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Aug 08

Aug 08

ModNation Racers: Suggest a Name for the Upcoming PS Vita Game

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Community Specialist, San Diego Studios


If you haven’t heard, we at San Diego Studio are proudly bringing the ModNation franchise to the much anticipated PlayStation Vita and we would like to tap into the brilliant minds that have conceived over two million amazing MNR creations by asking for your input. What do YOU think the title of the upcoming release should be? To help your creativity here are some details about the upcoming game.

  • All PS3 user creations will be available on day one for the vita.
  • Create a track in only seconds by drawing it with your finger.
  • With the power of the back touch you can raise terrain with a simple touch. Likewise the front touch screen allows you to lower terrain in a simple yet powerful manner.
  • The fun of ModNation kart racing remains intact with the advantage of dual analog sticks.

It is a great time for technology and the PS Vita gives you a wealth of tools to work with. And this is only the tip of the iceberg! We have much more exciting information to share with you in the upcoming months, so keep your eyes peeled here on the PlayStation.Blog and

With that, let us know what YOU would name this game. Ask your mom, your dog, your “invisible friend” or just shoot us a title or two of your own and let’s see what happens! Who knows…. if we like it, we just may want to hook you up with some cool ModNation goodies!

Suggestions will only be collected from this blog post. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

This ought to be fun! And now, back to your regularly scheduled ModNation Monday update!

NEW DLC: On The Zombie Bandwagon!

Here zombies, there zombies, everywhere you look zombies! We thought why wait until the “official” zombie holiday in October, so here you go. Let’s see who can create some intentionally frighteningly good tracks with this DLC! The Haunted Parts Pack will be available in the PlayStation Store on August 9th for $4.99. Let the freaks come out at night!


Recent DLC

Oil Stain Mod & Kart is available now in the PlayStation Store! Mod is $.99, Kart is $.99 or both for $1.75


TEAM TRACK CHALLENGE: The Nation That Creates Together Stays Together!
A short while ago we presented a Team Track Challenge to the ModNation community. We randomly placed interested participants together in teams of three with a goal a designing one united track for each team. Teams consisted of MNR “Hall of Famers” and rookie first time track builders to see what they could dream up. We wondered if players could truly PLAY CREATE and SHARE together. Final verdict – YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!

Below are five of our favorites that will be showcased in Top Tracks all this week. Do yourself a favor and run a few races with you and your friends. These are truly gems in the ModNation crown. Congrats to ALL the teams on their tracks and the fun they had working together.

Read the full story of the event HERE


Free DLC Giveaway: “DLC Drop”
Tomorrow you have an opportunity to acquire some FREE random ModNation Racers DLC. Check our Facebook page HERE

Creations of the Week

Track of The Week:
Land of Myths by manlius10a
If someone can make a better track next week or this month, I will be VERY surprised! Players constantly ask me what I look for in a track, this is it! ABSOLUTELY beautiful environment and a great, intense race. I love the little touches like the sunlight angle. At high noon this track would look totally different and this choice makes the colors so rich and saturated, those are the small things that can take a track from a 4 star to a 5 star in my opinion.


Hot Lap Tracks:

Monday:Land of Myths by manlius10a

Tuesday:Invasion: Homeworld by atheistsw

Wednesday:Extinct Civilization by SergioChileno

Thursday:Ripper’s Gardens by ripper171

Friday:Mystery of the Sphinx by marusarusa

Saturday:Star Gate by b-nArmz

Sunday:Cixuanfu by John31269

Kart of the Week:
Hudson Motorsport by villain29


Hey ModNation… have fun naming your next favorite video game!

