Dead Nation Expands With “Road of Devastation” DLC

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Dead Nation Expands With “Road of Devastation” DLC
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We hereby announce exciting news for Dead Nation players around the globe! We’ve been hard at work creating a new downloadable expansion called “Road of Devastation”! Before we say more, we’ll take this moment to acknowledge an epic milestone in the number of zombies killed worldwide: over 11,700,000,000 – and counting! To put that number in perspective, that’s more than 1.5 times the entire world’s population of today (though the game takes place in the near future where Earth’s population has grown much bigger…so don’t worry, there’s still plenty of zombies left).

Also, our worldwide recruit count has risen to over 3.8 million! We wish to humbly thank all the people who have supported the game.

Now, onto Road of Devastation:


From the ashes of the apocalypse, an organization has worked in the shadows, tampering with the human gene, modifying and improving upon it to create the perfect soldier, the ultimate zombie-killing machine – you! Continuing from the events where the original game left off (or, is it actually the other way around…), Road of Devastation will put your skills to the ultimate test. You’ll find yourself waking up in a laboratory with only one way out. Outside the door you’re presented with a choice – a crossroads leading to three different paths, each with their own unique environments, challenges and enemies waiting for you. If you manage to overcome the challenges, just when you think it’s over, you’ll make a startling revelation…

In addition to the range of enemies and weapons you’re already familiar with from the original game, Road of Devastation will present you with a variety of new tools and equipment to dispose of enemies with, while also introducing new enemies and obstacles you’ll encounter in unique new environments.

Stay tuned as we reveal more info and details on the blog soon. Keep up the fight, your country needs you!

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2 Author Replies

  • Go_Buddie_Go

    No waayyyyy!! I never thought I’d see DLC for this game. DO WANT!

  • AWESOME!!!

  • Thank you! I was beginning to think you guys were done with this amazing game. I’ve been playing it since last November and I still have fun every single time. I’m literally overcome with joy at this announcement! I don’t even usually comment on PS Blog posts, that’s how amped I am.

  • dragon_night

    you took too long ….xD

  • Cyb3rfr34k-iso

    what the price for that DLC piece?

  • punkmusic2009

    now i regret my chooseing free game i chose little big planet and in famuse i sould of choose infamuse and dead nation

  • Will there be new trophies for it?

    • Petteri Putkonen
      Petteri Putkonen


      Yes, there are new Trophies in Road of Devastation. :-)

  • That’s unexpected, awesome!

  • 3 different paths, sweet!

  • Awesome news! I’d love to get back into DN . Great game .

  • So buying this!!

  • Airwalkinman17

    awesomeness. completely outta left field! did not expect this. can’t wait to read more. today just became even more awesome because of this. about to pick up my copy of Resistance 3, about to download BloodRayne, and getting dead island. Yea. today really is going to be epic!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I will buy this day 1!! =D

  • dragon_night

    They updated their game 4 months ago with a blank online store and you didn’t think any dlc would come? Silly kids acting surprised. But yay for the dlc

  • KidCommando

    Alright, gimmie my flares and mines. Gonna make it rain zombie bits.

  • LilWayneSuckz

    OMG yessssssssssss!

  • neostardust

    A DLC for Dead Nation! Awesome

  • Sign me up!

  • TheNatural21

    About time!!!!

  • Woot!

  • BIG question is — WHEN IS IT COMING OUT??

  • ez_____ez_____ez

    Dead Nation was the best free game given out. I will be buying this DLC.

  • free for plus?

  • no price and release date …awesome lol

  • So awesome! This gets me amped!

  • HELL YEAH!!! Day 1 buy 4 sure!!!

  • With this new DLC for Dead Nation, Dead Island coming out today and the RE PS+ games later this month i feel like the zombie apocalypse is happening.

  • QuantumMercury

    Yes, gimme all teh trophiez

  • Figured something would show up eventually, considering the “Downloable Content” or “Playstation Store” or whatever menu item in the game. Getting this day 1 for sure.

  • Cristiano_CR7777

    Holyyyy Games Dead Nation is Backkkkkkkk I Just Love This Game.. AwesomEEEE 2 Players Game ;)) ( Online )

  • Oh hell yes!

  • PainOfSarrow

    glade i picked this game for free instead of infamous

  • dehumanizer_666

    I’ve been waiting for some new DLC for this game!! Gonna buy it for sure on day one!

  • “Also, our worldwide recruit count has risen to over 3.8 million!”
    This made me laugh. The game was free for 2/3rds of the population who played it.

  • B E S T…….N E W S……..E V E R ! ! ! !

  • DigitalProduct

    Wow totally from left field. Took awhile for them to announce but I’m definitely buying this. I love Dead Nation!!

  • This is good news, but I’m stuck in the graveyard chapter. I can’t survive that never-ending horde & I’m playing on braindead! Great game for PSN, but too hard for me.

  • Wow this game been I don’t how long they now coming out with DLC, oh whatever I still play it.

  • @ lisatsunami
    You must kill the screaming zombies on the cripts the fastest possible, but yeh is difficult even on normal level

  • While I got this game last spring, I’ve only recently been really hooked on it (not sure why it took so long – distracted with other games, I suppose). So this is excellent news! I need to work on beating it in the meantime. I’m in the Harbor right now.

    @lisatsunami A useful trick for me is upgrading your rifle to the fullest extent. It shoots faster then, and you never run out of ammo. Then max out your mines and use them. That and keep the SMG stocked up for the mad rushes, and shoot the yellers (I forget what they’re officially called) first in the graveyard – gotta break the walls of the buildings down to get to them. So long as they’re screaming, the zombies will keep coming.

  • thank sony

  • Sweet.

  • When are we going to get a Left 4 Dead type game from you guys? We need a proper FP zombie game for the PS3!

  • This is the best gaming news of the week YES!!!!!!! now i just have to finish my morbid playthrough, undead quick mission and 15k kills and i get the platinum!

  • hurricane_fan

    finally bout time

  • Awesome great job guys…I never expect…but I have one question:There will be trophies?…before you answer please add trophies.

  • angelspawn77

    wow, awesome stuff, I am currently playing through this game with a friend and we get together every couple days to play it and try to beat it, we play for a few hours, but still haven’t beaten it, still need like 3 chapters. With this though now we have more to go xD looking forward to it though, I am enjoying the hell out of it. How much will it cost though? 5$? hopefully….

  • OrgnalGugar

    Shut up and take my money!!

  • Add me to the annoying group of people saying:

    “Free for + Please”

    Otherwise I’ll probably skip it. But thanks – DN’s a great game! I highly recommend it to those who haven’t tried it.

  • VendettaLion

    My favorite PSN title to date gets more content… sign me up… was getting kinda worried since I’ve platinum’d it! Big thumbs up to connected devices and their ability to expand content!

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