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Sep 06

Sep 06

Kickoff the NFL Season on PS3 with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App, Available Today on PlayStation Network

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Senior Vice President, Business Development, SCEA

We recently announced our partnership with DIRECTV to bring their most popular sports subscription service, NFL SUNDAY TICKET, directly to you via your PlayStation 3. Starting later today, you can access the direct link in the My Channels category under the TV/Video Services icon on the XMB (XrossMediaBar) or head over to the media category of the PlayStation Store to download the app in anticipation of the new 2011 NFL season.

This Sunday, PS3 owners without access to DIRECTV will be able to live stream every out-of-market Sunday NFL game on their PS3 with a subscription to NFL SUNDAY TICKET. You’ll be able to enhance your NFL experience with live multi-game scoreboards and field position trackers, which also allow you to access highlights, stats, standings and schedules, as well as the Red Zone Channel, which gives you live coverage of Sunday’s most exciting moments. The subscription for the 2011 season can be purchased directly through the app for $339.95. Existing subscribers can use the PS3 as an additional receiver in their home, as part of their NFL SUNDAY TICKET To-Go package, which is purchased through DIRECTV.

Check out the video to see how the app works on PS3:

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cans4mycat said:

September 27th, 12:35 pm

WIll my monthly payment AUTOMATICALLY be deducted from my wallet? I don’t want my credit card charged.

xeroxkid said:

September 27th, 1:33 pm

@ Cans4cats

It will charge your wallet first then your credit card if no funds and if no credit card on file it will disable the video…


Patch update v.1.01 on the NFL ST app available now ….my guess is bug fixes and stability issue addressed..

Here’s hoping for a good steady HD stream with no flactuating HD to SD and back and forth….

tquach7 said:

September 27th, 2:53 pm

Are you guys able yo view highlights? Mine keep saying that there are no highlights.

mlvegas said:

October 1st, 8:19 pm

I also love having the apps on the PS3 however I think the NFL/Direct TV are really missing the boat on a huge market. Paying $340.00 for the entire NFL package via the app is insane. It is essentially the same price as the Direct TV price and the quality isn’t nearly as good or reliable.

I propose being able to purchase the package weekly or even buy a certain amount of weeks that you can use at anytime during the season. This gets the guy who works on Sunday and gets the occasional Sunday off. I for one wouldn’t buy the whole season to make use of it for 3 or 4 weeks, but I surely would purchase the games for those weeks.

You could also sell season packages for a particular team only which I think would generate great business from the transplants all, over the country.

dentine1 said:

October 2nd, 12:10 pm

I see no improvement from the patch. In fact, there have been significantly more pauses and flips from hd to ad this week than last.

xeroxkid said:

October 2nd, 6:46 pm

Patch worked very well for me….I had a consistent HD stream with hardly any issues…..Great job Sony,continue tighting up the app to make it all the more better…

Also Sony, please talk to Directv about adding Their Short Cuts feature to the PS3 NFL ST app…

Tikifuna said:

October 2nd, 9:28 pm

Still felt like I was looking at a Youtube video and definitely still feel like I’m getting ripped off for the premium price that I am paying for this service.

LOTR99 said:

October 4th, 6:00 pm

I can confirm that Version 1.01 of the APP fixed the Sony BD remote button mappings – they now work! Thank you.
I have not (yet) noticed anything else updated in this small incremental update. But, I am happy Sony is listening to feedback!

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