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Sep 30

Sep 30

UPDATED: UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience is Live Now!

Arne Meyer's Avatar Posted by Director of Communications, Naughty Dog


We’re just about a month away from the launch of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception and I’m sure everyone’s craving a Taste for Adventure. Yes, I just said that. We’ve been working with our friends at SUBWAY to help satisfy these cravings with a promotion that’s never been done anywhere else, ever! Beginning this Saturday, if you go into a local SUBWAY Restaurant and purchase one of the specially marked UNCHARTED 30 oz drinks, you will receive a code that will provide you with access to the full competitive multiplayer experience throughout the month of October. Don’t believe me? Check out the official word from our favorite adventurer, Nathan Drake.

The full competitive multiplayer experience, which begins Saturday, October 1st, at 12:01am Pacific Time, will give you the chance to dive into the fun and get a head start on leveling up your profile while learning all of the new UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer maps before the full game is released on Tuesday, November 1st.

Along with access to the competitive multiplayer experience, keep your eyes open for exclusive Subway items hidden throughout the maps to unlock additional content.

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for all the nitty-gritty details, so get the full download on the multiplayer experience you’ve been waiting for, right now!

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xX-13thAngel-Xx said:

October 1st, 6:17 am

Now What happens if our code won us the game how do we get to redeem the code for the game?

Seefaco said:

October 1st, 6:34 am

Way to screw us European gamers Sony, I’ll enjoy getting my ass handed to me when I’m able to play the game a whole god damn month later when all the yanks have have reached the level cap and we get to start from scratch. Thanks Sony, you’ve really made my day.

phatmillips said:

October 1st, 6:40 am

Being Canadian, I wish I could have posts filtered out that I’m not qualified for. I get so excited then I find out I cant participate then get so sad.

Opt1mus76 said:

October 1st, 7:13 am

Anyone got a spare Subway code? If anyone has a code they are willing to let me have please send via PSN message. Us Uncharted lovers in the UK want to play too and I missed the Beta cos my network was down (I have US account before I get the ‘but you need…’ reply)

letherclad said:

October 1st, 7:38 am

I really wish you gave us more notice than “its hours away”

anyway, I’m pretty psyched for this!

Link01 said:

October 1st, 7:40 am

So if we buy a large subway cup are we guarenteed in? Or is it a chance to win?

Wooderson_JKL said:

October 1st, 7:56 am


What do Canadian Supporters of the game get? It certainly can’t be nothing as I’m sure we are all just as passionate and deserving as US gamers.

I can attest to the fact I own Uncharted 1 , 2 , and also have 3 pre-ordered via Amazon. Which brings up another question.

Why can’t Canadians get the Limited Edition Release. It certainly isn’t because there wouldn’t be any copies left for US gamers.

Why doesn’t Naughty dog take a stand with this issue and prove to the gaming industry and others that Canadians deserve to be treated as important and valued customers.


Andrew Swaine

Griever_Ca said:

October 1st, 7:57 am

Cool, I hear Europe is getting it too, via PS+
I live in Canada, and I just purchased PS+ subscription for one year, but yet again Canada is left with nothing!
There are zillions of Subways here, but heck why not making it it US only, like usual?
Thanks for nothing guys!

Faenix1 said:

October 1st, 8:14 am

Wooderson_JKL, Chances are – us Canadians – get diddly as per usual when the americans get a promo.
What should maybe happen for Canadians/Europe is PS+ gets in, OR – and this will be a lot of work – but if you send in a invoice that you preordered at least 4 months ago then you will get in. THAT will be fair, or force canadian subways to take part – and a sub joint in europe.

this wouldnt bug me so much, if I had a choice from A. going to subway to get a code, B. not bothering and waiting till release date. Instead canadians are straight up given a option C – which is forced to wait till November 1st.

Diluvio said:

October 1st, 8:14 am

Jared Fogle is the new Doughnut Drake.

