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Sep 02

Sep 02

When Resistance 3 Met Kevin Butler

James Stevenson's Avatar Posted by Community Lead, Insomniac Games

As we lead up to Resistance 3’s launch this Tuesday, we wanted to start your holiday weekend right with the two television commercials you will be seeing for Resistance 3 over the next few weeks. These commercials will be airing during NFL games and my personal favorite, college football, as well as series premieres of some of the biggest shows on TV.

Why two commercials, you ask? Well, we have two great approaches for Resistance 3. One involves the story of Joseph Capelli’s journey. In some ways this ties us back to the very first live-action prologue trailer that showed us the first glimpse of Resistance 3’s grim new world. Here you get a glimpse of the emotions and story that make up our game. We really feel like this ad wonderfully captures and encapsulates Resistance 3. Take a look:

Hope you liked that commercial and it got you pumped for the game’s launch. That said, what’s a huge PS3 exclusive without a Kevin Butler commercial? Maybe it’s best if you just watch.

So what do you think? Keep your eyes peeled as you watch TV over the next couple of weeks to spot these ads in the wild!

One other item I wanted to point out for our New York readers, the PlayStation Lounge in New York City will have the first seven chapters of Resistance 3 on-hand for you to go try out over the holiday weekend from 1:00 to 4:00pm Eastern Time on Saturday. Furthermore, they also have a limited quantity of the awesome Olly Moss posters that you’ve see us give away. Go check it out to get a taste of what you’ll be playing on September 6th!

That’s all for now – let us know what you think of the commercials in the comments below!

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Boxster17 said:

September 2nd, 8:01 pm

Really looking forward to this game but since moving and having to budget myself a bit better it’s going to be either this or GoW Origins (setting a limit to a game a month). Looking like I may need to wait a few months and have this be a Christmas gift.

LE__BEBE said:

September 2nd, 8:29 pm

Le Bebe likes it !!

Axecution said:

September 2nd, 8:40 pm

First trailer was awesome. =D

Second trailer may as well have just been a Sharpshooter commercial. But it didn’t even really show the sharpshooter that much.

HolmWrecker said:

September 2nd, 9:35 pm

Kevin looks very uncomfortable on that horse. I can tell he hasn’t rode much if at all. He looks terrified.

dirtyd89 said:

September 2nd, 9:46 pm

1st Commercial:
Captivated the essence of what Resistance series is all about.

2nd Commercial:
Kevin Butler is awesome though this isn’t his best ad.

It’s a good start.

Ethereal said:

September 3rd, 12:18 am

KB on a white horse. Epic.

thunderbear said:

September 3rd, 12:52 am

@Rorek_IronBlood, if you say “most individual developers make six figures” then you _are_ ignorant. Games development houses go under very often, and yes, used game sales does take away money from the developers. I can back my statements up because I work in the industry.

As for the commercials, I liked them both. The drama one more than the KB one but even though I enjoy KB’s commercials I am also not a raving fan either. He and those commercials do their job well :).

And lol at the guy saying that PS3 is selling less than the Xbox360 in the US because of the lack of special editions, and then calling them idiots for not getting this! Special editions couldn’t hurt, but maybe your comment went a bit far… just maybe :).

Very psyched for Resistance 3, only a few more days! I bet in the reviews it will get docked a lot of points for not having enough multiplayer modes (like a co-op one). I really enjoyed the beta though. The single-player is where it’s at mostly for me though!

Chapulin140 said:

September 3rd, 1:21 am

Long live the king!!! The king and the land are one.

bpowter said:

September 3rd, 1:50 am

Resistance will never get the respect it deserves, lets not forget resistance started it all.

TheSunIsMine said:

September 3rd, 2:19 am

I see the “online pass” defense team still expects those who don’t drink the Kool-Aid to conform to their flawed logic.
For the record, I could care less about the “online pass” but I am incredibly annoyed by those who feel that devs deserve to get paid twice for the same game.

