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Sep 06

Sep 06

Kickoff the NFL Season on PS3 with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App, Available Today on PlayStation Network

Phil Rosenberg's Avatar Posted by Senior Vice President, Business Development, SCEA

We recently announced our partnership with DIRECTV to bring their most popular sports subscription service, NFL SUNDAY TICKET, directly to you via your PlayStation 3. Starting later today, you can access the direct link in the My Channels category under the TV/Video Services icon on the XMB (XrossMediaBar) or head over to the media category of the PlayStation Store to download the app in anticipation of the new 2011 NFL season.

This Sunday, PS3 owners without access to DIRECTV will be able to live stream every out-of-market Sunday NFL game on their PS3 with a subscription to NFL SUNDAY TICKET. You’ll be able to enhance your NFL experience with live multi-game scoreboards and field position trackers, which also allow you to access highlights, stats, standings and schedules, as well as the Red Zone Channel, which gives you live coverage of Sunday’s most exciting moments. The subscription for the 2011 season can be purchased directly through the app for $339.95. Existing subscribers can use the PS3 as an additional receiver in their home, as part of their NFL SUNDAY TICKET To-Go package, which is purchased through DIRECTV.

Check out the video to see how the app works on PS3:

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yesimasian2 said:

September 6th, 2:57 pm

am I interpreting this correctly? it looks like the $50.00 charge for existing customers is no longer in effect?

    Phil Rosenberg's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    September 6th, 3:59 pm

    If you’re a current DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber, you can use your PS3 as an additional receiver if you have the NFL To-Go plan through DTV, which is available for $50.

jvw204 said:

September 6th, 2:58 pm

It’s downloaded, installed, paid for, and ready to go! WOOT!

crazy_kracker1 said:

September 6th, 3:10 pm

to all cryn over the price its alot better then going to a single game. watching at home priceless lol

trevin75 said:

September 6th, 3:28 pm

I cannot find where to go on the PS3 to download this.

yesimasian2 said:

September 6th, 3:29 pm

i can’t sign in, using correct username and password too?

dcmidnight said:

September 6th, 3:33 pm

Have not been able to login with my Directv username and password.

Nor do I see mention in this article of the $50 option for Directv customers being available.

I am *guessing* that some sort of deal will be offered if not, why would you login through your PS3 and buy the Sunday Ticket when you can just do it through your tv?

MrBill said:

September 6th, 3:34 pm

Is anybody from Sony going to confirm that they are only using a 3M stream as the original customer service rep stated? This is a complete waste of everyone’s time at 3M unless they are using some new codec that nobody has ever heard of before. We need at a minimum an 8M stream for 720p/1080i over H.264, which is what DirecTV sends out to their customers. 3M “might” look ok on an iPad or laptop but it would look horrible on an HDTV larger than 27″.

luiginyc84 said:

September 6th, 3:41 pm

Downloaded the app. Was able to login. Looks like everything is set!

dcmidnight said:

September 6th, 3:45 pm

I try to login with my Directv username and password – all I get is some sort of “you must be a directv subscriber with sunday ticket to view games” type of message…

Theaggresor said:

September 6th, 3:46 pm

They need to offer a free game weekly similar to what mlbtv does, so we can test out the service. I like the idea of NFL Sunday ticket, but we are guaranteed atleast 4 free games a week on Broadcast tv. Add in the fact that we lose 2 or 3 games a week due to teams having a bye week, I’d end up paying about $20 a week to watch about 10 or 11 games. I’m not sure if its worth it to me.