Faenix1 said:

October 1st, 8:15 am

Spacerac, that makes no sense.
“How is being at a disadvantage any different from if you decide to buy the game some months down the line or even a couple weeks later?” I’m buying the game DAY ONE, that I had preordered for half a year – I should be able to enjoy teh game day one, not get owned cause Canadian subways dont have the promotion. So, to your “If this bothers you that much” line, I CANT get a code even if I wanted too

I play to HAVE FUN, getting killed repeatedly cause some dude is max level (which will happen a lot in a month) on release date.. doesnt sound like FUN to me. I just want things to be fair, not so one sided.

Griever_Ca, I know. My town alone has over 4 subways. :/

JitteryJordan said:

October 1st, 8:17 am

Great, Product Placement in Uncharted 3, there’s nothing quite like selling out.

enfermeiro said:

October 1st, 8:27 am

allways us! i´m portuguese why i can´t have this promotations??

ps3 and u3 works perfect in europe, so we dont want to be discriminate

KristopherAry said:

October 1st, 8:28 am

sold out big time never thought i see the day for uc3

KristopherAry said:

October 1st, 8:29 am

whats next in game tampax guns

enfermeiro said:

October 1st, 8:32 am

macdonald´s works best all over the world

LemonTea_15 said:

October 1st, 8:34 am

Hi :)
(Excuse my English i´am from Germany)^^
If anybody here have a second Key, he can give me it…^^
In Germany (and Europe) there isn´t this event….I would be delighted if you would give me a code!

Sincerely yours, LemonTea_15

enfermeiro said:

October 1st, 8:37 am

if someone have a code i apreciated if could send me one to my psn acount because a i have psn us, but i dont have subway in portugal
thanks ;)

enfermeiro said:

October 1st, 8:39 am

lemon i have the same problem because we are european but we love uncharted

LemonTea_15 said:

October 1st, 8:53 am

@efermeiro Yeah! It´s very stupid that the event only in the US is :(

We are very big Uncharted fans but we can´t play the Mp…. :(

enfermeiro said:

October 1st, 9:27 am

naughty dog im a big fan of your work, but i think you must fix this , im training in u2 because i want to be prepare for u3, but this is unfair
thanks lemon :)

NeonReaver said:

October 1st, 9:29 am

It’s too bad that this game will contain the online pass. Sony really needs to do away with that already. That’s what kept me from buying Resistance 3.

enfermeiro said:

October 1st, 9:34 am

its allways about de money , not for the beauty of the game…

teekomeeko said:

October 1st, 9:36 am

I almost forgot about this promotion. Good thing I was going to go to Subway later anyway – and I hope mine has the promotion.

enfermeiro said:

October 1st, 9:38 am

teekomeeko if i give 5 dollars do you send me the code?´
im too fair away from you but if i have next to you i will have, but in 1 of november we should meet side by side :)

DLDirtyLarry said:

October 1st, 9:57 am

Went to 3, count them 3, Subways in NJ, not a single one even knew what I was talking about. Not the best of promotions out there if the place that is supposed to be promoting it does not even know about it. Oh well.

usedtoiletpaper said:

October 1st, 10:08 am

I think the SUBWAY uniforms are awesome, I mean it’s not like the UNCHARTED series is all that serious.

DJBennett1985 said:

October 1st, 10:12 am

Canadians: do what I do.

1. Buy code off ebay
2. Create american account, redeem code(s), download, install
3. Switch back to your usual, Canadian account
4. Ignore your girlfriend/wife, job, kids, eating, sleeping


October 1st, 10:31 am

well a foot long tuna and 30 oz w/ no ice for me,lol

went w/ sub hoping that maybe better chances to get special items when paying 5, well we will see..


October 1st, 10:33 am

also a good way to market huh?
went straight 2 subway,lol..
depending if all works out the way i hope, may have extra code, so if any of my friends on here see this and need, let me know.. i will know at midnight.

Phenom183 said:

October 1st, 10:45 am

nobody cares about other countries get over it. The US>the rest of the world.

japerez1 said:

October 1st, 11:06 am


ShaoranLi said:

October 1st, 11:09 am

It’s really nice to see how far the franchise went into hooking up with such, such as Subway! I just hope this goes across North America soon :(

Lol now I know for sure it’s near impossible to get all the trophies for Uncharted 2 now. People are surely going into fiend their time with this demo tonight.

enfermeiro said:

October 1st, 11:15 am

bonton send it to me my friend ;)

TuttiCicero said:

October 1st, 11:16 am

Here I was, in my home in Ontario, Canada, about to go buy a foot long sub with some friends for this promotion but it is U.S. only? Glad I read down and found out that every other country in the world is excluded.. great idea!

lisatsunami said:

October 1st, 11:26 am

So I was driving & noticed a Subway, one of a zillion in SoCal. Pointed @ the U3 promo display, said “I want that” & bought my 30 oz cup with code. So easy.

