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Aug 22

Aug 22

Devil May Cry: Dante’s Vertical Slice

Rey Gutierrez's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

Last year, Capcom and Ninja Theory revealed their re-imagining of Devil May Cry (now known as “DmC”) at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. The response to Dante’s makeover and new look to the universe was split between adoration and outright confusion, with fans questioning the new look and fighting style of protagonist Dante.

Heading into gamescom, I received word that Creative Director Tameem Antoniades wanted to discuss DmC’s progress and indulge me in Dante’s new found love for aerial combat. After being reunited with Tameem and Dante, I’m left crying for more.

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ericscolon said:

August 23rd, 5:39 am

Also DMC3 was a prequel and you learned how Dante went from unresponsible demon hunter to responsible demon hunter that you meet in the original game so really this one is completely useless.

Qster4 said:

August 23rd, 5:41 am

The one complaint I have about combat is that it will be much more aerial this time around. DMC is known for its difficulty, but how are the enemies going to be able to fight back if they are stuck in an aerial combo. There is also the issue of the Angel-Demon setup. Dante has always been a Human-Demon hybrid, so if they do use this, then I sense a lot of plot holes entering the series. The one thing that I think they needed to fix with the old games is the backtracking and repetitiveness of combat. If they add non-item based puzzles and add some sort of replay value, then I don’t see it as being as horrible.

fatjoe400 said:

August 23rd, 5:44 am

Honestly the game looks tight, but that guy isn’t Dante. I wonder why the creators couldn’t just create original character. Could easily be his own character and have a decent back story made for him. Worked great for Nero. Instead the developers are riding the coattails of an already established character. Being a fan of the series i can’t help but shake my head in disappointment.

KainDrake said:

August 23rd, 6:10 am

I am glad Ninja Theory is sticking with the design. I hated it when Sucker Punch changed Cole’s design because fans were being babies about it.

YuukiFayt said:

August 23rd, 6:20 am

Gamer looking awesome, Dante look and the stupid director wanting to make dante look like him is making it suck.

mgsnull617 said:

August 23rd, 6:47 am

I wanna start by saying I never thought the DMC series was that good….my brother liked it alot but to each is own….I think its very vain that the director changed Dantes look to resemble his own image….Your not God mr. director….. not even close…..Id only use this game to break up bud on

R-O-Ofaliss said:

August 23rd, 7:27 am

The gaming community as a whole simply needs to grow up. We are not Gods with total control over others. This is the direction Ninja Theory wanted to go and Capcom gave them the green light. Just because you don’t want to evolve and remain stuck in a period of your lives, doesn’t mean all things must do the same. I for one am looking forward to seeing how this game turns out and I hope it ends up getting high marks when it gets reviewed. That way I can laugh at all of you that shot it down simply because you are a bunch of Peter Pans refusing to grow up and move on.

fatjoe400 said:

August 23rd, 8:02 am


Most of us nowadays are older (and more wiser) than are younger counterpart. We don’t have to be gods to give opinions or even complain about things that are ultimately pointless in the grand scale of things. It true we may not have control over the project, but the profit the game makes is GREATLY influence by us meatbags. I can promise u that the press the games getting now is based off the Devil May Cry name. Even without the name the game look like a standard hack/slash game that’s been around for years. Yet u defenders are praising is as the second coming?

I do believe that DMC franchise have to evolve, but Ninja Theory’s way is no good. Its a lazy way to cash in on an established name and a smack in the face for those with a little respect for DMC. Its great that u didn’t have strong memories of the early DMC game (enjoy the new game). I’m going to wait and spend my money on version that satisfies my need to make devils cry. Just to make another point not against series reboots and here are some of my favorites:

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker

Breath of Fire 5 The Dragon Quarter

Varies Castlevania games

Street Fighter 4

xxnike629xx said:

August 23rd, 8:21 am

I didn’t like it at first, but I’m slowly growing to like the game.
I have a feeling though that they’re gonna try to cater to the masses and tone down the difficulty a lot.

QCVic said:

August 23rd, 8:21 am

As a fan, I was shocked at the look, but I’m giving it a chance. So far the gameplay looks nice and the concept behind the world going demonic around him is interesting. I want to see what develops

PainOfSarrow said:

August 23rd, 8:41 am

R-O-Ofaliss , Lol get over yourself.

SinnySkyliner said:

August 23rd, 8:41 am

I for one can’t wait for this game
Haters gonna hate they’re just doing their job ;DD

fatjoe400 said:

August 23rd, 9:20 am

Just so their is no misunderstanding my now 106 post (was 105) is directed towards R-O-Ofaliss 105 post (was 104).

MikeWatt said:

August 23rd, 10:07 am

The gamescom presentation really turned my opinion of this game around. It’s looking great.

Now what we really need is a DMC HD Collection!!! Someone!!! Make it happen!!! Quick!!!

R-O-Ofaliss said:

August 23rd, 10:14 am

PainOfSarrow, thank you for being an example of gamers needing to grow up. ;)

R-O-Ofaliss said:

August 23rd, 10:22 am

fatjoe400, complaining is one thing. Throwing a tantrum like most of the people here is another. The smallest thing tend to set a lot of of the, “wiser”, people here off into a fit of rage.

Your favorite PSone Classic not being released this week? Throw a tantrum. Europe has a theme we don’t? Throw a tantrum. Dante has a new hair cut? Through a tantrum. Because if history has proven anything, it’s that throwing a tantrum is the answer to all the worlds problems right!?

WelmoscaBR said:

August 23rd, 11:12 am

Sorry but since the announcement of “this”…I cant see any DMC game or Dante in this trailers…by the Gods these guys are not going to fix dante?…come on no one want this…you guys will gonna put dante and the series on the garbage.Come on bring the real amazing Dante back.