Makin_A_Ruckus said:

September 6th, 3:47 pm

lol the amount of capital the nfl racks in every yeah is ridiculous. 350 for about 18 games depending on your team. hmmmm , no im good drop the price then we will talk about it

vanishedquetzal said:

September 6th, 3:47 pm

@karen(since you keep replying to everyones comments) would you know if they will offer a NFL Sunday Ticket to Go with this

    Phil Rosenberg's Avatar

    Karen Spearrin said:

    September 6th, 5:30 pm

    Current DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers will need NFL Sunday Ticket To Go (available through DIRECTV) in order to use the app on PS3. NFL Sunday Ticket To Go will not be offered with new subscriptions purchased through the PlayStation Store.

dcmidnight said:

September 6th, 3:49 pm

Nevermind, it looks like the $50 thing was a hoax after all. Found this in the Directv help section:

Q. Can I access NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ games on Sony PlayStation 3 if I am a current DIRECTV customer but do not subscribe to NFL SUNDAY TICKET™?

A. You will need to subscribe to NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ To-Go to access NFL games from your PlayStation. You will be authenticated using your DIRECTV login and password.

Not sure why in the world I would want to use the PS3 as my receiver if I wasnt going to subscribe in the first place with my normal DVR. Oh well.

Makin_A_Ruckus said:

September 6th, 3:52 pm

actually the 84 a month…. hmmm not bad and i get all the games plus the red zone.. hmmm very tempting

Sum-Mischief said:

September 6th, 3:53 pm

For those who never superscribe to Sunday Ticket before … This is the cost I pay using it on Direct TV. Sony (PSN) is not making anything off this unless they are selling the app for a fee. All they (Sony) have done here is give those who don’t have satellite the means to excess this service that been exclusive to Direct TV for oh so many years.

Theaggresor said:

September 6th, 3:56 pm

It would have been great if they game us Thursday night’s game for free(Hint Hint Sony) as a preview of the service

GOGETTA213 said:

September 6th, 3:56 pm

This is great Idea and for that a great move by Sony.But i dnt have $300+ just laying around.With times being extra hard especially here in Cali one needs to start saving for this kind of stuff.It’s almost like buying a PS3 all ovr again.IDK!!!!!

GOGETTA213 said:

September 6th, 4:03 pm

I personally dnt have Direct tv but my brother does,N he’s mention to me that you can actually buy one game any sunday you want for the team you root for and there is no need to buy the whole NFL TIX.(Hint Sony) maybe you guys can do the same.

dcmidnight said:

September 6th, 4:04 pm

“I personally dnt have Direct tv but my brother does,N he’s mention to me that you can actually buy one game any sunday you want for the team you root for and there is no need to buy the whole NFL TIX.”

100% not true

jer9gra said:

September 6th, 4:05 pm

I must say Sony really stepped up to the plate on this one. I’ve been wishing for a stand alone NFL Sunday Ticket service for years. I can’t wait until my Directv contract is up so I can just watch games through my PS3! This year I’ll just stream games with HD quality through my PS3 for 50 dollars without having to drop 150 for a HD DVR reciever. Keep up the good work Sony!!

GOGETTA213 said:

September 6th, 4:07 pm

how do u know????

Sum-Mischief said:

September 6th, 4:08 pm

@ 117 / 118

I think your a little mixed up on that offer … NFL Sunday Ticket don’t offer this. You may be talking about a college package that is offer through your cable services.

GOGETTA213 said:

September 6th, 4:10 pm

Really??? huh?? maybe.I couldn’t of swoarn he sais the nfl ticket.

jonnyb53 said:

September 6th, 4:12 pm

Does anyone know how they will determine what games are shown each week?

biggamedb said:

September 6th, 4:12 pm

I have NO problem with the price. But how will the picture quality be on a 65 inch TV? And the DirecTV Sunday Ticket To Go was a joke last year. The picture quality was terrible/unreliable and for some games, you couldn’t even get a stream. I know numerous people who had the same issues. It was a waste of money. And no, internet connection was NOT the problem. My internet is fast enough. If I am not satisfied with this, is there a period of time I can get my money back? Like I said, no issues with the price… As long as IT WORKS.

