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Aug 09

Aug 09

PS3 System Software Update (v3.70)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

PlayStation Plus Auto Update
Hi everyone! As we are continuously working toward providing the best gaming and entertainment experience on PlayStation 3, I wanted to give you all a heads up on the following new features and changes coming with the next system software update (v.3.70).

To make things easier for PlayStation Plus subscribers, we’ve added the option to automate two existing features. The [Automatic Download] feature will now be called [Automatic Update] as a result of these new options.

  • A new auto upload function for online save data back-up will be added to make it easier to back-up your game save data. Under (Game), select the game for which you want to automatically upload saved data, and then press the Triangle button.
  • Also, Trophies will now sync automatically at the timing of Auto Download.

Automatic Update

A new recommendation function will be added that enables you to share your recommendations for PlayStation Store items, such as games and videos, with PlayStation Network friends. You will be able to send messages with a store link from the product pages within the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Store Update

Due to the increase in video applications being offered on PS3, we are adding a new category on the XMB called TV/Video Services. This category will include video applications such as Netflix, Hulu PLUS, and VUDU.

  • You’ll be able to find and download all of the video applications available on PS3 directly from this new XMB category.
  • A folder labeled “My Channels” within this category will allow you to easily access your downloaded applications.
  • Any videos downloaded from the PlayStation store will continue to be placed in the existing Video category on the XMB

Two updates for all of you enjoying Blu-ray 3D movies on PS3:

  • 3D support will now be available when accessing Java-based special features on Blu-Ray
  • DTS-HD MA, DTS-HD HR decoding/bit stream output (or lossless audio) will be supported while playing Blu-ray 3D movies.
  • 3D digital photos in MPO format can now be viewed in 3D on the XMB and in the Photo Gallery app.

The 3.70 update will be available soon; additional details will be available after the firmware goes live here. Separately, there will also be a minor PSP system software update (v. 6.60) launching soon.

As always, let us know of any feedback in the comments below.

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auskyem said:

August 9th, 5:50 pm

@58 Yes

@62 When/if Other OS returns

DecayOfSouls said:

August 9th, 5:50 pm

Yay, auto-savegame upload. Too bad my PS3 got the YLOD on Sunday so that feature came a few days too late for me, lol.

Kchow23 said:

August 9th, 5:50 pm

Moreover, feature to upgrade from sub-account to master account is necessary! Don’t tell me to make a new account because then I lose all the content tied to this one. Or at least make sub-accounts equal to a master account except without the credit card functionality.

SoYoung said:

August 9th, 5:50 pm

If I dont want the automatic download because I dont want my ps3 to start itselft but I want the automatic upload, I’m screwed? you should make this option seperatly.

DELMQR2 said:

August 9th, 5:50 pm

i keep getting a patch for pain from playstation plus even though i dont have pain installed on my ps3 …how is this ?

Wicker74 said:

August 9th, 5:50 pm

Don’t kid yourselves, Sony is S L O W L Y squeezing the freebie people off the Network. Soon, only Plus members will be able to play online and in about a year, you’ll have to pay this just to turn your machine on…

By the way, I love the PS3…I just wish they’d start charging us a little bit and be done with it. Don’t drag this crap out. Maybe they can hire a few designers to update this XMB every 15 years or so….or a team of network security dudes who know what they’re doing…hack…hack….I mean cough cough.

r-nice said:

August 9th, 5:50 pm

Can we get the option to turn certain categories of the XMB off? Also, can we get the In-game XMB streamlined to be more useful?

Kchow23 said:

August 9th, 5:51 pm

Auto sync at the time of auto update is a step in the right direction, but not quite there. However, loving a lot of these new features! keep them coming.

Ghost_Hunter_22 said:

August 9th, 5:52 pm

How can this even be considered Auto Trophy Sync if you have to manually turn it on. So now people with PS Plus instead of syncing trophies by themselves they can turn off they’re PS3 and have it turn on sometime later and do the sync, automatic should be uploading the trophies as you get them.

achmetha said:

August 9th, 5:52 pm

I hope this update allows Youtube videos to play in HD. 240p looks disgusting!

DonCalzone21 said:

August 9th, 5:52 pm

PS+ FTW!!!!!!

And will someone explain to me the need for cross game chat??? Why dont you just call your friends? Skype? And why would you want to talk to someone that your not even playing the same game with? Don’t you wanna concentrate on the game your playing?

I just dont understand why you dont use your phone, call your friend(s) put it on speaker phone or on a confrence call? Wouldn’t that make more sense?


