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Sep 27

Sep 27

Dead Nation: Road of Devastation Out Today

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Game Designer, Housemarque

With over 3.8 million recruits and more than 13 billion zombies killed worldwide, the time has come to launch the ultimate zombie-killing spectacle of our time. Think you’ve got what it takes to survive “Road of Devastation?” An expansion to Dead Nation with single player and two player co-op modes (online and offline), as well as new trophies to pick up, Road of Devastation is a brand new way to experience Dead Nation. Check out our new launch trailer below! It reveals some awesome new Road of Devastation moments, along with accolades that Dead Nation received – all in iconic 80’s action movies style!

From the ashes of the apocalypse, an organization has worked in the shadows, tampering with the human gene to engineer the perfect zombie killing machine… you! Continuing from the events of the original game (or is that preceding…?), Road of Devastation puts your skills to the ultimate test. You find yourself at a crossroads leading to three different choices with each road featuring its own challenges and enemies but also different weapons and tools you’ll need if you’re to survive.

Dead Nation Road of Devastation

Before long, you’ll find your choices have great meaning, you just might find yourself at the crossroads again, but, that time the road you took has been closed, so you’ll make a new decision based on the new weapons, items, money and armor (or perhaps score) you’ll have by then. In order to become the ultimate zombie killing machine you must also master the arts of death completely – you will be rewarded for pulling off different levels of multi-kills, and making constant tactical decisions based on new money, score and other collectible mechanics.

Each road introduces new environments with elements that can work either for or against you. As you wade through areas with heavily overgrown plant life, you can make your way through by destroying the overgrowth blocking your progress. This affects the zombies’ paths as well. Navigating through flooded streets, you might find pools of water with zombies in them that you can electrocute. Flames burst out of buildings on fire, but time your movements right and it might be the zombies who get burned, not you.

Dead Nation Road of Devastation

Road of Devastation gives you several new ways to dispose of enemies. Trigger electric fences to fry everything nearby or turn zombie masses into mince meat with heavy-duty industrial saws. The latest technology even enable you to deploy an automated sentry gun called the “Auto-Turret” onto the battlefield – watch that ammo counter go. In the local hospital area you’ll find a new type of health pack – a medikit you can carry with you and use when you need it most. It restores full health, but you can only carry one at a time (or stomp it to gain lots of cash).

As the virus evolves, the enemies evolve. You’ll find enemy waves start to grow in numbers and get more and more aggressive. Zombies can now also burst forth from every conceivable angle. See a manhole cover moving? Zombies might literally ooze out at any moment. There’s a crack in a wall? You might want to keep your distance. No place is safe anymore. Even the ground you walk on might turn inside out when some of the new enemy types reveal themselves. And forget what you thought you knew about common zombies – Road of Devastation presents new enemy traits to several common zombie types. Low on ammo? Cop zombies usually drop some. Low on health? Doctor and nurse zombies might carry health packs. Need money? Tourist zombies tend to carry pocket change. See if you can discover them all.

Dead Nation Road of Devastation

A few entirely new enemies will also require your attention. Be extra careful when treading plant-infested environments – the virus has now also begun to infect even plant life. Beneath the ground, masses of buried corpses, all but decomposed have now fused with infected plant life. When these monstrous atrocities burst forth from amidst the plants, you’ll notice they have no problem treading the infested terrain as they make their way toward you. And the original game’s “Mouth” enemy makes a deadly comeback – evolved into “Big Mouth”, it now summons its minions straight from hell, from right below your very feet!

Prepare to experience Dead Nation in a brand new way in Road of Devastation, out today for $3.99. This time, it’s war!

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ERC1980 said:

September 27th, 12:22 pm

yeah i have no choice but to get this

anyone interested in some co op action, add me to your friends list

lookin forward to some good zombie slayin times!

iTofuMan said:

September 27th, 12:26 pm

got this game when it was free via wlecome back! i still havent been able to finish it, but this dlc looks nuts cannot wait to download it!

egee22 said:

September 27th, 12:31 pm

wahoooo :) yes

Zoidzerg said:

September 27th, 12:31 pm

I am buying this tonight! Hopefully I can play some and let people know what I think. Stupid work at the work place where work must be done.

Nicelydone_24 said:

September 27th, 12:33 pm

Where is hell is Battlefield 3 Beta!!!!!!!!!! I got Medal of Honor Limited Edition where’s my early release BETA!!!!!!!!!!!

Azur_Rising said:

September 27th, 12:39 pm

This happen to me too:
I’m on pacific time and still getting “no content was found” for dead nation ROD


September 27th, 12:47 pm

$3.99 seems to be an awesome price, hopefully this doesn’t mean it will be short

KwietStorm said:

September 27th, 1:01 pm

The store updates in the same timeframe every Tuesday. That would be between 2-4pm your time.

angelspawn77 said:

September 27th, 1:02 pm

I really liked Dead Nation so this DLC is a welcome addition, but one question, how long will this extra campaign be? Will it be around the same length as the original campaign, or half as long?

