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Sep 26

Sep 26

Prepare for War With PTOM’s Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Expose

Roger Burchill's Avatar Posted by Managing Editor, PlayStation: The Official Magazine

The mother of all shooters is about to hit and PTOM’s November issue has intel straight from the Call of Duty team on the changes to online multiplayer. We’ve got tips on strategy and tactics from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer, as well as a sneak peek at two maps. It’s everything you’ll need to dominate in Modern Warfare 3 from day one…unless you’re like us and lack the ability to aim. Thank god for the noob tube…

PTOM November 2011 Cover

If modern war doesn’t have enough shooting to satisfy your trigger finger, how about a good ol’-fashioned American crime spree? We’ve got Saints Row: The Third’s Super Genius Man-Cat Professor Genki with an exclusive tour of the violence-ridden city of Steelport. It’s the wackiest spin on the open-world crime game that we’ve seen since….well, never. Honestly, in what other game can you fire a weapon that shoots a mind-controlling octopus that you can detonate for wide-scale destruction? Or call in an airstrike to take out rival gang members? There’s even a controller button dedicated to delivering nutshots! It’s outrageous—in that special, tasteless way we so adore.

Rounding out the issue, we’ve got big-time previews of THQ’s brawlers WWE ‘12 and UFC Undisputed 3, hang out with platform pals in Rayman Origins and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and take spin in Ridge Racer: Unbounded. We’ve also got the final verdict on the latest PlayStation releases including Resistance 3, Dead Island, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, NHL and Madden 12, and the oh-so-special Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

We’ve also got first looks at Borderlands 2 and our new gamegal crush with Lollipop Chainsaw. PTOM is on newsstands September 27th and hitting subscribers mailboxes right now. Enjoy!

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Majinpoot said:

September 26th, 1:06 pm


You +plus membership has been terminated.

WastelandDan said:

September 26th, 1:19 pm

Hmmm, wonder what it means now that supportive posts are rolling in very shortly after east coast school hours end…LoL.


ein_nineteenth said:

September 26th, 1:21 pm

Are the article and the magazine cover a late April Fools’ joke or something?
Strategy? Tactics? Aiming? In Call of Duty? I can’t figure if I should break out in mind numbing laughter or shake my head and pity anybody who thinks aiming, strategy or tactics actually exist in COD games.

KwietStorm said:

September 26th, 1:34 pm

Quote, Roger Burchill:

“The “mother of all shooters” line basically refers to the fact that Modern Warfare games sell a bazillion copies. Innovation, quality, historical impact are separate issues.”

Lmao, couldn’t have said it better myself

DeMon314noMeD said:

September 26th, 1:58 pm

i cant wait ! its a great game if you dont like it dont play it ,, simple

PatricioUSA said:

September 26th, 2:03 pm

Do you actually think that a game is better cause more people(Kids) buy it? You must be one of those who read IGN crappy reviews to know if a game is good or not.
Real gamers dont need reviews, they just know, when a game is good. Battlefield series, so far, on console, they had been amazing. New engines, new graphics, new weapons, new enviroment, etc.
-What has COD done? Same engine since MW1. n1c3. And everyone saying, !! OMG!!! LOOK THOSE GRAPHICS!!!(Wich are the same, with a different enviroment)
-Strategy? Dont make me laugh please.. COD means, pressing L3 and R1 at the same time. Thats it.
Battlefield has always offered more things, and better gameplay than COD (Consoles) since BFBC1.
– Fact that i hate a lot about Activision and people who doesnt even understand about it, are FPS (frames per second)
¨Our game run at 60 FPS¨ WHO GIVES A *****? Of course it will run @60 fps, im sure that my router can run it… saying that, and people answering, ohhh 60 fps, wow!! that makes a game better… just anoy me A LOT.
Battlefield has always been a BETTER game than COD. Because COD has a bigger fan base doesnt mean is better.
Same thing happens with LOL and DoTA.
Same thing happens…. with PS3 and 360.

