Long Live Play

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Long Live Play

PlayStation Nation,

Two years ago we introduced you to our resident Vice President of just about everything, Kevin Butler, in the inaugural “Dear PlayStation” ad which was timed with the introduction of our “It Only Does Everything” campaign. Since then, the campaign has helped make the PS3 a household name in 50 million homes worldwide. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a new brand campaign “Long Live Play” – designed to celebrate gamers from all walks of life and recognize you for making us who we are today.

PlayStation has always been about the gamer and the PS3 is the ultimate portal to a land of infinite experiences and accomplishments. PlayStation is reaffirming our commitment to gamers like yourselves with “Long Live Play” – mixing humor and a little good, clean fun with the kind of entertainment content you crave.

What better way to transition than with a visit from Kevin Butler, back from his four-day retirement with a special message.

Beginning today you’ll find “Long Live Play” rolling out on some of your favorite websites, TV networks and retailers as well as across numerous social networking outlets. It’s our way of inviting all gamers to come and join the PlayStation Nation. When we say there’s never been a better time to join, we mean it. With games like Resistance 3, UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection and more on the horizon, PlayStation is committed to creating a AAA software line-up that real gamers can get excited about.

The new PS3 price of $249, coupled with incredible gaming and sports content including DIRECTV’s NFL SUNDAY TICKET, MLB.TV and NHL GameCenter, PlayStation is ready to welcome gamers from all over with open arms and hours upon hours of unbelievable entertainment.

We are committed to the continued expansion of the types of services and content that have made the PlayStation name synonymous with interactive entertainment and hope that through the “Long Live Play” campaign our dedication to you, the PlayStation fans, truly shines through. For those of you who have friends that might be on the fence, I encourage you to invite them to come on over. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled because in the weeks to come we’ll be turning the spotlight back on you, and you won’t want to miss it!

Happy gaming!

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  • Epic

  • nice !!!!! cant wait for Resistance 3 , Ratchet and Clank All 4 One , Ico/ Shadow of the Colossus , God of War Origins , Uncharted 3 !!!!!!! so Mr Scott any news on the playstation vita NA release date ?

  • Awesome!!!

  • He’s back! I’m glad I was missing Kevin Butler. Long Live Play!

  • Love it! Long live KB (Playstation, too)!

  • Nice.

  • There will also be a special place in my heart for KB.

  • My life is complete.

    I almost thought high traffic mom was the new spokesperson for a second glad to see you again Kevin Butler!

  • Not bad.

  • YAY KB is back :D

  • WOW! KEVIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Hilarious, love it! Welcome back KB man! lol- “you are the boss of me”. :-)

  • Hell yeah! :) One week to go folks!

  • LMao

  • CabooseFan91

    funny, lol can’t wait to see allot of these on TV ha for some reason i never saw allot of the KB ads on tv only youtube


  • The man who plays KB has like the best job in the world.

  • He’s back!
    Kevin, you’re da man!
    Long Life Play

  • k1llabeastie

    Welcome back. I believe in this as much as I believe in my no-look flaming shot.

  • Awesome stuff KB!

  • Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. The KB commercials are just good quality fun.

  • It only does everything “but backwards compatibility” we still love you Sony…..just wish you were more truthful with us loyal customers…..

  • ViciousChaos516

    KB FTW!!!

  • theXsilentXchild

    He would of turned the carpet world upside down if he only had time.

  • TheGuardianFID

    Long Live KB, oh yeah and play too!!! 8P 8)

  • Permafry_42

    and investors in sony are now selling their stock… good luck sony. you’re really going to need it going after giving up on the casual market all together judging by these advertisements. And I still prefer the 3ds because at least it’s up to date where it matters the most: pricing. $300 for a portable is just too much in the age of apple and androids, and while gamers like me will want it most people will buy the “futuristic” 3ds simply based of the price, or just keep playing on their phones. Why are you making the same mistakes with the vita that you’ve made with the psp? I loved the psp and ds, just like i love the 3ds and will love the vita. but if you’re going to be loosing money again for our benefit you might just tick off enough investors that you’ll have to leave the portable gaming market! We hardcore gamers NEED choice in the portable gaming market between 2 hardcore portables, and only nintendo will be left beyond phone developers if you go out! So please don’t let the vita go the same way as the psp for the sake of all hardcore gamers who enjoy playing on the go!

  • That’s one great video! and very funny too!
    Cant wait for those games!

  • This is easily the best one yet lol. Welcome back, Butler.

  • One tear.

  • Vita = psp= dead in a about a year watch….nintendo is portable king…… history dont lie
    drop the price or else

  • ohh this is awesome.. in EU, we only have them weak “the game is just the start” things..
    ohh kevin, you are an internet behemoth

  • LOL, that was epic!

  • Playstation Vita release date please !!!!! ohh and Resistance Burning Skies as a launch title too

  • chrisredfield_97

    WELCOME BACK dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_I_LOVE_YOU_GUYS_!!!!!!!!!_

  • ein_nineteenth

    “Five more minutes into Five More Hours”

    Shut up and take my… Wait a second…

  • Is that a new weapon for Resistance 3? The flaming crossbow?

    Just awesome, dear Kevin Butler.

    Keep being awesome.

  • sugarfree98

    dam girl!!

  • Is he really back… I mean is HE REALLY BACK !!!!! :3

  • KineticArtist

    I saw Kevin Butler at our Local Grocery store he smiled at me and said Live Long Play Buckaroo Live Long Play

  • these r the 3d games for the new 3d tv

  • SEAL_TEAM_7p

    I can keep watching this over and over , right?

  • Thank you for letting me wake thus morning to the most awesome video I’ve seen awhile.

  • dragonmagician

    “four-day retirement”…haha, I though it would go on longer, but I’m glad that KB is back. His twitter needs updating; I’ll be waiting.

  • burningwind

    I have no idea what any of that means but I do know that I want a jet ski.

  • LMFAO!! KB is BACK!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

  • nice mel gibson avator scott

  • Rorek_IronBlood

    … This is great and all. Except that it’s missing one crucial character and has for a long time. Where’s, Marcus, you damn fools?!

    “Step your game up!”
    – Marcus, PSP

    Seriously! On that note it looks like somewhere from the last commercial and now that even, Kevin Buttler, had left Sony (for one reason or another) and that Sony had to pretty much grovel to get him back. I guess that is your message? That you realize you were wrong? Yeah. Sorry.. Not buying it. Good to see, Kevin, again and all. However, I just don’t feel it like I used to; the magic is just gone it seems.

  • Kevin’s back in full form, nicely done guys. Awesome commercial, can’t wait for the sweet games coming.
    Good to have you back Kevin!!!

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