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Sep 16

Sep 16

Resident Evil 4 HD Hits PSN Tuesday, Plus Subscribers Get 50% Off

Mike Lunn's Avatar Posted by Associate Brand Manager, Capcom

Resident Evil 4 HD for PS3 (PSN)

Now’s your chance to relive one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. Resident Evil 4 HD will be released via PlayStation Network on Tuesday, September 20th. Five years after the Raccoon City outbreak, Leon S. Kennedy is back in action and on a new assignment. The President’s daughter has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult in Europe and it’s your mission to rescue her and make it out alive. The entire Resident Evil 4 experience (including all bonus content from previous versions) has been remastered in high definition and will be a treat for both new fans and RE veterans.

Resident Evil 4 HD for PS3 (PSN)

The Resident Evil franchise had its beginnings on PlayStation 15 years ago and to help celebrate we’re offering some sweet Resident Evil deals for PlayStation fans. At launch we’re going to be giving everyone five free RE4 avatars to anyone who purchases Resident Evil 4 HD. On top of that, all PlayStation Plus subscribers will get 50 percent off the price of Resident Evil 4 HD, bringing it down to just $9.99! To help get you caught up on the series leading up to RE4, we’re offering the PSone versions of Resident Evil 1 Director’s Cut, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis at 50 percent off for all PlayStation users and FREE to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

That’s a ton of Resident Evil content coming your way on the cheap, but it doesn’t stop there … check back next week for more details on Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD!

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Grexotic said:

September 19th, 1:06 pm

No deal. But thank you for offering.

samonuske said:

September 19th, 1:18 pm

Dope!! Can’t wait to suplex the illuminados again haha

DojoDog74 said:

September 19th, 4:38 pm

This is a sweet deal for PS+ subscribers. Count me in!

amer_achilles said:

September 19th, 5:23 pm


ripret1 said:

September 19th, 5:44 pm

This will be great! I´ll wait for it, and I´ll buy it!

izzyjr18 said:

September 19th, 8:52 pm


shadowryu91 said:

September 19th, 11:11 pm

I want to know at what time it will be available on he PSN !!!!!

hippiesanta said:

September 19th, 11:35 pm

Code Verinika should be out first

JuS_bLaYzE said:

September 20th, 6:44 am

do the free re games come out later today or is my thirst to kill giving me tunnel vision and i just cant see the free for playstation plus members.

maleno20 said:

September 20th, 6:58 am

they put platinun trophy on gow collections and not on re4, WTF i was thinking in 40 or 30 trophy for re4 wit platinun :(

thebgj said:

September 20th, 6:59 am

yeah i was hoping for a huge announcement on the main page. Only because i love RE soooooooo much.

DarkWarriorMatt said:

September 20th, 7:14 am

oh well about the trophies i just want to play as my favourite character krauser!!

Greaser_86 said:

September 20th, 7:56 am

no plat, not a deal breaker but xbox gets the full 1000 points WTF!!

Mr_3thoom said:

September 20th, 10:42 am

I can’t find it on psn!!

corwin31781 said:

September 20th, 11:57 am

Where is RE4 HD? I want to download it but I cannot find it on the PS Store!! WTH!!!

IncluD said:

September 20th, 12:14 pm

Looks like moderators are not letting me say that they lied to us and game wont be in store until tomorrow (store update) if even then…

QueenB82 said:

September 20th, 12:16 pm

DAMN….this the first time I’ve actually been able to be hyped about getting something w/ my Plus subscription I actually WANT!! Hell yeah!!

Hmm, might have to pick up RE3. I purchased RE1 pre-PLUS and I’ll have to check and see if I did the same w/ RE2. If not, I’ll add that in w/ RE3, too! And RE4 for $10… Let me jump back on and check the store now!!

StrifeGXS said:

September 20th, 1:08 pm

Sooo ummm where is it? I can’t seem to find it like alot of other people.

LadyRin-999 said:

September 20th, 1:35 pm

Where is RE4?! I can’t find it on PSN…. SMFH

QueenB82 said:

September 20th, 1:48 pm

Aw dammit, haven’t see thing yet either….and their still charging for RE1-3. u_u

So beat up…..

QueenB82 said:

September 20th, 2:13 pm

Correction: IT’S THERE!!

You have to go to the Plus section of PSN and hit the ‘New Releases’ category. All of the promised stuff is there (avys, games, etc).

Shatgan said:

September 20th, 4:45 pm

Awesome!! finally something of my taste :D

everyday_jake said:

September 20th, 9:35 pm

Nice, been waiting for this!

IncluD said:

September 21st, 7:05 am

Ok, im going to skip this PoS, no plat and now they are not releasing this game in my countrys store even tho its 21.9 (5pm)
f… you capcom and sony

Strathmore said:

September 21st, 8:45 am

Spare Parts and Anarchy are games that get a plat but RE4 doesn’t…? Rrrrrrrrrrrright.

No plat is completely lame. No Move support is even worse. So, what is the point of this version? Oh right, HD visuals. Which apparently is the worst part of this port.

Man, Capcom continues to be out of touch, why are we giving them our money again?

PimblyCharles said:

September 22nd, 7:39 pm

I thought my PS Plus membership payed for its self after getting Stacking for free, but lately Sony has gone up and beyond with awesome stuff for us PS Plus members. I have saved close to $60 from sale discounts on new games. From Dust for $11? Bought it. Renegade Ops for $11? Bought it. Borderlands & all DLC for $15. Holy crap!!! Bought it. Now for the best thing yet to come out of being a PS Plus member. RE4 for $10 is really amazing, but I am blown away that we’re getting RE1, 2, & 3 all for FREE. I never got to play RE2, and I only played RE3 on Dreamcast, not the PS1 version. I can’t wait to finally play RE2. Sony, you are doing us right lately, I thank you much for this.

PimblyCharles said:

September 22nd, 7:56 pm

Wow, reading through all these comments is hard when every other one is full of complaining and hate. I was at first going to add yet one more comment saying that a good game is a good game and should be played regardless of if it has a platinum trophy or not. However, after some thought, I think having a platinum trophy or at least some trophies that aren’t the typical story progression trophies would only help the sales of RE4. Most people have already played it or own it. A platinum trophy, cool and out of the way trophies, and heck even Move support probably would be enough to play through this game again. I myself have already played it 3 times, and I just don’t see myself paying $10 to do it again. For new comers to the game, buy it without any thought! It’s one of the best games ever made. For the people who have played it a million times over, some better trophies might had been enough to win us over for the million and one time.

dhoom-12345 said:

September 29th, 8:32 am

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dhoom-12345 said:

September 29th, 8:33 am


carlito-99_25 said:

October 2nd, 8:41 am

So does this mean re4 is in hd and its only 20 bucks !!! I know what im gettin this week!!!

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