PSN PLAY Delivers Action Games with Special Bonuses

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PSN PLAY Delivers Action Games with Special Bonuses
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We’re excited to introduce a new PlayStation Network event: PLAY. PLAY is a brand-new annual program, where we’re bringing you four of the season’s hottest PlayStation Network action titles. With every purchase of a PLAY title in the PlayStation Store throughout the duration of the program, you’ll receive a separate piece of DLC for each game, plus a new theme with every pre-order. If these incentives aren’t enough, if you’re 18 years or older and purchase all four PLAY titles in the PlayStation Store, you’ll get a voucher code for PAYDAY: The Heist as a bonus gift. And, PlayStation Plus subscribers will get an automatic 20% off every purchase.

Pre-orders will be available for all four PLAY titles starting next week on August 9 in the PlayStation Store. Remember, in order to qualify to receive PAYDAY: The Heist as a bonus gift, your purchases must be made by September 19, 2011.


PlayStation Network PLAY is going to be an annual program. Here is the 2011 line-up:

August 23: The PLAY program kicks off with Capcom’s highly-anticipated Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, available to pre-order through August 18, 2011. This action-fighting title features 20 playable characters, HD graphics, more than 200 pieces of unlockable content, more than 100 trials and more than 100 challenges When Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition is purchased during the PLAY promotion, purchasers will be able to unlock GILL, the self-proclaimed god, without having to beat the game with every character, as day-one DLC. All pre-orders will also receive a Capcom-produced theme. Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition will be $14.99.

August 30: Hothead Studios’ The Baconing will be available to pre-order through August 25, 2011. This action-RPG title is the third in the popular DeathSpank series. Attempt to defeat the Anti-Spank and his army of Cyborques, before they cast an evil shadow over Spanktopia. Discover exciting new worlds and battle hordes of enemies as you search to unlock the secret within the Fires of Bacon. When The Baconing is purchased during the PLAY promotion, purchasers will receive an additional co-op character, Roesha – One Bad Mutha. All pre-orders will also receive a static theme, exclusive to PLAY. The Baconing will be $14.99.

September 6: Majesco Entertainment’s BloodRayne: Betrayal will be available to pre-order through September 1, 2011. This 2D side-scrolling platformer features 15 bloodthirsty levels where Rayne attempts to infiltrate a treacherous castle, take out a fiendish horde and stop an evil vampire massacre. When BloodRayne: Betrayal is purchased during the PLAY promotion, purchasers will receive a BloodRayne: Betrayal virtual item for their PlayStation Home avatar and an exclusive dynamic theme. In addition, all pre-orders will also receive a static theme exclusive to PLAY. BloodRayne: Betrayal will be $14.99.

September 13: The SEGA title Renegade Ops will be available to pre-order through September 8, 2011.This top-down, driving shooter from SEGA features a huge variety of vehicles, guns and endless enemies. The game features Sandbox-style missions, so there are many different ways to play. When Renegade Ops is purchased through PLAY, purchasers will receive a Vehicle & Character Pack with two new vehicles and special weapons. All pre-orders will also receive a static theme, exclusive to PLAY. Renegade Ops will be $14.99.

Bonus gift: PAYDAY: The Heist. This gritty, first-person shooter from Sony Online Entertainment lets players take on the role of a hardened career criminal executing intense, dynamic heists in constant pursuit of the next “big score.” A voucher code for PAYDAY: The Heist will be provided as a bonus gift to PSN users 18 years and older that purchased all four PLAY titles, for redemption when the game releases. The game can also be pre-ordered separately starting September 20, 2011, and all pre-orders will receive a static theme. PAYDAY: The Heist will be $19.99.

What gamer doesn’t want to get more action? Get ready because PlayStation Network PLAY pre-orders start next Tuesday, August 9.

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  • @46 +1

    Wast of money for games who can be extremely bad.

  • what hell xbox got do with this playstation not xbox dumb ass

  • Can’t say I have much interest in any of those 4 games.

    Glad to see a price for Payday: the Heist as I now know to wait for a sale on that title.

    If these are “the hottest” Playstation Networks titles this season, it is going to be one stale season.

  • Only 46 posts before a X-game chat comment, what took you so long?