Stal6666 said:

September 26th, 2:07 pm

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PatricioUSA said:

September 26th, 2:08 pm

offtopic: can someone ban stal6666?

invision2212 said:

September 26th, 2:16 pm

ive always liked call of duty better but i think this time around it might change after reading the perks and other silly things going on for MW3 it just doesnt seem to be any diffrent of a game then the last 3, i hated battlefield bad company 2 but this next one looks like it just may take my money over call of duty after reading and comparing the two, personally im getting sick of FPS games in not buying either at launch ill wait and see which one turns out better for long term play.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

September 26th, 2:20 pm

I use to love reading all the playstation magazine issues but then i had nowhere to place all the magazines so i just decided to stay digital and stay on the blogs and game sites.Im surprised PlayStation Magazine hasnt gone digital just like thier comic books :/

WastelandDan said:

September 26th, 2:24 pm


Me too.

TheJLC said:

September 26th, 2:38 pm

I remember the days when the PTOM used to have demo discs inside of them. Ah, the memories.

Exalted_Knight said:

September 26th, 2:38 pm

Hopefully this gets answered, it might already have.. I would love to purchase Digital versions for the PS3 and view them with built in trailers and screenshots of the game, have you guys thought of that? Thanks

Exalted_Knight said:

September 26th, 2:41 pm

To clarify, not MW3 only.. I mean just the PTOM itself, kinda like Qore, but PTOM understand?

Sponge-worthy said:

September 26th, 2:42 pm

Am going to pass on this fourth expansion pack to Call of Duty 4.

ima_crash_u said:

September 26th, 2:47 pm

hahaa, i luv this wack battle of FPS when all im gettin is uncharted da DOMANATE WARRIOR game sickness!!!! itz a joke brah ppl playin first person shoters OH, mang 3D not sure is mulitplayer all gonna be in full 1080p that would bee mindblowin on my 50′ pannasonic banger fifa all dayayyayy too get with da program cuss

ima_crash_u said:

September 26th, 2:58 pm

<—— LOL @ drake's face like hmmmm i just murderder da competion big whoop no biggie haters gonna hate too bro

KwietStorm said:

September 26th, 3:00 pm

^ once more in readable form.

RahCailum said:

September 26th, 3:04 pm

@ 114 what the fluzies did you write? anyway……. this is bull! hate how everybody puts hype to this game with extremely overpriced dlc ($60 for 20 maps which 4 are old zombie maps!!!! no story addon just maps….) i admit i have black ops, and my friend begged me to get the map pack. good thing i made him pay me if i didnt like (which i didnt). ive noticed mostly little children of 10-12 years are the ones buying these addons, and the game itself still new. $120 for 1 game….. 1 GAME! its beyond me how anybody can think of COD as a great game. just look at the preorder stuff they gave out. a poster? thats it? hmmm.. even they know they dont have to try too hard.

ima_crash_u said:

September 26th, 3:16 pm

@ 117 ur a stupid american itch da playz supid american garbage games bunt puk uu heard hoe understand who runs show round hurr fifa an an uncharted not ur lil prick touchy games finger ur boiifriend type shart ONLY stradegy gang rape type stuff open ur eyes itz 2012 sunny!!!

t36066 said:

September 26th, 3:17 pm


ima_crash_u said:

September 26th, 3:31 pm

i just puck wit boss type stuff uu feel me BIG homie?? i can’t help myself fifa on manual is THE BIGGEST stradgey an game ever made TRY it an piss off lil kids ONLINE they don’t know wat hit em bud plus uu can become sumtin huge on the community when killin 6800 ranks left an right full out manual extraviganza

GeneralChaz9 said:

September 26th, 3:31 pm

Whoa, stop the hate! Modern Warfare is an excellent franchise. You don’t have to buy it. Its the buyers fault for buying it!

mcbuttz78 said:

September 26th, 3:38 pm

@ roger ty for the reply , but im not cod fan or a bf3 fan . Im long time socom fan.. I dont buy either game . I buy socom. I havn nothing vs cod really its more with activision not wanting fix there broken games for the console,

I think enough is enough when they just get money and dont fix anything at all or hlf way do it,. its very disrespectful to the ps brand. I have nothing vs you guys at all. I love your magazine and your articles. You guys are our family. Today was just a dose off acohol rehab LOL..

vp-psn legionairee group

    Roger Burchill's Avatar

    Roger Burchill said:

    September 26th, 11:35 pm

    @mcbuttz78 No worries, it’s all good. I love to see everyone being passionate about their favorite franchises. Believe me, we’ve got the same arguments going on between the PTOM staff.