Add Your Own

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Shelbot3002 said:

August 10th, 12:57 pm

How about ModNation Racers United or ModNation Unified? It describes the Unity between PS3 players and PS Vita players as well as a play on United Front Games. Thanks & Happy Modding! ; )

brawlerz16 said:

August 10th, 1:09 pm

modnation vita
modnation turbo
modnation vita racers
modnation generations
modnation touch
modnation racers for vita

Big_Evil_Donut said:

August 10th, 1:22 pm

I think the name of the Vita game should be either “ModNation Vita” or “ModNation Racers Vita” or perhaps “Modnation Touch & Go Racers”

dimy93 said:

August 10th, 1:34 pm

ModNation Racers: SHift UP
ModNation Racers: Augmented Vitality

osama916 said:

August 10th, 2:01 pm

modnation racers in ice city

youssi2 said:

August 10th, 2:01 pm

Modnation Racers: HD
Modnation Racers: Remastered
Modnation Racers: World Tournament

youssi2 said:

August 10th, 2:03 pm

Modnation Racers: Touch ‘n Go!
Modnation Racers: Touch 2 Go!

youssi2 said:

August 10th, 2:05 pm

Modnation Racers 2
Create – Share – Race

Lonney_McD said:

August 10th, 2:23 pm

I couldn’t read through 20 pages of title suggestions, but here is my single winning entry:

Modnation Racers: Vita Velocitas

When announced, Sony said ‘Vita’ was latin for ‘Life’, while ‘Velocitas’ is latin for ‘Speed’

When can I collect my prize?

MiiAmigo said:

August 10th, 3:26 pm

ModNation Racers: V Line
ModNation Racers: V Lane

Sickness694 said:

August 10th, 4:41 pm

“ModNation Racers: Ready. Set. Go!” or “ModNation Racers: Ready. Set. Play!” or “ModNation Racers: Race On The Run!” or “ModNation Racers: Race To The Finish!” or “ModNation Racers: Go!”

ratylird said:

August 10th, 9:20 pm

MWC: Modworld Championship
MWC: Modnation World Championship
Modworld Racers
Modnation Flyers (Would love this to actually be in the game)
Modnation Boaters (Would love this to actually be in the game)
Modnation X (Cross)
MNR: Modnation Racers
Modnation Rally

Running out of ideas towards the end there haha

dimy93 said:

August 10th, 11:08 pm

ModNation Races: Out of Imagination

HGFF78 said:

August 11th, 2:19 am

i think it should be modnation racers: world tour

LZarrow said:

August 11th, 3:59 am

ModNation Racers 4 Life

dimy93 said:

August 11th, 4:28 am

Modnation racers:Unavoidable collision

basim02 said:

August 11th, 4:30 am

Modnation Racers: Forgotten Playground

Zephyr_Ex said:

August 11th, 4:49 am

Modnation Racers: ReVitalized


Modnation Racers Portable: ReVitalized

emanuel1997 said:

August 11th, 6:01 am

Modnation Racers: New Generation.

sislimisli said:

August 11th, 6:17 am

ModNationRacers: “LIFE” with “F” crossed over and replaced by “V”

Choupair said:

August 11th, 6:50 am

The name could be :

Modnation Racers: Speed inspiration
Modnation Racers: Unlimited creations
Modnation Racers: Vita Evolution

rright said:

August 11th, 7:48 pm

Modnation Racers: Spreaded Buttcheeks

Edge_of_Sins said:

August 11th, 7:56 pm

ModNation Racers: Ride On
ModNation Racers: On The Road
ModNation Racers: Road Trip
ModNation Racers: Freedom
ModNation Racers: Unbound
ModNation Racers: Free To Go
ModNation Racers: On The Run
ModNation Racers: Outskirts
ModNation Racers: Boosted
ModNation Racers: Boost
ModNation Racers: Ignite
ModNation Racers: Unite
ModNation Racers: On The Go
ModNation Racers: Palm Play
ModNation Racers: Free Play

millsjonah said:

August 11th, 8:16 pm

Modnation Racers:Feel the boost

Rawkzter said:

August 11th, 8:51 pm

ModNation Racers – Brave New World
ModNation Racers – Brave New Road
ModNation Racers – Brand New World
ModNation Racers – Brand New Road

