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Sep 05

Sep 05

PlayStation Plus September Offers: 10 Free Games including Plants vs. Zombies

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VP, PlayStation Network

Before we get to what’s coming to PlayStation Plus, we wanted to let you know that starting today, we’re making a slight change to how we communicate PlayStation Plus updates. Instead of posting twice per month on what’s coming to Plus, we’re going to be making one post that gives an overview of all the content that’s hitting Plus in that particular month. So today’s post will cover content coming in September, and the next post will hit in the first Monday of October. Of course, with every week’s Store Update post, you’ll know what’s going on the Store for Plus on that week.

Now to the good stuff! We’ve got some great content this month coming free to Plus subscribers including PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies, the furious shoot-em-up Astro Tripper, and the final game in the SEGA Genesis Collection, Altered Beast. The value of all three of these titles adds up to more than a $24 savings, which doesn’t include the additional minis and PSone Classics you’ll get this month too. This month also marks a special occasion as we’re celebrating the Resident Evil 15th Anniversary with PSone Classics: Resident Evil Director’s Cut, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3, all free to PlayStation Plus subscribers starting 9/20, for 2 weeks only. In other PSone Classic news, Jet Moto will also be free starting tomorrow, 9/6.

On the discount side of things, Resident Evil 4 (releasing 9/20 on PSN) and Resident Evil Code Veronica (releasing on 9/27 on PSN) will be 50% off for Plus subscribers as part of the RE 15th Anniversary special. We’ll also offer for 1 week an additional 50% off select LucasArts PSP content on sale for PSN . Check the list below for all the titles in this lineup as well as the other discounts.

There’s tons more including new Full Game Trials, free themes and avatars; all will be coming on the dates noted below for September. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and enjoy!


PlayStation Plus content list for September 2011

(Please keep in mind these are expected release dates. Some content outlined may be subject to change)

Free PSN Games and DLC: Plants vs. Zombies – 9/6
Astro Tripper – 9/6
Altered Beast – 9/6
Free Minis: Bashi Blocks – 9/6
Jellypops – 9/13
Street Smarts – 9/27
Free PS one Classics: Jet Moto – 9/6
Resident Evil Director’s Cut – 9/20 (2 weeks)
Resident Evil 2 – 9/20 (2 weeks)
Resident 3 – 9/20 (2 weeks)
Full Game Trials: BulletStorm – 9/13
Saint’s Row 2 – 9/20
Bolt – 9/20
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 – 9/27
Discounts & Sale Offers: Alpha Mission – Minis – 20% off – 9/6
T.N.K. Iii – Minis – 20% off – 9/6
The Impossible Game – 25% off – 9/6
Vanguard Ii – Minis – 20% off – 9/6
MotorStorm Apocalypse Premiere Pack Bundle – 30% off – 9/13
Cubixx HD – 30% off – 9/20 (1 Week)
Resident Evil 4 – 50% off – 9/20 (2 Weeks)
Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD – 50% off – 9/27 (2 Weeks)
Armageddon Riders – 40% off – 9/6 (2 Weeks)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Add On Bundle – 30% off Sale Price – 9/6 (One week only)
Super V8 Racing – 70% off Sale Price – 9/13 (Two Weeks)

Lucasarts PSP PSN Sale – 50% off PSN Sale Price – 9/13 (1 Week)
-Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes PSP
-Star Wars: Battlefront II
-Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade Squadron
-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PSP
-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Apprentice Mission Pack
-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Character Pack 1
-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Character Pack 2
-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Hoth Mission
-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Tatooine Mission Pack

Free Themes: Plus Exclusive Clouds Dynamic Theme – 9/6
Cow Abduction Dynamic Theme – 9/20
Armageddon Rider Dynamic Theme – 9/27 ( 1 Week)
Free Avatars (One Week Only) Armageddon Rider – Armageddon Rider Avatar – 9/6
Armageddon Rider -Collider Zombie Avatar – 9/6
Armageddon Rider – Fast and Deadly Avatar- 9/6
Armageddon Rider – Hot Rod Avatar – 9/13
Armageddon Rider -Logo 1 Avatar – 9/13
Armageddon Rider – Logo 2 Avatar – 9/20
Armageddon Rider – Zombiemower Avatar – 9/20
Media: Qore Episode 40, September 2011 – 9/6 – Early Access

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September 5th, 9:17 am

Holy Crap! That’s a lot of great content. Like I didn’t have enough to play this Fall.

chomik02 said:

September 5th, 9:18 am

straight up

Dessron said:

September 5th, 9:19 am

I wanted to play Plants vs Zombies so bad but didn’t want to pay 15$ for it. Now I can have it for free!

digitalman123 said:

September 5th, 9:19 am

Free Plants vs. Zombies? Tomorrow? My dreams have been realized… I really love PS Plus…


September 5th, 9:19 am

“Resident Evil 4 – 50% off – 9/20 (2 Weeks)
Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD – 50% off – 9/20 (2 Weeks)”

50% of what? $19.99?

