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Sep 14

Sep 14

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Limited Beta Launches, Demo in October

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Community Lead, Insomniac Games

It’s my pleasure to announce that we have just launched a limited beta for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. Our team in North Carolina has been working hard to build the ultimate co-op Ratchet & Clank adventure, and we hope that in the coming weeks you’ll get to try out the one- to four-player mayhem. The beta will enable you and up to three friends to go online and play through two sections of the game.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: cinematic_02

The first scenario is the opening level of Luminopolis where Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark and the evil Dr. Nefarious are forced to band together when Nefarious’s light-eating Z’Grute is unleashed upon the city. The second area of the beta jumps you deeper into the action with The Vertigus Cliffs, set in the N.E.S.T. area of the treacherous Planet Magnus is a unique area full of vertical views that look stunning in 3D. The Vertigus Cliff level will also give you a chance to check out some mechanics from later in the game, including use of your weapon wheel and many of the crazy Ratchet & Clank weapons you’ve come to know and love. New weapons like the Frost Cannon, Plasma Bomb Launcher and Warmonger give you a great assortment of guns to play with, but old favorites like the Combuster are back as well. There are LOTS of weapons in the beta, as well as character’s special ability.

Right now, this limited beta is only available to folks who possess a special code – so if you attended our Community Day, or have won a contest, you should be checking your e-mail right about now! Haven’t won yet? Be sure to follow Insominac Games on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for some new contests and opportunities to get in on the limited beta. And starting next week, our promotional partner will be sending out access codes to their email list as well as offering them to everyone who pre-orders between now and September 27th, and will have limited codes available – to keep apprised of when those promotions happen, be sure to follow Insomniac Games and PlayStation on Twitter/Facebook!

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One box art

Still didn’t win a spot in the beta? Don’t lose hope! This October will see the release of a official demo for all to download and enjoy. We hope you enjoy the online beta for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. We’re really excited to get the full game in your hands on October 18th.

How do you plan on playing Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One? Solo or with a team? Let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for codes! If you miss your chance, keep an eye out on the PlayStation Twitter today for more chances to snatch a code.

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T-Patch said:

September 14th, 1:03 pm

Thanks sid! I can’t believe I got lucky enough to not only get a working code for the beta, but one for my friend, who’s a huge Ratchet and Clank fan, as well.

I got the EAQG-GJNE-6CML code while he got the 5GJF-P9NB-PPDE code.

We’re definitively gonna have some fun with this beta.

abbasman47 said:

September 14th, 1:05 pm


A_1000_FAT_KIDS said:

September 14th, 1:06 pm

Love the beta I got a code.

sepijooon said:

September 14th, 1:12 pm

I still need a code :(

XKILLER44 said:

September 14th, 1:13 pm

I wish I was here earlier.

mcgillc_10 said:

September 14th, 1:16 pm

dint get a code tryed to do it on mu usa account as well im not gettting one any have fun with the game need to wait till october i tryed all of them to

mcgillc_10 said:

September 14th, 1:17 pm

one last thing 300 AND 301

nademinogue said:

September 14th, 1:18 pm

its too bad you guys didnt get a code i cant wait till i get home to play this

sepijooon said:

September 14th, 1:23 pm

it seems it is over

nademinogue said:

September 14th, 1:23 pm

for every person that posts there are probably 20 that dont so thats probably y you didnt get it

abbasman47 said:

September 14th, 1:25 pm

@ 304 nademingue- i didnt understand what you just said there bro…

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 1:29 pm

Aww i tried every code
Im always so unlucky I pre-orderd the game and i am a huge fan ;(

WolfZombie39 said:

September 14th, 1:30 pm

Thanks for the code got T5JC-Q9NG-LEA4.

nademinogue said:

September 14th, 1:37 pm

whats not to understand i just said im sorry for the people that didnt get a code to work and that i am looking forward to playing the beta when i get home

nademinogue said:

September 14th, 1:40 pm

i think it would be cool if insomniac and naughty dog got together and made a game called Ratchet and clank vs jak and daxter

sandrewb said:

September 14th, 1:44 pm

How about Ratchet & Clank as Nathan Drake’s sidekicks

koolkillerbee46 said:

September 14th, 1:46 pm

Fresh codes on facebook i just got one go now people move your butts click on facebook tab on top NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zzamaro said:

September 14th, 1:56 pm

I wanted one :(

vince8502 said:

September 14th, 1:57 pm

This would make my day if i can get one

Mobius2525 said:

September 14th, 1:58 pm

AT a Beach party today i know it’s already too late. MY only hope is amazon now.

