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Sep 08

Sep 08

From Dust Coming to PSN on September 13th

Alex Monney's Avatar Posted by Communications Manager, Perfect World Entertainment

UPDATE: From Dust is coming earlier than you thought! Eric Chahi’s god game hits PSN next week on September 13th.

From Dust for PS3 (PSN)

The wait to experience Eric Chahi’s award-winning strategy game, From Dust is almost over. We’re happy to announce that From Dust will be coming to the PlayStation Network on September 27th. In a little less than three weeks, players will get a chance to experience the winner of Game Critic’s Awards Best Strategy Game of E3 and what Game Informer called “a breath of fresh air.”

From Dust for PS3 (PSN)

From Dust puts players in control of The Breath, a mysterious power used by a primitive tribe to battle against the forces of nature. Players will use this power to help the tribe regain the knowledge of their ancestors. However, regaining this knowledge won’t be an easy task for players as the world of From Dust hosts volatile natural elements, including volcano eruptions and tidal waves.

From Dust for PS3 (PSN)From Dust for PS3 (PSN)

From Dust will be available on the PlayStation Network on September 27th for $14.99.

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KILLSON13 said:

September 8th, 5:30 pm

PS+ Discount will be a definite buy for me =)

EggySong85 said:

September 8th, 6:06 pm

To all those people who aren’t buying the game just because of the timed exclusive: this is exactly what Microsoft is paying for. They don’t want you to support these games on PS3 so that other developers are disinclined to go to Sony’s platform first. In most cases we get a make up gift of free or exclusive DLC for the wait. Maybe not for this game, but look at mass effect 2.

jimboiscool1 said:

September 8th, 6:32 pm

@UltraRazpacho finally someone understands!! My bud was showing me an ad for a black ops map pack and it said “first on xbox” thing and hes like ohhh!! so i tell him “yea they paid like 44 million just for that, that’s pretty pathetic” and he thinks i made it up and says they just “like” xbox better
and then he says xbox has better exclusives and one is gonna be GOTY this year ( you people can guess it)
i gotta show him uncharted 3…..
sorry for long post it just annoys me sometimes, his so called better console cant even get its controller to connect AT E3!!! lol my counter to the M$ mw3 game play

soldiercell said:

September 8th, 10:27 pm

Judging by your pic Alex, shouldn’t you be writing an article about Sam Fisher coming to PSN on the 27th instead of this crappy game? I want to hear about Sam!

YeWest_is_da_man said:

September 9th, 7:41 am

@ Jimboiscool1 –

You are 100% correct there. I have a friend at work his is a Xbox nut and only talks about how great his Xbox is (although he’s shut his mouth since he’s only got the same games over and over to talk about anymore, whereas the PS3’s library is always growing). Anyway, he was talking to me about how it’s better on Xbox because they get early releases and how that means the PS3 sucks – I told him all that means is the Xbox paid millions of dollars to get the “exclusivity”, and they’ll never get that much money back on that product, so they are just throwing it away to keep something exclusive that frankly, PS3 owners don’t care much about.

It makes as much sense as paying for 2-day shipping, when one of those 2-days is a Sunday- and it we all know things don’t ship on a Sunday- so you have to wait until Monday for it to ship, hence it really being 3-day shipping and you really should’ve just gone standard shipping all along because that takes 3-5 days.

YeWest_is_da_man said:

September 9th, 7:49 am

But on topic- to be fair, I do like when PS3 gets exclusives, so I’m not really ranting about that per se, but what really ticks me off is the manner in which it is done, can lead to obvious signs of bias and favoritism, and when that happens, that’s when I don’t agree with the exclusiveness. I’m not a hypocrite, because I don’t generally care about those map-packs and crap, they all cost too much and offer too little to warrant a purchase anyways, and the 30-days I can live with. But with something like this game, where it’s been out for months, where it’s obvious that the company favors Microsoft so much, it’s pathetic and that’s drawing a line. It’s the slap-in-the-face that comes with such a thing that is what’s wrong with it. Maybe when it goes on sale we’ll buy it and say: “Who, I shoulda got this a long time ago!” But it’s a matter of making your voice heard – these game companies work for us, not the other way around, and sometimes we, the consumers, have to stand up and show our disapproval.

windsmere said:

September 9th, 8:19 am

Okay no thank you I played this on XBLA and it was pretty boring. But I do have a question: why has the UK PS Store had the Splinter Cell HD remakes on their store for almost a month and we are left out in the cold for this long?

JUGGALO414 said:

September 9th, 11:53 am

it’s nice to see some developers still take chances and go outside of the FPS box. we need more styles of games.

marlyt said:

September 9th, 12:05 pm

Still no replies to anything from the PR guru of ubisoft. What a great PR department you have.

Pukadon said:

September 9th, 2:59 pm

Awesome! Glad to hear it’s coming early – can’t wait until the 13th!

