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Sep 23

Sep 23

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD Hits PSN Tuesday, 50% Off for Plus Members

Mike Lunn's Avatar Posted by Associate Brand Manager, Capcom

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)

More classic Resident Evil horror is heading to the PlayStation Network next week with Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD! Claire Redfield, after narrowly escaping Raccoon City, is searching for her brother Chris. Captured while sneaking around an Umbrella facility and snooping for leads, Claire is hauled off to a maximum security prison installation on Rockfort Island. While making her escape, she realizes the island is being overrun by zombies and Bio-Organic Weapons. Claire meets another prisoner, Steve Burnside, who is also looking to escape … but will they be able to work together to make it out alive? The island is veiled in secrets and the family behind the Umbrella Corporation has a deadly agenda of their own. Relive the survival horror classic available via PlayStation Network on Tuesday, Sept. 27th.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)

As we mentioned last week, we’ve got even more RE deals for PlayStation fans to help celebrate Resident Evil’s 15th anniversary. For PlayStation Plus members, we’re offering the same 50-percent-off promotion for Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD that you enjoyed for Resident Evil 4 HD last week. That means you can score both games for under $20! To top it off, anyone who purchases Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD will receive five free PSN avatars. Happy zombie slaying!

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Tyfighter80 said:

September 23rd, 2:44 pm

I like how people are talking value now, as if a plat adds something of value to a game.

People who started gaming this gen are unbelievable.

Kanon_of_Gemini said:

September 23rd, 3:02 pm

I actually don’t care about the platinum trophy, I mean the trphies are good,but I play these games to have fun with them to entretain myself with them you know dig in the plot of the game…. not to get trophies….

I was a little dissapointed when I heard that RE4HD doesn’t have move suppourt… I don’t have ps move, I mean i don’t have ps move but every time I’m aiming to buy one, the lack of good games with this compatibility stops me.

iTofuMan said:

September 23rd, 3:03 pm

@ onslaughtree
You say the ps1 classic had nothing new, but you state in your post that you got them mainly for your Go. that right there adds something new its portability.

Just saying though its just different perspectives. Just because YOU dont think Trophies add anything doesnt mean other think that as well. Personally i hate people who only play new games just for trophies, but with remakes and ports whats the point in buying them? Yes RE is a classic, but i have played them all before. i would have no reason to play them today unless im getting a craving to play RE games, but some people like having a full list of trophies and claiming that as not being a “true” gamer is just pathetic. So because the dont have the same taste for games means they arent gamers? Again everyone has a different definition on what a gamer is. I personally see a gamer as someone who plays and enjoys video games. No matter what system, or reason for playing. They still like and enjoy playing hence they are gamers.

Stop trying to force people to play the way you want to because everyone is different. You dont like playing for trophies? Great, but learn that other people arent like that and enjoy it when said options comes up.

TGzorox said:

September 23rd, 3:16 pm

Capcom doesn’t care about PlayStation. They are going to release Monster Hunter on a different system and give the PS3 and the Vita crappy fighting game ports. Nobody should support Capcom.

LilWayneSuckz said:

September 23rd, 3:42 pm


Be aware of the fact that RE 4:HD and RE: CV HD are both Games on Demand games so they HAVE to have 1000 GS points otherwise they don’t constitute as a 360 Games on Demand game. This is also why they are charging $20 for the game, in order to be on GoD you need to have a price above $19.99. Thats why you see so many arcade titles with a price tag $15 and below.

Its clearly a shady thing for Capcom to do, when they could have released these titles on PSN for $15 or less but…there out to make a quick buck

I believe Crysis for PSN & XBL will be doing the same thing, however, in the case of Crysis $20 isn’t as bad as a crappy port of a decade old game

yazter said:

September 23rd, 3:48 pm

Consumers’ money > your complaining about people “playing games for trophies.”

That’s how it will always be. You can complain about others “complaining” (personally I was asking a question) because then you’re not just being ironic, you’re also a hypocrite.

Trophies are awesome. You don’t like them? Good for you. That’s your personal choice. I don’t like green shoes but I’m not gonna tell people to change their wardrobe. Because guess what?

It’s none of my god damn business how people play their games. And how I play it is none of yours. Stop shoving your ways down other people’s throats.

