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Aug 25

Aug 25

UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition Unboxed

Arne Meyer's Avatar Posted by Director of Communications, Naughty Dog


Well, we’ve managed to steal, er, borrow, a production sample of the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition. We had a little help from our friend Nolan North, otherwise known as Nathan Drake in the UNCHARTED games. Nolan stopped by the Naughty Dog studio with our ill-gotten sample of the Collector’s Edition and we couldn’t resist to shoot an unboxing video to give our fans a good look at what actually comes inside the awesome looking traveling case.

We’re really excited to be able to check out, in person, our first ever Collector’s Edition version of a Naughty Dog developed game. Watch the video below to see Nolan give you a firsthand account.

This UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition will be released in North America on November 1 for $99.99. The entire Collector’s Edition will come housed in a very cool looking reproduction of a traveling chest – it’s got exclusive exterior artwork, comes with a lid that is held shut by a magnet and contains storage areas for all of the goodies that come with the Collector’s Edition.

Steel-SIdeshow U3: Collector's Edition Logos

As you can see in the video, inside the traveling chest are full size, wearable replicas of Nathan Drake’s belt buckle and his necklace with Sir Francis Drake’s ring. The UNCHARTED 3 Blu-ray disk will come in a collectible Steelbook with exclusive artwork for the Collector’s Edition – the outside has a great render of Sir Francis Drake’s ring, with the inscription debossed into the case. The interior of the Steelbook has been printed with the artwork of Drake under fire in the desert as a panoramic view across both covers. This is Sony Computer Entertainment America’s first ever Steelbook edition, and we couldn’t be more excited that it’s being debuted with UNCHARTED 3. The piece de resistance is a high-quality statue of Nathan Drake that we worked on with our friends at Sideshow Collectibles. And just like the exclusive wearable replicas, and the Steelbook, you won’t be able to get this Sideshow Collectibles statue at retail, it’s only available with the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition! Like Nolan mentioned, this edition is being made in a very limited quantity, so make sure to save yours by pre-ordering now.

It was awesome to see this in person this week – and if you want to check it out for yourself, the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition will be on display at the PlayStation booth at PAX Prime 2011 THIS WEEKEND! Be sure to drop by.

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ultimatepunchrod said:

August 25th, 10:45 am

also, nolan north is ruttin’ highlarious


August 25th, 10:46 am


EspadaKiller said:

August 25th, 10:47 am

Haha i love this unboxing video, really funny especially at the end :P

shhhua said:

August 25th, 10:48 am

Very cool. Nolan North is just as cool as Nathan Drake!

Elway358 said:

August 25th, 10:52 am

What’s the chest made of? Is it just thick cardboard? Plastic?

brad74111 said:

August 25th, 11:01 am

lol that was great nolan

Now I’m really wanting that steelbook!

FearMonkey said:

August 25th, 11:03 am

Any possibility of the Steelbook case being sold without the collector’s edition?

Really want the Steelbook but not the other stuff. :(

Robsonmonkey said:

August 25th, 11:03 am

I love Nolan

I hope ND have at least suggested to Neil Burger to give him his role as Drake in the Uncharted Movie…..maybe giving him hints every now and again

Any person who would want Fillion over Nolan is an idiot

thegame0808 said:

August 25th, 11:04 am

hah aha Nolan North is funny , nice bundle though :)

D-Squad3 said:

August 25th, 11:06 am

$99.99 seems a little too much for what is being given. The Hero Edition is much better, it came with a freaking back pack that I am using in college right now! Should’ve came with a shirt at least.

WarHawk_ said:

August 25th, 11:09 am

Best onboxing EVAAAAAARRRR…. Me want UC3 !! (and starhawk, but that’s beside the point)

jimboiscool1 said:

August 25th, 11:11 am

Nolan North FTW!

cwis2359 said:

August 25th, 11:14 am

Day One Buy!!

Shadow-Man_4 said:

August 25th, 11:16 am

The game has “gone gold”? If not, then how is it on a Blu-Ray Disc? Did you finish development Naughty Dog?

Schobeleth said:

August 25th, 11:16 am

Nolan North is amazing. This game is going to be amazing. Uncharted 2 was the greatest game I ever played, and that could easily be coming off the single player alone. The multiplayer was a blast. Deception is just going to expand on that.

CelticsLane20 said:

August 25th, 11:30 am

Awesome unboxing vid. The collectors edition looks sweet and im definitely getting this day 1.
Great job Nolan on that entertaining unboxing and Naughtydog for this cool collectors edition

E-Phoenix- said:

August 25th, 11:31 am

LOL the end

Enigma777 said:

August 25th, 11:41 am

LMAO! So good!