WelmoscaBR said:

September 27th, 1:03 pm

@easyriderzombie WTF man?…when I saw your comments its all time about you’re poor….I’m not laughing at you but all time I read your comments its kinda fun the way you write…but I’m saying this because…well you have a PS3 and you are a PSPlus subscriber…you’re not so poor…and if you know my situation…you would never say you’re poor trust me…you dont know how much I have to pay for the games I want.

BTW awesome DLC for an awesome price…you guys must own an award for this excellent job.

KwietStorm said:

September 27th, 1:04 pm

This happens all over the net every week. The store updates LATER in the day every week like clockwork. These posts clearly state what is coming to the store today. They are not the actual store update publish.

VariantDevil said:

September 27th, 1:39 pm

It says it’s available ingame in big gold letters but its still invisible for me

SakuraDaidouji said:

September 27th, 1:55 pm

so how long exactly until it updates? 3pm PST or something?

gagjm said:

September 27th, 2:07 pm

Wow, only $3.99? This is worth like double the amount. I will so buy this! I still need to finish the original Campain. Played it for awhile then stopped playing ever since. Can’t wait to get back to this amazing game!

zekececil14 said:

September 27th, 2:49 pm




zekececil14 said:

September 27th, 2:52 pm





I believe that this will give all the US recruits a reason to play, so, WE WILL RETAKE FIRST!

ein_nineteenth said:

September 27th, 2:53 pm

Cheap DLC ?
Released at a reasonable amount of time after the main game?
The only thing that would make this better would be new characters/ close up camera angles.

Seriously, why can’t all DLC announcements be like this? The game has been out for a year. Everyone who was planning to play it, played it and may have forgotten about it.
Now they announce a new expansion for a low price, just to get people to pick it up again and continue playing.

Makes me wonder what is wrong with the rest of the developers this generation, you know. With the whole, announcing DLC before the game is even released thing.

Kinda weird to only see a handful of games living up to that whole DLC keeps your games fresh lie they said before this generation started. Keep up the good Work.

Side note.

RIP Don LaFontaine.
80s styled Trailers just aren’t the same without the guy.

xXDoggyHDXx said:

September 27th, 2:58 pm

Add me people so we can do coop for this :3

tonydamiani said:

September 27th, 3:08 pm


HoZr said:

September 27th, 3:11 pm

Whats up with the late update? This is the latest store opening in a month at least.

ubetter said:

September 27th, 3:13 pm

Waiting for the ps store to update, so I can download this new dlc, and bf3 betap

tonyctitan said:

September 27th, 3:24 pm

my system updated when I turned it on but the dlc is not available. when I click on the in game icon it goes to the playstation store and says no content was found. its driving me nuts.

tonyctitan said:

September 27th, 3:26 pm

Well anyway if anyone wants a good co-op partner add me. My id is tonydeth

zekececil14 said:

September 27th, 3:28 pm

I love DN. I’m 33rd in the world on the last level. (Morbid diff.)


LilWayneSuckz said:

September 27th, 4:08 pm

Thank you for reminding me!

zekececil14 said:

September 27th, 4:11 pm

7:09 here. Kinda frustrated. Been waiting forever.

Vengeance88 said:

September 27th, 4:14 pm

Use the search function on the store. I noticed Castlevania:HOD and RE:CVX are up now.

vuxnut said:

September 27th, 4:16 pm

Now this is a price I can get on board with.

Spacerac said:

September 27th, 5:22 pm

Sorry guys, while I enjoyed getting this game free I don’t want to monetarily support titles that have copy-protected saves. I rent the games that have this restrictions instead of paying full price for them. Obviously though this is an expansion for a download only game.

TinOfSpam said:

September 27th, 8:07 pm

Yeww! Old maps were getting a little sour. Perfect price and I can finally give something back to the developers seeing as I got it FREE from PSN. Hopefully It’ll be easier to find players now.

Tremulan777 said:

September 28th, 3:20 pm

I played the dlc and is great I haven’t had a chance to play with others but hopefully I will. I can’t wait to kill zombies online

SDK-HippySlayer said:

September 28th, 4:09 pm

When will this be available in Australia ? I still get the “No Content Found’ message.

Zoidzerg said:

September 29th, 11:22 am

Enjoying the extra content so far. Basically a survival mode with progressively harder rounds. It is the most fun I have had with a DLC survival level (which is to say I have enjoyed none of them until now!). Has some new things in it.

Basically good value, but if you were expecting something huge or a continuation of the story line (maybe I just haven’t survived enough rounds yet) then you may be disappointed. Also, for people who found the original difficult even on lower difficulties this may not bring as much joy as it ramps up pretty quick (which is fine for me because it would be boring to go through many rounds with no challenge whatsoever).

Also, I hope BF3 beta never ever comes out. :P

starbuster72 said:

September 29th, 5:55 pm

Amazing just 3.99 for this game well I guess it wouldn’t be bad if I could find at least one person in the entire planet who still wants to play it ….

rapture22 said:

October 2nd, 2:33 pm

Add me for CO-OP. $3.99 is a stone cold steal.

Unfortunately my campaign save was erased so I have go to back through the campaign one more time. Actually thats not unfortunately seeing as how this is one of the greatest PSN games out to date.

See you guys on the Zombie Killing Fields.

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