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Sep 06

Sep 06

Kickoff the NFL Season on PS3 with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App, Available Today on PlayStation Network

Phil Rosenberg's Avatar Posted by Senior Vice President, Business Development, SCEA

We recently announced our partnership with DIRECTV to bring their most popular sports subscription service, NFL SUNDAY TICKET, directly to you via your PlayStation 3. Starting later today, you can access the direct link in the My Channels category under the TV/Video Services icon on the XMB (XrossMediaBar) or head over to the media category of the PlayStation Store to download the app in anticipation of the new 2011 NFL season.

This Sunday, PS3 owners without access to DIRECTV will be able to live stream every out-of-market Sunday NFL game on their PS3 with a subscription to NFL SUNDAY TICKET. You’ll be able to enhance your NFL experience with live multi-game scoreboards and field position trackers, which also allow you to access highlights, stats, standings and schedules, as well as the Red Zone Channel, which gives you live coverage of Sunday’s most exciting moments. The subscription for the 2011 season can be purchased directly through the app for $339.95. Existing subscribers can use the PS3 as an additional receiver in their home, as part of their NFL SUNDAY TICKET To-Go package, which is purchased through DIRECTV.

Check out the video to see how the app works on PS3:

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LovesJapanManga said:

September 6th, 6:26 am

I do understand you require us to pay for ONE-TIME TO USE YOUR SERVICE. However, WHY NOT OFFER UP PAYMENT PLANS OPTION(S)??? I mean, three or four months worth of payments to cover that cost- rather than offering it up straight one-time payments that CAN TURN PEOPLE OFF AND TO DRIVE THEM AWAY FROM USING YOUR SERVICE. Damn you bastard, use your brain!

But it looks quite intriguing! I will subscribe to that service NEXT YEAR, NOT THIS YEAR. When you come up with better payment plans options!!!

    Phil Rosenberg's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    September 6th, 10:52 am

    The NFL Sunday Ticket subscription will actually be taken out of your PSN Wallet in 4 monthly payments of $84.99.

joseph2411 said:

September 6th, 6:35 am

These live sports video apps are awesome, keep up the good work!
Though i must insist we need a live sport app with some of the major soccer leagues.

bsholmes1993 said:

September 6th, 6:40 am

Ok loves japan you are stupid they will never come out with a payment play that is what a credit card is for. You need to get a job and save up enough money to buy it. Its as simple as that maybe you should think before you post something on this blog.

jazzyrider said:

September 6th, 6:42 am

How about a special demo/test trial? Would be nice to check it out instead of paying for it.

cybershinigami87 said:

September 6th, 6:47 am

We’re all thinking the same thing. How am I going to justify spending $350 to watch the NFL. We say that as we click the app and pay for it.

RE_Player said:

September 6th, 6:50 am

If you are a football fan this is for you. Literally football 24/7. You can sit on the couch an entire weekend and watch football.

WISCO- said:

September 6th, 6:56 am

@loves japan
If you watch the video you’ll notice you have a $84 x 4months option.
Guess thats what you wanted but never watched the video,

-The NFL charges way to much for even me to think of getting this…

ToonStarDivinity said:

September 6th, 6:57 am

Canadian pricing/availability?

    Phil Rosenberg's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    September 6th, 11:14 am

    NFL Sunday Ticket for PS3 is currently available in the US only.

toolfreakuna said:

September 6th, 6:59 am

According to the video, it appears he purchases the ticket for $84.99, see 00:42. Which, by my calculations, is 1/4 of $339.96. So, maybe it is a four payments? Can someone confirm this?

    Phil Rosenberg's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    September 6th, 10:55 am

    Good job, detective! Yes, the NFL Sunday Ticket subscription will be taken out of your PSN Wallet in 4 monthly payments of $84.99.

mahne97 said:

September 6th, 7:00 am

Hi Philip isn’t the price too high or will Sony make a price cut
84.99 $ WOW O_O PLEASE Answer me

Carl-G said:

September 6th, 7:00 am

That looks cool :P

xeroxkid said:

September 6th, 7:02 am

Phil,it looks great…..will there be a fantasy tracker where you can set up two of your fantasy teams such as how directv has with their reciever version?

xeroxkid said:

September 6th, 7:04 am

Phil also what will be the Hd bandwidth/bitrate feed?