GOGETTA213 said:

September 6th, 4:13 pm

Anyhow true or not it is awsome!C all u Cowgirls in week 2! GO NINERS!!!

polo155 said:

September 6th, 4:17 pm

Well I bought it and although it’s nice I like the MLB App better because you can watch any game you want later throughout the whole season, this one I just paid for when it went live but I cannot do a single thing… It’s literally a”Sunday Ticket” I guess. Can this be canceled before my next payment or am I locked in for the full 4x’s? Thanks!

Sum-Mischief said:

September 6th, 4:22 pm

Your internet speed will determine the quality for sure. If your speed is in question I would hold off until you know how they managing how its being deliver to those with low broadband speeds.

biggamedb said:

September 6th, 4:23 pm

If there is a money back guarantee within a certain window of time if we are not satisfied, I’ll be interested. Otherwise, this is way too much of a gamble considering the DirecTV Sunday Ticket To Go was a flop last year.

biggamedb said:

September 6th, 4:27 pm

My internet connection speed is fine. In fact, I have ZERO issues when streaming live games from the NFL.COM site for the preseason. The issue last year was DirecTV’s To Go package. It sucked. Games would freeze. Sometimes games were not even available. Just warning those out there that if the streaming of these games has anything to do with DirecTV, it’s a huge risk I wouldn’t be taking. I know a lot of people that had the same issues, it wasn’t only me.

Gutter_Pickboots said:

September 6th, 4:46 pm

I purchased as well. Observations so far (being mindful they may not be full production scale ready):

Interface is clean and is as advertised as in the video in this post, small lag switching between games. Stats are easy to navigate and can view the previous pre-season stats, as advertised.

The picture quality of the only channel currently with content (red zone..which replays the NFL Sunday Ticket commercials with Deion over and over) you can view at this time is pretty pixelated on my 9Mbs Ethernet connection, hopefully this will improve. Kinda like when Netflix lags on the PS3 app, again my not be representative of game day quality.

Don’t see a place to enter in your Fantasy Players to track, where I heard you could do with DTV version.

Gutter_Pickboots said:

September 6th, 4:47 pm

Also, in paging through the FAQ’s:

-It says “Each Week, highlights are accessible until 8:15ET on Sunday and game results and stats are accessible through Wednesday”. So those who were hoping to see highlights after the games are going to be disappointed. Doesn’t directly say anything about game replays after Sunday at all, but I doubt if they would allow that if they are going to halt highlight viewing on Sunday at 8:15ET.

-PS3 Sunday Ticket does not support the To-Go service (watch on computer,iPad, Phone, etc.), can only get that through DTV.

-Only available in US. Blackouts apply. All I could glean in the few minutes I perused the app. Hope this is helpful.


toolfreakuna said:

September 6th, 5:15 pm

Still haven’t heard whether there is a DVR option. If not – I’ll most likely just get Game Rewind and watch my Raiders games throughout the week. Which is better than not seeing them at all, I suppose. Any help, Karen?

pattmr said:

September 6th, 5:15 pm

a free preview game or two during the first week to test the quality is essential. I have the app, and i would not have bought if it wasn’t for the free preview.

the app is pretty good streaming quality, but it is not quite the same as the HD i get from my cable box. for me to buy the nfl sunday ticket, the quality would need to be AT LEAST the same as the app.

another app i’d love to see is an ESPN3 app similar to xbox. it’s the one thing i need to ditch cable!!

kitty0331 said:

September 6th, 5:16 pm

Downloaded the app and tried to purchase but keep getting an error code (80023102) and cannot purchase the service. Anyone else having any problems?

FINJONNY83 said:

September 6th, 5:17 pm

While i am excited to try Sunday Ticket, I wanted to come here and vent a little bit about the PS3. I have NEVER, no exaggeration, ever been able to turn on my ps3 and use it without some sort of hickup. I use my ps3 about once twice a month to play a game or watch netflix or whatever, and always am bombarded with updates that take 30min to an hour before i am allowed to play something that worked fine before without any update. I always have terrible problems with logging in to PSN (and no, its not me, its definitely you). I am trying to purchase the Sunday Ticket package but of course your payment system is down and not working. I went to the online login and it says its down for maintenance too. I will never purchase Sony again. The absolute WORST in design and customer service.