    I just think we’ve got the potential for two great games this year–and its the competition between them that’s making them better and better.

    I, like all of you, am waiting to see which I’ll personally prefer.

ima_crash_u said:

September 26th, 3:44 pm

@ 122 strong bro strong socom is KING statue uu speakin lika pro bud sum one hand him da crown of sep. 26 blog comments!!!!

lyfestory said:

September 26th, 4:08 pm

won’t be buying the game, but look forward to other titles on the horizon, especially Uncharted 3.. i lost interest in Call of Duty ages ago.. and just not interested in BF3 either.

perhaps a new Destruction Derby title would excite me more…

jimboiscool1 said:

September 26th, 4:09 pm

zaca21 on September 26th, 2011 at 12:03 pm said:

thanks dude it gave me chills lol

PlayDude77 said:

September 26th, 4:58 pm

LOL @ the BF3 fanboys/hipsters (somehow you must think it makes you cool to dish CoD and boast about your refined tastes in gaming) … Seriously, grow up!

I think both franchises are good in what they try to accomplish, CoD has fast paced addictive arcade action that lets you jump right in a matter of minutes and have a blast (matchmaking is fast!), whereas usually BF takes more time and planning but still is a great game, it has lots of action, explosions, vehicular warfare, and it takes a lot of teamwork too. I’ll probably buy both. They’re both great in it’s own right. :D

MW3 may not be the game for you and that’s fine, but you guys are acting worse than the kids you love to criticize. Just think about it!!! -.-

BIDO_337 said:

September 26th, 5:22 pm

Is it just me or does COD have the same animation when the character dies, i mean come on where’s the gorge. I want to see body parts on the ground like COD World at War, and more weapons to make classes that’s what makes BF3 better it has more weapon and the environment around you can crumble. BF3 FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Evolution_ten said:

September 26th, 6:02 pm

haha i didnt say bf3 was not gonna be cool i say i will buy both. and no i dont even read reviews i play the games and i play mw2 alot alot more than bf2 and you may say ohh theres alot of campers well if you can’t kill a person that just on the same spot for an entire gameplay an you cant kill them well you probably suck and not only in mw but in all 1st person shooters. and same goes for bf (kids) also buy that game dude XD.

paulcarrillo226 said:

September 26th, 6:15 pm

I love The COD games but The only reason I hate it because its ruin by underage players thinking there cool and act like gangster I wish you just ban underage users from playing this game Im still getting MW3 but i will get BF3 anyways

IrosoMeyi said:

September 26th, 6:40 pm

@Robert 26


jddarby05 said:

September 26th, 6:48 pm

yeah i hear great things about the game(MW3) what are they going to do about the [DELETED] system they have like the wall hackers and aim bot users so far i havent seen them do any thing about it now what say you play station is your company going to keep allowing this to continue for this game also

IrosoMeyi said:

September 26th, 6:48 pm

@57 Yea i think so to i mean those 40 awards that it earned and the 3 major ”best of the show” Awards from the largest gaming events of the year didnt mean anything did they? You literally need to be Mentally Handicaped to think that BF3 will suck in any form of way Honestly… Get out little boy..

JEC94 said:

September 26th, 6:52 pm

noobs on duty modern campfest 3 = not buying

JEC94 said:

September 26th, 6:55 pm

and yeah you guys should make a battlefield 3 cover because mw3 favors the 360 and battlefield 3 the ps3! do you know how dice must be feeling with this treason?

KwietStorm said:

September 26th, 6:56 pm


Do you have a mental condition? No offense if you do. Just curious.