I’m going to laugh (heartily) when Ford or Chevrolet apply this logic to vehicles and begin charging those who purchase used a fee to actually drive said vehicle. ;p

*returning to topic*
The first ad brings nothing new and attempts to “evoke emotion” in much the same way as any random Hallmark commercial.

I will happily watch anything with Kevin Butler but I agree with all who pointed out that it comes off as a PS Move ad than anything else.

Lucky13X said:

September 3rd, 3:20 am

Long Live Play indeed.

Welcome back Kevin B. Let the gaming revolution through Resistance, 3D, shooters, et al Begin Anew!

Vinland_Krauser said:

September 3rd, 4:28 am

How about a developer getting paid once while two people were able to use it?
How about buying a car and not paying the taxes, gas and oil?

TheSunIsMine said:

September 3rd, 5:45 am

How about this: When the first user sells their copy either because they finish/dislike the game, they are no longer “using” the game and therefore the new user (used game purchaser) is simply filling the “space” they vacated?

You’re welcome to view those who purchase used games as criminals worthy of revile but in my view, purchasers of used games are no different than those who purchase lamps or toasters at yard sales.

You will fail trying to make me shed tears for all the devs “missing out” on cash due to a legal owner of a product transferring their ownership to a new owner. This a common and legitimate practice that may also allow the frugal/poor entertainment/etc. at a lower cost.

DarkRecoil said:

September 3rd, 6:28 am


Absolutely right.

PS3 is obviously the more powerful console
Ps3 has the better exclusive games
PS3 has the better game studios
PS3 will have the longer life
PS3 uses bluray, allowing for more content & bigger/higher quality games
PS3 plays bluray movies
PS3 has free online
PS3 outsells xbox worldwide

But in America, PS3 continues to be routinely TROUNCED, year after year by xbox.


Because SCEA marketing department is run by a bunch of nickle & dime daycare moms.

CaribbeanCLANK said:

September 3rd, 6:32 am

Gotta love Kevin Butler…glad he is back.

mastorofpuppetz said:

September 3rd, 7:49 am

@RORAK LMAO, can’t take anyone serious who says all developers make six figures……… many developers get laid off for one once a project is done, and no, most dont come close to six figures….

mastorofpuppetz said:

September 3rd, 7:54 am

@158, whats your point, online pass is also a legitimate tactic, pot meet black… If someone gives you the game, no one is entitled to let you use online services that cost money to maintain for free…..

mastorofpuppetz said:

September 3rd, 7:55 am

@158, comparing games to a toaster at a yard sale? LMAo, last i checked when i use my toaster I dont need to rely on the companies to maintain infrastructure and supply updates, which cost money, for full functionality like games do. get a clue.

Onna76_NL said:

September 3rd, 8:39 am

I’m not really a FPshooter fan (apart from Bioshock), but when it comes to Kevin it’s always fun ^v^

ElChingon2588 said:

September 3rd, 8:49 am

Dam Soo Exited Cant wait:D

OnTheBus666 said:

September 3rd, 9:09 am

lol kevin butler commercials FTW, not as good as the flaming behind the back crossbow shot though.

octus said:

September 3rd, 9:20 am

to be back on topic. i liked the first commercial, i will get the game.
on the second, it wasnt as funny or witty as usual KB.

mcbuttz78 said:

September 3rd, 10:00 am

@155 some car dealers already have that its call used car sales tax.. its been around since 1980 in some states.. As online pass is more than just a buy the game new u get every thing or but the game used and have pay 10$ or w/e . its used to verify actual copies sold and where it sold and etc.. also sercurity protection..

Just becuase you buy a game used dont mean u have buy a online pass to play online thats not 100% true for every game . Only a few devs are doing that.Some game devs say when u buy one games new, u can get on all their game online after that, if your part of their online community.Online pass is not bad thing

I like the 1st commerical bettr.. btw

vp-psn legionairee group

iiGeTMoNeY23 said:

September 3rd, 10:20 am


The devs/publishers already made their profit when the copy of their game was sold, that includes everything online related.

