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Sep 12

Sep 12

PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset Available Now, Take the Tour

Abby Reyes's Avatar Posted by

Sr. PR Specialist, Hardware

Hi everyone! Today, I’m back to talk to you about my favorite topic – PlayStation hardware! By now, you’ve probably seen that the official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset is available now at a retailer near you. We’re very excited to bring you this advanced PS3 peripheral and we thought we’d take some time to walk you through the key features.

The Wireless Stereo Headset brings you an exceptional sound experience, a rechargeable battery, simple setup and a streamlined design that is as durable as it is comfortable. Available for $99.99 (MSRP) from retailers nationwide, the Wireless Stereo Headset gives you an audio advantage and high-quality voice quality (with a retractable microphone) at a seriously affordable price point. And yes, the official Wireless Stereo Headset pumps up more than PS3 games – Netflix, Blu-ray movies and more will benefit from the Wireless Stereo Headset’s crisp audio quality.

PlayStation Peripherals: Urban Camoflauge Bluetooth DUALSHOCK 3PlayStation Peripherals: Urban Camoflauge Bluetooth Headset

And don’t forget there are more official PS3 accessories coming your way this fall. Keep your eyes peeled for the Urban Camouflage Bluetooth Headset as well as a fan-favorite Urban Camo DUALSHOCK 3 controller hitting stores this November. And of course this November will see the release of the PlayStation 3D Display – PlayStation’s first official gaming display!

Are you interested in the Wireless Stereo Headset? What multiplayer games do you like to play on your PS3? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

UNCHARTED 3 on the 3D Gaming Display

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thaSLAB said:

September 12th, 1:27 pm

In all honesty, I couldn’t focus on the headset at all… :D

That said, off to order mine now!

lisatsunami said:

September 12th, 1:30 pm

@Abby: I really like the camo on the controller & ESP the headset. How about some love for girl gamers? I would buy everything all over again if they came in purple!

Yes, I know about the sweet pink. I jumped on that as soon as it came out. I’d like a purple controller for my other PS3. Pretty please?

Hokage_45678 said:

September 12th, 1:34 pm

I own these headsets and they are crap. I compared them to p11 and Ax 720’s and they come nowhere near the competition. The Mic especially suck like hell!

KwietStorm said:

September 12th, 1:38 pm

I’m petitioning for Abby to do the keynote at E3

TheJLC said:

September 12th, 1:39 pm

Looks good, too bad I’m poor.

Mohamed_89 said:

September 12th, 1:39 pm

Yep, It’s sexy & I want one.

MLFlumic said:

September 12th, 1:41 pm

when is it available in brazil and how much will it cost?

thebadnews said:

September 12th, 1:47 pm

I might get the headset, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get the camo DS3. It looks sweet!

perrandy said:

September 12th, 1:47 pm

does the wireless set comes with the girl? ;)

seriously,abby you are one gorgeous woman!
usted es una mujer muy bonita!

mystikalguy said:

September 12th, 1:50 pm

Wow, just BEAUTIFUL!!!!….Oh & the Headset & Urban Camo Controller looks awesome. The 23″ 3D Display is just too small for me :P

Mobius2525 said:

September 12th, 1:54 pm

Bought the Wireless Stereo Headset off at amazon for $65 still waiting for it to come in the mail, but i plan to play it with Resistance 3, Modern Warfare 3,Ace Combat Assault Horizon and Uncharted 3 online

Maverick10 said:

September 12th, 1:55 pm

I got the wireless 7.1 headset last weekend and it is awesome. Ive been cranking R3 up loud. Love it.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

September 12th, 2:06 pm


triple_lei said:

September 12th, 2:17 pm

I will buy absolutely anything she appears in a video for.

