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Aug 08

Aug 08

ModNation Racers: Suggest a Name for the Upcoming PS Vita Game

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Community Specialist, San Diego Studios


If you haven’t heard, we at San Diego Studio are proudly bringing the ModNation franchise to the much anticipated PlayStation Vita and we would like to tap into the brilliant minds that have conceived over two million amazing MNR creations by asking for your input. What do YOU think the title of the upcoming release should be? To help your creativity here are some details about the upcoming game.

  • All PS3 user creations will be available on day one for the vita.
  • Create a track in only seconds by drawing it with your finger.
  • With the power of the back touch you can raise terrain with a simple touch. Likewise the front touch screen allows you to lower terrain in a simple yet powerful manner.
  • The fun of ModNation kart racing remains intact with the advantage of dual analog sticks.

It is a great time for technology and the PS Vita gives you a wealth of tools to work with. And this is only the tip of the iceberg! We have much more exciting information to share with you in the upcoming months, so keep your eyes peeled here on the PlayStation.Blog and

With that, let us know what YOU would name this game. Ask your mom, your dog, your “invisible friend” or just shoot us a title or two of your own and let’s see what happens! Who knows…. if we like it, we just may want to hook you up with some cool ModNation goodies!

Suggestions will only be collected from this blog post. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

This ought to be fun! And now, back to your regularly scheduled ModNation Monday update!

NEW DLC: On The Zombie Bandwagon!

Here zombies, there zombies, everywhere you look zombies! We thought why wait until the “official” zombie holiday in October, so here you go. Let’s see who can create some intentionally frighteningly good tracks with this DLC! The Haunted Parts Pack will be available in the PlayStation Store on August 9th for $4.99. Let the freaks come out at night!


Recent DLC

Oil Stain Mod & Kart is available now in the PlayStation Store! Mod is $.99, Kart is $.99 or both for $1.75


TEAM TRACK CHALLENGE: The Nation That Creates Together Stays Together!
A short while ago we presented a Team Track Challenge to the ModNation community. We randomly placed interested participants together in teams of three with a goal a designing one united track for each team. Teams consisted of MNR “Hall of Famers” and rookie first time track builders to see what they could dream up. We wondered if players could truly PLAY CREATE and SHARE together. Final verdict – YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!

Below are five of our favorites that will be showcased in Top Tracks all this week. Do yourself a favor and run a few races with you and your friends. These are truly gems in the ModNation crown. Congrats to ALL the teams on their tracks and the fun they had working together.

Read the full story of the event HERE


Free DLC Giveaway: “DLC Drop”
Tomorrow you have an opportunity to acquire some FREE random ModNation Racers DLC. Check our Facebook page HERE

Creations of the Week

Track of The Week:
Land of Myths by manlius10a
If someone can make a better track next week or this month, I will be VERY surprised! Players constantly ask me what I look for in a track, this is it! ABSOLUTELY beautiful environment and a great, intense race. I love the little touches like the sunlight angle. At high noon this track would look totally different and this choice makes the colors so rich and saturated, those are the small things that can take a track from a 4 star to a 5 star in my opinion.


Hot Lap Tracks:

Monday:Land of Myths by manlius10a

Tuesday:Invasion: Homeworld by atheistsw

Wednesday:Extinct Civilization by SergioChileno

Thursday:Ripper’s Gardens by ripper171

Friday:Mystery of the Sphinx by marusarusa

Saturday:Star Gate by b-nArmz

Sunday:Cixuanfu by John31269

Kart of the Week:
Hudson Motorsport by villain29


Hey ModNation… have fun naming your next favorite video game!

