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Aug 03

Aug 03

Coming to PlayStation Plus: Comix Zone Free and Early

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Welcome to the latest view on upcoming releases for PlayStation Plus! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed your access to this month’s free PSN game Crash Commando that dropped this week on August 2nd. And with the August 9th Store Update, we’re not only bringing you free DLC for Crash Commando but also the SEGA Genesis Collection classic, Comix Zone, free and early for Plus!

Have a look at what’s coming and as always, drop us your feedback in the comments. Enjoy!

PlayStation Plus August 9th

Here is the content list for August 9th and August 16th:

Free PSN: Comix Zone, Aug 9
Free DLC: Crash Commando Add-On Bundle, Aug 9
Full Game Trial: Far Cry 2, Aug 9
Exclusive Avatar Bundle: Breath of Fire IV PSN Avatar Bundle, $0.99, Aug 16

Last Chance Items – Coming Down Soon

Free PSN: Golden Axe, Ends Aug 9
Free Exclusive Themes: Junebug Static, Ends Aug 9
Summertime, Ends Aug 9
Fast Draw Showdown Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
PlayStation Plus Anniversary, Ends Aug 9
Free minis: Guerrilla War, Ends Aug 16
Exclusive Discounts: MotorStorm Apocalypse – Revelation Vehicle Pack Bundle, Ends Aug 9
Amazing Earth: Volcano Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
Apache Gunship Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
Destination: Japanese Temple Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16
Divine Light Dynamic Theme, Ends Aug 16

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Sum-Mischief said:

August 9th, 4:16 am

Comix Zone looks decent and its free … Nice !

millobreak said:

August 9th, 8:10 am

hey this is good coming from you guys(psn) but i really want you guys to give us some new games, cause i have the crash commando since it came out and now you want to give us that!!!!!!! come on, we need new things……….

Matheuscmpm said:

August 9th, 8:22 am

I didn’t know that. Thanks a lot for your explanation :D. I’m more fan of the Sony now. Can I receive a notice every time that you answer my questions?

graveofvirtue said:

August 10th, 6:16 pm

Hello :) I have a question that is in dire need of an answer. How does one find out if ones playstation plus membership is about to expire so i can renew my membership in time. Is there a days left counter somewhere or does it just expire and i lose everything i downloaded off the plus membership feature.?
Thank you for your time.

CoD3fortheWii said:

August 13th, 7:34 pm

When will we see what’s coming up in three days?

CoD3fortheWii said:

August 13th, 9:09 pm

Sorry for the double post, but I just read the article closer and realized that the avatar bundle is for the 16th. And now I can’t figure out how to delete my prior post. And now i’m coming across as a total tool. Mods, you can delete these posts if you want. Thank you

magicfan345 said:

August 14th, 3:18 am

How about a bonus each time you renew your PS+ subscription ? Each time you renew, you get a coupon or code for 1 free game on PSN and 1 50% off game on PSN of your choice. Then when people complain about not getting discounts on a particular game they want, you can suggest they re-up or add to their current sub to get another free and/or half-free game of their choice. That way everybody gets to choose the free game they want.

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