Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Limited Beta Launches, Demo in October

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Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Limited Beta Launches, Demo in October

It’s my pleasure to announce that we have just launched a limited beta for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. Our team in North Carolina has been working hard to build the ultimate co-op Ratchet & Clank adventure, and we hope that in the coming weeks you’ll get to try out the one- to four-player mayhem. The beta will enable you and up to three friends to go online and play through two sections of the game.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: cinematic_02

The first scenario is the opening level of Luminopolis where Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark and the evil Dr. Nefarious are forced to band together when Nefarious’s light-eating Z’Grute is unleashed upon the city. The second area of the beta jumps you deeper into the action with The Vertigus Cliffs, set in the N.E.S.T. area of the treacherous Planet Magnus is a unique area full of vertical views that look stunning in 3D. The Vertigus Cliff level will also give you a chance to check out some mechanics from later in the game, including use of your weapon wheel and many of the crazy Ratchet & Clank weapons you’ve come to know and love. New weapons like the Frost Cannon, Plasma Bomb Launcher and Warmonger give you a great assortment of guns to play with, but old favorites like the Combuster are back as well. There are LOTS of weapons in the beta, as well as character’s special ability.

Right now, this limited beta is only available to folks who possess a special code – so if you attended our Community Day, or have won a contest, you should be checking your e-mail right about now! Haven’t won yet? Be sure to follow Insominac Games on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for some new contests and opportunities to get in on the limited beta. And starting next week, our promotional partner will be sending out access codes to their email list as well as offering them to everyone who pre-orders between now and September 27th, and will have limited codes available – to keep apprised of when those promotions happen, be sure to follow Insomniac Games and PlayStation on Twitter/Facebook!

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One box art

Still didn’t win a spot in the beta? Don’t lose hope! This October will see the release of a official demo for all to download and enjoy. We hope you enjoy the online beta for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. We’re really excited to get the full game in your hands on October 18th.

How do you plan on playing Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One? Solo or with a team? Let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for codes! If you miss your chance, keep an eye out on the PlayStation Twitter today for more chances to snatch a code.

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  • @37 lol really like the sharp shooter on R3 or you just being nice @_@

  • @audio79 you aren’t really serious that plus sucks…..I have sooo many games and have been in 5 or 6 betas in the last year…it is soooo worth it

  • Been playing, it’s an alright game.

  • Hope to get in.

  • Thanks! :P used GD56-H3N8-R5E7

  • damn didnt get it lol

  • @50 they sharpshooter controls are solid. the only downside is when using the iron sights/scope. I played pretty much most of the single player with it. the only part(s) i didn’t were sequences where sniping was a much needed asset for getting pass a group of enemies. I’ve played SOCOM 4 with the sharpshooter and was skeptical on how well it’d work with an fps, but the controls are solid.

  • sw00t F7F5-D3NC-FN63 is taken, thx u Sid, u rock \m/

  • SEAL_TEAM_7p

    tried all 5 and got the first 1 after starting in random order lol

  • I clearly need faster fingers. :(

  • ^^^^^^ lol

  • Killing me, I won’t be by my PS3 for another 5 hours….. Ratchet and Clank is by far my favorite game series too

  • SuperScorpion

    i redeemed this code 9KQ4-ACN6-5F9P

    and had it to download and it gave me a Error and couldnt download after hitting the continue button dang you Errors.

    • OMG you guys, 5 more codes have appeared!


      (Keep looking below – more codes are coming!)

  • I’m done. I never ever get beta codes when they’re posted like this, and I see today isn’t going to change that. Just put it on PS+ or something, Jesus.

    Game looks fun, though.


  • it seemed pretty sluggish to me when I played with it no way it could be used in MP

  • Got the first code. Thanks Sid.

  • DQC3-KNNN-AGMK taken! thank you!

  • Thanks for posting the codes, I just took 5LBJ-4AN2-E72G woot downloading now!!!

  • i got 5H6Q-5PN6-GR7M. Thank you Sid Shuman :)

  • also 4 ppl who are getting errors after tryin to download after hitting continue, turn off ur PS3 & turn it back on then download it from ur download list. Worked 4 me =)

    • You guys are the best. Thanks for communicating which codes you’ve cashed in!

      …on that note…10 wild codes have appeared!


      (Keep looking below – more codes are coming!)

  • Just used 5H6Q-5PN6-GR7M. Thanks Playstation!

  • This is ridiculous.

  • i got an error code:(

  • Got 25TC-TNNH-FH9J !

    Thanks Sid! I can’t wait to start playing. Oh and I just got a job! Totally spending $50 on PS+ the minute I get it. Can’t turn down Resident Evil and PvZ for free.

  • Sorry @will562, I beat you to it ;)

  • Lethal_Visionz

    This is beyond retarded, how is anyone supposed to think to check halfway up the damn page to see if codes were posted?!..

  • EU Got this Beta through PS+ ! And we don’t why is tht?

  • @MEXRPG damn lol

  • i won a code and then it gave me an error message and i could not download it :(

    • Here, take three more!


      (keep looking – more codes are coming below soon!)

  • @theUSEDguy Did you try restarting your PS3 and checking your downloads, like someone up there said?

  • z_Blue_Portal

    @D-Squad3 Completely agree, i just want a beta code, not to play the game selfishly, but to help the company know whats wrong with the game, and how it could be improve etc etc.. But no, in less than 5 seconds all codes are taken, so screw it. I wouldn’t normally go against anyone, but this is a stupid way to give out beta.

  • No code for me yet. That’s OK, I’m patient. Lookin’ forward to blowin’ stuff up w/Commander Zurkon when it comes out!

  • 2:30 in the afternoon while I’m at work… guess no codes for me… :(

  • aww there gonna run out by the time i get home and i have to work

  • Yeah! 10 at once is much better, I got F79P-LFNG-48P4


  • TehSweetehMahn

    Got 7874-57N7-P34F =]

    thanks a bunch. looking forward to the full game

  • SteeliestGuzman

    CC66-QDN9-4L83 this code have taken courtesy of SteeliestGuzman thanks Sony

  • Yay! Finally! I got 6HP2-M6NK-9JR9. Thank you, Sid!!

  • SuperScorpion

    i got this one to work 2KM3-TKNM-DERQ
    this time Thankx Sid

  • Finally got one damn in!

  • Hey Sid is there a site or forum where we can provide Beta feedback, bugs, glitches, etc…?

  • i got it this time !!! lol ..DF9B-FPN2-R5F4. Thanks Sid Shuman :)

  • I’m far too slow to get codes in these situations.

    Good luck to anyone else still trying though.

  • dang i refresh the page every few seconds and i still cant get a code

  • damn the ones you posted under my comment were gone before i could get them….

    • Here, 5 more codes have sprung to life!


      Keep looking…more codes are coming below!

  • Congrats to everyone that is getting in! I haven’t been in a Ratchet beta since Up your arsenal!
    to the others trying to get in….keep trying. *Hint* get a usb keyboard and hook it up to your ps3….makes a world of difference trust me

  • same here. no luck

  • Man this sucks, been waiting all day finally get one, then get the stupid error message. Looked in the download list and nothing is there :/

  • Darthmaul1309

    Im much to slow!!

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