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Aug 23

Aug 23

The Next Evolution for PlayStation Home Coming Fall 2011

Jack Buser's Avatar Posted by

Senior Director, PlayStation Now

Hi everyone. I’ve got some huge news for you.

As you know, we’ve been working hard to fill PlayStation Home with hundreds of games – everything from pool tables and dart boards to full-on space shooters like Novus Prime: Escalation, zombie slashers like Dead Island Zombie Survivor, and massive online racing games like Sodium 2: Project Velocity. Today we are excited to announce a complete redesign of the heart of PlayStation Home to reinforce our evolution into the ultimate social game platform on consoles today. This redesign will connect you with the world of hundreds of games in Home faster and better than ever before.

Coming in Fall 2011, this new core experience for PlayStation Home features a “hub and districts” design that will help you find games, people and places that fit your favorite game genres. The design features a new Hub that integrates games, quests, community events, and user-generated content, while providing you with additional navigation, shopping, socialization and entertainment options.

playstation home map

The new, futuristic Hub (shown below) brings an ever changing roster of games right to the center of Home, including Cogs from Codename: Lazy 8 Studios which will be featured front and center on day one. The Hub will also feature a new Activity Board filled with games to play, rewards to be won, a new UGC events system, and cool stuff to discover.

PlayStation Home - Hub

Powering this Activity Board is a massive new questing system that literally transforms Home itself into a game if you so choose. From frequently updated community activities to huge, branching narrative adventures, this questing system will provide game play options delivered to you in ways never before imagined.

Additionally, surrounding the Hub will be districts based on game genres to suit your mood. Whether you want an intense, in-your-face experience, or a more chill, laid-back environment, these districts will be packed with games and navigation points leading you to content that suits your style.

PlayStation Home - Action

  • With a gritty, urban aesthetic reminiscent of a first-person shooter level, the Action District (shown above) is the perfect destination for gamers looking for action, shooter and horror games.
  • Come experience the outside-the-stadium feel of Sportswalk, which features up-to-the-minute major league sports scores, headlines and highlights, and sports-themed games.
  • Enter a lush beachfront jungle full of sights to see and adventure-themed games to discover in the Adventure District.

PlayStation Home - Pier Park

  • Pier Park (shown above) is your destination for carnival, puzzle, outdoor and arcade games, featuring a waterfront boardwalk, Ferris wheel and a fun party zone that is linked to dedicated indie and arcade game spaces.
  • On top of all this great news, I’m excited to announce that we are going to upgrade Home’s core client to provide a streamlined initial user experience, getting you in and playing games faster than ever before. This upgrade will be deployed as a separate release from the redesign, and together they will underscore PlayStation Home’s evolution into a world filled with hundreds of games ready for you to play, making Home the ultimate social game platform on consoles.

    We hope you’re as excited about PlayStation Home’s new core experience as we are!

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iTofuMan said:

August 23rd, 1:59 pm

Awesome! keep up the good work.

cpt898 said:

August 23rd, 2:03 pm

I heard some people get emailed with the latest home updates etc… I was wondering If I could get emailed :D I really enjoy home, its a great way to make friends and meet new people! For me its just REALLY fun to be on.

iTofuMan said:

August 23rd, 2:03 pm


i fully agree with you on that. i have some personal spaces, clothes, etc that i would like to give away as well. it would be nice if there was a goodwill type/exchange of program, or buy-back so other people might have good use for it.

djspinal said:

August 23rd, 2:12 pm

+ kfunnybear on August 23rd, 2011 at 8:16 am said:
awesome but do we get to go Ferris wheel?

+ Jack Buser on August 23rd, 2011 at 8:56 am said:
Yep. You can ride the Ferris wheel :)

” :-)”

+ StormTimber on August 23rd, 2011 at 8:28 am said:
i like this. i like this alot

+ Jack Buser on August 23rd, 2011 at 1:54 pm said:
Me too. This is going to be awesome.

” if Jack is excited than i’m downright jazzed!!! Looks Amazing! Any hints toward a first person view(while walking)???”

shadowdragon2007 said:

August 23rd, 2:24 pm

Will there be an increase to the furniture/active furniture limit on Home?

mcbuttz78 said:

August 23rd, 2:37 pm

@177 iron.. The reason why home dont have sex on it is becuase its a family game. It positoned towards kids. Also it would start a media outcry.. I understand sex sells. but home is not the place to sell it.

There are alot other online game like redlight district that do that kinda of thing. I rather not have home in that shape or form , becuase the troubles and problems that come with that.. In other news

Im very interest in user created content part. i hope this applies to clothing and being able to submit it to home staff to sell. If that is the case.. Then home urban clothing is going to #1 week after week.