Chuckbait said:

September 23rd, 4:03 pm

ill wait for it to go on sale, since im not a plus subscriber! But this is the only RE console game that I havent played. Cheers!

ein_nineteenth said:

September 23rd, 4:16 pm

Resident Evil, the ultimate Franchise Zombie.
Did this game really need an HD update? It’s been less than 10 years, you can still buy this in stores.
I already have it on my Dreamcast and PS2, so no need for the Ps3, Gamecube,Wii ,360 versions.

Hell, didn’t they just release an Resident Evil multipack a few years back?

Why don’t they just remake Outbreak? That was the last RE game I actually liked.

ChrisEddins5452 said:

September 23rd, 4:21 pm

hell yea i cant wait hey will it come with trophies

ZACK-O_1993 said:

September 23rd, 4:37 pm

Why do you guys care so much about no platinum? At least it has trophies. Even if it didn’t have trophies RE4 was soooo amazing. I have 14 platinums and I could care less that these games don’t have platinums. They are platinum games themselves.

ein_nineteenth said:

September 23rd, 4:38 pm

@ yazter
Stuff like trophies and social networking are being forced upon you- You have no choice in the matter at all.
Unlike your green shoes comparison. If you don’t like Green Shoes, don’t buy them.
Trophies? You don’t have a choice in the matter.
If you like them, good for you. If you don’t you’re out of luck.

Some people feel vindicated by an imaginary progress stickers , others don’t. We should have the option to disable them if we please.

I’d feel different if Trophies actually unlocked stuff in games or in Home.
I miss unlockables. You know, beat the game on hard and get infinite ammo. Now everyone is telling you how to play a game, reminding you what you have to do and telling you what your fun is.

Old games didn’t have the internet dictating how to have fun and developers couldn’t ruin your fun either.

DION3TO said:

September 23rd, 4:42 pm

I will buy it because I love this game. But Capcom, I’d like to know just one thing: who dont they have a platinum to unlock if Xbox 360 version has full gamerscore points?

gUyDyN said:

September 23rd, 4:53 pm

I hope people realize that platinum trophies have no value towards their PSN level. Now if you like seeing their platinum amount or total amount of trophies increase, well then i understand why they’d be upset.

Websblobs said:

September 23rd, 5:44 pm

No platinum = No buy.
You guys should hire some people to research marketing because you’re losing hundreds to thousands here because you didn’t put in a platinum trophy.

WastelandDan said:

September 23rd, 5:48 pm

All this trophy hate, it’s ridiculous.

If that helps someone enjoy the experience of playing a game who the heck do all you people who are telling them not to complain think you are? It’s simply not logical telling them not to feel that way just because you don’t?

Learn how to respect the opinions of others…they feel like there should have been a platinum.

onslaughtree said:

September 23rd, 5:51 pm

Just announced, SSX3 HD will be released on PSN, priced at $9.99.Plus Members get a 20% discount. Playstation 3/ PsP compatable, but will not support TROPHIES !

TheUndertaker85 said:

September 23rd, 6:13 pm

There’s really nothing in this for me. If I want to play Code Veronica X or RE4 I’ll just look around the nearest bargain bin or on eBay. The PS2 version of 4 is running $14.98 on there for a new copy. Even the Wii version which offers some type of motion control is running $10.72 for a new copy. Code Veronica X is running $19.94 for a new copy for PS2. In other words I could buy used and get each for under the $10 price you’re giving to Plus members and still get the same features minus HD, HD being something that really doesn’t bug me all that much.

Seriously… If companies continue to make full retail PS2 games into PS3 remakes then sell on PSN, a FULL trophy list should be there plus some extra content that wasn’t available on the older versions, not just HD graphics. Resident Evil 4 was even made for the Wii so its already got basic motion controls on one console yet the PS Move wasn’t even put in, even knowing that Resident Evil 5, an older game than this remake supports PS Move.

TheUndertaker85 said:

September 23rd, 6:14 pm

For those complaining about the users wanting more trophies too then trying to say that makes them somehow less of a gamer, that’s by far not true. If you see a user with over 1k trophies, what does that tell you? That they play a lot of games. Trophy counts not only show what kind of a gamer a person is but what genres they like plus to many users, their accomplishments as a gamer.

yazter said:

September 23rd, 6:22 pm


The aim of my analogy was to show a fundamental and axiomatic principle that it all boils down to personal preference. Some play racing games only, others enjoy online shooters. And some like games with a platinum trophy.