YungShep said:

August 9th, 5:53 pm

cant wait to try the new update for 3D…sadly my tv is in the shop for im on a regular HD tv til then : ( cant wait.. : )

Bubaroo said:

August 9th, 5:54 pm

Great update. So glad I pay the little extra for plus. And once again, don’t really care for cross game chat. Just more wasted memory if you ask me. Great idea with the automatic upload. Memory won’t be so much a problem now as I hated to upload everything manually. Sweeeet.

wolfgirl92 said:

August 9th, 5:56 pm

Wow, a required update that has things ONLY for the PS PLUS members? That’s a low blow Sony. Come on, not everyone can afford it. I sure as heck can’t, between no job openings in my area, college, parents not able to have a job, one is disabled so there’s not much money there….why don’t you make this an optional update? Are you going to updates that require a Plus subscription in order to access all the cool stuff? This does not make me want to get a subscription, I can use that money to get time for my phone. What do the non subs get out of this new update….absolutely nothing? Then what is the point of this update? You better not try and become Microsoft with having to have the XBOX LIVE subscription in order to do anything online. You can do better updates than this Sony!

SteeliestGuzman said:

August 9th, 5:56 pm

at least i won’t be doing trophy sync manually anymore lol other than that i was expect for something else like party chat ps vita clone lol

RW9311 said:

August 9th, 5:57 pm

So basically people that don’t have plus are left with blu-ray updates. Will all new features in the future be exclusive to plus?

footballrule said:

August 9th, 5:57 pm

Finally, auto trophy sync. :D


August 9th, 5:57 pm

So is the Trophy Auto-Sync for PS Plus ONLY or for everyone?? But finally! An update that adds something we care about!

cwbygmer said:

August 9th, 5:57 pm

kind of a useless update for me I never use the auto sync and I think I am not renewing my plus membership just not enough games I like and the discounts arent on anything I buy not seeing a point to it anymore

Keysersoze10033 said:

August 9th, 5:57 pm

I’m a PSN plus member, but I don’t appreciate updates that include key features that should be given to everyone. Keep the free games and discount coming, but let’s not get greedy and alienate the mass please.

RealTruth17 said:

August 9th, 5:59 pm


doutee said:

August 9th, 5:59 pm

Does soon mean today?

fourfour44 said:

August 9th, 6:00 pm

I think its incredibly funny that every time a new update is announced the comments are filled with people whining about something completely and totally useless like cross game chat. I’m glad Sony keeps adding these small (but useful) features and hope they just ignore the people whining about useless crap that serves no purpose and would just be a waste of time and resources on their end.

lazymexicank said:

August 9th, 6:00 pm

come on give us cross game chat!

GTea_iS_a_RuSheR said:

August 9th, 6:01 pm

That’s not alot but still nice

Dorby360 said:

August 9th, 6:01 pm

This update does not interest me that much. I am not willing to pay for the Playstation Plus, so those features are of no interest to me. And the 3D format Blu-Ray features I do not care for. I hate 3D period. When is there going to be an update that actually has features I care about. Guess I will have to wait.

rockinjs864 said:

August 9th, 6:01 pm

lol love it’s a plus only update if cross game chat is ever added(which I don’t see the need for) please make it plus exclusive so all these people begging for it will have to pay for it ROFL

BiosNova said:

August 9th, 6:01 pm

Bit annoying that we are still only getting “half fixes” for stuff we want. Great! Auto trophy syncing….. oh wait, its only one every 2 days…. for plus members…. yay. Trophies should auto sync each time you earn them. Get with the times Sony, sort your online community out.

LT-L0C0 said:

August 9th, 6:01 pm

Damn I am waiting for these two things. First I am waiting for them to say finally we are bring you cross game chat!!!!! Secondly, I am waiting for them to say finally we have realized trophies are useless and no on really gives a flying crap about this kind of thing and have decided to abolish them and quit trying to pretend we are Xbox 360 but adding useless features. Then I will be happy.

Helm_of_Darkness said:

August 9th, 6:02 pm

Really Sony? You put sometihng that SHOULD have been on PS3 to start with (Trophy Auto-Sync), but make it PS+ exclusive? That’s really ignorant…. but I still like Sony, I would take Sony any day over Xbox.

Magic13 said:

August 9th, 6:03 pm

I really appreciate these updates. I see that not everyone likes them, but I personally love this update. I’m very happy to be a PlayStation Plus member! I’ve received my money’s worth 10X over already.