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:02 pm

i keep refreshing the page just in case but i no its too late
ill never finish mi hw

G__ROW said:

September 14th, 2:03 pm

For all you highlighting noobs:

double clicking on a word highlights it, then ctrl+c, then ctrl+v

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:08 pm


GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:09 pm


vince8502 said:

September 14th, 2:11 pm

@GameLokk you just have to wait…. all…night….long…

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:13 pm

@vince8502 yeah i no

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:19 pm

:( no code for me

iceychill56 said:

September 14th, 2:23 pm

I declare that I should win, for all the forefathers of America would want it. I remember the first game I ever played as 9 years old, Ratchet and Clank: Deadlock. After playing it I earned enough money to afford a PS2 and got the collection. Then I went out and bought a PSP after parking cars at a local festivial and got Size Matters. Finally I got a PS3 last year and If I dont say so myself, I am a master of all Playstation knowledge. I’ve been waiting for this game since shown at E3 last year, and it would be a privelge for me to have the honor of participating in the BETA.

Zacky-V-A7X said:

September 14th, 2:23 pm

no code for me :(

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:25 pm

@iceychill56 sadly its too late for both of us

ATFrez said:

September 14th, 2:29 pm

Oh my God, I actually got one!! DT8E-5BN3-5QQ3 has been used by me! Don’t give up hope just yet, guys!

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:29 pm

@ATFrez was it just now

vince8502 said:

September 14th, 2:31 pm

@ATFrez Lucky man. Hope you enjoy it.

@iceychill56 and GameLokk: on the same boat as you, but first one played was the very first and original R&C

ATFrez said:

September 14th, 2:31 pm

@GameLokk Yup. I’m still in shock!

Zacky-V-A7X said:

September 14th, 2:32 pm

@ATfrez where did you get it??

ATFrez said:

September 14th, 2:32 pm

@Vince8502 Thanks, man. Appreciate it.

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:32 pm

wooooo hoooo just got one try the ones b4 the last ones i got the third one
first second and third are taken

ATFrez said:

September 14th, 2:33 pm

@Zacky-V-A7X I got it on page 6 on the second to last list of codes from Sid Shuman.

Zacky-V-A7X said:

September 14th, 2:34 pm

ooohh what a lucky guys

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:35 pm

keep trying

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:37 pm

i lost hop 4 lik 30 min and then i checked one code and it worked

Zacky-V-A7X said:

September 14th, 2:39 pm

@GameLokk i hope it happens to me haha

Zacky-V-A7X said:

September 14th, 2:40 pm

@GameLokk where did you get those avatars??

plaztiksyke said:

September 14th, 2:41 pm

I really hope this game’s 2D presentation doesn’t look bad like some of the other 3D games. There seems to be a trend of reducing the visual fidelity in order to have a solid framerate in 3D, but then in 2D it just looks bad since you aren’t ‘distracted’ by the 3D.

GameLokk said:

September 14th, 2:44 pm watch the video or register

Zacky-V-A7X said:

September 14th, 2:46 pm

i’ve already registered but just have the old avatars

mknightstalkerx said:

September 14th, 2:51 pm

How do i get the codes? All i see is x’s.

Zacky-V-A7X said:

September 14th, 2:54 pm

OMG!!! i got one!!!!

vince8502 said:

September 14th, 2:57 pm

well I have just exceeded the limit to input code in one go (didn’t know there was one…
Looks like I’m waiting for the demo and till release day

Guitar-man4 said:

September 14th, 2:58 pm


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