Gaming is evolving. Trophies is but a miniscule yet integral part of that evolution. But in a way it’s still an option; you don’t have to unlock all of them. The reason they appear on your profile is for ‘promotional’ purposes. If you don’t want trophies showing on your account, the solution is simple: play on an alternate – or, even better, a blank – account. This way no one will see your trophies. See? You still have an option.

Yes, some like trophies, other don’t. I understand that some individuals may not share my enthusiasms. But it’s the anti-trophy chorus that dabble into splenetic fulmination that ‘gamers should play the games for the game itself.’ Well, who the hell are you (impersonal ‘you,’ not *you* specifically, by the way) to tell me how I should play the game I paid for? So long as I am not cheating online or ruining it for others, why do you care?.

yazter said:

September 23rd, 6:29 pm

As for the anti-trophy chorus:

1) Don’t pull the ‘new generation of gamers’ balderdash on me. I’m pretty much in my mid-twenties, been gaming since times immemorial. Trophies actually pushed me to play MORE games AND explore the game, and subsequently ensure I get my money’s worth by exploring every river it the game. Plus it’s a selling point for many so-called “easy plats” game that otherwise wouldn’t even sell. And that’s where it boils down to; more profit + selling point.

2) I have purchased a LOT of games, both from EB Games and digitally from the PS Store, trying to increase my trophy. I game a lot more than the average person. I’m not saying I’m a “better” gamer or anything, but I AM an enthusiastic one. I have played every genre under the sun. I’ve developed new appreciation of genres outside my ‘comfort zone,’ all in the pursuit of trophies.

3) And yeah, seriously. What’s in it for you how I play my games? Don’t tell me what to do with my life. I game as I want. And I like games with a platinum trophy. If I didn’t care I’d buy an old copy of RE CV for my PS2.

yazter said:

September 23rd, 6:32 pm

Typo: every rivet*

Anywho, as for the Resident Evil thing: both are full games with a long story, the trophies should have been assigned accordingly. There ARE games with 12-15 trophies AND a platinum. “Terminator Salvation” comes to mind. Sure, it’s all gold trophy (value allocation) but still, it had a platinum.

I love Resident Evil. I’m a huge fan. I can go play RE CV anytime I want. I wanted the incentive to BUY it AGAIN for the PS3 – and such an incentive would be, you know, trophies + platinum.

Anywho this is my point of view. Notice how I don’t impugn yours. I was raised better than that, thankfully.

easyriderzombie said:

September 23rd, 6:37 pm

Im downloading it right now. Yall stop hating achievement whores.

bakerarmy said:

September 23rd, 6:39 pm

Don’t care about trophies any more. I have over a thousand trophies and not one platinum.

All I want is the rest of the RE games!!!!
Give me RE Zero!!!!!
Give me the RE Remake. Those graphics and the new voice lines are great. Just need it on my PS3!!!

easyriderzombie said:

September 23rd, 6:44 pm

People forget that these copys of RE CODE V X and RE4 are on your account forever. You dont have to worry about scratching or loseing them. As long a you have it installed or the internet you’ll have the game forever.

WastelandDan said:

September 23rd, 6:47 pm


WoW, not an ounce of effort in that self minded splurg aginst those people who would have liked a platinum, huh?

You may has well have grunted…

Digital-Big-Boss said:

September 23rd, 6:58 pm

I bought Back to the Future earlier this year on PSN. It does not have a platinum trophy. I am a little disappointed, but that will not stop me from playing the game, because I have never played it before.

These two Resident Evil (fake) HD ports don’t have a platinum, I already own 3 copies of RE4 and 2 copies of Code Veronica on multiple platforms. I will just play those versions if I want to enjoy the great games for what they are. I WILL NOT BUY THE GAMES !!!AGAIN!!! WITHOUT A PLATINUM, because a platinum trophy offers a reason to pay for another copy of the games.

B-BOY_MAC said:

September 23rd, 7:31 pm

How many HDD space does this game needs?

Leo020 said:

September 23rd, 7:33 pm

Cool, I was going to buy the PS one version, but HD? Great count me in!

CaptenMidnite said:

September 23rd, 8:37 pm

Who cares about platinums. Just finish the game 100 % and enjoy the game for what it is. I have 13 platinums and I don’t care. To me it’s just a number.

JEC94 said:

September 23rd, 8:43 pm

LMFAO @ the idiots that wont buy the game just because it doesn’t have platinum,you guts must be 10 years old and new to gaming because in the past games didn’t have a single trophy at all,noobs!