Does Saint’s Row 2 have a ps plus discount as well?

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    September 6th, 11:09 am

    Yep, $19.99 is the price without the discount, so you’ll be able to purchase both RE4 and RE: CV for about $10.

    I don’t have any info on Saint’s Row 2, sorry!

Chuckbait said:

September 5th, 9:20 am

How much will RE4 cost?

BossmanCCrowder1 said:

September 5th, 9:21 am

Wow awesome! Probably the best month for PS Plus. I already have RE2 and 3, but I’ve been wanting PvZ, and I can’t for RE4 HD, I love the 50% discount!

tylerh1701 said:

September 5th, 9:22 am

@5 Yes, I believe they were announced at $20, so they’ll cost plusers $10. Which I think is pretty awesome!!!

Mobius2525 said:

September 5th, 9:24 am

thank god i didn’t buy Plants vs zombie now i can get it free.

Deathspear666 said:

September 5th, 9:24 am

SONY??!!..Why the h e l l do you keep posting demos AFTER the game has been out?! The whole purpose of a demo is to try before you buy but you post demos after…pretty stupid..derp

RedDragon_X said:

September 5th, 9:24 am


YungShep said:

September 5th, 9:25 am

thats an incredible amount of free Resident Evil games, lol :) ill take em all :) and the 50 off of RE 4 AND CODE VERONICA! SIGN ME ALL THE WAY UP..WIN WIN WIN

xThe1x said:

September 5th, 9:25 am

einhorn is finkle.

zzamaro said:

September 5th, 9:27 am



rbanke said:

September 5th, 9:27 am

Cant stand plants vs zombies, already have astro tripper (just like i already have everything that plus has given free outside of a few things i wouldnt play). I dont even bother downloading mini’s anymore because 99% of them are garbage, and I dont bother with ps1 games because well…there ps1 games.

PS+ is basically a yearly service i pay for so I can get auto updates and cloud saving and auto-updates/trophy sync/save uploading doesnt even work.

EgoBrasil said:

September 5th, 9:28 am

Awesome content for this month.

zzamaro said:

September 5th, 9:29 am

Ok, RE4 and CV will cost half the price 4 ps+, how much will they cost?

Butters360 said:

September 5th, 9:29 am

And PlayStation Plus continues to pay for itself. Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD will complete my collection ;) Just in time for Halloween too!

JerWolfe said:

September 5th, 9:30 am

So if we bought Plants vs Zombies already, I’m assuming there is no other compensation for buying it? Like PSN credit? Thought not… :(

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    September 6th, 11:13 am

    No I’m afraid not; but there’s tons of other free content coming this month, as well as the Day 1 discounts on RE4 and RE CV; among many others. Hope you find something you like!

PainOfSarrow said:

September 5th, 9:31 am

if you want a grand theft auto clone, get saints row 2. i love it.

enjionPS said:

September 5th, 9:33 am

First time in a long time….

I’m proud to be a Plus member.

Wish that RE:DC wasn’t the one with the crappy music though.

killersense said:

September 5th, 9:34 am

Awesome update!!!. PVZ is something I wanted but was not willing to pay for since I have it on my laptop and phone. Thanks

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    September 6th, 11:14 am

    Great game on any platform and gets surprisingly deep once you get in a few levels; and only gets more challenging / awesome from there.

trustter said:

September 5th, 9:35 am

This is the best time to be a PS+ member!

Thank you very much!

If you can keep up with this you are going to win big!