Rawkzter said:

August 11th, 8:54 pm

ModNation Racers – Lead the Way

BEGINERZ_004 said:

August 11th, 9:03 pm

I think a good name would be madnate racers 2 or MNR2

BEGINERZ_004 said:

August 11th, 9:06 pm

modnation vita racers

BEGINERZ_004 said:

August 11th, 9:06 pm

modnation vita or modvita nation racers

RJ-DUDE said:

August 11th, 10:00 pm

I think the Vita version should be called Modnation Racers: World Tour; Its not to long and it’s not to short. It describes the new addition to the game which is taking it and playing it all over the world, where ever in the world, not just in your house. In my opinion, it fits it very well .

monkelus said:

August 12th, 12:02 am

modnation racers: la vita loco
modnation racers: better out than in

that’ll do for now:)

dynogynamite45 said:

August 12th, 6:53 am

Well, here is my ideas of the next upcoming Modnation Racers game for the Playstation Vita system

Modnation Racers World Tour Racing
Modnation Racers Road To Glory
Modnation Racers The Ultimate Race

lengendaryboss said:

August 12th, 7:33 am

Modnation Racers: Bronze Edition (Standard)
Modnation Racers: Sliver Edition (Collectors Edition)
Modnation Racers: Golden Edition ( Bundle Edition)
Modnation Racers: Platinum Edition (PS3 Bundle With Collectors Edition)
Modnation Racers: Redemption
Modnation Racers: Worldwide Karts
Modnation Racers: Kart Carnage

cocopuf97 said:

August 12th, 8:18 am

Modnation Racers: Criss Cross Creations
Modnation Racers: Cross Creations
or some variation of that, or just simply
Modnation Racers: Criss Cross

Other Ideas
Modnation Racers: Branching Out
Modnation Racers: New Horizons
Modnation Racers: Plus+
Modnation Racers: Road Rumble

aggreu said:

August 12th, 8:22 am

1) ModNation Racers : Evolution

2) ModNation Racers : Splash and Crash

Good Luck :)

Zonified said:

August 12th, 8:25 am

Hmmm, let me think…

Modnation Racers: Skidmark
Modnation Racers: Cruisin’ (or Cruising, maybe Cruise Control)
Modnation Racers: Pit Stop
Modnation Racers: Grand Prix
Modnation Racers: Off Road

That’s all I’ve got besides some other really stupid ones. :P

cocopuf97 said:

August 12th, 8:35 am

also – Modnation Racers: New dimension(s)
Modnation Racers: Split dimension(s)
Modnation Racers: All Terrain

cocopuf97 said:

August 12th, 8:40 am

and keep in mind everybody, they cant call it like “on the go” or “portable” because modnation racers was on psp before. and you cant just say “vita” because they might later think of making a 2nd one for the vita.

Teflon02 said:

August 12th, 8:57 am

My Last Name Post is this:
MNR: Blow Your Arsenal
ModNation Racer 2: Blow Your Arsenal

I have suggestions, these are things that will for suree make MNR vita the handheld racing game. even if u have to add it in later updates:
1. Grand Prix
Why: When You Play A Game With Your Friends, You Don’t Want To Go Back To The Menu After A Race, You Want To Do A Series Of Races Where Players, Can Get Points And Compete For Most Points At The End Of The Series. And Since It’s A Portable Game This Should Be Mandatory For 2 Reasons. You Cant Always Play Online So You Want A Tournament Or Something With More Then The Significance Of Just Winning Races. I Loved SEGA All-Star Racing & Played It Alot More Single Player Wise For This Reason
2. Team Racing
Why: In The Kart Racing Genre, There Should Be Three Main Things In Your Game GP and Team Racing For Multiplayer. Reason Being. Since Atleast Crash Nitro Kart Whether You Liked The Game Or Not, It Has Become More Of A Necessary Add To Kart Racers. It Would Be Really Fun If You Have Like (LETS Just Say 8-player for now) 8 People Playing Ad-Hoc And Everyones Playing A Grand Prix, Everyone Will Get To Play As Teams And Stadegy So More Then Your Game Skill Wins The Race.