JEC94 said:

September 23rd, 8:43 pm


JEC94 said:

September 23rd, 8:45 pm

@bakerarmy agreed

JEC94 said:

September 23rd, 8:47 pm

@yazter so you are playing the games just to get some digital trophies with no value and not for the fun? jeez……

yazter said:

September 23rd, 8:54 pm


Pot, meet kettle. Someone by the name of JEC”94″ is making fun of “kids.” Your comment exude maturity, JEC. Definitely well-written and well-formed. /Sarcasm.

JEC94 said:

September 23rd, 9:18 pm

@yazter wow I admire your maturity. /Sarcasm

ccanfield1 said:

September 23rd, 10:04 pm

I agree with others saying, please add Move support for the Resident Evil games. At least RE4.

ugo_88 said:

September 23rd, 10:11 pm

LOL I think I’ll buy it just because it doesn’t have the FREAKING PLATINUM TROPHY just to show I don’t give a damn about those trophies and I would love to see them all removed… stupid trophies…

Thanks for those remakes I love it! It’s nice to have the good old days games back from the dead.

lisatsunami said:

September 23rd, 11:07 pm

Lol, are you all still arguing over this?

I bought RE 4 today, since the discount will go away on Tuesday. I’ve never played any RE games before. I don’t have a dog in this fight because I can’t get any plats at all so far. All I’m going to say is, so far, it looks like the worst example of an HD upgrade I’ve yet seen & I hate the controls. So I’m going to throw my lot in with those of you who complain these remakes should have had Move compatibility.

I won’t be buying the Code Veronica.

BuchNasty said:

September 24th, 12:55 am

@6 Well obviously trophies do make a difference. I would have gotten it already if it had a plat but i’ll wait for a huge price drop because re4 would have been 10 dollars for everyone if psn+ didn’t exist. You don’t really see 20 dollar games on psn without a platinum from my recollection, and it’s good people are complaining about it or else they’ll keep putting out games like this without platinums and nothing will change. You have to hear criticism to improve.

BuchNasty said:

September 24th, 1:01 am

Oh and i’d like to point out, for all you people who say “hardcore” gamers don’t care about trophies; what kind of sense does that make? I mean obviously you’re more hardcore if you’re into trophies because you want to 100% the game. A hardcore gamer is the one who beats all the crap out of a video game until it lies breathless on the ground, and if you don’t like trophies then keep it to yourself because you’re just flaming. People who care about trophies aren’t gonna care about what some light weight has to say on a blog. Just sayin. Btw I am 137th worldwide in trophy rankings. Also… just sayin.


September 24th, 3:16 am

unfortunately trophies/points have taken away from gaming if one really thinks about it.. but since it is a part of gaming and its here to stay , i have gotten used to it and who doesnt enjoy hearing the chime when a trophy is obtained? i know i have grown to but i chose not to hunt them, but thats just my style of gaming, others must have them all and i can understand why..i dont think people are as pissed off about the whole platinum/not enough trophies if when compared 2 another console, one may feel like getting “screwed” or “backseated” in regards to content to money break down. so breaking down the same amount of money would give another console full support of points/trophies/achievements. and when comparing the overall value one may argue that not having enough trophies or the platinum are actually valid because regardless of feature or content, ps3 has less than rather than equal and money is money. also people who played and smashed this game already may need an extra incentive, and poor trophy support is not one of them. and tbh neither is the “hd”


September 24th, 3:31 am

i have been in gaming since as far back as i can remember, and ive been in local-east coast mortal kombat / street fighter tournies back in the days when you had to stack coins on the bottom edge of the glass to get next, back when gaming was mostly done via arcades. so does that make me a hardcore gamer or a “real” gamer? in my opinion to those who played w/ passion , whether mastering sub-zero from when mortal kombat was born or not being able to chain a 4 hit combo w/ ken, its the passion.. thats what defines a true gamer, people who come to tournies but did not enter and those who went to arcades although they did not have a quarter in their pocket, but they wanted to watch and learn. its the passion, not trophies and not just skill, its the determination to get better, the hours and hours of trying to figure out a puzzle, a social altering commitment (as well as financing).
one who lives loves gaming, now thats a true”real” gamer. one who collects antlers, does not make him a “true/real/hardcore” hunter, and if there is a hardcore/real gamer test, well i mustve been too busy gaming to take it, cause i missed it..