FredNation said:

September 6th, 5:17 pm

We need a Football (Soccer) app!

zx2mike said:

September 6th, 5:23 pm

Just to answer a common question on here, I see it stated in bold as soon as I purchased the package:

” After the start of the 2011 NFL season, you cannot obtain a refund for any amounts paid after ordering the DIRECTV 2011 NFL SUNDAY TICKETtm SERVICE(“Service”) ”

So it doesn’t state that you cannot cancel the service it just says that your original $84.99 or whatever previously paid is non-refundable.

biggamedb said:

September 6th, 5:43 pm

Okay, I am going to wait this one out. I’ll wait and see what other people are saying AFTER week one. I’m not going to commit myself to this yet. If I knew I could get my money back, I would buy this right now. But since it’s not guaranteed I could, forget it. Let the beta testers have at it.

Tank_Baked said:

September 6th, 5:46 pm

WHY is this not available in CANADA?!?

Our money is good too you know . And worth more than yours lately . Idiots .

Tank_Baked said:

September 6th, 5:48 pm

I can’t even begin to describe how angry I am about it not being available in Canada . After reading the article today I went out and got 2 $50 psn cards . grrr

pattmr said:

September 6th, 5:54 pm

The terms of service on the PS3 states the following:

“Subscription cannot be cancelled (in part or in whole) after the start of the season and fees cannot be refunded.”

that sounds to me like there’s no money-back options. i believe different wording was posted earlier, but perhaps that refers to the direct tv service received through the dish.

biggamedb said:

September 6th, 6:05 pm

^ Thanks for posting that. Yeah, waiting until after week one to see what other people are experiencing seems like the logical thing to do.

CamaroPilot said:

September 6th, 6:45 pm

Ok I have 2 questions. First, will be able to go back and watch previously played games like the app? Second will there be blackouts for local games? Thank you for your time.

smurfee_mcgee said:

September 6th, 6:49 pm

OK. Question: Is Sunday Ticket on PS3 available ONLY to people who can’t get DirecTV in their area?
I can get DirecTV, but I was hoping I could just get Sunday Ticket by itself, rather than have to sign up for DirecTV.

Could I answer No on that first question, or is that a no-no? I can’t afford Sunday Ticket AND DirecTV service.

adamgacek said:

September 6th, 6:56 pm

if I am a sunday ticket and sunday ticket to go subscriber already, can I watch a game on my PC and PS3 at the same time? Or is it limited? Sometimes I would like to watch a game on the main TV, one on a secondary TV with the PS3 and one on my laptop (kind of like a sports bar in the basement). Just checking before I get too excited.

HelixFC3S said:

September 6th, 7:11 pm

URGENT QUESTION: As this pertains on whether or not I buy this, I hope someone can respond. Are you able to watch up to 8 games at one time via smaller screens? The video does not show this functionality, yet the guy very briefly says, “You can watch all the action at the same time.” Is there any confirmation that you are able to do this? Under the description for the app, it says you can only watch one game at a time. So, this leads me to believe you cannot do it, but I’d like to have official confirmation on the matter.

StackedPancakes said:

September 6th, 7:20 pm

you guys should’ve made this more expensive… it’s not like i have to eat or pay bills or anything.

r00timann said:

September 6th, 7:29 pm


Eligibility question is throwing me. If directv is available in my area (at my address), but I don’t subscribe to any directv services, am I still eligible for the 339.95 sunday ticket only price for ps3? In other words, is this trying to say that if directv is available in my area I have to sign up for a full directv account, and I can’t just get the sunday ticket only plan?


biggamedb said:

September 6th, 7:31 pm

You would think SONY would stand behind this product and offer a full refund before September 19th if customers were not satisfied with the stream quality. Instead once you pay, you’re stuck. This is a red flag to me.

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