation Plus August 9th

Here is the content list for August 9th and August 16th:

Free PSN: Comix Zone, Aug 9
Free DLC: Crash Commando Add-On Bundle, Aug 9
Full Game Trial: Far Cry 2, Aug 9
Exclusive Avatar Bundle: Breath of Fire IV PSN Avatar Bundle, $0.99, Aug 16

Last Chance Items – Coming Down Soon

Free PSN: Golden Axe, Ends Aug 9
Free Exclusive Themes: Junebug Static, Ends Aug 9
Summertime, Ends Aug 9
Fast Draw Showdown Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
PlayStation Plus Anniversary, Ends Aug 9
Free minis: Guerrilla War, Ends Aug 16
Exclusive Discounts: MotorStorm Apocalypse – Revelation Vehicle Pack Bundle, Ends Aug 9
Amazing Earth: Volcano Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
Apache Gunship Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
Destination: Japanese Temple Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
Divine Light Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16

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August 3rd, 12:06 pm

Might have to get that BoF avatar bundle. Is there a release date for FFV and IV yet?


August 3rd, 12:06 pm

err I meant FFVI

MARCAO2010 said:

August 3rd, 12:07 pm

Comix Zone is nostalgic epic win!

snake4308 said:

August 3rd, 12:09 pm

I’ll definitely try out comix zone. any news on castlevania harmony of despair and will there be a discount for plus users?

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    August 3rd, 1:25 pm

    Don’t have any news on Castlevania HoD, but we’ll post it on the Blog when there’s news to share, thanks!

EvoAnubis said:

August 3rd, 12:11 pm

Comix Zone was awesome; can’t wait to play that again. Crash Commando I actually already own, but I didn’t get the DLC. Looks like I will soon!

MassaBR said:

August 3rd, 12:12 pm

It’s a shame Playstation Plus subscribers are not being offered early access to the Resistance 3 beta.

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    August 3rd, 1:26 pm

    It may not be the earliest (that goes to SOCOM 4 owners), but it’s definitely way to get in, as opposed to not having access. So if you’re not the proud owner of SOCOM 4, just hang tight a few more weeks for access if you’re a Plus member.

Kirkpad said:

August 3rd, 12:17 pm

@6, we are getting BETA access, just not as early as Socom 4 buyers (who should get something early for buying that terrible game anyways).

I have yet to try Comix Zone, but I’ve heard its one of the most artistic and challenging games on the Sega Genesis. Can’t wait! Also… Crash Commando DLC? THANKS!

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    August 4th, 8:51 am

    Definitely a classic title and one of the more stand out games for the Genesis!

remanutd5 said:

August 3rd, 12:20 pm

so now that we know the ps vita cleared the fcc hurdle when can we get the release date in NA ?

KazeEternal said:

August 3rd, 12:27 pm

@PS Blog + Capcom
Exclusive Avatar Bundle: Breath of Fire IV PSN Avatar Bundle, $0.99, Aug 16

OH COME ON REALLY?! PSOne Classic please or remake it for PSP/PSV/PSN we didn’t get a proper release of that game and I still have yet to play it. My other BoF games are lonely without BoF4.


August 3rd, 12:31 pm

I am a little confused with Plus. Why do we keep getting this old games for FREE? I mean way old! I never even heard of Comix Zone…why not give FREE games like PSN titles that people actually want to play…..

Rorek_IronBlood said:

August 3rd, 12:36 pm

Wow! I am “impressed” by the coupon book this time around. Amazing. I can almost hear the chatter and squawking of (wannabe) superfluous PlayStation Plus members. Really surprised too by the Breath of Fire avatar bundle too. Hopefully though we non-coupon book members can still obtain them individually. Hopefully. Though I am concerned as to when we’ll get the inFamous2 avatars and/or the GhostBuster avatars more so, much less though that we still have “yet” to obtain all of the MLB avatars, or Final Fantasy avatars either (how, sad is that?)

EvoAnubis said:

August 3rd, 12:37 pm

@DZORMAGEN: Never heard of Comix Zone? You new to this whole ‘gaming’ thing? Or are you just really young?

Not trying to be insulting; this is a serious question. Someone saying they’ve never heard of Comix Zone is as bizarre to me as someone saying they’d never heard of the film “Independence Day,” or something.

SpiritThief said:

August 3rd, 12:38 pm

Are there ever going to be Genesis releases that are not on the Sonic Collection? Will there be another Sonic Collection for that matter? I know it won’t have Sonic but still.