Francision69 said:

September 5th, 9:38 am

The amount of content this month is gonna be insane! I’m happy to be a PS+ subscriber!

mmaher said:

September 5th, 9:39 am

I love PS Plus! Booooooooooyaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

I’m going to be playing some pretty cool, free games! (Like I’ve already been playing, haters…)


darknightgotham said:

September 5th, 9:40 am

seriously. this is the best ps+ month ive ever seen. im glad i joined a while ago! i mean, RE 1-3 free, with 4 at s 50% discount (guess il have the full series since i already have 5). also plants vs zombies free, i always wanted to try what was so good about that game, and saints row 2 at discount? seriously, best month since i signed up. heh, looking back i remember that i signed up just for the auto-update and quore…

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    September 6th, 11:16 am

    Glad you’re excited! We’re constantly looking at ways to make Plus better, so I’m thinking you’ll find it a great value year round.

johnnyp70 said:

September 5th, 9:44 am

Been fighting the urge to buy PvZ and now I don’t have to!
Now please get my auto update working!!!

MarcoRelius said:

September 5th, 9:45 am

What an amazing and generous offers. New ps3 owner here and signed up to playstation plus. So loving it! Thanks Sony!

soldiercell said:

September 5th, 9:46 am

Resident evil 4 FTW!

skatepunk36 said:

September 5th, 9:47 am

I just hope the european update is simular… Plants vs Zombies + RE 1-3 would be awesome

kabirdsall14 said:

September 5th, 9:47 am

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats awesome!!! Thanks Sony!

Zacky-V-A7X said:

September 5th, 9:48 am


joseph2411 said:

September 5th, 9:48 am

September, best PS+ month ever! Sadly i already had Plants vs Zombies, RE2 and RE3 but really happy to get RE: Directors Cut for Free, and RE: Code Veronica & RE4 with a 50% discount, that completes my Resident Evil digital download collection!!! :)

Ti_dus said:

September 5th, 9:48 am

Wow this is the best PlayStation Plus update EVER!!! I love RE :D

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YungShep said:

September 5th, 9:49 am

in addition to all the RE swag..i never played Saints Row 2 or Bulletstorm, tho im quite sure ill purchase Saints Row 2 just to be ready for SR:The Third. but how much is RE 4 and Code Veronica??? half of what?

kabirdsall14 said:

September 5th, 9:51 am

I have been wanting to get Plants Vs. Zombies forever now, I am so glad PS+ gets it! :D

Permafry_42 said:

September 5th, 9:52 am

RE_Player said:

September 5th, 9:52 am

RESIDENT EVIL 4 FOR 50% OFF!!!!!! I’m so glad I’m a Playstation Plus member. Best $50 I’ve spent.

smintja said:

September 5th, 9:52 am

Looks great. I haven’t played Resident Evil 3 in forever. Will be great to replay it. RE4 is HD right?

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    September 6th, 11:18 am

    Yes, RE4 makes the transition to PSN with full HD and Trophy support. Have fun!

KwietStorm said:

September 5th, 9:53 am

Can we please get a firmware update with a categorized download list. PS3 games, PSP games, minis, avatars, themes, DLC, qore, and a download all button for each.

And also PSone classics Die Hard Trilogy, MDK, Return Fire, Soul Blade, and Tenchu.

Oshnaj said:

September 5th, 9:56 am

I’m afraid RE4 is not HD.

Moosehole said:

September 5th, 9:57 am

Just had to say thanks for the RE4 and RE:CVX sales. Thats going to save me $20! I really hope they dont have Capcom’s horrible DRM, though.

Bulletstorm next week intrigues me as well. All depends on the price, though. If its $20 I’ll buy it instantly. If its $30 or more, forget about it.

AmericanNinja1 said:

September 5th, 9:59 am


CrimsonNemo said:

September 5th, 9:59 am

I was happy with being a PS+ member before but wow, you just made it even better. Fan-flippin-tastic, I can’t wait.

wtGp said:

September 5th, 10:00 am

l love all these discounts

doutee said:

September 5th, 10:00 am

Probably the best ps plus month ever so far!! Thanks.

DeathGazer said:

September 5th, 10:01 am

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!

EvoAnubis said:

September 5th, 10:03 am

Bloody hell! Like I didn’t have ENOUGH to play this fall…never thought having too many games would be a bad thing.

So, I’m stuck between saying “Thanks, Sony,” and saying, “Sony, do you NOT UNDERSTAND that eventually I DO need to sleep and eat and work and all that!?!?”

Wow. All joking aside, this is awesome.

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    September 6th, 11:20 am

    sleeping is for suckers ; )

Bjarno86 said:

September 5th, 10:03 am


Of course it’s HD. Resident Evil HD Collection contains RE4 and RE:Code Veronica X, released seperately on PSN.


KwietStorm said:

September 5th, 10:04 am

What auto update issue do people keep talking about?

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