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Aug 16

Aug 16

Watch the gamescom Press Conference Live

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Guten tag from Cologne, Germany, home of gamescom! The motto for 2011’s gamescom is “Celebrate the Games,” and we’re about to do that beginning with the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe press conference. The presser kicks off at 7pm local time, which is 1pm Eastern and 10am Pacific.

A note while you’re watching* today: much like E3 is targeted to the US audience and Tokyo Game Show is targeted at Japan, the gamescom press conference is primarily aimed at European gamers, so please keep that in mind as you watch. Not everything mentioned or shown today will necessarily apply to those of us in North America. We’ll post on all appropriate things for the North American market, however, just as we always do.

So with that in mind, press Play in the video screen below, sit back and see the future of PlayStation as laid out by SCEE CEO and President Andrew House.

If you miss any of today’s fun, the entire conference will play on a loop for the next 24 hours. As always, we want to hear your reactions in the comments and we look forward to bringing you closer to gamescom 2011 throughout this week. Look for more stories here on PlayStation.Blog very soon!

*We’ve got a special tab running at PlayStation’s Facebook page. If you’d like to watch socially, that’s the place for you.

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gearhead32 said:

August 16th, 2:54 pm

@283 They have talked and showed Resistance 3 a lot I don’t know what you been watching and they lower the PS3 to 250 and yet you keep whining the Xbox that is 200 dollars only has 4 GB which isn’t very much and if you want a Xbox with a 250 gig hard drive its 300 dollars which is the same price of the 320 gig PS3 and you can switch out the hard drives for a larger one on PS3 which you can’t do on the Xbox.

gearhead32 said:

August 16th, 3:00 pm

I like the new Infamous 2 add on looking good, ps3 now 250 is a great deal it will generate more sales at that price cause many people were waiting for a price drop before they purchased the PS3.

SoleAddict23 said:

August 16th, 3:19 pm

PS3 price drop should have been $100 or release a sub 160GB PS3 SKU for $199.99.

I assume there is a PS3 Move bundle price drop. You should improve it if you can though but must add a Navigation controller.

A price drop on Move, Eye, navigation and Move bundle are musts, they are too expensive. Add motion to navigation is a must (rumble too would be even better) and fix the four player Move and navigation combo problem is a must. A fix on Move to be able to play racing games with it is also a must. A fix on the PS face buttons placement isn’t a must, at least I don’t think but it would A LOT better. Better Move only games support as well!

PS3 NEEDS desperately all the mandatory features like cross party chat, even Vita has them! Don’t have us wait until Vita comes out or near it’s release date, it won’t make Vita less appealing because Vita also has them! Same goes with all the social networks native apps! What are you thinking!?

SoleAddict23 said:

August 16th, 3:21 pm

Let’s not forget, all those mandatory features have to be free for all PSN members.

JellyJugs said:

August 16th, 3:23 pm

wheres the PS Store Update!!?

gearhead32 said:

August 16th, 3:27 pm

@300 the PS3 320 gig move bundle has dropped to 350

gearhead32 said:

August 16th, 3:36 pm

@283 the ps3 is not 6 years old its not even 5 years old yet

gearhead32 said:

August 16th, 3:39 pm

@293 It is hilarious I don’t know what his problem is he just wants too whine and complain and if he already owns a PS3 it shouldn’t matter to him how much it costs now.

Apeman24 said:

August 16th, 4:28 pm

cant wait for vita! think it will have more core games and play better. The only thing that they should have that they are missing is an L2 and R2 other wise its a ps3 controller pretty much

TacticalAssassn said:

August 16th, 4:44 pm

what was the song played at the move presenation???

killj5 said:

August 16th, 4:44 pm

cummon 249$ letz see 199$ & everyone n there mother will be out there eatin these PS3’s of tha shelvez cummon SONY u can do thiz tha PS4 iz rite around tha bend…..PSvita almozt here ur stocks would sore…too levelz never seen before

sebyray said:

August 16th, 4:45 pm

I think, they could use the back touch pad as the L2 and R2 button for a PS3 controller…
Can’t for the Vita to come out :D.
Great games, great graphics, Crossplay… everything I’ve ever wanted!!!

CapinChronic said:

August 16th, 5:03 pm

Looks like its gonna be a awesome christmas for games!! Cant wait!

mahne97 said:

August 16th, 5:07 pm

idon’t like that the ps3 is in the same price like the vita

lisatsunami said:

August 16th, 6:02 pm

Hey everyone, instead of whining I decided to go check. The store has been updated. There’s a new “playstation store essentials” category and I see some new themes. I stopped there to write this.

I guess somebody will post here when they get a chance tonight, but store updates are up already.

lisatsunami said:

August 16th, 6:18 pm

You can tell because the new Infamous avatars are up now!!!
In your face, Euro gamers! We have the Infamous avatars now, too!

lisatsunami said:

August 16th, 6:20 pm

Hey, that guy talking sounds like one of the dwarf wizards in Harry Potter.
just saying…………..

Please don’t ban me Jeff, not now that I have my Zeke avatar finally!

bren92 said:

August 16th, 8:43 pm

The PS3 is not even 5 years old yet, and yes the low end 360 model is only $199, but you get what you pay for. Can you really tell me that 4GB would be sufficient for any real gamer? I have a 500GB hard drive in my PS3 upgraded from 80, it hasn’t even been a year yet and I have already used 200GB.

gearhead32 said:

August 17th, 1:00 am

@315 exactly what i said earlier the 4 gig xbox is not suitable for a real gamer you will use that 4 gig up in no time then you have to pay 130 dollars for a new hard drive for it

TheGrinch216 said:

August 17th, 6:18 am

What’s with the break dance shindig on stage?
It doesn’t showcase anything besides that the whole crowd just got served.

TheGrinch216 said:

August 17th, 6:20 am

Vita might sell me solely on Escape Plan, btw.
Hopefully it’s challenging, cause the personality is obviously there.

SoleAddict23 said:

August 17th, 2:54 pm

@316 & 317

But 4GB is enough for casual gamers and some real gamers.


I hope the PS4 is nowhere near launching and same with a new “Box.” A lot of people are still buying both and a lot of people are going to get them later on, each console keeps improving real gaming wise, casual gaming wise and overall entertaining wise and games keep getting better and better. No new PS or Box is needed any time soon.

I would like to see a lower priced PS3 Move bundle for the people that want Move and don’t care about a large HDD

spartan5585 said:

August 17th, 7:33 pm

what the heck…i wanna see the press conference =/

bcpower_08 said:

August 18th, 12:55 pm

sony. still waiting for the gamescom replay?? i have missed it. when are you planning to upload that, it has been 48 hrs now ;)

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