    After the Beta, Sony decided not to continue with PS Rewards program, they sent out emails to all who were in it. They might bring it back again later.

  • The xbox comments are funny, you guys sure are pretty ignorant.

  • Well here is the rundown if my calculations are correct:

    $14.99 * 4 = $59.96

    IF PLUS MEMBER take 20% off $59.96 – $11.98 = $47.98

    For 5 games WITHOUT being a Plus Member $59.96 / 5 = $11.99 per game

    For 5 games WITH being a Plus Member $47.98 / 5 = $9.59 per game

    Hope this helps everyone :)

    • Pierre Gravereau
      Pierre Gravereau

      Good calculation. If you also substract the price of the free items and DLC given away when you buy each game during PLAY, then it makes the pricetag per game even more attractive. Hope you guys will like these great games and gifts we put together with the participating developers and publishers!… :-)

  • “PAYDAY: The Heist game can also be pre-ordered separately starting September 20, 2011, and all pre-orders will receive a static theme.”

    Do the people who get PAYDAY for free get the static theme bonus too??

  • Omg dude Payday the Heist is $20?!?! That is like the only game I want to get on PSN this year I thought it would be $15 or $10. God dammit

  • im actually wanting all of these so maybe

  • Is PSN: PLAY seasonal or yearly?? I hope it’s here to stay for good!

  • Rorek_IronBlood

    Where in this entire article do, you see “anything” about the PlayStation Plus program?

    – “We’re excited to introduce a new PlayStation Network event: PLAY. PLAY is a brand-new annual program, where we’re bringing you four of the season’s hottest PlayStation Network action titles. With every purchase of a PLAY title in the PlayStation Store throughout the duration of the program, you’ll receive a separate piece of DLC for each game, plus a new theme with every pre-order. If these incentives aren’t enough, if you’re 18 years or older and purchase all four PLAY titles in the PlayStation Store, you’ll get a voucher code for PAYDAY: The Heist as a bonus gift. And, PlayStation Plus subscribers will get an automatic 20% off every purchase.” –

    Infact it clearly states and “implies” that this is an entirely new “annual” prorgam and entity of the PlayStation Network. Infact all it seems like is as I have to pay an annual fee to be given a right to even consider pre-ordering or purchasing any of the games for an unspecified amount of time.

    Laughable at best. Especially the word “incentives” in this particular article. This is worse then the coupon book (PlaySation Plus.)

  • PainOfSarrow

    if they were just 10 instead of a full 15, i would have ben on it.

  • Rorek_IronBlood

    Damn. I just ate some of my own words (right at the end of the article.) A small “twenty” percent discount.

    • Keep in mind these discounts are Day 1 discounts on new, high-profile games. Pretty powerful stuff that you don’t see everyday. You’ll come around to Plus one day IronBlood, I know it! ; ) it’s my new goal in life to see a Plus icon on your avatar, lol

  • ArchAngelMai

    Seems like a secret ploy to make me buy more games. I am skeptical. However I guess if titles I actually want surface in the deals, than that will be awesome. I assume we don’t pay for this, its like the Select Status thing that never made it correct?

    • Well, it’s no secret we want you to buy games ; )

      This is not anything you have to pay ‘extra’ for. You’re basically getting more game for your dollar when you buy these titles as part of PLAY. And if you’re a Plus member, you’ll save money by getting them at 20% off. =)

  • PainOfSarrow

    and you can pre-order PSN games ? how the hell do you do that ?

  • Well I am interested in Street Fighter III and the New Deathspank. That’s 30 dollars right there. Payday is a MUST BUY for me. That’s another 20. Kind of on the fence about renegade ops and Bloodrayne…but after the math I’m pretty much getting those both for only 10 dollars more. Plus a crap ton of DLC along the way.

    Seems worth it. I’m in.

    Preorders on digital titles seems strange to me though. I thought the reason why preorders were good was because it gives publishers a better idea of how many physical copies they’d need to print to supply to retailers. With digital copies it feels more like “WELL. YOU ALREADY PAID. CAN’T BACK OUT NOW, EVEN IF YOU HEAR NEGATIVE REVIEWS AFTER THE GAME COMES OUT”. Not too sure I like this trend…

    • I think it’s more for gamers that know they’re into the game at hand, and they can get a bonus gift for pre-ordering as a way of the publisher saying thanks for the support. But the good news is, you don’t have to preorder to get the reward at the end. You can always buy them the week they come out if you want to wait to see what folks are saying about the titles.

