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Aug 23

Aug 23

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Pummels PSN Summer 2012

Mai Kawaguchi's Avatar Posted by Sr. Digital Brand Manager, Sega

Hi Everyone! All of us at SEGA are excited to share some great news for fighting fans and combat connoisseurs. The Virtua Fighter 5 series has been growing and expanding in arcades since its release, and we wanted to share the latest version with our dedicated PS3 fans. Yes – we’re bringing the latest version of the Virtua Fighter 5 series to PSN next summer!

This latest version is called Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown or “VF5FS,” and it introduces a fistful of new features to this time-tested fighter, including completely rebalanced mechanics, timing, animation and a brand-new dynamic arena system. We’re also introducing two new characters to the roster: Sumo wrestler Taka-Arashi will make his big return from VF3 and karate expert Jean Kujo will join the VF series for the first time. Best of all, VF5FS now includes online play via PSN, engineered to allow fast-paced combat with little to no latency.

Mixing all that with a huge variety of character customization items and costumes, you will be getting the definitive Virtua Fighter experience when the game is released in Summer 2012!

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown for PS3 (PSN)Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown for PS3 (PSN)

If you can’t wait that long, we’ve got a special treat for you. The SEGA team is rounding up the only existing VF5FS arcade cabinets in the US, and bringing them to PAX! We’ll have the cabinets up and running at Gameworks during PAX so come by and join us for an old-school arcade blowout!

Depending on when you come by, you might also be able to catch a member of the VF5 production team in action. We’re planning to give out some exclusive VF5FS items at PAX and Gameworks too!

If you can’t join us at PAX, please keep checking back for updates. This is just the beginning, we’re planning on providing much more information between now and launch.

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Sonicfan11589 said:

August 23rd, 9:37 am


Sonicfan11589 said:

August 23rd, 9:38 am


Cat_Corye said:

August 23rd, 9:39 am

Sweet, want it NOW!!!

Sega you are making some pretty awesome games.

KwietStorm said:

August 23rd, 9:44 am

Damn not until next summer

GamerMoney said:

August 23rd, 9:47 am

sucks I have to wait til next summer. fun fact, VF5 made me buy a ps3 back in feb of 07

mcbuttz78 said:

August 23rd, 9:48 am

2012 summer well , at least it not dec 2012 when the world goes up.. let pray for a non delay.. lol.. and sega keep up the great work..

Sumoomoo said:

August 23rd, 9:54 am

I cannot wait for this! I played the heck out of VF5 when it came out originally on the Ps3. The only thing that will be hard to deal with now is the wait for VF5:FS, but it will all be worth it! I cannot wait to get more information on the game in the future. :D

rafael_martines said:

August 23rd, 9:58 am

Summer 2012… Good Choice SEGA… with Soul Calibur V, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Street Fighter X Tekken in the first half of 2012 this schedule is pretty good… :D Can’t wait :)

Francision69 said:

August 23rd, 9:58 am

This is an instant buy for me! Gotta clear up some hard drive space now! XP

GoodFella2487 said:

August 23rd, 10:01 am

Amazing. Loved VF5 more than any other fighter, best battle mechanics ever.

evilkevin3 said:

August 23rd, 10:20 am

So the game isn’t going to be at all Gameworks locations?
If so that sucks

    Mai Kawaguchi's Avatar

    Mai Kawaguchi said:

    August 23rd, 2:07 pm

    If you can’t wait until summer 2012, we’ll have VF5 FS arcade cabinets at Gameworks this weekend during PAX !

OnesOwnGrief said:

August 23rd, 10:25 am

Sega, you are now back in my good graces. Everything previous has been forgiven. After Yakuza 4 and this, you have made a fan proud. I can die happy now after I get my hands on this.

PainOfSarrow said:

August 23rd, 10:28 am

i got the last game for ps3 that game was pure crap im glade i got it used for 7 dollars.

DarkRecoil said:

August 23rd, 10:33 am


* ahem, sorry for caps but ‘proper’ PS3 games on PSN always gets me excited :)

jimmyfoxhound said:

August 23rd, 10:34 am


YungShep said:

August 23rd, 10:40 am


DarkRecoil said:

August 23rd, 10:47 am

“Your comment is awaiting moderation”

LOL that’s rich. How about fixing your freaking blog so that normal comments show.

2 months ago it was fine

Schobeleth said:

August 23rd, 10:47 am

Trophies? No? Sorry then Sega, I’d rather give you money for Sonic Generations and Yakuza: Of the End. Flame me all you want but I’m addicted to trophies, and I’m proud of it.

    Mai Kawaguchi's Avatar

    Mai Kawaguchi said:

    August 23rd, 2:12 pm

    There will be trophies for VF5 FS. In regards to our other titles, we’d love it if you went out and one-hundred percented all of them. Gotta’ get all of those trophies. ;)

NeoMahi said:

August 23rd, 10:57 am

Oh man! My bro is gonna freak! He bought a PS3 back in 2007 just from seeing five minutes of this game. He’s mastered this game but, wanted online play. So, the multiplayer will make him piss himself. Wait…. Yeah, are there trophies in this definitive version? Other than the Final Fantasy XIII Platinum. He wants a Virtua Fighter 5 Platinum Trophy. COME ON SEGA! ITS THE DEFINITIVE VERSION! IT HAS TO HAVE TROPHY SUPPORT! Even if its a rip-off of the 360 trophies!

octus said:

August 23rd, 11:01 am

looks like the ad style with the paint slashes and splatters are a copy of capcoms fighting games this generation.
sad. hopefully the game is good, and they dont copy capcom’s dlc ripoff prices for add-on content.

