The Next Evolution for PlayStation Home Coming Fall 2011

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The Next Evolution for PlayStation Home Coming Fall 2011
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Hi everyone. I’ve got some huge news for you.

As you know, we’ve been working hard to fill PlayStation Home with hundreds of games – everything from pool tables and dart boards to full-on space shooters like Novus Prime: Escalation, zombie slashers like Dead Island Zombie Survivor, and massive online racing games like Sodium 2: Project Velocity. Today we are excited to announce a complete redesign of the heart of PlayStation Home to reinforce our evolution into the ultimate social game platform on consoles today. This redesign will connect you with the world of hundreds of games in Home faster and better than ever before.

Coming in Fall 2011, this new core experience for PlayStation Home features a “hub and districts” design that will help you find games, people and places that fit your favorite game genres. The design features a new Hub that integrates games, quests, community events, and user-generated content, while providing you with additional navigation, shopping, socialization and entertainment options.

playstation home map

The new, futuristic Hub (shown below) brings an ever changing roster of games right to the center of Home, including Cogs from Codename: Lazy 8 Studios which will be featured front and center on day one. The Hub will also feature a new Activity Board filled with games to play, rewards to be won, a new UGC events system, and cool stuff to discover.

PlayStation Home - Hub

Powering this Activity Board is a massive new questing system that literally transforms Home itself into a game if you so choose. From frequently updated community activities to huge, branching narrative adventures, this questing system will provide game play options delivered to you in ways never before imagined.

Additionally, surrounding the Hub will be districts based on game genres to suit your mood. Whether you want an intense, in-your-face experience, or a more chill, laid-back environment, these districts will be packed with games and navigation points leading you to content that suits your style.

PlayStation Home - Action

  • With a gritty, urban aesthetic reminiscent of a first-person shooter level, the Action District (shown above) is the perfect destination for gamers looking for action, shooter and horror games.
  • Come experience the outside-the-stadium feel of Sportswalk, which features up-to-the-minute major league sports scores, headlines and highlights, and sports-themed games.
  • Enter a lush beachfront jungle full of sights to see and adventure-themed games to discover in the Adventure District.

PlayStation Home - Pier Park

  • Pier Park (shown above) is your destination for carnival, puzzle, outdoor and arcade games, featuring a waterfront boardwalk, Ferris wheel and a fun party zone that is linked to dedicated indie and arcade game spaces.
  • On top of all this great news, I’m excited to announce that we are going to upgrade Home’s core client to provide a streamlined initial user experience, getting you in and playing games faster than ever before. This upgrade will be deployed as a separate release from the redesign, and together they will underscore PlayStation Home’s evolution into a world filled with hundreds of games ready for you to play, making Home the ultimate social game platform on consoles.

    We hope you’re as excited about PlayStation Home’s new core experience as we are!

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19 Author Replies

  • Cont

    Mid Level

    Easier Voice Chat – In the original beta (when I was over at my brothers house on his ps3), it was super easy to voice chat. Then they remove the feature except for “voice calls” which can’t be used when doing a lot of different activities around the PSHome Universe.

    Custom Avatars – This is saddled onto the rewards for outside of PSHome. I know Sony is being cautious by not allowing people to upload any avatar they would like, however, they could use PSHome to generate a custom avatar of your custom character in PSHome. This would be an awesome feature to PSHome which I would use, but doesn’t redeem PSHome outright.

  • Con’t

    Minor Issues

    Allow Trophy Showcasing – In your apartment, there should be the ability to have a trophy showcase to display trophies you are proud to have obtained.

    And last but not least a My little pony: Friendship is magic space or items, I should not have to explain why but people will buy a virtual Pinki pie or Luna (Atleast I would). I’m not kidding on the mlp suggestion.

  • ricanboss225

    I can’t wait for it!! Also when the playstation4 comes out will playstation home be in it?

  • Will this be coming to EU, Asia and Japan Home or just the US, it would be crazy if it didnt lol, and why is it still in Beta Mode?

  • So with the new shaped home just having the 4 districts does that mean that know other public spaces will be added to home?will home always consist of just these 4 districts?

  • + ricanboss225 on August 25th, 2011 at 4:42 am said:
    “I can’t wait for it!! Also when the playstation4 comes out will playstation home be in it?”

    Yes of course. It makes sense.

  • Can we have some more polygons in our avatars please,im sure they will look outdated as well in this updated version of Home T.T


    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • How about some face scanning via PSeye? Maybe coownership of PUBLIC and/or private properties? Day/night cycle!!! Give me everything please!! Oh and a real working movie theater!!

  • Gosh you people think small, Look at your trophies? WOW that sounds fun.

  • ok so Myself and alot of my friends were wondering if we are going to have more interaction options…? just a thought

  • NlnaLovesU86

    What happens to Ps Home Konami Penthouse ?

  • SonicMoon5000

    Dude. This is soooooo cool

  • Is this going to be an NA exclusive update? Or is EU getting it as well?

  • It’s been said that change is good. While that’s not always true, positive change is good most of the time. This looks like positive change.

    However, change can be a frightening thing.

    From the perspective of the Homeling Collective, we are concerned. Our uniform is the reward from the EchoChrome game in the bowling alley. While all current Homelings are in possession of this reward, what if is no longer available after the core client update? How then would we dress our newest members? Other concerns for us are the bubble machine and the rave dance. These are necessary tools for us to perform our free public service, the “Klent”!