KGH said:

August 23rd, 11:26 am

hmmm…nope, still not buying this game.

fatjoe400 said:

August 23rd, 12:56 pm

Honestly your bad experiences with this or any other blog doesn’t make your opinion have more weight. Nether is throwing other unrelated issues into this topic. Not everyone threw “Tantrums” in this topic but u didn’t approach them on their points. Instead u went with the easy targets and their one sentence rants. I approached u in a mature fashion and yet my points were still overlooked. If u have a problem with the people posting here then go else where. I promise u that you’ll find more people that will not see your point (or even care). Their are only people who post to complain and your no better than those people (based on your post).

Also fan input (or complaining) has been worked into games before. Games are ultimately products made to be sold and the more people that buy that product the better. So developers try to excel in categories like story, character, graphics,game play and music to make their game “unique”. Just as Ninja Theory using the established Dante (DMC) name to further insure the success of their game. As I said before people like u are free to enjoy it, but people like me are free to post are tantrums…

an-inFamous1337 said:

August 23rd, 1:57 pm

We’ll see how it works out. I am not a hater myself to the new look it just looks different though, will be keeping my fingers crossed.

PHS_xAN1NOx said:

August 23rd, 2:00 pm

It’s bad enough with what Zipper (or whoever was pulling the strings) did to SOCOM, now even DMC? Seriously losing faith on both Sony and in gaming as well.

Good thing there’s still Battlefield, Skyrim, Uncharted and some others to look forward to.

But still..Ninja Theory killed DMC for me.

All you people who said people hating and crying over this obviously didn’t played the original series and obviously do not care what the DMC series was worth.

Mcgnnis said:

August 23rd, 2:57 pm

maybe after that, they would go back to make Heavenly Sword 2

YawgmothGod said:

August 23rd, 3:16 pm

I miss the badass guy in red clothes and white hair… that guy makes me buy mi first Playstation console… i varely see him on this video.

I miss the “real” Devil May Cry

Lexxurious said:

August 23rd, 3:18 pm

The different layers of music based off your ranking is an intuitive idea.

Mcgnnis said:

August 23rd, 4:40 pm

i’ll buy it not because it looks good but because I’ll buy anything from Ninja Theory…they really make games that have really well told emotional stories..

Wolokowoh said:

August 23rd, 4:49 pm

@26 You must have only played DMC2. The first was great. DMC3 was better. DMC4 was a slight downgrade. @36 At least you left the May in there because it still could be good, just not good by the DMC3 stardard.

croftanthotmail said:

August 23rd, 5:31 pm

people calm down maybe dante got his power and [DELETED] taken away by some scientist and trying to getem back it would be stupid if this was the actual story but nothing shocks me whebn it comes to these kind of things its ether a preguel or my dumb plot suggestion but i was hoping for something involing nero but we get what we get we should at least try the game but next devil may cry we want nero or dante not this reject jonas brother and maybe just maybe if we get a few thousand names on a petition they’lll change the design

oBlossom92o said:

August 23rd, 5:31 pm

Ninja Theory is seriously trolling with this game. Not tryna complain, even though I have some negative criticism, but this game is getting such negative responses from about 90% of the DMC fanbase. I played 2 and 4 and watched the anime series. I may not be a diehard fan but I do enjoy this series very much. That said, I’m a little confused by this game. Is this intended to be a reboot or prequel? If it’s a reboot I’ll approach it with an open mind. But if it’s a prequel… well plenty of people have already pointed out the plot holes. I’ll still give this game a fair shot though.

croftanthotmail said:

August 23rd, 5:49 pm

i respect whay your saying fatjoe400 and think we should try the game cause lots of games like this have these same problems

VideoGamer35 said:

August 24th, 5:01 am

Lookin’ Good! I don’t care what anyone else says……. I am SO getting this game!!!!!

mgsnull617 said:

August 24th, 9:19 am

So Max paine goes bald and moves to brazil then Dante addes a little too much oxyclean to his billy mays hair style…..whats going on with these flawed character designs……Epic FAIL

maddymad said:

August 24th, 9:45 am

I don’t know why all the hate toward the new look of Dante. He looks just fine and that’s what we call new DMC with new character design, outfit, etc.

Have some faith in Ninja Theory if you love Heavenly Sword :D Plus, from what we saw, the combat look pretty slick. DMC is one of the most anticipated games of 2012 for me.

maddymad said:

August 24th, 9:50 am

One question, do you have any words on the camera system? Fix? Dynamics? Or just like DMC4 fix but controllable at some scenes?

greyfeast said:

August 24th, 12:31 pm

Not sure why Dante was completely reinvented as a babyfaced emo teen… Is that their idea of what kids will think is cool? I’m not digging it at all.

curthaynes said:

August 24th, 10:28 pm

Well, as a fan of dmc I’m confused as to why they scrapped the original Dante for some generic punk. (To the fans) Remember that slight disappointment when you found out that Nero was the main character in dmc 4? The only solace in that was being able to use Dante here and there to complete the story. So they didn’t want to use the same Dante they just used in marvel vs capcom 3? He’s made some other cameos too. Ok, there’s a new main character, but why did they have to call him Dante? Couldn’t he have just been a new figure in the dmc universe? Whether I get a legitimate answer to these questions or not, I’m still won’t get this game.

cwis2359 said:

August 25th, 11:27 am

MT Framework?

yoshikawa666 said:

August 27th, 2:08 pm

Sluggish gameplay, 30fps, emo Dante, Ninja Theory… This is so wrong in so many levels

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