Add Your Own

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silvergreen333 said:

August 12th, 3:25 pm

Modnation Racers: Vita la Mod

jorgegp1995 said:

August 12th, 3:33 pm

Modnation Racers: Feel The Control
Modnation Racers: New Beginning
Modnation Racers: New Dimension
Modnation Racers: Vita Control

JigokuSenshi said:

August 12th, 4:11 pm

Modnation Racers: Touch Tap Turn

Doyler-94 said:

August 12th, 6:23 pm

Modnation Racers: Road Rage
Modnation Racers:Road Rage Vita
Modnation Vita Racers
Modnation Racers: Vita Carts
Modnation Racers: Compact Carts
Modnation Racers:Nitro
Modnation Racers: Nitro Vita
Modnation Racers: Crash
Modnation Racers: Legendary

DukeNukem721 said:

August 12th, 10:11 pm

Ultra Extreme Modnation Racers to the max!
but on a different note Modnation Racers III is probably the way to go. Tagging the number on the end to me means its not a re-hash of the same game or a portable rip off but a true sequel and new game. good luck and ill be there for the vita on day one.

CatIcarus said:

August 12th, 11:43 pm

WHHHHYYYYYYY!!!! Why is the Vita going to be released in Japan before Christmas and not in the US?????? Please someone tell me why?? If they can have it we should too!!!

dimy93 said:

August 13th, 7:32 am

There must be some serious reason about that -I guess will find out from Cologne or at TGS

aaronart said:

August 13th, 2:31 pm

1#Modnation: To Go
2#Modnation: CrossCountry
3#Modnation: The World

dimy93 said:

August 13th, 4:42 pm

‘Modnation Racers:RePorted to be Fun’ because the game was first ported for psp and now its reported for vita
‘Modnation Racers:Pimped Up’

iamcorrupt said:

August 13th, 5:09 pm

ModNation Racers: Pocket Rockets

Repawn said:

August 13th, 5:16 pm

Modnation Racers. Keep the name for Vita. PS3 I have no idea…

hotsimion said:

August 13th, 6:48 pm

Modnation Racers : Touch
Modnation Racers : Extreme
Modnation Racers : Nitro
Modnation Racers : Extreme Kart
Modnation Racers : Vita Race
Modnation Racers : VITA
Modnation Racers : Touch Race

alexrap7x said:

August 13th, 7:37 pm

modnation champions
modnation racers vita
modnation racers turbo
modnation racers grand prix

shredder110 said:

August 13th, 8:36 pm

I’m tired of getting kicked out of lobbies for sideswiping! If you can’t handle being sideswiped then don’t play! No different than shooting weapons. Just poor sportsmanship that’s all that is. I wish they would get rid of that “kick player” option due to the fact that the host misuse it often.

tonyb531 said:

August 13th, 9:37 pm

Modnation Racers: Winning!

MaxTFP said:

August 14th, 2:10 am

MNR Together
MNR V-Touch
ModNation Wanderers
MNR Vitalogy

dimy93 said:

August 14th, 5:44 am

What is the death line of the name suggesting?

rockhard_gamer12 said:

August 14th, 11:53 am

modnation racers v touch and modnation touch racers

sionllj said:

August 14th, 1:24 pm

The name should be ModNation Racers Tango because Vita is a Latin word and Tango is the Latin word for Touch.

TheLegend_193 said:

August 14th, 3:29 pm

ModNation: Back on Track

wart_13 said:

August 14th, 8:15 pm

I think “Modnation: Live to race” would be good.
Or “Modnation: Life in the fast lane.”
Maybe, “Modnation: Born on the track.”
Perhaps “Modnation: Oil in the veins.” ? Just a couple thoughts…

NYstate said:

August 14th, 10:30 pm

ModNation Racers: Vita Play
ModNation Racers: MODifided
ModNation Racers: Worldwide
ModNation Racers: ZOOM
ModNation Racers: Play-GO
ModNation Racers: Connect
ModNation Racers: Limitless
ModNation Racers: Unhinged
ModnationRacers: ∞
ModNation Racers 2nd Lap or The 2nd Lap
ModNation Racers: MNR

dcoke said:

August 15th, 12:50 am

ModNation Vita; cut out the racers and just add the branding. or go with the translated form ModNation Life. I think at this point, those who buy it will know that it’s a racing game with a level creation element, you as a company have done a great job branding this game.

dimy93 said:

August 15th, 3:06 am

Modnation Racers : Alive

shredder110 said:

August 15th, 5:23 am

Modnation Racers 2: A New Beginning

xcrazydiamondx said:

August 15th, 6:41 am

ModNation Life

lastcall86 said:

August 15th, 7:01 am

I will named: ModNation Racers: reVITAlized

coldasfire said:

August 15th, 10:24 am

ModNation Racers: ready set GO

Underdisc said:

August 15th, 11:21 am

Modnation Racers: Double Touch
You are going to have double the amount of creations on the PS Vita. Those that are made on PS3 and those that are made on PS Vita
Modnation Racers: All-Share
Modnation Racers: Mini Turbos
Modnation Mini Racers
Modnation Racers: Triple Spin
This is the third spin off of Modnation Racers, isn’t it!