Darkfire said:

September 3rd, 10:23 am

This shooter is now DIAMONDS!

dilbig5 said:

September 3rd, 10:34 am


Then how come when I bought DC Universe Online that I have to pay to connect to it? I paid for the game already so what’s the deal? How come when I let a friend borrow it, he has to keep paying monthly?

When a game is sold new, the developers/publishers get the money. When a game is sold used, Gamestop (or whoever sold it) gets the money on someone else’s work. If no used copies could be bought, every copy would be a new copy. Gamestop (or you) didn’t make the game so why should the next person that buys it get the same exact features you did for a cheaper price? Every used copy of a game (before the pass) has the same exact stuff the new copy did. Why should someone be able to pay $25 less than I paid to play the exact same thing?

Bolduk said:

September 3rd, 11:35 am

Love it. Long Live Play!

mastorofpuppetz said:

September 3rd, 11:41 am

@162, not true, when giving the game to another person or buying it used, its the same as a lost sale…= no profit, yet you still have to support said person online….. More users online = more cost…. Its not rocket science.

Hhall08 said:

September 3rd, 12:43 pm

Kevin Butler on a horse=ps3 domination over xbox and we should rally like that right outside of xbox’s hq and dominate the over a Kevin Butler would lead on the chanrge

Deathspear666 said:

September 3rd, 12:51 pm

@Rorek_IronBlood..Trust me bro i agree w/you on the whole Online Pass issue…Why should i have to turn around and give money out to the devs who are bought out by Microsoft to get DLC first??!! Not gonna happen…And besides Gamestop is lowering the prices on games that require the pass to play online to balance out if whoever was to buy it if there was no pass…

DanielVT said:

September 3rd, 1:10 pm

Kevin Butler + PS3 = AWESOME!

Deathspear666 said:

September 3rd, 1:12 pm

To All the Online Pass supporters….

I know d a m n well the most of you use torrents..I don’t want to see you all whining and crying about what Rorek_IronBlood is saying because none of you can sit here and tell me you don’t download music and movies FOR FREE!!…It is NO D A M N different.. The musicians and actors are not getting the money from free downloading..Now S T F U about it…people kill me sometiomes…

dilbig5 said:

September 3rd, 1:44 pm


Rorek did not make any valid arguement. He’s just complaining for “paying” to play. Not to mention that the DLC for Call of Duty is the only thing given out a month early.

There aren’t as many people complaining about the online pass because most have accepted the fact the the PSN Pass is here and it will probably be a standard for companies in the near future. No point in complaining about something that won’t change. I didn’t even know what a torrent was until 3 months ago, only because I don’t use piracy for anything, including music and movies. Besides, can a torrented game even work on a PS3? That’s what the online pass is for. To reduce (or even get rid of) piracy. No reason to use foul language either. This is a blog, not Jerry Springer.

Deathspear666 said:

September 3rd, 1:51 pm

@dilbig5…Apparently you don’t get it either and no you can’t play a downloaded(pirated) game on PS3 unless it is Jailbroken..BTW Don’t worry about my language..I am a grown man and will speak how i see fit..

TallCrowe said:

September 3rd, 2:24 pm

When can we get Kevin Butler the game (the Movie of the game of the Movie). That would be awesome. Kevin Butler’s face should aslo be on the cover of all Greatest Hits titles. Kevin Butler Approved!

dilbig5 said:

September 3rd, 2:26 pm


Apparently you don’t understand, seeing as you didn’t even really say anything.
Grown man or not, no reason (or to seeing fit) to bring foul language into an “arguement” (which is one-sided). Just proves your “point” even less.

blakseed said:

September 3rd, 2:53 pm

Need more people like dilbig5 on the blog, and less entitled to everything children claiming to be grown men.

kiroisenko said:

September 3rd, 3:10 pm

Kevin Butler!
You are sony hero

ritual1982 said:

September 3rd, 3:22 pm

Amazon just shipped all of the Resistance 3 pre-orders!!!