Alexx-NY said:

September 9th, 3:31 pm

@ marlyt

What did you expect from Ubisoft.
They make deals with M$,
they release extremely cheap HD versions of their games
(I bough Prince of Persia collection and I still regret it, so poorly done, so many bugs & I only heard bad stuff about Splinter Cell HD games so I did not buy them…)

Of course – as a big and rich company – they could afford to have their PR guy be here and actually spend time answering – like many small developers do.
But being Ubisoft they do not want to spend money on that. It is not worth it to them.

Sorry, if I sound overly harsh, but I learned from own experience with Ubisoft products that I bought, that this company puts their greed above quality or customer service.

CGT-VTS_POA-55 said:

September 9th, 4:08 pm

“+ Alex Monney on September 9th, 2011 at 3:59 pm said:
Sorry, From Dust won’t have Move support.”

A HALF YEAR “paid-delay” and no improvements (aka no Move Support)? Thanx for nothing Ubi(Micro)Soft!!

CGT-VTS_POA-55 said:

September 9th, 4:16 pm

sorry for the flood, but I need to say this:

“From Dust is coming earlier than you thought”…Really?? It’s supposed to be here at least 4 months ago!!
Edit suggestion: From Dust is coming LATER than you thought

Kchow23 said:

September 9th, 10:31 pm

Move support? this looks like a game that would benefit from it.

mustbehiggy said:

September 9th, 11:24 pm

Well boo whoooo. Stinkity poo. I have sand all up in my special area because this game is coming to my console of choice a few weeks later waaahh waaah.

Who gives a toss! If you want it – go buy it. Simple as that really. Who cares when it comes to you. Yeah sure, it would be BETTER if it came out at the same time. But that’s only because you guys don’t own an xbox (or possibly a PC since this is out on STEAM as well and better on PC anyway) I would imagine if this game was released on the PS3 long before the xbox you guys wouldn’t care and wouldn’t be saying “I’m not buying this game unless xbox gets it at the same time as us! It’s only fair!!”

No of course you wouldn’t you’d be on IGN or something rubbing your hairy ps3 bits all over their faces bragging about it. Why don’t you all just do what a gamer should do – and buy the games you enjoy. Who cares where it came from and who gave it to you at what time. You got it, it’s good… PLAY IT!

Times exclusive or not – we still get our awesome exclusives like Uncharted and the likes that you can snuggle up close to while playing from dust and your crappy DLC maps for said crappy games (you know what I’m talking about).

viperec56 said:

September 10th, 5:52 am

We should go on strike against ubisoft until they make things fair dont buy any ubisoft games at all for any console or pc and watch ubisoft come crawling back begging on their knees.

viperec56 said:

September 10th, 5:52 am

ubisoft is fubar

NeoStar9X said:

September 10th, 12:29 pm

Would be nice if this has Move controls considering it started as PC game so the mouse controls can be somewhat replicated.

RobbRR1 said:

September 10th, 7:43 pm

epic..ill be taking a look at this for sure..keep it up sony

dilbig5 said:

September 11th, 9:33 am

About Ubisoft “prefering” the 360, they are only getting paid extra to have it early. Not to mention, just about everything Ubisoft presented at their Press Conference during E3 was shown and played on the PS3, not the 360.

digiboy123 said:

September 11th, 10:02 am

It is a timed exclusive, but that really sucks.

But I’ve watched youtube videos of this and even downloaded the demo on the 360, and am pumped to get this game. It’s really a lot of fun.

gus_xl said:

September 11th, 12:23 pm

Ubisoft made their money from M$. They don’t need my money to support this game. Maybe the next one..

UltraRazpacho said:

September 11th, 9:28 pm

Two weeks earlier?

That’s sexy Ubisoft.

Damn sexy.

xV1per7x said:

September 11th, 11:09 pm

wow some of you guys are bunch of ungrateful bastards…

looking forward to this! ill try the demo and if i like it, i will buy it!

TacticalAssassn said:

September 13th, 1:28 pm

its not on the store ! when will it be there?


September 13th, 1:52 pm

waiting waiting and starting to get pissed. waiting months and its already 6 pm here and no game -_-

dacuad said:

September 14th, 5:36 pm

move support would be awesome for this game

Chuckbait said:

September 15th, 5:06 pm

Demo is fun……. If this were Move enabled, of course I’d buy it.

If there was a “free-mode” I would buy it.

But as it turns out, the game is not worth more than $10.

For five dollars more (than the price of this game) I could get Ape Escape, which originally was a disc-based title.

Ubisoft, you fools. However, if this game is ever put on sale to non-plus members, I’d buy it for $7.99

rjejr said:

September 17th, 6:56 am

Late to the party but here’s my 3 cents.

This game is a natural for Move. All you do is point and move a cloud around (if Goku were riding the cloud THAT would be cool). But seriously, Move patch por favor.

The first level sucked. BOR-ing.
Level 2 was ok.
Level 3 made me want Move support so I could buy the game.

So for anybody trying the demo, don’t quit until it’s over, it gets better. Still the same game, but at least it becomes a game.

And since I’m sealing all of Chucks ideas anyway, there should be a “free play” area, just to mess around in, like “World of Goo” or “Max and the Magic Marker”. Maybe inside one of those glass terrarium globes.

Summary – so close, but not quite $15. Maybe a sequel.

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