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Sep 19

Sep 19

PS3 System Software Update (v3.72)

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

A new PS3 system software update, v3.72, will be released soon. With this minor update, system stability during use of PS3 format software and network services has been improved.

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Storm777 said:

September 20th, 2:44 pm

This update did not fix the updating issue with the PS+ features…. I could care less about cross game chat at this point… i really have no use for it except viewing Netflix with friends would be GREAT… I care more about a service which I PAID for and I am NOT getting with the auto updating of game patches and auto synching of trophies.. PLEASE FIX… Thank You

DANH_1993 said:

September 20th, 3:06 pm

this update is suppost to make network services better but i want to play call of duty black ops with my friends and i can never join there party says game session unable to join is there anything i can do are you’s can do to improve the game connection online ? and also is there anyone having this problem please reply many thanks danh_1993.

HighlyLoosePants said:

September 20th, 3:18 pm

Sighs . . . .

DCS-Tekken said:

September 20th, 3:23 pm

And um um um, What did this Update do? I see NOTHING i HEAR NOTHING… I Know NOTHING!

AngelZee_97 said:

September 20th, 3:23 pm

that’s all. just a new update, no reason why? well whatever i have to get it to keep playing online but no new features??? :(

SoleAddict23 said:

September 20th, 3:50 pm

Not in any specific order and just software video game based:

Cross party voice chat
universal game invites
improved user interface (XMB)
improved in-game menu (in-game XMB)
voice messages
PS button to access notification
improved notification box
real auto Trophy sync
improved Friends List
improved PSN “profiles”
universal music playback
no more seperate installs when downloading content
download game updates in the background
no more mandatary game installs
optional game installs on all games
universal multiple PSN logins
no copy protection game saves
change PSN ID
universal screen shots
universal recording
multiple players use headset

x-iiReFLECTS_Zz said:

September 20th, 3:54 pm

why not psn id change or cross game chat

WindedHero said:

September 20th, 4:26 pm

hellrazer069 said:

September 20th, 4:55 pm

bad thing about this update is it causes most of the apps like netflix to stop working and it deletes purchases saying you must repurchase them and causes the system to run really hot so it freezes crashes and corrupts save files on the game your playing, oh yea and it opens the back door port giving them full access to everything on your ps3

hellrazer069 said:

September 20th, 5:00 pm

lmfao! better system stabily? my system froze and crashed 9 times since the update at 3am

TONY-Q said:

September 20th, 5:55 pm

no probs on my ps3 since update. everything is workin as it should…

JanLVP said:

September 20th, 6:39 pm

I just want a faster XMB…

mystikalguy said:

September 20th, 6:55 pm

How about an option to Defrag your Hard Drive in the next Firmware Update

GTfig said:

September 20th, 7:15 pm

When are we going to get an update that allows full-scale zooming for old letterboxed DVDs (i.e. non-anamophic)?

Ucat66 said:

September 20th, 9:11 pm

First of all I wish the best of luck to anybody who tries to access this page using the PS3 browser, It’s almost impossible.

About the update who doesn’t provide anything accountable for, I think it’s just one of those security patches to prevent the hackers from ruining SONY precious money sucking platform. Expensive games, expensive network services, no update to existing features and no new features.

I am still expecting that someday the next update will transform the PS3 into the console I wished for when I bought it.

Rodney773 said:

September 20th, 10:00 pm

To hell with the kids that are starving in a country that does NOT matter to any one but the people looking for donations to help people other than the one IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY! we should be helping our selves and fixing OUR problems before we have any right to try and fix others. (it may sound selfish but we have starving kids right here in the USA!)

“Yeah, you paid for your PS3, but just remember that Sony PROVIDED the service to you, and all of us.”
WRONG! putting garbage in OUR systems that we can NOT remove is NOT a service. It is just a waste of hard drive space and a means to slow down our systems performance!

It is NOT needed nor was it even there before when i bought my PS3 NEW, it was installed WITHOUT my permission ALONG WITH the system update but we the consumer wasn’t even told about or even offered the OPTION to NOT have it installed and the RIGHT to be able to remove it AT OUR OWN DISCRESSION.

Rodney773 said:

September 20th, 10:01 pm

CONT: “It’s their invention, it’s their product, and they can make it how they want.”
But once we the consumer BUY it, it becomes OUR property to say what can be installed and or removed!
If i decide i do NOT want their “add ware” like the install icons for netflix or music unlimited then i should have the right to remove it from MY system and so should you!

Rodney773 said:

September 20th, 10:05 pm

quote: PYTHON101
“The point is the Browser sucks its just outdated and if there are no plans to fix it might as well remove it and free up some space and facebook is a joke should have been optional like other services instead of cluttering the weak design of the XMB which needs an overhaul and a thought for the wise remove the option while in game that we cant use. I love you guys and know you can do better .”

It sure would be nice if we could … i don’t know, REMOVE the unwanted stuff that is slowing down the performance of our systems and wasting our HD space with some thing like a DELETE OPTION!

KIL-DAWG said:

September 21st, 1:17 am

how long do u think this update will take , just want to know when i should take my next

How long will this update take tonight ! Anyone know ?