OnesOwnGrief said:

August 23rd, 11:12 am

Dont ask dumb questions. Games released for PS3 after 2008 actually has to have trophies now. The only thing that doesn’t is PS3 rereleases of games that didn’t have trophies from before then like Resistance 1 and Oblivion. So VF5:FS will have trophies.

KGH said:

August 23rd, 11:31 am

Aw dammit, thats a long wait! cant wait to get my hands on VF5:F5

Garand772 said:

August 23rd, 11:36 am

Took you long enough, and still a year away. No PS3 online play for VF5 was god awful, and I hope you don’t charge full price as it’s a revision.

BlackIceJoe said:

August 23rd, 11:46 am

I want to know is there any chance of a Vita version?

DaveedT13 said:

August 23rd, 11:48 am

VF is great fighting game, I like the change of pace of it compare to other fighters it’s mroe realistic, no fireballs, lasers or head cutting…all these things can be fine but diversity is good and VF is a nice fighting game with a pretty good gameplay system.

Can’t wait to try it. Will decide if I buy it if the price is not too high and if the game looks good in HD.

saintaqua said:

August 23rd, 1:17 pm

It doesn’t have new characters?
Please get better voice acting for this version. I’m not trying to be mean, but VF5 was embarrassing.
I wish you’d add trophies to the old version though.

saintaqua said:

August 23rd, 1:19 pm

BTW, this was the first game I bought for PS3. :)

Sekoku said:

August 23rd, 1:22 pm

Too little, too late, Sega. Where was it a year ago when the Arcade release happened? >:|

Alyyse said:

August 23rd, 1:29 pm

lol. wow!!! that trailer was awesome. i still remember the day when i played the first virtua fighter in the arcade.


August 23rd, 2:07 pm

This is great, because stupid pax tickets sold out really really early, I missed it, so now I can hang out at gameworks for VF5, thanks sega.

    Mai Kawaguchi's Avatar

    Mai Kawaguchi said:

    August 23rd, 2:14 pm

    If you happen to see any of us, please feel free to say hello…and maybe challenge us to a match. :)

triple_lei said:

August 23rd, 2:23 pm

Well, I’ll try to remember this game for a whole year. And I hope the trophies aren’t anything like “Rank #1 online”…

SupaDaveoz said:

August 23rd, 3:01 pm

I can’t wait! This is such great news! I bought a Launch PS3 at 650 bucks for this game and now we finally have a definitive version! I hope there’s going to be a retail copy that you can buy in stores as well!

LionHeartX83 said:

August 23rd, 3:43 pm

Huge VF fan here. Still play VF5 from time to time on my PS3. I just love that Sega feeling everytime you start up a Sega game. Too bad it’s next year, but I’m sure it’s worth the wait.

banok said:

August 23rd, 4:28 pm

Well, I guess this is a start, at least the game is coming here. I just wish it will also be available in retail form though. Oh, and I can’t wait to play Shun again!!! Thanks Sega!!!

NotoriousGamer said:

August 23rd, 4:45 pm

Will my VF5 disc copy update to this edition with online.

BrodiMAN said:

August 23rd, 4:52 pm

My god yes!!!!! Thank you Mai Kawaguchi for this great news!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!

I’ve been a Virtua Fighter player since VF1. Ever since the arcade scene in the US has died, and I don’t have a 360, I haven’t been able to play other humans at this game. My god this is great news!

Thank you SEGA!!!!!!!

    Mai Kawaguchi's Avatar

    Mai Kawaguchi said:

    August 25th, 11:20 pm

    A true VF fan found! Come see us at PAX/Gameworks if you can :)

GTAandMGS said:

August 23rd, 4:58 pm

Will VF5 ps3 disc copy update to this edition with online and trophies????????

HeeroCobain said:

August 23rd, 5:47 pm

Any chances for a physical release? Maybe as some sort of “Limited Edtion” including a new Mad Catz or Hori stick?

BlackKnight79 said:

August 23rd, 5:58 pm

Two questions: Will this be similar to Grand Theft Auto 4 in that you have to own the original VF5 disc in order to play it? And I’m sure it’s going to have trophies, right?

DCS-Tekken said:

August 23rd, 6:20 pm

Does Sega plan to add any DLC to this game later?

If so it be great for other NEW charaters to be DLC later when there ready….

Let us know?

Can’t wait for this game… 2012 is gonna be a big year for me…. YAY!


DCS-Tekken said:

August 23rd, 6:24 pm

oh also i take it that this game is only gonna be available on the PS store at that time? Or is this getting a Game Disc release then for PS3?

Let us know?



WelmoscaBR said:

August 23rd, 6:24 pm

yeah awesome…I’ll buy this with sure…I played the normal version in 2007 and I never bought but is a great game and now I’ll get.Great Job guys…Keep it up until launch.

LaLiLuLeLo said:

August 23rd, 7:25 pm

YES. I always felt snubbed when they didn’t add an online patch to VF5. Looking forward to this 100%


August 23rd, 7:56 pm

Hey Mai, are you guys there for all 3 days of pax?

D-Squad3 said:

August 23rd, 8:12 pm

How about an online update for the original Virtua Fighter 5?

Motherboop said:

August 23rd, 9:48 pm

Any chances of a platinum trophy?

Perish_Song said:

August 23rd, 10:00 pm

Aww I wish we had an arcade near hear. The nearest arcade is over 70 miles away.

Rbrtchng said:

August 23rd, 11:15 pm

@Mai Kawaguchi

I officially love you because of this news.

jkuc75sj said:

August 24th, 2:42 am

As someone who has never gotten into VF games, I’m actually excited!

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