And I hope that avatar is a hint at a PS1 classic incoming!

KGH said:

August 3rd, 12:42 pm

Wow, Comix Zone! I love that game. never thought I’d see it pop up on the PSN

lisatsunami said:

August 3rd, 12:45 pm

@Grace, I like my Plus so much I’m subscribed until 2014. Which is 2 years after the end of the world, according to some nutters, lol. I really like the variety of dynamic themes, but I agree we need better avatars, for the bigger game franchises, but I’ll be patient.

Oh, & @12, Independence Day sucked, no offense. Made no sense @ all, just like all the stupid blockbusters that director/producer team has shoved out.

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    August 4th, 8:52 am

    Thanks for the feedback!

    And also, Independence Day was great ; ) but I agree that everything else that followed from them was not good.

Kchow23 said:

August 3rd, 12:46 pm

Would love to see a PS+ discount on Skullgirls once it releases on PSN :)

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    August 4th, 5:48 pm

    Skullgirls looks awesome, I’ll be looking forward to it either way! Thanks for the feedback =)

FORMIK said:

August 3rd, 12:47 pm

I missed Comix Zone when it was out years ago, and I’m happy to get not only Crash Commando but the add-on bundle. Just what is in the bundle, though? I hope no one that just received Crash Commando from Plus paid for whatever DLC is going to be free next week.

@DZORMAGEN, yes, these games are not brand new, but they are quality games that I’ve wanted to play.

EvoAnubis said:

August 3rd, 12:54 pm

@ lisatsunami: I liked it. I know it wasn’t for everyone, but I liked it. Also, you at least KNOW about it, which kinda made my point.

GT-420 said:

August 3rd, 1:03 pm

Can I put in a request the Crash Commando Avatar bundle? I don’t think it’s part of the DLC.

RyuPower said:

August 3rd, 1:04 pm

the PSOne Classic, BOFIV should be coming out Aug 16,
look at

GT-420 said:

August 3rd, 1:11 pm

Independence day is good campy fun. Years ago I heard a british person’s reaction to it: “ho hum, yeah, the yanks come to save the world again for the rest of us chumps.” Very funny,.

The Crash Commando DLC should contain 2 more maps (the PowerPlant and the Canyon) and 6 characters (rasta, ninja, french maid, military chick, 50 Cent and schwarzeneggar – each have lots of unique new taunts too). No new weapons though. It also adds the Heist game mode, it’s like capture the flag.

As in my prev post, I’m just not sure it contains the avatars, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t, but one can hope to be surprised that they added it in.

marlyt said:

August 3rd, 1:16 pm

Every time I see that guy from Comix Zone he reminds me of someone…It’s making my head hurt. Maybe it’s that guy from Good Will Hunting. Ya know that guy that Matt Damon (from Team America: World Police) says “you like apples?” to. Maaat Damun

Apollo4x said:

August 3rd, 1:17 pm

While I love the fact that you are setting us up with Comix Zone for free I still have to ask the question.. when will be getting Parasite Eve 2. I know that almost every time that you all post these updates some one ends up asking but still I have to ask. I loved the first one and am loving the third one but I never got to play the second one. So please put Parasite Eve 2 on the PSN.

T40Rs731N said:

August 3rd, 1:19 pm

I want FF IV Complete Collection, supposed to be confirmed right here on PSBlog…

marlyt said:

August 3rd, 1:19 pm

Heyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! We have little plussies by our avatars like EU does now. Thanks PSN!!! But seriously, give us some better games. We’re in the drought ya know. You don’t have to be complicit in the conspiracy. Something after the turn of the century if you can swing it. Like Final Fantasy X.

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    August 3rd, 1:30 pm

    The Plus icons on the avatars when live just today, so hope the Plus subscribers enjoy! We’re looking at other ways for Plus subscribers to display their ownership of Plus in other ways, look for them soon =)

marlyt said:

August 3rd, 1:21 pm

@ Lisatsunami

Post so we can see your plus. Must have started at 1:00 cuz it just started doing it.

afrsoul said:

August 3rd, 1:22 pm

the day after most psn plus free subscriber ends.. is wen they do a massive release.. wow


August 3rd, 1:22 pm

@9 BoF IV comes out the 16th.

marlyt said:

August 3rd, 1:26 pm

@ 26

Most expired a month ago.

