UPDATED: UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience is Live Now!

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UPDATED: UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience is Live Now!
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We’re just about a month away from the launch of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception and I’m sure everyone’s craving a Taste for Adventure. Yes, I just said that. We’ve been working with our friends at SUBWAY to help satisfy these cravings with a promotion that’s never been done anywhere else, ever! Beginning this Saturday, if you go into a local SUBWAY Restaurant and purchase one of the specially marked UNCHARTED 30 oz drinks, you will receive a code that will provide you with access to the full competitive multiplayer experience throughout the month of October. Don’t believe me? Check out the official word from our favorite adventurer, Nathan Drake.

The full competitive multiplayer experience, which begins Saturday, October 1st, at 12:01am Pacific Time, will give you the chance to dive into the fun and get a head start on leveling up your profile while learning all of the new UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer maps before the full game is released on Tuesday, November 1st.

Along with access to the competitive multiplayer experience, keep your eyes open for exclusive Subway items hidden throughout the maps to unlock additional content.

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for all the nitty-gritty details, so get the full download on the multiplayer experience you’ve been waiting for, right now!

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7 Author Replies

  • RoflPenguin


  • Thanks Arne!

    Will we have something announced for other regions other than the US?

    • Arne Meyer

      The other regions, like SCEE for Europe, has been working on trying to make some aspect of multiplayer available during the same time as the Subway MP experience. That hasn’t been finalized yet – so stay tuned and cross your fingers it works out!

  • Awesome, got my codes already. Can’t wait to play it tomorrow. Will the download be available prior to 12:01 so we can at least get it installed and ready to go at 12:01?

    In regards to your AMC Uncharted 3 event in LA, will the crew and VO cast be on hand to sign autographs as well?

    • Arne Meyer

      We haven’t determined who from Naughty Dog or if our cast can make any of the AMC events, but the invite has been extended. As the dates draw near, we’ll try to provide the most accurate info

  • 00:57 – Five… Five dollar… Five dollar foot loong!
    Looking forward to getting into the early access tomorrow!

  • Any word on if this promotion is in Canada or just the states?

  • iNvidious01

    anything for EU arne?

    • Arne Meyer

      So above at #4 – everyone is trying to work something out but there’s nothing confirmed yet. Cross your fingers!

  • will the download be available tonight at midnight?

    • Arne Meyer

      Yes, 12:01 AM Pacific time is what we’re told when it will go active.

  • nevermind, i’m a dummy.

  • jimboiscool1

    @ 2 lol i thought it was today lol subway people were confused. I saw that commercial earlier today and i thought it was hilarious when Nate was falling from the plane and caught the subway cup lol
    “Subway, where winners eat…OW!”

  • awesome im headting to subway right now!kthnxbye

  • Is this offer available in Canada as well?

    • Arne Meyer

      Unfortunately the Subway MP experience promotion isn’t available in Canada

  • jimboiscool1

    Sorry for double post but i want the subway clothes!!! lol

  • TensaZangetsU_0

    need to know if this also available in Canada? could someone reply on this. thanks.

  • Stoffinator

    Is this Subway across North America?

  • insano_jaco

    this multiplayer will be open for PSN+?

    • Arne Meyer

      No, right now this is only available in the US and only available via the Subway Taste for Adventure promotion.
      Stay tuned and cross your fingers if you are outside of the US.

  • Arne Meyer
    Arne Meyer

    The rewards are for the final game and they will be sent to you at launch of Uncharted 3.

  • finally you post something…

  • Got my cup and code already! See you all online!

  • Will the Subways in Canada also offer this deal? since most of these deals they tend to be US only :(

  • lmfao the 5$ footlong taunt was hilarious

  • neato

  • Ice_Cream681

    :( not for canada :'(

  • Thanks ND for screwing anyone outside the US!

  • Sharingan_itachi

    why did you say later today? liars…

  • Will Americans get to keep the Subway treasures even after this promotions ends? :P

  • Forget midterms, It’s Uncharted 3 time~!

  • I went into a Florida Subway today and there was nothing Uncharted in there at all. Will there defiantly be there something tomorrow?

  • subway eat fresh

  • If there is no chance to get this subway offer outside the US (Canada) then what about for PS +?

  • other regions keep crying

  • 5 dollar FT Long TAUNT!!!!! YESSSSS I am buying a foot long after I finish my SATs tomorrow!! WISH ME LUCK


  • allthatremains94

    Great, I was going there tomorrow anyways so now I have another reason to go.

  • That’s pretty cool! I was just thinking about how great it would be if my stats and unlocked weapons, I’ve earned in the BF3 beta, would carry over to the final game…

  • Hey, arne, at least do something for Canada :(

  • What about Mexico?

  • “Five. Five dollar. Five dollar foot long!” LOL

  • focaldragonfly23

    could you guys get another uncharted 3d going on for the people who cant make it that day

  • is this or everybody or no plezzz replied back Playstation Network i want to really know if it’s for everybody in the world ?

  • I don’t want Subway logos in my Uncharted 3 matches. Seriously, what were you guys thinking?

  • thanks sony for treating usa like kings once again when does canada ever get something good or exclusive but i love UNCHARTED :)

  • imma be pissed off if I stay up to 3am and it’s not there…..

  • Thanks for posting this Arne! I’m gonna wake up at like 5 AM PST to play!

    But first I have a question. Is it possible to redeem the cup codes now (as in 5 o’clock PST), or must I wait until 12:01 A.M. PST?

  • @lve_msg You should probably go to sleep. When has Sony ever uploaded anything on time?

  • That footlong taunt… could be misinterpreted. ;)

  • oh so if we are not in the US we start in disadvantage on day 1, nice! :(

  • Imputed7-14

    Went into Subway and asked about this today, the people had no idea what I was talking about. I will probably try again tomorrow.

  • Do we get to keep the Subway extras for the final game?

  • Arcadian_Rebel

    The Subway promotion actually started the 29th, but the UC2 game starts the 1st. Lots of confusion going around… sigh. Although, I can’t freaking wait to play Uncharted 3 tonight! I’m pulling an all-nighter. :D

  • Solid-Daniel1996

    Same as the other guy… i went to 2 different subways and they had no idea what I was talking about

  • Digital-Big-Boss

    The Subway website says it started on 9/29. I went there and the cup they gave me was for the old Sony promo that had Infamous and PS Move Heroes on it that expired in April :p

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