Will it be similar to mlbtv’s 4.5mbps? Thanks

    Phil Rosenberg's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    September 6th, 10:56 am

    The current HD bandwidth/bitrate feed is 3mbps.

IIn3wII_NuMb3rZ said:

September 6th, 7:05 am

when will Football (soccer..ughh) fans get an app?

mixedkidbx said:

September 6th, 7:07 am

I love watching football. Wish there was an NFL football game every night to watch during football season.

However, around $400 just for a single season of NFL to watch on the PS3, just doesnt justify the cost.

zychi said:

September 6th, 7:08 am

any chance you can purchase this with psn cards? i have a ton of amazon credit that i would love to convert to psn money and purchase this with.

    Phil Rosenberg's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    September 6th, 10:50 am

    Yes. Since the payment for the NFL Sunday Ticket subscription comes out of your PSN Wallet, you can use PSN Cards. Yay!

SPOPS said:

September 6th, 7:14 am

Sorry Jeff but I have to say J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS

E-Phoenix- said:

September 6th, 7:19 am

Yes, we need a FOOTBALL (soccer) app…

Mr2Good3 said:

September 6th, 7:21 am

I cant wait to get this friday! I been waiting for them to annouce the app! Sunday I will be sitting down with my breakfast and my LED and watching every game!

W-8oRd3rPaTr0l-J said:

September 6th, 7:21 am

Sony is the worst at answering questions from consumers. That is exactly what I would like to be known by as the leader of in the industry.

Tank_Baked said:

September 6th, 7:21 am

Oh cool so you CAN use psn cards .That’s exactly what he says (or you can use a CC) . And it’s broken into 4 payments too apparently . I may actually get this now in light of these new developments .

fester420 said:

September 6th, 7:23 am

We need some more details about the purchase of it because in the video it says $84.99/mo for 4 months. Now does that whole 4 months get charged right there or does it get taken out in recurring monthly payments. Also if we don’t want the next 3 months can we cancel and not have to pay for the rest. These are important questions that a lot of people want an answer to.

SPOPS said:

September 6th, 7:25 am

I love the services that you guys at Sony are trying to work on great featues for us PS3 owners. However, I feel that the price is too steep for many including myself. Especially since the NFL Sunday Ticket is now included with a Direct TV package starting at $35 a month. That is considerably cheaper and gives you a lot more for the price.

strut_dandelion said:

September 6th, 7:25 am

Can anyone find it on the store yet? It’s supposed to be there today, but I don’t see it.

    Phil Rosenberg's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    September 6th, 10:31 am

    The NFL Sunday Ticket app will be available in the PlayStation Store later this afternoon. Once live, the app will be found in under the media section of the Store.

ChaseHammerJ said:

September 6th, 7:26 am

$350 for NFL Sunday Ticket (1 season)?


PS3 + Game = $360

better yet

$250 for 32in HDTV plus $50 cable service + $5 month NFL RedZone


FearMonkey said:

September 6th, 7:27 am

4-month payment plan! My ability to purchase this has just increased. :D

Go Bears!

Billystyle said:

September 6th, 7:32 am

It would be great to have a single team option. And it could be at 1/16 the price (since you’ll be watching 2 teams each week after all).

jvw204 said:

September 6th, 7:36 am

The price is too high? It’s exactly the same cost as it would be to purchase it for DirectTV service. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. I’m definitely grabbing it because I love football and live outside of the area my team plays in. Do the math. It equates to roughly $20 a week, which, if you’re going to a bar to watch, will probably cost you more than that after food and a couple of drinks. Stay home, have all 14 games available in HD while sitting on my couch, with all the food and beer I can handle? For $20?!

Yep. Sign me up any day of the week.

