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Sep 02

Sep 02

When Resistance 3 Met Kevin Butler

James Stevenson's Avatar Posted by Community Lead, Insomniac Games

As we lead up to Resistance 3’s launch this Tuesday, we wanted to start your holiday weekend right with the two television commercials you will be seeing for Resistance 3 over the next few weeks. These commercials will be airing during NFL games and my personal favorite, college football, as well as series premieres of some of the biggest shows on TV.

Why two commercials, you ask? Well, we have two great approaches for Resistance 3. One involves the story of Joseph Capelli’s journey. In some ways this ties us back to the very first live-action prologue trailer that showed us the first glimpse of Resistance 3’s grim new world. Here you get a glimpse of the emotions and story that make up our game. We really feel like this ad wonderfully captures and encapsulates Resistance 3. Take a look:

Hope you liked that commercial and it got you pumped for the game’s launch. That said, what’s a huge PS3 exclusive without a Kevin Butler commercial? Maybe it’s best if you just watch.

So what do you think? Keep your eyes peeled as you watch TV over the next couple of weeks to spot these ads in the wild!

One other item I wanted to point out for our New York readers, the PlayStation Lounge in New York City will have the first seven chapters of Resistance 3 on-hand for you to go try out over the holiday weekend from 1:00 to 4:00pm Eastern Time on Saturday. Furthermore, they also have a limited quantity of the awesome Olly Moss posters that you’ve see us give away. Go check it out to get a taste of what you’ll be playing on September 6th!

That’s all for now – let us know what you think of the commercials in the comments below!

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SoleAddict23 said:

September 4th, 11:34 am


Did you seriously just say that? DC Universe Online has a sub fee because it’s a high profile MMO game, it’s not the same as non MMO games.

When a game is sold used, that copy of the game was already paid for and the devs/pubs already made their profit. The person that buys the game used is just replacing the person that bought it new, it’s not like both the person that bought the game new and the person that bought the game used have a copy, that would be wrong. That’s how it is, it’s a fact and it’s simple to understand.

SoleAddict23 said:

September 4th, 11:37 am


Exactly, it’s not rocket science but you don’t understand.

It’s not the same as a lost sale and the devs already made their profit from that copy of the game because it has already been paid for! And the person that bought the game used is just replacing the person that bought the game new online as well, the profit the devs made that goes to the online part of their costs is still there.

dilbig5 said:

September 4th, 12:07 pm


Part 1:
It doesn’t matter to anyone who isn’t getting money from the game so why should someone who buys the same game for $25 less get the same content that I do? The point of someone replacing another is irrelevant. That’s not the deal. It’s the exact same as a lost sale because someone who buys used would of paid gamestop instead of the developer/publisher that made the game. Gamestop gets paid for their hard work while they get nothing.

dilbig5 said:

September 4th, 12:08 pm


Part 2:
Let’s use an example:
Say you and a friend go to an amusement park. You get a wristband to ride an unlimited amount of rides for a one-time price but your friend only has enough money for food so only you get the wristband. A couple hours later, you are tired of riding and just wanna hang out with someone you met at the park. Your friend looks like he wants to get on a rollercoaster so he asks you for your wristband since he knows you aren’t gonna ride anymore. You give it to him. He now has a wristband (that he did not pay for) and you don’t. Technically that is against any amusement park rules since they can tell if something has been replaced. If they find out, you and your friend will be thrown out. 2 people get to have the same amount that only 1 of you was supposed to have. Same logic. That’s why most amusement parks moved to the stamp instead of wristband.

SoleAddict23 said:

September 4th, 1:42 pm


You simply don’t get it or just don’t want to admit.

Libra015 said:

September 4th, 1:57 pm


secularsage said:

September 4th, 2:11 pm

Love the spots, but I do have a minor nitpick.

The Resistance games occur in the 1950s. I think I read somewhere that Resistance 3 takes place in 1957.

If that’s the case, what is the St. Louis Jefferson Expansion Memorial (better known as the Gateway Arch) doing in the background?

As much as I do love seeing the town I live in show up in a video game… St. Louis didn’t get its iconic monument until long after the game takes place. Construction of the Arch wasn’t started until 1963, and it wasn’t completed until 1965.

dilbig5 said:

September 4th, 5:15 pm


Apparently you are the one who doesn’t get it.

JEC94 said:

September 5th, 1:29 am

hands down to KB

Psychonik said:

September 5th, 11:28 am

The second commercial is fan service, but also shows the move functionality. I think that that’s an important aspect as this is the second major FPS release to use the move and will hopefully have more people jump on board to experience how cool it is to play with the sharpshooter.

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