PlayStation is Looking for a Few Good Gamers

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PlayStation is Looking for a Few Good Gamers


Hello PlayStation Nation,

We work day-in and day-out here at PlayStation to ensure that you never run out of reasons to be a proud PlayStation fan. It’s our way of saying “Thank you” to the millions of you around the world who demonstrate your passion and dedication to PlayStation on a daily basis. However, sometimes a simple thank you just isn’t enough to truly show our gratitude and that’s why we’re ready to take things one step further.

I’m joining you today to announce that we’re looking for a few good gamers to help us with a special assignment related to our new Long Live Play campaign (yes, we are intentionally being Chimera-like stealthy to pique your curiosity). I’m talking die-hard members of our PlayStation Nation from all over who are ready and willing to proudly wave the PlayStation flag for all to see. If you think you’re the ultimate PlayStation gamer, then we want to hear from you!

Send me an email at by 10:00AM PT on Tuesday, 9/20/11 with the following:

• 30 words or less (yes we’ll be counting), telling us why you are the ultimate PlayStation gamer.
• Then attach a high-quality picture of you holding your PS3 controller in the environment you love to game in. It could be on your couch, in your man-cave or your desk chair in your dorm room —wherever you spend your time taking down enemy forces, racing dream cars, knocking out home runs and uncovering long-lost treasure.

I know PlayStation has the best fans out there and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! We’ll report back here shortly with more details….


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  • nice gonna try & get into this

  • is it available in canada?

  • This sounds really cool!

  • thedarkperson

    That’s awesome. I am so doing this.

  • iriihutoR48

    Yeah, which countries is this available for?

  • Jualiximaul

    agreed with gamer_316, I’ma try to get into this….LONG LIVE The Playstation!!!

  • and what is really this assignment, can we get some more info, like maybe a job at playstation?

  • Influx of Man Cave shots ahoy! I’ll send in a pic tonight.

  • is it available in brazil ?? :P

  • Ok I’m here what do I do now?

  • I just found out PS Vita is coming to Japan on December, can you please let us know if it’s coming to the U.S too?

  • Entered!

  • tonydamiani

    :P Nice

  • confusionalist


  • Would do this if it wasnt America only

  • im gonna try this out. i know that im a playstation gamer all the way:)

  • Requirements? (Age, Place of residence, free time, ect…?)

    • We only need you to let us know why you are the ultimate gamer in 30 words and send us a picture!

  • Niceee! I’m on it!

  • ernestocfernand

    ok I’m a die-hard member of the PlayStation Nation so I’ll do it regardless of what this is for.

  • OK Question: I entered alone already just in case but would it be cool if my brother and I entered together? We’re both hardcore PS fans, run our own indie studio that hopes to dev for PlayStation ( and have attended Sony pressers at E3 and Tokyo Game Show–so, if doubles entries are allowed, it’d be more fun for the both of us to enter together!

  • IM DOIN IT!!!!….LOL

  • OnesOwnGrief

    Sony needs help? Okay, I got you. Submitting my application as soon as I hit home. If you need a diverse player then I’m your man.

  • JackBarrington

    Entered :D

  • Juststeveplease

    i’m down with that yo.

  • Quick question: Are we limited to 1 entry per person, or can we submit multiple entries e.g. Different reason we are “The Ultimate PlayStation gamer”.

  • Oh yeah, I’m in.

  • ProSoldier14

    I can’t see any headline/titles on any articles here on the blog. There’s just a big black space where the the blog post title should be.

  • DEADLYassasin12

    I wanna do this so bad.

  • Count me in!

  • I am In

  • Im in as long as its available in Canada…?

  • I have all consoles, and enjoy all of them. Am I elegible? I can’t say I have only a PS3 because if I show my room, you’ll see I have all consoles there and also the ones from last-gen.

  • I’m guessing that golden frame is what the winners picture will be in?

  • So, will this be avaliable to worldwide or only in some contries? Because if it is to be the ultimate gamer I think it´ll not only be here in America!

  • Going to try, can’t hurt not to.

  • Gotta have time to set up my GameRoom and get everything ready :p. Oh, you’ll see my man cave house XD

  • lisatsunami

    No, the frame isn’t empty. It says Long Live Play

    This sounds like fun.

  • Phillyblunz

    @2 and @30 of course not, who can remember the Canadians anyway, all tucked away way down there.

    Viva the Playstation and Long Live Play!!

  • So us Canadian’s get shut out again?

  • Phillyblunz

    Watch I bet most of these hopefulls are COD addicts, which is a game inherently not designed for the PS3.

    I’m a loyal PS3 fan, not due to blind fanboyism, but the evidence over the years has shown me pretty much only PS3 exclusives have the time, love and consideration put into them unlike any other games.

    I used to get so excited for every new game, then was almost always dissapointed by the multiports but blown away by the exclusives, this trend has continued until this year where most of the PS3 exclusives have been flopping hard left and right.

    KZ3, R3, SOCOM 4, etc have all been huge dissapointments, and are actually downgrades from the previous installments.

    Here’s hoping for this trend to die soon or I may find myself on a lesser console sooner then later.


  • I shall show the world my amazing set-up where I spend all my time :D

  • @39 – you sir are a moron… KZ3, R3 are not downgrades, they are better than their previous instalments. Wow you call yourself a loyal ps3 fan, sure doesn’t sound like it cuz you clearly know nothing about video games and the industry.

  • Hmm… I don’t think my camera can handle the mass volume of PlayStation and Sony related merchandise I own. I guess that means I have another challenge on my hands!


  • I’m all over this!! Playstation, I’m proud to be hardcore! My email is forthcoming.

  • This sounds like some fun. Iam gonna brain storm some ideas…

  • i know im not as die hard as many others are, but i just wanted to comment, if you are working tirelessly for hours and hours on end, how about throwing Destruction Derby 3 ideas into your hat and making that game..?? it would be super and multiplayer would work well in that game as well… as much as i don’t play online, that’s a game that would probably have me playing against the masses….

    best of luck with your die hard search….

  • neostardust

    I’m in!

  • ParkinLotPlaya


  • digitalman123

    Age restrictions? Hoping to attempt this…

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