    While none of these concerns of ours matter to Home’s overall success, they matter greatly to Home’s oldest, largest, and funnest user group that currently occupies 27 Motherships (clubhouses).



  • LatinKitty73

    The new version of Home sounds amazing!! Great work!! My question is will there be more social interactions available for our avis. How about a Chapel on US Home?

  • nightmare9000

    It looks all good and everything…
    but are there any dinosaurs?

  • RPG goes left without a zone…..

  • Xen_Chaotik

    Question? Ok i know how most site or chat clients like yahoo messenger/Msn,Etc has the option to let you customise your font colors,Is there any way that we can get a custom color for out pop-ups or?…..

  • SpyroDragon121

    Is there going to be new actions too for our avi’s like laying down, crying, funny faces you know stuff like that also are there going to be new statuses like annoyed, excited, depressed, thrilled things of that nature because it’d be a lot better I think.

  • nYcFrEeWiLL82


  • The only thing that would make this new upgrade perfect, is to add a trophy room. That is an actual room where you could walk around and show off your trophies as you please.

  • That’s cool. I have so many people I know with psn id’s and they don’t know about home. So this will be awsome.

  • Whatever you’re doing to PlayStation Home in USA, just one simple request: DON’T LEAVE OUT ASIA!!!!

  • Will the new Home Core update be NA only? Or will this new Home experience come to all regions?

  • This looks very nice, can we expect to see something like a new MMO type game? Something in the adventures section. If anything, Home is moving forward with new and better content for everyone to enjoy. I hope all goes well and ends up being a smooth ride for you guys. Looking forward to the new core update.

  • ChancelorMarquis

    With everything ppl have bought on PSHome to date, will we still have every item we have bought once after this new complete upgrade takes place? If we cant i can see alot of very upset ppl as a result

  • Big fan of HOME here,hope everything comes together, so we all those new spaces by fall.

  • Can I just ask, and hope I get some sort of response… Will playstation Home be coming to Playstation Vita. I would die, literally. Also, Whats up with clubs? And the illusive screen that does nothing???

  • Phreak_Gamer2010

    Man this sucks i bought so much for the aurora bundle and i still need 9 levels to get it and 4 on Novus prime i love those places are you trashing them too? oh and btw i bought an Ion bundle in Novus prime and it doesn’t work i can put it as a wepon on my ship but it dosen’t fire ftw right? any help?

  • This looks great! but the way it looks with the Re imagine picture do you get to walk anywhere you want to? like the to the pier to the district? or will you load like Central plaza? to the bowling alley? And will you get to buy your own cars so you can have that driving experience on home? i hope you can have different interactions to people say like highfive? OH and will you be able to actually laydown on a bed, lounge chair for real this time unlike sitting upward on it? My last question for now will there be a new free space like harbor studios from when you first started out? OH and will you be able to keep that space along with all the other spaces you bought before?

  • shortie2810

    Will we see Alice Cooper in the home store. Its available in the EU store. I would really like to have alice cooper avatar in the US store. It would great for halloween. Please try to do your best to get Alice Cooper on the home store. Thanks

  • I like what I am hearing I believe the Number of clubs should be upgraded to 10. I also believe we should be able to play our own music on a music player and same with videos on our Tv’s as well. I can’t say i will miss CP:)

  • And how about a Clubhouse update already we need picture frame capably along with the video screen!!!!!

  • O M G this is awsome!!! though concerned im a huge fan of the bowling and sodium 2:project velocity and idea if there just moving them to new location on the new map or are they being removed?



  • ninjagaiden3cake

    Is konami space in the new pshome gonna have new dance offs and songs if yall know? that would be awsome.

  • Emo_Squirrel502

    What all can you do with your avatar on the new play station home? And will you be able to hug and kiss you girlfriend?

  • x_Dark_Knight_z

    great Idea! this looks very interesting, I do have a question though, some people have mentioned new additions to the emotions such as new dances or possibly interactions with other home avatars or people, and even new sitting styles, is this true?
    If not I would deffinitley recomend it, it would add more interest in home, especially now with the new marrage update made a while ago and etc..
    If nothing else I think at least adding new ways to interact with furniture, for example a bed, instead of only sitting down on it I think it would be much more fun to actualy be able to lay down on it. Thank you for reading (that is if you did) :) :)

  • Hey jack when will this new home be released?

  • Cool can’t wait! Just weeks away!

  • I completely agree with Rorek_IronBlood(comment 15). i also personaly don’t enjoy the prospect/possibility of talking to a “strange”(pervert) person without knowing. he could be 40 years old pretending to be young and fun. that scares me and re-inforces the notion of ‘superfluous’ that Rorek_IronBlood mentioned. right there with ya…

  • I

    have a couple of friends on this hub how can i get an invite?

  • Killa_Shankz-

    2 questions
    1. What About Fight Night Club That was a Fun Place
    2. When is This gonna happen

  • I have been so excited for this since i first heard about it i cant wait thanks for thinking about the gamer’s as always WOOT!!!

  • When are we gonna be able to ride a car in Home?

  • I agree with xCHAMOx. The only reason to visit Home nowadays is to see friends. I want to be able to go to Home and look around and be satisfied. So this update should give users what they want, and I’m looking forward to the new version.

  • OMG!!!!!!! I cant wait for it to come out, this is going to be so Cool! :)

  • ben-dietrich_93

    Just to know, do u guys have an idea of atleast the month that this is gonna come?

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