DarkAngelKaito said:

August 23rd, 2:49 pm

sweet I’ve actually hoped for something like this :D

IIn3wII_NuMb3rZ said:

August 23rd, 2:50 pm

ummm what about being able to stream video and music content in ur personal spaces and club houses? this was mentioned ages ago with the trophy room yet nothing new has come out since

erickafollie said:

August 23rd, 2:51 pm

@lytes, i dont know where in Home you go to, but i do get harrass constantly and when i say NO, then i get called names and even my mother is mention, when they used all kinds of speech and i fought back, i was the one that got SUSPENDED for 7 days , so im living proof that moderators are not present when you need them . Im with you PirateHarlock, you keep up the good fight .
i hope the 50 limit goes up, Active items goes up, we need for our avatars to at least sit the right way on a beach chair, it is Patheric, whats the use to have a TROPICAL Paradise personal space or Seaside when you can`t even lay down to make it seem like you are suntanning .
@Ra The Sun King….im with you about the MALL, we pay with REAL MONEY, why til this day we dont have a REAL BUY BACK, REFUND,EXCHANGE.TRADE IN PROGRAM, im sure when you DEVS go to a clothing store in California , and dont like what you got , you go back to the store and return it or exchange it , well HOME MALL is a PAY WITH REAL MONEY MALL, im sure 100 percent of Paying costumers will love this feature , so im hoping this is included in the “NEW AND IMPROVED MALL “

buenabena3 said:

August 23rd, 2:56 pm

sorry im late to comment i was at skool will dis new playstation give us a new houses

starBlinky01 said:

August 23rd, 2:59 pm

I hope by ‘faster’ you mean the load times are significantly improved. That’s the biggest barrier for me coming back to home.

babasako said:

August 23rd, 3:09 pm

So is this basically the official Home? are we leaving the Home Beta? PLEASE ANSWER :)

babasako said:

August 23rd, 3:13 pm

So basically were gonna be able to find our type of gamers and be able to play with them?

Haskell420 said:

August 23rd, 3:14 pm


I was told in an Email almost 2 yaers ago that the ITEM LIMIT , WAS GOING TO BE RAISED TOO 100.


TheJLC said:

August 23rd, 3:19 pm

How about trophies for doing stuff in Home with this update? Would be cool.

XAMAceMAX said:

August 23rd, 3:19 pm

I much rather have cross game chat but i guess this is good

TJF588 said:

August 23rd, 3:32 pm

@206: Heh, my friend and I joke about avatars all the time. Usually about how they run (namely males), but also how they bend around you, look at their Navigators, and, yes, how they sit on the edge of anything.

FeistFan said:

August 23rd, 3:33 pm

Frankly, your reply @24 is the BIG piece of news you ought to be leading with. I just went into Home again last night, to check out the zombies. I liked what you’d done with the central plaza for the event…but it took SO long to do anything (on a great broadband connection that screams on everything else) that I gave up after 10 minutes.

Speed up the initial load time, yes — but ALSO speed up all the in-Home load times. Clicking a store takes WAY too long to load store inventory – a full trailer of everything in the store could play in HD before I get to see the tiny little icon of what’s actually there. Even text labels so I can see what’s what would help.

I check out Home every once in a while, play around for a day or two, and then forget it for another month. Fun new stuff to look at will just be wasted if it takes half an hour to spend five minutes exploring.

gameman258 said:

August 23rd, 3:34 pm

This is Great but i have a question.
On ps home is there any way you can make it 2 where you can call more than one person and talk to them on the headset at the same time? because i always have a friend left out on wut we are saying and i have to end call and then call the other friend to talk to talk to him.
And if you can do this already, can you please tell me how? Other words im really looking forward to this! Great News!!!

retro25 said:

August 23rd, 3:37 pm

Yes!! Finally PS Home is evolving i can’t wait :) so is PS Home really leaving beta and into the real thing when this comes? and will be be able to listen to music and what video (from PS3 XMB)in personal spaces with virtual screens and virtual stereos? :)

retro25 said:

August 23rd, 3:39 pm

watch videos (Typo)

D-Roca said:

August 23rd, 3:39 pm

@the Home Team

You guys should implement a achievements, trophy or Badge system that rewards the player for spending time in Home. I personally don’t see a reason why I should spend time on (even though I enjoy it) when I could be earning trophies by playing a retail game.

It would be cool if you guys can come up with a Badge system similar to this –

angelspawn77 said:

August 23rd, 3:42 pm

“looks” pretty cool, I’ll be jumping in and checking it out.

D-Roca said:

August 23rd, 3:45 pm

@the Home Team

You guys should implement a achievements, trophy or Badge system that rewards the player for spending time in Home. I personally don’t see a reason why I should spend time on (even though I enjoy it) when I could be earning trophies by playing a retail game.

It would be cool if you guys can come up with a Badge system similar to this one – h**p://

D-Roca said:

August 23rd, 3:51 pm

the Home Team
You guys should implement a achievements, trophy or Badge system that rewards the player for spending time in Home. I personally don’t see a reason why I should spend time on (even though I enjoy it) when I could be earning trophies by playing a retail game.