  • Lara_Croft_GodHD

    why is there talk about Xbox on PSN and now they stop doing the PSN Rewards and replaced it with this i hope this is wuss it

  • PainOfSarrow

    hmm i checked out all the games and they all seem like my type of games. realy wish they were 10 eatch, 15 adds up way to much in my price range. il think about it, though i believe a demo for eatch game should be released first.

  • just interested in street fighter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • infamousXX87XX

    i don’t understand pre-ordering on the psn. Its not like these games will run out of stock digitally lol

  • great!

  • nateprokrasti

    With preorders for Payday in late sept, looks like it’ll be released sometime in october… No way I’m dropping $20 on that when BF3 is right around the corner. Bad release schedule on the devs part.

  • WastelandDan

    ANOTHER discount club!

    And I still cant cross game chat…greedy filthy corporate piglets! Damn you modern game industry!

    • Not another club. Just a promotion with an extra discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers. All the other bonus gifts and perks are open to all PSN members. No extra clubs here =)

  • Say What I read it 3 times and still don’t know what this post is about?

  • Wow sounds pretty cool, too bad I am not interested in any of those games.

  • i just dont get the idea of “pre order”. and why should i buy a game that i can play for free in my pc.(maybe not the same but similar) i jst want a game that is worth for my super ps3.!! GOOD GRAPHICS!!!!! these games look just my little sister. except STREET FIGHTER!!!!!! HAAAAAAADOKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice, Summer of Arcade for PSN. I was going to get BloodRayne, SFIII, and Bacon for $9.99 each anyway, but this way I can get all four and Heist for $48. Might as well.

  • I have a question for someone with authority: Is Street Fighter 3 going to have “Always Online DRM” in the same way as Bionic Commando 2? If so, get it THE HELL OUT OF THIS SALE.

    They did preorders for Sam & Max Season 3 a LONG time ago. This is nothing new. It’s an incentive for people to buy the game early to get discounts and bonuses; while it lets them show their investors how much money to invest ahead of time.

    Also, you people can’t bash the quality of these games if they don’t know about them. Just because you haven’t heard of them doesn’t make them bad. Bloodrayne is by one of the best indie developers around (WayForward),
    Renegade Ops is by the JUST CAUSE 2 developer, The Baconing is Deathspank 3 (another great dev.). I won’t mention Capcom due to my question above.

  • Why is the Playstation bag black and white

  • jimmyfoxhound

    Wait, so I have to preorder the game to get the 4 games and I get a 20% discount but I don’t get a theme unless I’m over 18 when I buy the DLC whattheheckishAPPENINGTMYHEADDDDDDDD

  • Oh, and when we preorder the games it better give us all the terms and conditions to tell us if the games are wrapped in a nice little DRM bow or not. I have 90+ purchased PSN games, I’m not about to start buying this crap that ties me down. One layer of DRM is enough (PSN DRM). Capcom can keep their online passes at retail.


  • I was planing to get Third Strike, blood, and Renegade and Heist. But all I have to do it get Baconing and I get Heist for free . vice versa . Good for me.And 20% off . Not bad.

  • I’m only interested in Third Strike, which I already have for the PS2. . . Trying to decide if HD graphics really make it worth the extra $15 since I don’t really like playing online.

    • Morgan Haro
      Morgan Haro

      They added a TON of extras aside from online that make it one of the best fighting packages around. And with your Plus membership you get it for cheaper than $15. ($11.99 IIRC)


    games new

  • Prices are way high.
    Why doesn’t Sony finally implement a rewards system for those hard earned trophies we all obtained. Psh, this is why Xbox is top dog because they know how to treat their customers. Least ill enjoy Comix Zone next week.

  • I’ll take you up on this, but next time I recommend a “buy 4 of 6 to get the free bonus game.”

    I think everyone just wants options.

    For me it’s Street Fighter that I’m debating, since I’m not a big Fighting game fan.

    Heck, if there was an option to get a free game for every 4 new games you buy all year round, I’d take you up on that.

