New PULSE: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, The Baconing, Music Unlimited Top 10

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New PULSE: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, The Baconing, Music Unlimited Top 10
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The August 23 edition of PULSE is available in HD later today when the PlayStation Store updates. Join Christina Lee for a look at the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, the new Madden NFL 12, and, from the DeathSpank crew, The Baconing, which is available for pre-order as part of the PlayStation Network PLAY program. The Top 10 ranks the most popular songs on Music Unlimited. As for new video releases, check out Robin Wright in The Conspirator while Paul Bettany battles unholy vampires in Priest.

Watch PULSE right here, and in PlayStation Home, or download in HD to your PS3 (SD to your PSP) when the PlayStation Store updates later today.

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2 Author Replies

  • Nice new pulse love it!

  • Cool! Noob question, how do I watch pulse from the PS Home? I mean, where is it? Is it at the Community Theater? Thanks.

    • Kevin Furuichi
      Kevin Furuichi

      You can find PULSE playing in it’s own theater and also upstairs in the Mall.


  • I believe its in the theatre and plays in the mall on the upper leve.

  • I still dont now how to Music Unlimited… Can I get it in Canada? Please reply, thanks!!

  • Pulse!

  • I wonder if they will update early today?

  • wow we can up load/downlaod pulse on psp now. thats a huge thing. Ms lee in hd. ..oh yess..”clearsthroats” errhmm.. ok.. This edition of pulse is wonderful..

  • EnterSandman516

    what time do they usually update the store? i always thought it was 3am EST/12am PST but apparently not because then we would already have the new uploads. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

  • I just want the MK Arcade Kollection already.

    • Kevin Furuichi
      Kevin Furuichi

      Does that clip bring back some memories? Look for it to hit the store next week.

  • Great Pulse. Love the Dead Island stuff in Home right now, pre-ordered BloodRayne and now I’m gonna go get me that Priest movie!

  • The girls from Qore got a theme, so can we have a Christina Lee theme please!

  • Home zombie killing looks like fun….

  • i would sooo bang her :D

  • Hey McButz, it’s not new. I’ve downloaded Pulse SD to my Go in the past.

  • Thanks for the updates. Thinking about getting the Baconing. Haven’t played the series before.

  • GeneralChaz9

    The new Madden 12? Its coming to the PStore today! I’m confused…

  • GeneralChaz9

    Never mind, PULSE is previewing it xP

  • is there going to be a remake of mortal kombat 4???

  • @14.. ididnt know that. Thanks..

  • SergeChecko

    Why in Mexico we dont have access to Music Unlimited? I want the service, i can pay the service why Sony?

  • I love PULSE…is just awesome…also Christina Lee rules…well I still have to watch PRIEST…and get some games.

  • Fear_Me_All

    DEUS will be game of the year

    p.s. best part the game was done at 2 minute from my house in great MONTREAL city Canada i can see Eidos MTL office from here ;-)

    (same city that assassin creed is done MONTREAL) again i am 15 minute aways from Ubisoft Montreal

  • ubisoft blows as with anything else from canada

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