LovesJapanManga said:

August 3rd, 1:29 pm

Are there going to be any early “exclusive” contents, BETA (Of course, beside Resistance 3), more of “fresh” contents for trail(s)? I mean not way too old like Assassin’s Creed 1, 2 & 2.5. FRESH OUT that was out this year (much more “recent”, rather than one, two, three years old games) coming to PS Plus?

x_NiiGHTMARE_x said:

August 3rd, 1:30 pm

Very nice! =)

Neil said:

August 3rd, 1:34 pm

One of the reasons I subscribed to Playstation Pllus was the free Sega Genesis games. What are the plans after this short collection of Genesis games run out? It would rad to get other publishers to release their classic games with Trophy support as freebies to PS Plus members.

ChaseHammerJ said:

August 3rd, 1:35 pm

Can we get a Minus logo if we WERE a PS+ member lol.

Ill pick it up again just cant afford to drop the $50 right now.

snake4308 said:

August 3rd, 1:35 pm

well it’s about time our plus signs started showing up! sweet! I guess my previous comment will be my last without my plus sign…..sadness, yet happiness

poodude said:

August 3rd, 1:36 pm

I just subscribed to PS Plus last week and I can say I’m really enjoying it so far, that Cloud Saving is a life saver for me especially with my PS3 on it’s last few threads of life.

Street_Killaz said:

August 3rd, 1:37 pm

Good looking content coming!!

EvoAnubis said:

August 3rd, 1:38 pm

Sweet; our ‘pluses’ are showing up now. I like that.

FireDog42 said:

August 3rd, 1:42 pm

hmmm. interesting classic game. but im going to pass for 2 reason. 1. the games coming out for ps+ on 8/6 dosnt strikes my intrest enough to go download them and 2. my free 2 month ps+ is going to expire in 4 hours :-(.
(how i got 2 free month of ps+? the first month was from the welcome back package right when it whent live. then the snd free month is the last hour of the welcome back package. all i did to get the 2nd month free was looking oon the welcome back packag one last time before it was taking off. and i notice the 1 month free of ps+. so i took it.)

FireDog42 said:

August 3rd, 1:44 pm

good the + shows..but not for long…for me at least. my ps+ is going to expire in about 4 hours

dave10-07 said:

August 3rd, 1:45 pm

Looking forward to that, I will try comix zone for sure….

saab01 said:

August 3rd, 1:47 pm

Finally the plus users show here on the blog. I was wondering when this was going to happen. When will we see some new features to plus. As of now i am not that happy with the service other than the cloud saves and automatic downloads. We need more free avatars that we actually care about. And some new free themes would be nice.

nbnt said:

August 3rd, 1:47 pm

ZOMG Plus icon

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

August 3rd, 1:55 pm

thank you for finally listening to your supporter/cash provider/customer
i really appreciate that u give a “free add-on” for a “free game”
if you continue in that way, I’ll renew my subscription & i’ll never complain about that issue again.

btw sorry Mr. Haro for being rude last time on my comments.

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    August 7th, 6:03 pm

    no worries! we appreciate feedback of all kinds, even if it’s critical =) just means people are passionate enough about PlayStation to make their voices heard

JeepnDave said:

August 3rd, 1:58 pm

sure are a lot of + icons here ;-)


August 3rd, 1:59 pm

YES!! Now we can tell who really is a Plus member here and who is a troll! As a Plus member we can talk about want we want and don’t want. If you are not a Plus member you don’t have an opinion because you are not subscribed!


Matheuscmpm said:

August 3rd, 2:03 pm

OMG, are you serious? Another Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection’s Game? Street of Rage, Golden Axe, Sonic and now Comix Zone? I really think that I wont renew my Playstation Plus account. Comix Zone is a fantastic game, but if you start to always release games of this collection, you will disappoint us, a lot. I’m a Playstation fan boy, but this isnt cool guys…

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    August 3rd, 2:32 pm

    We announced this collection would be an every month thing back in February, and there’s one more to come with Altered Beast. But this is simply a bonus game to every month’s free game! Crash Commando is this month’s main free PSN game, and Comix Zone is the extra =)

pooliyan said:

August 3rd, 2:03 pm

Hi…Its very good


August 3rd, 2:04 pm

@12 EvoAnubis

What’s Independence Day? ;) LOL

I was born in the 80s and I had the Sega Genesis but honestly never heard of this game. But I did see some videos of this game on YouTube, and it does look cool. But I want some newer games too. I did not want to spend $50 to get old games from the 90s.

sunilbattu said:

August 3rd, 2:05 pm


InPlay said:

August 3rd, 2:06 pm


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