  • Well, already I can’t get all 4 games cuz I play the Deathspank games on Steam. Not sure I’m interested in Renegade Ops either.

    But I will for sure get Third Strike and Bloodrayne.

  • LovesJapanManga

    Let me get this right: I am aware that twenty percents off goes ONLY TO PLUS MEMBERS. However, in that aspect, it is meant FOR FOUR GAMES ALTOGETHER BY BEING PURCHASED THROUGH THAT PROGRAM (PSN PLAY) only? Or is twenty percents off FOR PER GAME (In my case, Street Fighter: Third Strike) BEING PURCHASED THROUGH PSN PLAY ONLY? The answer to that would be: $11.99 per game for PLUS MEMBERS, correct? Thanx.

    • Morgan Haro
      Morgan Haro

      Yep, $11.99 per game if you’re a Plus subscriber. No need to buy all 4 to get the discount.

  • Yeah… how about no?

  • “Xbox is top dog”


    I haven’t had a SINGLE reason to buy a 360 this entire generation. The Xbox has a bunch of shooter games and a couple amazing (and pretentious) XBLA developers. Sony scoops up dozens of PSN exclusives every half year, and Xbox scrambles to get noticed every year.

    “prices are way high”

    Yeah, they are the same prices as if they would be released on Xbox.

    Seriously, get that talk out of here. I don’t go to the Xbox Blog (do they even have one? how closely to they connect with their community beyond one or two twitter accounts?) and spam Sony Defense Force stuff there. Gasp! You get 200MSP for getting a bajillion achievements! Who cares? Sony can’t do this because their market works with REAL money. They can’t just create money out of nothingness.

  • Airwalkinman17

    tickle me interested!
    I think those are all varied games. A fighter, a top down vehicle combat game, an rpg/adventure title, bloodrayne, AND The Hiest! I don’t know what all these crazies are smoking, but I dont want none of it ;)
    I might take the plunge.
    My question is:
    Do I pay the 60 bucks right off the bat or do I have to wait for each psn update and buy them individually. The former seems easier for me. Lemme know.

    • Morgan Haro
      Morgan Haro

      You can actually pre-order all of them starting 8/9, OR you could just get them weekly as they drop. As long as you get them before 9/19/11.

  • Actually Bloodrayne looks pretty sweet, so maybe I look into that one.

  • Airwalkinman17

    Thanks man :D

  • Ok…might pick up Bloodrayne. Admit it or not, this is in direct reaction to Summer of Arcade and those are really, really, good, hyped games. These aren’t. Sorry. Like I said I’ll be picking up Bloodrayne but for next year try and lock down some truly exciting games, and I’ll pick up all 4. It’s a good idea, just a bigger push next year will be needed.

  • KeyBladeWeilder9

    Awsome idea Sony, looks like I’ll be spending a great amount of money. I’m for certain gonna pre-order Street Fighter III 3rd Strike OE, that ‘s a guarentee lol. Also that BloodRayne Betrayal looks really good from the trailer I’ve seen, so I’m thinking( but at the end of the day I’ll most likely buy it lol.) Also I want to get that Freddy Krueger DLC for Mortal Kombat. Quick Question: How long will you guys be doing this promotion?

    • Morgan Haro
      Morgan Haro

      This will be going until 9/19/11; preordering for all titles starts on 8/9!

  • Wow, all these games are fantastic in quality and the fact that I’ve been planning on buying 3rd Strike & The Baconing convinced me to look up the other two on YouTube. Looks like gaming season just got a little more expensive for me.

  • Nice program, but you lost me at The Baconing. I’ll just be getting Street Fighter and Payday on their own.

  • Would’ve been so much more tempting with Rochard and Journey on the list, but neither even have release dates, so..

  • rabidninjamonky

    I really enjoyed deathspank thongs of virtue until the game ending “reindeer muff ” bug which happens in the last 10 minutes of the game. If hothead games doesn’t care enough to patch their games, why should I support them? Everything else looks ok though.

  • Is there any chance you might do this with PSP games too?

    Also do you have to pre-order the games to get the freebies or can I just get them if I buy the games when they come out on launch day.

    • Morgan Haro
      Morgan Haro

      You’ll get the gift with purchase as long as you buy or pre-order them before 9/19. Preordering gets you the bonus gift of a static theme.

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