BananaFish said:

September 6th, 7:50 am

NFL Sunday Ticket OR Playstation VITA with hanful of games. Sorry No Fun League….you’ve priced yourself out of consideration. I will watch whatever digital cable provides and choose not to complain about not seeing games and teams with overpaid players playing in markets I don’t give a ShaqFu about.

strut_dandelion said:

September 6th, 7:54 am

is it available yet?

zombie9 said:

September 6th, 7:57 am

@30 read the post. lol :)

strut_dandelion said:

September 6th, 8:03 am

no s. I guess “later today” is a precise a time as we’re gonna get


September 6th, 8:07 am

Seems like most posters are not familar with the pricing that DirecTV has for this same service. Playstation won’t have the price any lower then what DirecTV is charging. My only question is if you ARE able to get satellite service can/will this service be available for PS3 users or will you need to purchase DirecTV service. The only reason I carry DirecTV is so I can watch out of market NFL games. I think this a great idea. The only concern I would have would be how reliable this would be through the PSN or our ISP. Hopefuly I can just pay for the service through the PSN….

strut_dandelion said:

September 6th, 8:10 am

@33 why not just get it on directv, it’s cheaper (by $5). Then if you really wanted it on your PS3 you can get the sunday ticket to go for $50 and all bases will be covered.

KidCommando said:

September 6th, 8:15 am

Only $300+ dollars to watch overpaid guys throwing a ball around?

strut_dandelion said:

September 6th, 8:15 am

i guess you probably asked so you could get rid of directv, dummy me. pretty sure there is a way to get it on PS3 and just say you can’t get directv. Unless they have directv detectives, but I read on some post that you just check some boxes saying you can’t get it.

Stopher999 said:

September 6th, 8:27 am

Quick’s 84.99 a month. But Can I buy the months I want..I’m a Eagles fan and in September they are on Regular TV. But in October they might not be on regular TV. So I will buy that month. Can I do that or do I have to get the whole package.

Need more info…Thanks

jazzyrider said:

September 6th, 8:29 am

+1 @xeroxkid fantasy team integration– would love to see this please!

evilmonkey501 said:

September 6th, 8:29 am

Wow, that’s cheap. I cant believe its only 350 dollars for 20 weekends of football..s/ priced it out of my range nfl…I mean seriously, I can buy a new ps3 and two games for that money. I’ll watch this on free ota hd, thank you…

jvw204 said:

September 6th, 8:46 am

“Sometime today”

Nothing like holding people hostage. Can we get at least a ballpark idea of when this thing is being released today? After Noon? 3pm? 730pm?

    Phil Rosenberg's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    September 6th, 11:11 am

    The app will be available in the PlayStation Store this afternoon.

strut_dandelion said:

September 6th, 8:51 am


scelfo13 said:

September 6th, 8:58 am

This is awesome cant wait to go home from work and order NFL Sunday Ticket ! Its worth the 340.00 if you are a NFL fan. Go NY GIANTS !! I live in Washington State now i can watch my Giants and all the games !!


September 6th, 9:12 am

@34 You answered your own question i see…LOL…Yeah, it saves me around 1300 dollars a year. My home owners association pays for my cable and if i wanted to get a HD on my TV all i had to pay would be an extra 7.50 a month for a cable box thats 90 bucks a year=1200 dollar savings…ALL about saving a buck my brother….

Train1999 said:

September 6th, 9:18 am

I had an interesting question…? I would like to know if we will see NFL Games On Demand? I have both MLB and NHL packages and if I miss a game I can catch the game later. I work on Sundays and I’m lucky if I can catch “The 2 minute warning” in some of the 4pm games. I hope this part will be address. If any football fans have answers about the NFL On Demand please message me on my PSN Name.



September 6th, 9:20 am

@44 It would be a cheaper rout if you purchased game rewind on NFL.COM rather then spending the 340 knowing you would miss the game.

surgesnugs said:

September 6th, 9:23 am

So, at :32 of the video, the app asks if it’s possible for the user to buy DirecTV at their current address, and it seems like if it is, it’s not possible to just buy NFL Sunday Ticket through the PS3, even if all you want is NFL Sunday Ticket and don’t want to subscribe to the general DirecTV service.

So basically, if it’s possible for DirecTV to install their service at your home or apartment, you can’t buy this.


September 6th, 9:27 am

@46 Yeah I seen that but how would they know if you can get it direct TV service in your area. What extent is DirecTV going to go to figure it out.

TheWarOrphan said:

September 6th, 9:27 am


TheWarOrphan said:

September 6th, 9:32 am

also i don’t have $340 to hand over in my bank account! id rather pay $10-$20 per week or an exclusive pass like san diego chargers ticket package! YA DIG??

mrpaulryan said:

September 6th, 9:37 am

MLB.TV is $100 per year for thousands of games. Sunday Ticket is $350 for far, far less. No thanks.

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