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Aug 10

Aug 10

PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Thursday

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

PlayStation Network is scheduled to undergo routine maintenance tomorrow, August 11th, from about 8am until approximately 7pm Pacific Time. During this time, registration and Account Management will be inaccessible, including the password reset process. While some users may experience difficulty signing into PSN and the PlayStation Store, the majority of users will be able to play online as well as sign in to external sites that require PSN authentication (like this one).

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates and a notice when maintenance has concluded.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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ein_nineteenth said:

August 10th, 8:18 pm

One more thing, seriously people. Why are you so hurt over Cross Game Chat?
It’s not important, it’s not necessary and most of all it’s silly. Social networking shouldn’t be a part of videogames. I for one will not stand for that crap to ruin gaming. It’s why I can’t stand playing on the 360. Every minute, HEY JOIN MY PARTY. — Just to hear my friends whine and complain about being killed in COD.

If anything Cross Game chat is detrimental to actual teamwork. Since you’re not talking to your teammates.
When I was offline , what did I do? I hopped on my cellphone. I don’t feel like dragging my personal life into my online life and I don’t appreciate people trying to force them together.

I just want my gaming to be separate and fun again. No cross game chats, no trophies, no achievements, no DLC . I just want games to be like they were on the PS2. Spend 60 dollars on a game, and get the entire game. Not 4 hours of content and 55 dollars worth of DLC available on the PSN.

TJCALi said:

August 10th, 8:29 pm


GeneralChaz9 said:

August 10th, 8:34 pm


Ah well, if I have difficulties, I can just catch up on some games anyway!

dlhdav7 said:

August 10th, 8:35 pm

any one asking about cross game chat r peter puffers!!!

zekececil14 said:

August 10th, 8:38 pm

How do some of you guys believe that you wont be able to sign in tomorrow? It is ignorance in its purest form. If you would only read this fine article Mr. Seybold has provided us with, you would understand. It CLEARLY states ”

“During this time, registration and Account Management will be inaccessible, including the password reset process. While some users may experience difficulty signing into PSN and the PlayStation Store, the majority of users will be able to play online as well as sign in to external sites that require PSN authentication (like this one).”

I’ll paste it again………………………………………..

“During this time, registration and Account Management will be inaccessible, including the password reset process. While some users may experience difficulty signing into PSN and the PlayStation Store, the majority of users will be able to play onliat require PSN authentication (like this one).”



Ok, i’ll calm down now, but seriously, you might have to try to sign in more than once, but you will still be able to sign in.

zekececil14 said:

August 10th, 8:39 pm

wow i failed in the second paste lol.

dlhdav7 said:

August 10th, 8:40 pm

@ 56 … shut the hell up !!!!!!!!

d1d-d1d said:

August 10th, 8:42 pm

play music while playing games

dlhdav7 said:

August 10th, 8:46 pm

@ 59 … use your radio stupid !!!!!!!

ugo_88 said:

August 10th, 8:51 pm

LOL cross chat, id names change and music while playing…

cross chat is useless everyone have a cellphone for those situation anyway you don’t see what your friend is doing why you want to hear him complain because he messes up in the game

Id changes, why do you need to change your id??? just create a new account…

music while playing… go get a radio…. anyway music have to be played on a good sound system not a tv or a surround system…

dlhdav7 said:

August 10th, 9:01 pm

@ ugo_88 . is your avitar a pic of your girlfriend?

somnath23 said:

August 10th, 9:19 pm

can u change your psn id

NoVaPH1R3 said:

August 10th, 9:33 pm

PS3 can’t do Cross game chat stop asking for it.

If the PS3 could do it it would be done already.

TonyWolf- said:

August 10th, 9:46 pm

No need to apologize, keep up the good work!

larcoman said:

August 10th, 9:49 pm

They should make a zombie map where you can play at a casino and the pack a punch is a slot machine that determines the color, the rectile symbol, and the attachment your gun gets.

larcoman said:

August 10th, 9:50 pm

when the playstation network is fixed.

ACE_ME said:

August 10th, 10:05 pm

So after this so called “maintenance” we will be able to play The Legend of Dragoon right, right, right???????

willC1322 said:

August 10th, 10:15 pm


xzile said:

August 10th, 10:21 pm

Lmao at the amount of individuals that read that post but didn’t comprehend what they read.

BLU-RAY__ said:

August 10th, 10:40 pm

Super Excited!

dilbig5 said:

August 10th, 11:03 pm

Thanks for the heads up

Emerald_Swords said:

August 10th, 11:04 pm

Optimize the in-game Xmb please

D-Squad3 said:

August 10th, 11:08 pm

OMG I’m playing all night cuz that’s like the whole freaking day!

dan_gray said:

August 10th, 11:28 pm

i hope they do the cross chat in game and get sky player on the ps3 because thoose 2 things i would like to see i know you got to have a angreement with sky and stuff but its a good idea seeing as your doing all these channels and stuff

AssaultSoldier said:

August 10th, 11:36 pm

Cross Game Chat Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

erikcartman14 said:

August 11th, 12:08 am

cross game party chat would be nice

GibbShift said:

August 11th, 12:29 am

As long as it’s down when SONY wants it down…

PnoyStar said:

August 11th, 12:37 am

No problem .. i dont signed since 1 month .. but i will be back at 21 august i think becauz im in vacation right now ..