September 24th, 3:46 am

so why not talk about facts, and things that can be proven..
what did everyone think of the “hd” job? and will this deter or encourage those to buy another from this company?
myself, well i had seen all the bad reviews about the hd res 4 but i do not usually let game reviewing mags dictate my game library unless its many are saying the same thing and also “user reviews” being important. but at the time there were few user reviews and just a couple up from game mag/web shredding the hd remake. but everything else scored high but the common factor was low score w/ graphics and one actually said “the older graphics were actually more appealing in contrast to the high def version” . but i was sold because i wanted the game/series on my drive and bought it.. well i dont regret the purchase at 10 bucks, but im not exactly thrilled by the high def. but was fun to play res 4 on my ps3(although i am not continuing). my purpose was to have the collection on my hard drive, and we all have reasons for buying or passing on this game, but the point is, they are our reasons, nobody can take that away from us as individuals,lmao.everyone can have an opinion,part of life.


September 24th, 4:04 am

if a patch can be made, for either the move(easier said then done but…)or to give one a platinum trophy should be
a priority.. this game being marketed for high def upscaling “make over” is nothing less than a scam.. if any one at sony can honestly sit a tester down and then review this game as a true high def… actually high def anything, then i would invite you to post that it is, many will considerably question your merit if you do.. i was not going to take it there but i am, i have stopped playing it after 15 minutes because i knew that i got jipped.. 3 of my pals from psn were like “are you sh**ing me?’ i dont care what it is that you guys do, but i will say what you shouldnt do, market code veronica as “high def” if it is the same as this from a technical standpoint. i understand that sony team did not have anything to do w/ making this game/high def etc. but you are marketing it and selling it therefor profiting from it.. so i would notice a few things which ps3 CUSTOMERS had complained/mentioned on here and put it into action, if move support etc is not possible, and nothing is done, and code v still release’s as a high def game, well thats unacceptable..


September 24th, 4:42 am

capcom, need to step up to the plate and make things right , wont get into everything but you guys need to do something..
show that you guys do have support for gamers and can be a company which will be known as one who is willing to change rather than … well its never too late, “clean house”and fix this . a patch which can enable something to offset the high def done in an hour w/ a 20 min break is what comes to mind when i think of how much effort was put into the process. facts are facts, can not dispute facts. please get back to the capcom which i grew up on, and you guys have been brilliant at times and this is just unacceptable. lets be honest. just because you know something will sell isnt enough reason to launch something. what happened to quality control and innovation? this is not a trick shot nor a re-make from the pins up. we were not fooled. capcom resident evil was a great game, this was a port which promised high def, not something which may appear to be, the real thing. will you show your commitment to the good of gaming and make this right? you probably know i write elsewhere, and its not going away. take a stance and show us you will make things right, you and sony


September 24th, 4:52 am

fact is that this is not high definition, and “cleaning house” in terms of capcoms stance and direction.
the next best thing is right around the corner, and what will ultimately define whether capcom will be a part of it is is defined by the moment, today. reputation can be repaired , but after a while something which doesnt exist cant be saved. takes a genius to create greatness, takes greatness to admit ingenius.

you guys used to be great, but time to admit and more importantly FIX. any place is a good place to start.
wouldnt be a bad idea to include “high def” installments.

dilbig5 said:

September 24th, 6:26 am


You obviously don’t even take the time to even enjoy the game. You just play if for a digital recognition.

dilbig5 said:

September 24th, 6:37 am


Tekken Dark Resurrection is $20 ($30 if you buy the bundle) and it doesn’t have trophies. Saint’s Row 2, Bolt, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2, and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 are all $20 on the psn without trophies.

dilbig5 said:

September 24th, 6:39 am

@Everyone complaining about a lack of platinum trophy:

It has trophies. Why would you need a trophy telling you that you got all the other trophies? That’s sad what gaming has come to. People who only play for trophies can’t call themselves real gamers. They don’t take the time to enjoy it. Trophies that you can’t feel or see (technically) are pretty much useless. If the 360 didn’t have achievements, then PS3 wouldn’t of had trophies. How did you play games before? Did you make a little ding whenever you did something you were supposed to do? Look at how popular the Wii is. It doesn’t have any digital recognitions and yet, people love it.

Mister-Nep said:

September 24th, 6:54 am

I’ve never had the chance to play this game before. Definitely looking forward to playing this version.

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