It would be cool if you guys can come up with a Badge system similar to this one – h**p://

This is the correct link :)

Yojimbo68 said:

August 23rd, 3:52 pm

Glad to hear about this, Home’s a great idea, but the loading times from area to area just kill it for me, it needs to be seamless, I’d happily trade it’s ‘realistic’ look for something more streamlined & cartoony, if that would enable seamless loads between activities/areas. Personally, I love the look of Torchlight, a more modern take on that style would be ace ^^

Ryuhza said:

August 23rd, 3:54 pm

A graphical update to the facial models so they don’t look so braindead would be refreshing. And movement feel less… weird and inflexible.

Yojimbo68 said:

August 23rd, 3:54 pm

p.s. I especially like the way it looks more like a Theme park layout, throw in decent driving, shooting, golf & Dungeon crawling mini games (all with achievements) & you’ve got a winner ^^

Thebig444 said:

August 23rd, 4:05 pm

Very cool. I like the way it is going. Upfully a lot of games are going to support these new features ( uncharted 3).

I only have one idea: – you sould make in-games special transportation. It would be could if we could visite this world on a bike or on a skateboard.

I am glade that the PS home is getting a face lift. I hope that the PS3 menu ( XLM) will get a facelift as well soon.

Change is always good.

igorrocks2 said:

August 23rd, 4:07 pm

How about trophies support?

Trigg said:

August 23rd, 4:14 pm

I wonder if Home would be possible on the Vita?

igorrocks2 said:

August 23rd, 4:19 pm

@227 if Vita and PS3 ha almost same specs then I guess it can

igorrocks2 said:

August 23rd, 4:20 pm

and soon will rhats why they updating it before vita comes out

NoobTorcher said:

August 23rd, 4:37 pm

I read everything and understood it but i’m wondering will this take out irem, gamer’s lounge and konami penthouse as well.

agnugget said:

August 23rd, 4:51 pm

What about club houses are you going to start charging for them like it said when you buy it , or will it still stay the same without monthly charges?

storwolf said:

August 23rd, 4:55 pm

Please could answer my question, the more rewards and free items

Jessica_Wabbit said:

August 23rd, 5:04 pm

Yay about time it was well overdue!!!!

therob21 said:

August 23rd, 5:12 pm

Looks nice. I like the new design. I’m getting excited already… :)

jcb_815 said:

August 23rd, 5:18 pm

Are you going to integrate Facebook with this update?

GTAandMGS said:

August 23rd, 5:20 pm

Please read lord of PS Home everything Mr Jack Buser.

-Gran Turismo Public Space
-Metal Gear Solid Public Space
-Grand Theft Auto Public Space
-Call of Duty Public Space
-Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Battlefield, Devil May Cry, Killzone 3. Prince of Persia, Resistance 3, Motorstorm 3, Tomb Raider, Sports Champions, Mass Effect 3, Final Fantasty, Ghost Recon, Street Fight X Tekken, EA Hub , Ubisoft Hub Public Spaces.
-Retro-active leveling system for Home Users based on usage time, quest completed, items unlocks and purchased etc display along with PSN ID name in Home.
-Metal Gear, GT5, Prince of Persia, GTA personal spaces.
-Sort Navigator all public spaces with a single public space like Ratchet and Clank seperately. R&C has 4 locations. For easy quick access.

Venom65437 said:

August 23rd, 5:32 pm

LoL Home.

lisatsunami said:

August 23rd, 5:47 pm

I had no idea a post about Home would generate so much interest.

Re: sexual harassment. I haven’t experienced it in the dozen or so times I’ve been in Home in the last couple years, but I don’t have a headset, so that might be it. Also, I made my avatar dumpy looking, like a female Zeke so I’m guessing that turns off most boys, lol. I believe it probably happens, because it happens in real life but this isn’t real. They can’t touch you. Also guys have a different definition of sexual harassment than most females do. That’s life. Take necessary precautions.

I’ll visit Home tonight, as now my curiosity is piqued.

shankmoney7 said:

August 23rd, 5:47 pm

will there be new mini games in home and reduced time because the time of loading for home makes me dislike it alot .

JMG24BAD said:

August 23rd, 5:52 pm

Now THIS IS WHAT I CALL A LEVEL UP! Hire me as a programmer please!!!! I’ll make the trophy room, i’ll make the animations for laying down, and the animations for punching and kicking as well as fix the avatar collision so that when I walk in a crowd i actually bumb ito another player. please!

NickLaluzerne said:

August 23rd, 5:56 pm

Sounds awesome!
a little disappointed to see central plaza going away though :( does this mean there inst gonna be a main/central place to meet new people and hang out and text chat with new people? that was my fav place I love meetin new people there

Haseo227 said:

August 23rd, 5:58 pm

sweet!!! ^_^ i will be HOME a lot more when this redesign comes out

JMG24BAD said:

August 23rd, 6:02 pm

also jack. this it what was promised. you guys can do it:

JMG24BAD said:

August 23rd, 6:21 pm

make it more like second life?

TJMVoyager said:

August 23rd, 6:22 pm

This is something I have been waiting to see for a long long time. Hopefuly it will take Home into a whole new level.

footballrule said:

August 23rd, 6:38 pm

This looks really great. I’m actually looking forward to checking this out! Home has been needing a redesign IMO and this looks perfect! Will be checking out the carnival part for sure. :)

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