Kirkpad said:

August 11th, 2:17 am

Anyone else get a weird error after this update? I tried booting up some blu-ray games and it said “error occurred during start operation”. I have never seen this in my life.

I restarted the PS3, and then did the hard start (where it resets the video/sound settings), and it fixed it.

ConquerorTMNT said:

August 11th, 2:20 am

The ability to change your PSN ID would be nice. And I do not want to make a new account because that would mean I would have to start all of the games I’ve completed all over again, and I would have to earn the trophies all over again. Not going to do that…

lisatsunami said:

August 11th, 2:56 am

A day-long maintenance after a mandatory firmware push? Something is afoot….

djspinshouse4u said:

August 11th, 3:03 am

Idiot says, “cross game chat”

Mr-Masculine said:

August 11th, 3:09 am

Oh boy, I wonder what this update is going to contain, I can’t wait! But I find confusing is why people are asking for “cross game chat” and “PSN ID change” This isn’t xbox just so you know guys! And quite frankly, I DO own an xbox.

kingslayer1000 said:

August 11th, 3:13 am

alright people lets stop crying about a useless feature in cross game chat

sleepy092 said:

August 11th, 3:56 am


madmax61310 said:

August 11th, 3:56 am

what will this feature and is it gonna fix some bugs and glitches? is it cross-game party chat or no?

AmanoNL said:

August 11th, 3:57 am

No problem. Thanks for the heads up!

rfrandy2007 said:

August 11th, 4:03 am

Just great more errors gonna happpend my ps3 normally that what happends

madmax61310 said:

August 11th, 4:04 am

@52 if you dont like it so much go play ps2 or go to retro gaming just dont complain about it plz for the love of turd in a punch bowl just stop

GoD_JoE_LeGeNd said:

August 11th, 4:15 am

Does anyone know if you will be able to sign into playstation@home during this maitnenance

KongWen said:

August 11th, 4:17 am

None of you boneheads who thinks cross-game chat is useless ever has to use it. But it would be a nice option for those who would want to use it. Kind of like trophies, friends lists, Netflix/TV support, etc.

It’s silly to think that the only features that should ever be added to a console are the ones that 100% of players want.

Asking for cross-game chat or an explanation for why they can’t have it is a legitimate request.

bldudas said:

August 11th, 4:45 am

Wow, I agree with ein_nineteenth. If my friend on the 360 wasn’t so nice, I would never use cross game chat on it.
Cross game chat can be so distracting, too.

Ivan_MF said:

August 11th, 4:54 am

I do believe trophy synching should be avaiable for everyone, as I can`t see ppl subscribing for PS+ with this feature in mind. Also, cross game chat would be a nice addition; but I just can`t stop thinking about the possibilities of exploitation.
As this doens`t seem to be coming so soon, work around with skype, teamspeak etc. I have my notebook right next to my PS3, for streamming and browsing.
The 3.70 system had a few tweaks on other stuff besides PS+ exclusive.
Just one more thing: sorry for the bad english. ˆˆ

mastorofpuppetz said:

August 11th, 4:56 am

Cross game chat is never happening on the PS3, lack of system ram, lag………………………………. Sony never designed the PS3 to adquately work with it. Ps3 was a disaster for software design.

Also, its a useless feature I hve a 360. i can chat with my firends onlin on PS3 fine when playing the same game. Why would I want to chat with friends when im playing God of war and they are playing COD? Idiotic and distracting and immersion breaking playing opposite games.

If u need to rely on your console to socialize get a life. I play games to unwind and relax after a long day.

mastorofpuppetz said:

August 11th, 4:59 am

@92, where you get your stats your arse? I have a 360, Cross game chat is the most overrated and useless feature. The only diff right now is you have to be in the same game, please, its not a big deal. many do not want it as the comments show here, and the blog also has thousands of votes saying its not needed.

cross game chat is really annoying, distracting for many who have a life outside their console LOL.

ripper713 said:

August 11th, 5:10 am

well well it good to keep up with the Maintenance other wise HACKERS will not be able to do what they did back in april plus i still hackers still do get in it you guys should really keep up with your great job that you are doing to keep the network up and working

ripper713 said:

August 11th, 5:12 am

by the way i got black ops and i usually encounter people cheating and using booster i do report them and all not it seens that they are staring to mess up the online gaming too much laggin

etc860 said:

August 11th, 5:32 am

NO Cross Game Chat Please!!! I’d like to see you fix the broken stuff like the Web Browser though…

gagjm said:

August 11th, 5:52 am

@46 I highly agree with you, but I’m still a loyal costumer, so I’m not getting rid of my PS3.

ChaseHammerJ said:

August 11th, 6:17 am

updated DivX please (DivX plus, so we can play MKV) PLEASE

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