GreatnessRD said:

September 26th, 7:09 pm

This is too funny. Activision shows the PS3 no type of support, yet its the face of the Official Magazine as if it’s sh– don’t stink. The Call of Casual series is over and done. None of these incompetent games were able to hold a candle to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. But the hype machine and redbull kiddies don’t know any better and are only going along with the fad. Battlefield 3 looks to be the real deal. That’s a video game that should be gracing the cover of the official mag. I guess that will come in due time once Call of Casual will be seen as the fraud it is.

DARKKNIGHT_2518 said:

September 26th, 7:11 pm

Why do all of u hate mw3 so much. I personally like the game and i have played bf2 and it was ok it wasnt my favorite game and i will be on the bf3 beta. I bet some of u will reply back to me and say im stupid for liking cod but i really dont care so dont even bother. So if you dont have something positive to say about the game why even say it at all. I know that xbox gets the maps first but thats only because they have a deal with activision just like ea has a deal with bf3 with sony this year so if u dont like the game dont play it and keep your negative comments to yourself.

DARKKNIGHT_2518 said:

September 26th, 7:13 pm

@135 what should be seen as a fraud is xbox but too bad everyone who plays xbox is blind. I once was blind but now i see.

DARKKNIGHT_2518 said:

September 26th, 7:16 pm

@122 wtf are u even saying

DARKKNIGHT_2518 said:

September 26th, 7:17 pm

Sorry ment 121

JEC94 said:

September 26th, 7:18 pm

@137 Agreed,the 360 , MS and Xbox live are a fraud.

D-Lyve said:

September 26th, 7:19 pm

God I mean does it matter? I for one love the whole CoD series, even though due to the recent amount of noobs who only started playing because they like zombies piss me off lmao, besides I could never get into the BF series, to me they jocked CoDs style from the get go and just added certain things, but I mean come on it’s not out yet and people are already taking sides. Personally i’m choosing to buy when it comes out because by now its just tradition to own every CoD and I might get BF just to see what the buzz is about since everyone is trying to convice me to get it, but I miss the good ol days when Sony gamers where united and the common enemy for all of us was Microsoft XD

marlyt said:

September 26th, 7:24 pm

Look like the playstation nation is alive, well, and not taking activision’s crap any more. No more second-class treatment for us. No sloppy seconds, thank you. BF3 beta starts tomorrow and I am jazzed.

@ ima crash u

Soccer is for losers, period. And nobody has EVER hated on Uncharted that I’ve ever heard. I think you might need some medication or therapy.

Sandunga-pr said:

September 26th, 7:28 pm

yea it maybe the mother of shooters but Battlefield is the father of that mother jajajaja.

Sandunga-pr said:

September 26th, 7:45 pm

D-Lyve i think is the other way around COD copy bf series. and remember in MW you call air strikes in BF you are the strike biatch.

Jae775 said:

September 26th, 8:00 pm

I got my magize and I was reading through and I notice that some of the question that were ask about Elite did not get answer even though we know know the price for elite is $50/year.
So what I’m really trying to ask is when do you guys finalize the official copy?
Because we are in September and the November issue is out.
Thanks for the responds in advance (if you respond lol)

    Roger Burchill's Avatar

    Roger Burchill said:

    September 26th, 11:24 pm

    That’s the unfortunate part of long print lead times on occasion. Activision wasn’t prepared to release all of Elite’s details when we shipped to the printer, so we were unable to provide all the info that came out soon after.


September 26th, 8:18 pm

im getting mw3 dude are you crazy u got to get it WastelanDan

Shishimo9000 said:

September 26th, 8:55 pm

@D-Lyve ROFL Battlefield jacked call of duties style you are a funny little man. Battlefield has been doing things the same way since it first appeared battlefield 1942 in 2002. Then they made Battlefield 2 in 2005 one of the first big name games to finally step away from WWII and make something relevant to our time.

Call of duty first appeared in 2003 made several WWII games that were good nothing special but good for their time. Finally in 2007 2 years after Battlefield’s step into “Modern Warfare”, Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare came out with a very similar art style setting and feel of Battlefield 2.

Who ripped off who you can verify my facts if you’d like.

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