Thrill_Kill said:

September 21st, 1:30 am

My PSN just died and is giving me 8002A308 errors over and over again. I cannot even get on the PSN anymore :( Nice going Sony…. have you been hacked again?

tomsellicstash24 said:

September 21st, 1:49 am

way to be detailed about the update

i_Live_ina_BOX- said:

September 21st, 2:11 am

same here wtf??!!

i_Live_ina_BOX- said:

September 21st, 2:12 am

is psn down?????

hrbrt7 said:

September 21st, 4:18 am

Great update.. XD

illvictorybeat said:

September 21st, 7:03 am

ever since i got this update my ps3 freezes during every disc based game i play sad facee :(((

sciroccopsn said:

September 21st, 7:13 am

stop complaining, any update is a great update!

BlackGhost702 said:

September 21st, 7:26 am

i dont kno man but after the update my ps3 dont want to sign in, tryed a million times

GreenTeaManiac said:

September 21st, 7:35 am

Something is wrong with the new update. I updated just fine and I was on PSN earlier and now it wont let me sign in anymore. I go on my brother’s account on the same PS3 and he can get on just fine. Why is it that my account cant get on? Fix this problem please.

TONY-Q said:

September 21st, 7:48 am

ya know, i was gonna say how u people must be makin this crap up about how updates make ur ps3s run all outta wack… but theres jus to many sayin the same things. what the heck is goin on? i feel bad for u peeps havin trouble, mine is runin fine. in fact its even runnin a little smoother now. hope they fix. all of u havin problems, are they the old fat boys??? or are they slims?

GreenTeaManiac said:

September 21st, 7:53 am

@Tony- I have the fat PS3 lol, but I am able to sign in on my brother’s account just fine. For some reason my account sign in onto the PSN. I retried so many times. Keeps giving me an error so im gonna play games that dont need online play. Nevermind I have to connect to the PSN but THEY WONT LET ME!!!!

Assassin_Sasuke_ said:

September 21st, 7:54 am

I WANT PLAY ONLINE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TONY-Q said:

September 21st, 7:55 am


sux dude… sorry, wish i could help ya.

WolfeBeater said:

September 21st, 7:55 am

since the update, i have not been able to sign in to PSN on my ps3. i can on my pc, but but not on ps3.

WolfeBeater said:

September 21st, 7:58 am

and i have a slim ps3 to boot.

JGHdez89 said:

September 21st, 8:00 am

this new update did nothing but to not let me login to the PSN, it keeps kicking me out and saying PSN timed out whats up with that?? is it has to do with the update or something else?

BlackGhost702 said:

September 21st, 8:00 am

ok so i was finally able to sign in but in a different account (blackpanther702) but no friends online, the last firends sign out 90 mins ago, well then i tryed to sign in to my original account and still get an error

WolfeBeater said:

September 21st, 8:01 am

same here. timed out error as well.

joshfeighner said:

September 21st, 8:05 am

i havent did the update and still cant login any of my accounts

JJfutbol said:

September 21st, 8:13 am

I can’t sign in to PSN on my PS3 now after this update today. I was attempting to start Netflix but it just left a black screen for a long time. …Posted on twitter and just got a response now. Seems there is scheduled PSN maintenance today:!/carefree_sob/status/116530007496605696

BgDaddy_01 said:

September 21st, 8:34 am

Yeah WTF? New update gives me 8002A548 error code. PSN FAILS and times out when trying to log in! These updates are always causing MORE PROBLEMS then they FIX!

TONY-Q said:

September 21st, 8:36 am


juandarock said:

September 21st, 9:03 am

Well, at least Im not the only one with connection problems. Please fix this! I want my Resident Evil games!

maddmanmadden66 said:

September 21st, 9:14 am

just great they mess with it and now it wnt even let ppl log onto their account hopefully they hurry up and fix whatever is wrong no because this stuff really gets old

YOCDUB said:

September 21st, 9:54 am

Ever since the update, I’ve noticed a huge increase in loading times and installing times. Almost every game i try to play now takes 2 to 3 times as long to load and that goes for disk & HD games. Yesterday i was trying to install the lot of titles from the psn store and took an abnormal amount of time to download and install compared to before the Firmware update.

YBECEO said:

September 21st, 10:10 am

cant log in keep getting error 8002a548 on a fat boy ps3 wth!

YBECEO said:

September 21st, 10:17 am

cant log in keep getting error 8002a548 on a fat boy ps3 wth! just called 800# they said the network is down….but should be up shortly guess ill watch some netflix …..come on Sony!

Laird_Attwood said:

September 21st, 10:32 am

3.72 has now killed my PS3’s connectivity to PSN. 99% of the time can no longer log in the rest of the time i’m logged out in minutes. total crap. PS3 is now useless.

FallenAngel8985 said:

September 21st, 10:33 am

Well a day after I updated I can’t sign in neither can any of my friends and I keep freezing and lagging you better fix that


September 21st, 10:34 am

I turned on my PS3, installed the update, and now can’t login b/c the network is down??? How did I download the update but can’t login?????

juandarock said:

September 21st, 10:38 am

@345 Thanks for the update!

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