Skater_Ricky said:

August 9th, 6:04 pm

Give us the ability to “Delete Multiple Messages” in the “INBOX” and “SENT BOX” without having to go into the “profile” then into “message list”

Please make it like this:


Hate having to go this way:


August 9th, 6:04 pm

Is this our giant update after E3? Lame. Also, I will never be a plus member. You guys have enough of my money already, that I don’t want to waste more on yah.

Rorek_IronBlood said:

August 9th, 6:05 pm

Wow. Utterly pathetic. So, out of anything and everything that could be improved, fixed, or added; Sony has saw fit to “waste” resources to add-on superficial features (that means bells and whistles) in which utterly only simply certain users (meaning coupon book (PlayStation Plus subscribers) will be able to use, and above that force us all to download anyway (even those of us whom cannot use these petty features) and all in which simply only simplify an already easy experience by making said certain features “automatic” instead of user dependant and on a need to activate basis? Wasteful.

I hope to hear or see more complaints for a change pertaining to (but not all) Cross-Game chat. Which rarely even I am able to afford listening to anymore, but honestly. Talk about fueling the fires of rage Sony. Another waste of funds and time such as the Tester (the freak show more or less. Because, lets face facts. Anyone whom is willing to hummilate themselves to the public in such a manner is a mindless null and deserves no less.)

All-in-all? Lame, limp, waste of time.

Myke-Myke said:

August 9th, 6:05 pm

I was wondering when we’re gonna get a new update and here you go Eric.

Nice additions. Happy to see some new features.

I hope eventually we will be able to change our PSN IDs at some point. I don’t mind paying $10 or so, so I can change my ID and keep my trophies.

Please make that happen soon. I know the feature is available in JP. Please give that feature to U.S. PlayStation fans! Please!

MRGamer01 said:

August 9th, 6:05 pm

So pretty much a PS+ update. I don’t complain much but I think we need to stop focusing on just the Plus people for awhile.

plaztiksyke said:

August 9th, 6:06 pm

OMFGZ thank you for trophy auto-sync! Better support for audio codecs on 3D bluray is also a big deal, so thanks for that too.

Still no updates to the now-worthless browser, though??

I hope it also resolves the performance issues where it literally takes 30+ seconds for the icons in my XMB to become visible/selectable after booting, quitting a game, or quitting a bluray.

Bubaroo said:

August 9th, 6:07 pm

Wah, wah, I want cross game chat, wah wah, it’s only for plus members. Here’s a couple of ideas, call your friends on a phone or hang out in person (that’s what we used to do when we didn’t have video games) and support sony. By the plus. If you’re that cheap, don’t complain when those that do spend the little extra get a little extra.

Nando_lavras said:

August 9th, 6:07 pm

So it’s cool… but I would like more if trophie upload were not linked to the Automatic Update … because the trophies will be automatically updated …. but …. only at that time that you set the Automatic Update (i personally not use this function), I think it would be more interesting once you leave the game in the background the PS3 is updating trophies, without relying on function or specific time … but it’s something …

See ya

blakseed said:

August 9th, 6:08 pm

Nice update. Very nice.

Ballin-tuff said:

August 9th, 6:08 pm

Awesome features.

MRGamer01 said:

August 9th, 6:08 pm

@117, Keysersoze10033:


Nemesis243 said:

August 9th, 6:09 pm

This update is real nice.

nickitoX said:

August 9th, 6:10 pm

Wow that’s kinda a shame for the people that don’t have PlayStation Plus, like me :( but still a great update anyways :)

Type-F- said:

August 9th, 6:10 pm

kinda lame…..useless i’d say lol

I know what people would say….BUT WHAT IF YOUR PS3 DIES?

Me: I’ll just remove my HDD and swap it to the new PS3 -_- like i did with past previous dead PS3

If we get Party voice chat then woohooo but meh. Just another boring update

WolfmanSchmitty said:

August 9th, 6:11 pm

Can’t wait!

cobrafang said:

August 9th, 6:11 pm

Forget about cross game chat what we really would like is voice messages up to say 15 seconds in length.

rbanke said:

August 9th, 6:14 pm

Even though I’m a plus subscriber, I still think its ridiculous that auto patch downloads & trophy sync are plus only. Those are basic features that everyone should get.

That aside, I’m glad to hear this is coming. Trophy syncing is one of those things that you wonder what the firmware team is thinking. They overlook the most basic features so often.

sharkfinblues said:

August 9th, 6:14 pm

You can polish a turd all you like, but it still stinks.

the_slaya2448 said:

August 9th, 6:15 pm

i might have to check that out.

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