Watch PSN Exclusive Rochard in Action at Fantastic Fest

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Watch PSN Exclusive Rochard in Action at Fantastic Fest
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The PlayStation.Blog has showcased PSN exclusive Rochard before – we examined its gravity-based side-scrolling gameplay and Team Fortress-esque aesthetic in previous posts. But it wasn’t until the game was right in front of me at Austin’s Fantastic Fest that the premise, art style, and gameplay all came together into a coherent whole. Being able to control your character and the gravity of the entire level takes a bit of getting used to, but after a few minutes, it clicks. While Rochard is packed with clever puzzles, it’s also very much an action game. See for yourself in our new video walkthrough above, which we shot at our Fantastic Fest community meetup and where Blog readers got their hands all over a host of upcoming PSN and PS3 games.

Watching Rochard in action, I was struck by the large number of ways you could dispose of enemies and obstacles: the physics-based g-lifter, the scorching plasma gun, melee blows – even dropping a box on an unsuspecting enemy’s head (netting you a “Death From Above” Bronze Trophy).

Rochard debuts exclusively on PSN this Tuesday, September 27th for $9.99.

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2 Author Replies

  • Seems like a pretty clever game

  • XX-Tokizu-XX

    99.99$? lol Seems like a cool game though, reminds me of Team Fortress for some reason.


    I only get a picture on this post … What video

  • XX-Tokizu-XX

    Oh, i guess i should of read on lol.


    lol video on the ps3 shows but not my laptop

  • ModernYorkster

    This looks like a great game ill be adding to my collection! Lets start supporting the developers that are making the games “Only On PlayStation”.

  • awesome game mechanics, cheap price, and only on playstation network? take my money!!!

  • SebastianOwl

    Comes out one week before Dark Souls, perfect timing. A little side-scrolling, gravity fun before I plunge into the abyss.

  • totally unrelated but cant access forum… uncharted 3 via walmart or batman arkham city w/ preorder bonus batman arkham asylum via walmart

  • NamesIrish13

    I have wanted to play this game for some time now, and I am happy to see it is only going to cost $9.99. That sealed the deal for me, and now it will be a day 1 buy!

    Cant wait!

  • LoL, remind me Team Fortress

  • How about you get the guys that are developing the ps3 version of minecraft to speak on the blog :D

  • StormTimber

    looks like a cross breed between team fortress and portal. looks cool.

  • plaztiksyke

    the look reminds me of a cross between Team Fortress and Slam Bolt Scrappers.

    a good concept, but I”ll need to try the demo before I buy.

  • Fantastic game :P with shooting and puzzles I like it

  • Ghost-of-SpartaX

    OMG OMG OMG that’s me in the video at the end with the shades

  • Ghost-of-SpartaX

    Well Thanks! Jeff and Ray for my 3 seconds of fame at the end of this video LOL

  • I love to support playstation exclusive games but this honestly seems very… generic. I’ve had my fill of sidescrolling platformer puzzle solvers for the next 5 years.

    And he said 99.99 lololol

  • am i losing my mind? since when people where ok with a 99.99 price tag for just a game…i mean come on its just a side scroller….i can get the same type of game to equal or pass this game in fun value for 15$

  • people are clearly not understanding that he added a nine by misstake :D


    i seriously want a

    Ratchet & Clank Trilogy first 3 ps2 games remasterd
    Jak trilogy

    sony i aint buying any games you give me that hasn’t got quality gameplay

    give us ratchet and clank trilogy
    and jak trilogy and you’d get soo much money

  • cybershinigami87

    If anyone wants to see more of the game Giantbomb did a pretty long Quick look of it.

  • Wow how do you get a job like that with sony? sign me up

  • Should have just linked to the Giant Bomb Quick Look, since that was a lot more informing than this.

  • mustbehiggy

    Mang, this game screams Valve. It’s very Team Fortress 2 looking for sure and the Zero-G gun looks straight out of Half-Life 2.

    But none of those things are a bad. Seen as how Valve always make amazing games lol.

  • VendettaLion

    I’ll give it a shot, but I really hope the game play is like the non first person Metroid titles…

  • every other video the people a realy happy to talk about there game he didnt did he make the game are was he some one pulled in off the street a forced to talk the game looks cool thought

  • #18, I sympathize, but this game is probably geared towards people who are tending to look a bit more like Rochard (last-gen gamers). :)

  • @Ghost-of-SpartaX Sorry man but how do you get this avatar?Its freakin awesome I love Kratos like I love me.

    Well I’ll play the demo…but no matter how I look the game looks very cool and fun.

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