PumpkinMusic837 said:

August 15th, 1:23 pm

MNR: World Tour

lombax_pieboy said:

August 15th, 5:26 pm

Modnation Racers: Cross Country Drive

Hope it get’s picked!

Tiax1 said:

August 15th, 5:56 pm

Modnation Racers : reVITAlized

chaosoracle said:

August 15th, 8:59 pm

Modnation Life

Brapp347 said:

August 16th, 2:02 pm

Why do people pick such awkward and long names?

Modnation Racers: Cross Country Drive
Why? That doesn’t fit at all.

ModNation Racers: Pocket Rockets

Modnation: The World

jim488 said:

August 16th, 3:31 pm

ModNation Re”in-car”Nation

lugia5378 said:

August 16th, 4:13 pm

modnation racers : la VITA loca
modnation racers : vita

lugia5378 said:

August 16th, 4:19 pm

do we still get some goodies for good guesses?

youngerJ9 said:

August 16th, 5:54 pm

dey should name it Modnation Racers:Recharged or Modnation Racers:Reloaded

Friday said:

August 16th, 8:50 pm

I think my favorite would be ModNation Racers: Vita. Simple, to the point, and people get it.

On second thought, my humble addition is ModNation Racers: Touch ‘n Go!

Friday said:

August 16th, 8:52 pm

Yeah, definitely Touch ‘n Go.
I think it just rolls off the tongue, including both the touch option available to use and the idea of portability.
Thanks for the consideration if you guys see this! Love the game!

esteban999 said:

August 17th, 12:06 am

MNR: Ultimate Experience

GonzagaCrewMan21 said:

August 17th, 12:29 pm

ModNation Touch ‘N Go

VashWolf said:

August 17th, 11:36 pm

Modnation Racers: Off the Tracks
Modnation Racers: Over Drive
Modnation Racers: Extreme Mod Racing (EMR)
Modnation Racers: Connected Everywhere
Modnation Racers: Freeflow

afjl11 said:

August 18th, 4:08 am

Modnation Racers: Bringing Vita to Racing
(get it cause vita means life… Im not funny DX)

D-Meat said:

August 18th, 2:14 pm

They should name the new Modnations game: Modnation Racers Grudge Match. There most recent trailer showed some cool new weapons as well is some nice tricks when you do your jumps.

Ort_27 said:

August 20th, 1:17 am

El mejor nombre que se le podría poner es el Little big planet: Crazy racer.

gcooke116 said:

August 21st, 6:52 pm





gcooke116 said:

August 21st, 6:53 pm


CCSchott said:

August 22nd, 3:10 pm

I’m almost certain that I’m too late, but hey, it’s worth a shot, so here’s my suggestion…

ModNation United – Short, simple and straight-to-the-point; “ModNation United” reflects ModNation Racers on PS Vita perfectly, specifically as a social game. Here are few points, to show you what I mean.

• UNITED as games:
All PS3 user creations will be available on day one for the Vita, bringing both games together as one.
• UNITED as players:
With the Vita’s 3G capabilities, players can all come together almost anywhere, at any time.
• “UNITED” sounds cool:
“United” makes for a perfect replacement for “Racers” – it’s short, it’s simple, and it sounds good.

I can’t wait to return to the fantastic world of ModNation Racers on PlayStation Vita!

silverpikachu said:

August 23rd, 11:00 am

Is it too late to suggest a name now that you have a compiled list sine August 22?

How about Modnation: Hands-on (Speaks for the game and the handheld itself)

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