Wow, all you nonAmericans are such whiners! Good to know that trait is universal. I might be tempted to buy another giant cup of iced tea (it’s about 80 degrees this morning) & give away the code, but I’ve travelled to Canada & parts of Europe many times & I know the cr*p you say about us, so no, sucks to not be an American Playstation gamer.

CHRISRHODE2004 said:

October 1st, 11:48 am

The multiplayer uncharted 3 thing is a SCAM….!! i went to subway got food and my cup….but code is only 8 characters long and to redeem a code it needs to be 12….WTF….!! Matter of fact – all their cups were 8 characters long. What gives….??!!

forsaken_life said:

October 1st, 11:50 am

just another reason to give up sony products….

DarkShinigami34 said:

October 1st, 11:59 am

I went to Subway and bought a drink but the guy gave me a normal cup. I asked about the Uncharted promotion and he didn’t know anything about it. They had the advertisements but not the cups. WTF!?!

enfermeiro said:

October 1st, 12:04 pm

thanks naughty dog thanks sony to exclude moust player

Faenix1 said:

October 1st, 12:04 pm

TuttiCicero, Read the first set of replies. Comment 12 asked “Is this offer available in Canada as well?” replied by Arne with “Unfortunately the Subway MP experience promotion isn’t available in Canada”

lisatsunami, what part of “US ONLY/something might happen for europe” do you not get? Theres more then just US that are big Uncharted 3 fans, and you and everyone else with dumb comments are shining examples of how stuck up you all are.

YoureATowel said:

October 1st, 12:04 pm

@lisatsunami Did you buy another cup? All of the subways near me only have promotional chip bags but not the cups? I would greatly appreciate the code if you do?

LilRichy209 said:

October 1st, 12:05 pm

I can’t get uncharted multiplayer. subway website said there was a server error. Does that mean i lose my reward and buy another drink, please help.

Spacerac said:

October 1st, 12:10 pm

@159 then use matchmaking to find someone on your level, or stop sucking so much.

LilRichy209 said:

October 1st, 12:26 pm

try to reclaim reward for uncharted multiplayer, but subway website said oops something went wrong, there was an error attempting to contact server, please try again.

ritual1982 said:

October 1st, 12:34 pm

I sent the woman to Subway to get me a code. I gave her specific instructions to get me the 32 oz drink with the code on it.

She comes back with a turkey sandwich because she was hungry with NO drink! The sandwich had a code on it so she thought it was the same thing, but it didnt unlock the beta only a cash reward for when the game launches!


I will have to go back.


Manigamer said:

October 1st, 12:44 pm

if only I WISH I COULD GET AHOLD OF THAT SUBWAY CODE :( no atm im not in the US sadly


October 1st, 12:47 pm

not sure about code but im hearing that you go to and enter them, well then im hearing that the cup is for the online and the subs and chips are for prizes.. been looking it up and many people are confused to exactly the difference between codes from cups and subs.. the cup has a number/code printed on it made of 8 numbers and letters, and so are the stickers that they put on the subs and chips.. so its a code for a code.. also im not sure about which one is the “good” code out of all 3, just letting you know that its a code, then have to enter it on subway to get the info of the code..

chrisredfield_97 said:

October 1st, 12:54 pm

what’s the code come on give it too me unfortunately it needed to get the multiplayer from an american friend online and i got it but i want in my downloads not to use from others downloads that’s why so Europe be quick and realease those codes please thanx :) !!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Weekend everyone

chrisredfield_97 said:

October 1st, 12:58 pm

anyone got a spare code if so please let me know here in Greece than we are really interest in uncarted series we got so many fans here so if anyone don’t hesitate please i need this code

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