AutomaticOcelot said:

August 25th, 11:42 am

Nolan North continues to win.

cfdgg22 said:

August 25th, 11:42 am

AWESOME! cant wait to unbox mine

pickupdoctor said:

August 25th, 11:45 am

Pure awesome.

Enforcer_X said:

August 25th, 11:47 am

Day 1, Can’t wait, totally getting this edition!
Awesome video btw.

TheGuardianFID said:

August 25th, 11:49 am

Already have it pre-ordered, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that was hilarious, you’re the man Nolan!!! 8)

Dodo-al-jaddi said:

August 25th, 11:51 am

Pretty funny haha. Will probably be picking it up.

WelmoscaBR said:

August 25th, 11:54 am

OMG I waaaaaaaaaaaaant …that was amazing…very funny…nolan north is awesome….yees this was the best unboxing ever.


August 25th, 11:54 am

i preordered the collectors edition months ago.

Detective-E said:

August 25th, 11:55 am


If I don’t have to pre-order.

Fun video.


August 25th, 11:55 am

Off to GS to pre order!

HopelessMuffins said:

August 25th, 11:57 am

Nolan North should play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie.

an-inFamous1337 said:

August 25th, 11:58 am

lol i just love Nolan and i think this was the best unboxing i have ever seen for a video game.

Laughed like hell!

roseofmayix said:

August 25th, 12:00 pm

I am so disappointed the statue wasn’t changed. It looks like garbage. I’m passing on the CE because of this.

The ring also doesn’t look to scale.

I would have liked to have seen the back of the belt buckle.

The box in the UK CE looks about 100000000000x better than this one.

BuchNasty said:

August 25th, 12:14 pm

Lol great video.

Kchow23 said:

August 25th, 12:17 pm

Awesome video, Nolan North is hilarious!

jimmyfoxhound said:

August 25th, 12:26 pm

Man that looks like a big cheap cardboard box! 100 bucks for a cardboard box??? Come on guys..


August 25th, 12:26 pm

I love steelbooks, my Uncharted 2 Limited Edition is steelbook too. And that Limited Edition is beautiful! Nolan North is great!

lisatsunami said:

August 25th, 12:27 pm

SOLD!!! Upgrading my pre-order to the CE version.

As for Nolan North: he is awesome. I bet that was all ad libbed. He should play himself in the movie. He’s very good looking. Just needs to tone up some & he’s ready to star in a blockbuster.

Dwayne_AKA_OE said:

August 25th, 12:46 pm

AWESOME…..okay i am going to pre-order this now and take a little nap until November 1st Good Night Guys

furykiller972 said:

August 25th, 12:56 pm

Naughty Dog is like one of the top most respected developers out there they know what the people want and they should be very proud of this game and of themselves great job naughty dog!

Zinacef said:

August 25th, 12:56 pm

Where the heck did they get that putz from?

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

August 25th, 12:59 pm

I like the belt buckle. I ordered one of these from Amazon.ca for $60.

ArcaneAltair said:

August 25th, 12:59 pm

That was awesome. I’m sold.

gearhead32 said:

August 25th, 1:01 pm

that was hilarious I have had the CE pre ordered for months the extra stuff is nice but, the main thing i wanted was the steelbook :P I can’t wait too play the campaign and multiplayer “I want to go to Narnia he he”

gearhead32 said:

August 25th, 1:03 pm

Chronicles Of Narnia: Revenge of The Drake “I’m going to Narnia”

dirtyd89 said:

August 25th, 1:04 pm

I’ve already got my UC3: Collector’s Edition pre ordered.
This will be my first collector’s edition that I’m purchasing.
Looking forward to it.

gagjm said:

August 25th, 1:06 pm

Can I go to Narnia too? November 1st can’t get here fast enough. That case is pretty darn amazing. Can’t wait. Thank you Naughtydog! Wait… I think Nolan took MY collectors edition… and there is only two left :'(!! Lol. Counting down the days. As of today, 67 more days to go.

gagjm said:

August 25th, 1:10 pm

Also, Nolan should play as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie.

hush404 said:

August 25th, 1:15 pm

LOL “In there is Narnia!” “You don’t talk like that!” “I talk like you!” “annannanan” :P LMAO.

lisatsunami said:

August 25th, 1:20 pm

Favorite Uncharted dialog which I’m sure Nolan North ad libbed: in U2 to Chloe: “I’m sorry but do you have a plan to go with that grenade?”

Nearly 2 years later, I’m still laughing over that. Have not been able to work that into a personal conversation, though. ;-)

xaos said:

August 25th, 1:21 pm

Jeez, if that man’s charisma could be bottled. Not a collector’s edition kind of guy (just don’t have the room for these things) but I’m tempted

Capshot18 said:

August 25th, 1:23 pm

Gotta love Nolan North…
Anyway, I’ve wanted this since it was first announced. Just wish it could have come with some DLC…

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