It would be cool if USPS actually got it to me before the 6th.

devilmosh said:

September 3rd, 4:17 pm

@ Rorek

Pretentious troll is pretentious, popping up more and more on this blog.

Folks, don’t feed the trolls. It only makes them hungrier.

The videos look great, btw! I’m loving the R3 multiplayer beta.

TheSunIsMine said:

September 3rd, 4:25 pm

@Online Pass Defense Force (in general)
As I pointed out previously, the Online Pass is nothing I’m complaining about. I understand the point of the Online Pass and I’m not asking Sony (or anyone else utilizing the method) to alter their decision.

I pointed out that I disagree with the notion that this must be done to stop those “evil criminals” who are buying used games and forcing developers to miss meals and car payments due to their heinous actions. Those who wish are welcome to disagree but there’s no need wasting time trying to convince me that people who buy used games are doing anything wrong.

Those who disagree with the Online Pass are just as free to express their opinions as are those who so valiantly defend the practice. I know! Maybe we should all pay for an Online Pass regardless of whether we buy used games or not and consider it a donation to those poor game developers out there struggling just to make ends meet. ;p

dilbig5 said:

September 3rd, 4:28 pm


That comment didn’t even make any sense.

Creative_ae said:

September 3rd, 5:57 pm

I have the Shooter and the next step buying the game =D, Cant wait Kevin =D

Versitle2 said:

September 3rd, 7:42 pm

Kevin Butler is the onley reason that everyone should join the Resistance becauses if he’s not the reason then i dont know what is?

thekobal said:

September 4th, 1:25 am

I agree with some people here. Please include captions and foreign language subtitles in all your games (And in YouTube at least). That would be awesome for deaf and non-english-speaker people.
Kevin Butler RULE. =)

BrianFreezeF said:

September 4th, 5:10 am

@ thesunismine

You’re right there is no need to convince you. I work in the game industry and I worked at a ‘gamestop’ as well. I can tell you first hand that the people who buy and sell used games to gamestop are a serious issue.

They are too lazy to even use free classifieds to make more money, and use a middleman.
I have first hand experience that you obviously do not, because you would never defend used gamers if you worked/served them everyday..

Dilbig5 is right, and thesunismine, well you are just totally ignoring the issue by repeating ‘i dont see anything wrong with used gamers and you cant convince me”.

Whoever made the ‘used car’ argument: ARE YOU JOKING?. How is a used car anything like games, where people can buy 5+ units per month, and flip them in a few days each. Do you people buy multiple used cars per month and trade them in a few days? Honestly, used car argument has to be a total joke. HAHA, no really its actually hilarious.

FUTEKI360 said:

September 4th, 5:22 am

I missed the old PS awkward commercials :-|

Bolduk said:

September 4th, 8:32 am


Posting a comment saying PS3 owns and whats wrong with Americans loving the 360, and then saying that the PS3 has poor advertising and that the 360 owns it.

You don’t make any sense sir.

TheSunIsMine said:

September 4th, 11:02 am


Why are you so worried about convincing me, then? I’m confused so please illuminate me on that.

Apparently, you were fine with GameStop while you were employed there but now that you’re no longer employed by them you have a list of issues with the company, their business practices and the customers they cater to. I’m sure there’s some disgruntled former employee group you can take those issues up with as your hostilities toward the people you used to work for fail to be a concern of mine.

I’ll wait till there’s a legal and binding report indicating that both GameStop and it’s customers are criminals until I grab my torch and pitchfork, thanks all the same.

dilbig5 said:

September 4th, 11:18 am


You don’t put much thought into your comments, do you?

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