And hey, Tetris did get that 5.1 update, so…

bgardner said:

September 12th, 2:21 pm

tritton axpro is better headset and yes you can use to if you want to. the AX Pro features hardware Dolby Digital decoding and eight independent speakers to deliver true 5.1 surround sound audio. this only has 2 speakers = fail not 7.1 which mean you need 8 speakers in each side of the headset have 7.1 save your money and get a axpro they’re only $70 more

TheTwelve said:

September 12th, 2:26 pm

I pre-ordered mine long ago. Very happy with them, I’m hearing things in games that I never knew were there. Especially crazy when playing Mass Effect 2 and Infamous 2. Also very crisp when using them on Qriocity. Highly recommend them — you can’t beat it for $99


ez_____ez_____ez said:

September 12th, 2:33 pm

The sound is pretty good. It’s comparable to a PX21 headset. BUT the build quality under par. I give a 8/10

Apollo4x said:

September 12th, 2:39 pm

while this is cool and all I would of loved it if it was a blue tooth device. I have all my USB slots spoken for.

VendettaLion said:

September 12th, 2:39 pm

Can’t wait for my shipment to arrive… Really hope this headset is better than I expect… $100.00 headsets usually under perform… but I am very optimistic about getting this headset.

Zezzler said:

September 12th, 2:42 pm

Picked up these on day one. They are friggin great. especially for college. I only have one gripe, and that is the on-off switch. it took me a while before i actually figured out where it was haha.

angelspawn77 said:

September 12th, 2:44 pm

Wow that controller and headset is pretty awesome, it looks almost like my big boss psp. Will definitely consider getting that and I do need a bluetooth as well so I might end up getting the camo bluetooth as well.

poweredbyzen said:

September 12th, 2:46 pm

this is a must have for me!

BoD_GodlessGOD said:

September 12th, 2:49 pm

Sid Shuman, Abby Reyes, or somebody else please tell me… If you choose to use the headset via wired connection will it improve the sound quality of your voice being transmited?

Neptunes78 said:

September 12th, 2:49 pm

I bought these along with Resistance 3. I do have a question though. Why the hell is there no charging cable with these!?!? Matter fact why doesn’t anything Sony sells for the PS3 come with a cable!?!?

SnDin9 said:

September 12th, 2:57 pm

Very nice for $99! I just picked these up on Saturday; I’m very impressed! They are much lighter than my Tritton AX Pro’s (which is a plus for my neck), the bass is a little lacking but you get used to it.

The retractable mic is good but being able to vertically adjust it would be nice. Also, when playing in the dark or dim light the led on the mic can be seen in my peripheral, which creates a distraction. But, the fact that it’s wireless with a re-chargeable battery and only $99 far outweighs the little annoyances. Great job Sony!

SnDin9 said:

September 12th, 3:05 pm

@ bgardner

I have the AX Pro’s, they’re heavy and hold the heat, making them uncomfortable during long sessions. The wires are damn annoying and ugly laying across the floor. Anytime I (or my GF) want to watch a movie or Netflix we have to go into the sound settings and switch them back to HDMI. Oh, and not to mention the controller for adjusting the sound and on/off buttons broke the first week owning the set, it too gets hot and buttons pretty much melted into the bloody thing.

The new Sony headset is MUCH better. Luckily I bought an extended warranty so I can take my AX Pros back for a refund. They are a good headset for the sound I’ll admit, but Sony’s wireless set are FAR more convenient.

bgardner said:

September 12th, 3:11 pm

@SnDin9 i have no problem with mine also i have the 2010 model axpro had almost a year

Pukadon said:

September 12th, 3:15 pm

I used mine all weekend – great for both single and multiplayer games. Awesome sound.

I did get a little confused about the voice vs. audio slider – I was having trouble hearing teammates until I slid it more towards voice.

I hope they patch in support for movies, blu-ray and netflix, eventually.

E-Phoenix- said:

September 12th, 3:25 pm

Looks great, probably get 1 later

mysticw said:

September 12th, 3:25 pm

It looks sexy and may be on my want list, but, is there a version in the works that will be available in bluetooth, i would love to sync it to my machine like my blu-ray remote and not have to worry about the dongle hanging out of my machine (have little kids that love small items like that!)

dilbig5 said:

September 12th, 3:30 pm

If I didn’t already have a headset, I would of got this but the bluetooth is good enough.