Teflon02 said:

August 12th, 8:58 am

3. Battle Mode
Why: You Have To Admit People Have Demanded It And It Was Ignored To The Extent I Was Aware Of. Kart Racing Games Have Always Had This. This Game Is The Only Big Name Kart Racer Without More Then Just A Simple Race & Time Trial Mode. We Need One (with Standard, Team, King Of The Hill, And Man Hunt)
4. Better XP Racing
Why: The Way It Was For The UnRanked Is Perfect. But The Ranked Sucked. It Should Have Matchmaking And Everyone Picks There Stage Of Preference And It Picks Randomly From The Bunch. (Similar To Mario Kart Wii)

Teflon02 said:

August 12th, 8:58 am

5. More Cartoony/ Kiddy Look
Why: Really ModNation Racers Was Great But The Mods And ModSpot Looked Nice And Cartoon like Then The Race Stages Look To Real Life. Its A Kart Racer, So Its Just Suppose To Be Goofy Like Biff (Great Character). The Only Theme That Came Out Looking Right Was The Arctic Theme. It Looks Cartoon Like And Reminds Me Of CTR.
6. Just Add Variety To The Game
You Don’t Need To Make Us Have Custom Stages For Battle Mode, The Grand Prix Make Default Ones For The Main Tracks & Have A Option For Custom Ones For Multiplayer Etc. Elimination, Points Race Last Man Standing Races ETC. Please Give Me Something To Show Off. Everyone I Know Likes ModNation For PS3 But I Want People To Love And Embrace It Like Mario Kart And Call It A Real Competitor. Like How LittleBigPlanet Took Over Side Scrollers & Is Only Thing Battling Mario Bros. (well Rayman Origins Is Coming NOV) and Sonic.

dimy93 said:

August 12th, 9:44 am

modnation racers : open road

cocopuf97 said:

August 12th, 9:55 am

@Teflon02 i agree with all of that except number 5. i think its alot better to have a more real looking animated game. and i think a battle mode would make it more like mario kart than mnr…

dimy93 said:

August 12th, 10:42 am

What makes Modnation racers so good is that unique mix between real looking tracks and funny karts and characters that are racing so I’m against number 5 too.

Blackhawk709 said:

August 12th, 10:56 am

How about “ModNation: Next Step” or “ModNation: Universe”. These might be good titles in some sense. But I guess somebody else has a better idea for the game title.

AlkamistStar said:

August 12th, 11:17 am

ModNation Racers: Freestyle

ModNation Racers: Freeform

ModNation Racers: Mini

ModNation Racers: Mini Racers

ModNation Racers: Race To The Finish

ModNation Racers: Mod Life

ModNation Racers: CREATE

ModNation Racers: Play, Create, Share

ModNation Racers: Play

ModNation Racers: MRC Edition

ModNation Racers: MRC

ModNation Racers: Championship

ModNation Racers: TAG

ModNation Racers: All Together Now

ModNation Racers: Tag’s Story

ModNation Racers: Garage

ModNation Racers: Tag’s Trophy

ModNation Racers: Touch

ModNation Racers: Touch, Create, Play

alexdonavon said:

August 12th, 11:46 am

*Thinking* *Thinking* *Thinking*

2 Hours later.

Mod Nation: Shifting Gears

JJgroop said:

August 12th, 11:49 am

i think it should be Modnation Racers Ripple In Time

superbowlnfl said:

August 12th, 1:27 pm

ModNation Racers: Evo
ModNation Racers III

dimy93 said:

August 12th, 3:02 pm

Modnation Racers : Restoration
Modnation Racers: Two Years Later

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