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Aug 30

Aug 30

Apply Now for the UNCHARTED 3 Spike TV Special

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GTTVdrake looking

Have you ever played UNCHARTED and thought, “Hey, I could be a better adventurer than Nathan Drake!” Here’s your chance to prove it.

This Fall, Spike TV in partnership with Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment, are celebrating the breathtaking cinematic action in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception with a blockbuster TV special that brings the game to life. And it might just star you as a contestant! The winner will receive an incredible UNCHARTED-themed prize package including the ultimate Sony home theater system valued at over $12,000.

If you’re a die-hard UNCHARTED fan who wants to prove your adventuring skills both in the game and in the real world, head on over to to download the casting application for the show. We’re looking for real gamers who can prove why they should be selected as the ultimate UNCHARTED fan.

You’ll need to hurry, as completed applications must be received by Monday, September 12th. And one important note: Before applying, please make sure you are available to travel to Los Angeles during the first week of October for the filming of the show, which will premiere on Monday, October 31 at 11:30 PM on Spike TV.

Greatness from small beginnings!

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jazzyrider said:

August 30th, 4:59 pm

Hmm, I’m more of an Indy Jones kind of guy. But Nathan Drake, I might give it a shot! :)

GamerMoney said:

August 30th, 5:00 pm

just 1st week of oct? or do we need to be available longer?

    TJ Consunji's Avatar

    TJ Consunji said:

    August 31st, 1:45 pm

    Filming of the actual show should be no more than a week.

daxter1100 said:

August 30th, 5:14 pm

you know whos better than Nathan Drake. that would be jak and daxter

TomHoang said:

August 30th, 5:15 pm

Wish I lived in LA, then I would sign up for this.

    TJ Consunji's Avatar

    TJ Consunji said:

    August 31st, 1:46 pm

    Sign up anyhow and show how you are the ultimate Uncharted fan! If you are selected as a contestants, travel expenses will be covered.

D-Squad3 said:

August 30th, 5:25 pm

Not old enough.

RowanABoat1996 said:

August 30th, 6:15 pm

@3 hey daxter, in my opinion, no they’re not, Nathan Drake is awesome! Nolan North is the perfect voice actor for him and he’s is really funny. Also, you’re probably a troll seeing as how you’re on an article about Uncharted and all you’re saying is how Jak and Daxter are better

perrandy said:

August 30th, 6:15 pm

i cant go because i live on the east any case, nice contest there sony!

    TJ Consunji's Avatar

    TJ Consunji said:

    August 31st, 1:48 pm

    If you are able to travel that first week in October then why not give it a try? You never know! Also, travel expenses will be covered for the selected contestants.

daxter1100 said:

August 30th, 6:27 pm

@6 ive played the demo of the first uncharted hes way to slow and the aiming sucks and there was no need to call me a troll ok so stop being a jerk cause i never said anything about you

WelmoscaBR said:

August 30th, 6:31 pm

Nooooooo….why God,why God…why I was not born in EUA…now I cant prove that I am the biggest fan of uncharted in the universe.

Link01 said:

August 30th, 6:47 pm

I’m a huge fan… but the travel and such expenses aren’t covered are they?

    TJ Consunji's Avatar

    TJ Consunji said:

    August 31st, 1:49 pm

    If you are selected as a contestant your travel expenses will be covered.

Link01 said:

August 30th, 6:49 pm

Couldn’t you host this after December… when I’m 21? seriously

jimboiscool1 said:

August 30th, 7:15 pm

This is a good marketing idea and yea I’m better than Nathan Drake….

SeanScythe said:

August 30th, 7:23 pm

You just proved you are a troll the Demo for uncharted didn’t even match the real gameplay so you have no room to talk. Jak and Daxter and great games but don’t hold a candle to what Naughty Dog have done with the Uncharted series. When was the last time a jak and daxter game won GOTY?

daxter1100 said:

August 30th, 7:49 pm

what do you guys get by calling me a troll cause i dont get it at all

jeffsmither said:

August 30th, 8:44 pm

What would we do in the show?

    TJ Consunji's Avatar

    TJ Consunji said:

    August 31st, 1:50 pm

    Details coming shortly so stay tuned. In the meantime, think about the first two games and what makes Nathan Drake such an adventurer!

JMG24BAD said:

August 30th, 9:21 pm

@RowanABoat1996 you know that lak and daxter are from naughtydog right?

Airwalkinman17 said:

August 30th, 9:23 pm


Thats the same thing I was wondering man.

I would like to know cause I’m pretty fit and athletic and I would like to apply myself not only as a gamer, but physically as well. I only live a couple hours form LA, so I could potentially make the drive out there. Let us know TJ!……. Please?

    TJ Consunji's Avatar

    TJ Consunji said:

    August 31st, 1:51 pm

    Details coming shortly so stay tuned!

Mobius2525 said:

August 30th, 9:35 pm

Wish i could apply.

WastelandDan said:

August 30th, 10:02 pm

Can’t wait to watch this…sounds good. Need more things like this.

GOGETTA213 said:

August 30th, 11:10 pm

This is really great news.I might just sign for this.This game is def. gonna be one of the biggest games of the year.

    TJ Consunji's Avatar

    TJ Consunji said:

    August 31st, 1:53 pm

    Thanks! We are looking forward to everyone enjoying the game! it is Drake’s best adventure yet!

lisatsunami said:

August 30th, 11:28 pm

This should be great fun. Looking forward to watching.

MadMeat001 said:

August 31st, 1:35 am

and the Canadian broadcasting? which channel

Ex-DarkBlade said:

August 31st, 7:35 am

@daxter1100, the real question is what do you get for saying Jak and Dexter franchise is better than Uncharted franchise on a Uncharted article.

CptGarney said:

August 31st, 8:16 am

I’m so sick of these Jak and Daxter bashing Uncharted and Naughty Dog 24/7.
Seriously, stop living in the past! Stop letting your nostalgia mislead you.

Bolduk said:

August 31st, 8:23 am

@RowanABoat1996 & @Ex-DarkBlade


Deathspear666 said:

August 31st, 9:21 am


slaYer127 said:

August 31st, 9:54 am

i could be a good adventurer. but i will never have nathan drakes upper body strength, no matter how much i work out!

shaikhrabi said:

August 31st, 1:25 pm

Unfair Because Call of Duty Xp Competition was also held in L.A and now this c’mon there are also better places well not good than L.A but atleast close to L.A .. I’m the Ultimate Fan of Uncharted Series and if this was in Florida i would have applied for it !

    TJ Consunji's Avatar

    TJ Consunji said:

    August 31st, 1:55 pm

    Why not apply and show you have what it takes to be the ultimate Uncharted fan? if you are chosen as a contestant, your travel expenses will be covered.
    Good luck!

digitalman123 said:

August 31st, 3:14 pm

This will be fun to watch…

Sticky__Rice said:

August 31st, 7:37 pm

Don’t understand why it’s 21 and older when the game is T for Teens…I’m 19 and a really hardcore fan… This sucks.. The main game I’m looking forward to and I cant even enter a contest for it because I’m underage /: Thanks Sony.

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