Dark_Paradigm said:

September 12th, 3:35 pm

i just bought one on Saturday and i love it! been using it with Call of Duty: Black Ops and will be using it this fall with Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3 this fall. also gotta try them out with KZ3 still.


September 12th, 3:59 pm

i got mine the day after it came out, it sounds like nothing else i’ve ever heard completely mind blowing

Carl-G said:

September 12th, 3:59 pm

That is one SEXY bit of kit :P (Headset) Shame you have to use a USB dongle tho. Will buy tho, as soon as it comes to the UK that is;)

wolfzero1 said:

September 12th, 4:02 pm

the headset looks good & at a reasonable price,I’ll probably pick them up once I pay off the pre-orders I have

YungShep said:

September 12th, 4:03 pm

i heard it was epic, but i fear of losing my stereo surround sound if i bought the headset, see my dilemma :( i do have the official bluetooth headset both slim/fat i prefer the slim tho.

cant wait for everyone to try the new playstation 3D TV. 3D is EPIC. and it will always depend on how the devs utilize it.

my top 3 3D GAMES TO SHOW OFF!

1. Resistance 3
2. Motorstorm:Apocalypse
3. Killzone 3.

theres a bunch of others. but those are easily my top 3.


September 12th, 4:05 pm

Will we be seeing more of Abby? Does the earphones cup around your ear? Can’t mess with specific volumes can we? Like turning up the volume for footsteps? Or, having the game auto lower volume when friends are talking?


September 12th, 4:06 pm

Also, can you have the game come out of the tv, and voicechat only in headset? Or maybe vice versa?

favian said:

September 12th, 4:07 pm

Purchased mine, love it. No complaints

MarkakaJin said:

September 12th, 4:10 pm

It’s great, would love to own it right now but can’t Maybe next year…=/

station3fever said:

September 12th, 4:11 pm

“5 Feet of Fury” she can make a person buy anything. Sony always has beautiful women hence Abby :)

They look cool but i hear that they don’t work with blu-ray movies? But aren’t some games on blue-ray? Will they work with all ps3 games? i would like to buy them but now i’m scared that it won’t work with some ps3 related items. i went from 100% buying them to 50% :(

I need help. abby? rey? sid? somebody?

randy_falcon2000 said:

September 12th, 4:13 pm

But the Wireless Stereo Headset the sound is up 7.1 and games is up 5.1 sound then it not makes sense for Wireless Stereo Headset is 7.1 If the games are 5.1 and movies Blu-ray if you have 7.1 sound but can not be used as 7.1 . Unless the games in the future go be 7.1 and throw an update for the Wireless Stereo Headset that can be used in Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D as 7.1. Then the Wireless Stereo Headset is 7.1 but it never will use up to its maximum capacity of sound because the moment the games are 5.1 and movies can not be used as 7.1


September 12th, 4:14 pm

How bout noise cancelling? You guys finally figure it out?

b16ctr said:

September 12th, 4:15 pm

wow abby am going to buy it just because of you :) :) hope to see more of you up here ;)

xXDoggyHDXx said:

September 12th, 4:18 pm

Gonna order it soon..I need a really good headset to play with Uncharted 3 :D


September 12th, 4:22 pm

Just read. Guess people here were right bout no surround sound for blu ray movies. This console really doesn’t do everything huh? No buy for me now.

r-nice said:

September 12th, 4:54 pm

Mine will be here on Wednesday.

Train1999 said:

September 12th, 5:14 pm

I just got the Headset last week. It works very very well. I gotta a chance to play games with it and also watch Movies/TV Shows. Great product Sony. Keep up the good work.

polo155 said:

September 12th, 5:17 pm

I had it preorderd since July 3rd have em already and love them!

Zinacef said:

September 12th, 5:42 pm

It’s a pity that the headset’s surround sound doesn’t work with Bluray discs because if it did, it definitely would’ve been an instant sell for me!

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