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Oct 03

Oct 03

Introducing ‘Only On PSN’ For New Exclusive Games Throughout October

Susan Panico's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Network

We’re excited to announce a new program called “Only On PSN,” which features brand new games that are exclusively available on PlayStation Network throughout October. Every week starting tomorrow, October 4, you will find new titles, unique to PSN that are part of this program – games that you’ve likely read about here on the PlayStation Blog, or seen during our showing at E3 2011. You may recall our announcement a few months ago about our Pub Fund – a $20 million investment in exclusive PSN titles, and the Only On PlayStation Network program showcases two titles spawning from this investment: Eufloria and Okabu.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the Only On PSN games yourselves, so we’re giving you a few special offers throughout the course of the program. First, to sweeten the deal, we’ll be offering PlayStation Plus subscribers a 20% discount on each game during the first week of its availability.

Additionally, users who spend $60 or more out of their PlayStation Network/Sony Entertainment Network wallet through the month of October will get $10 back in November. This includes any of the Only On PSN games, purchases of games, add-ons, movies and TV shows in both the game and video sections of the PlayStation Store, your paid subscriptions for PlayStation Plus or Music Unlimited, movie rentals or purchases through Video Unlimited and any games or virtual items you buy in PlayStation Home.

Be sure to keep an eye on the PlayStation Twitter feed, as we’ll be giving away download codes for each game in the line-up every week. Don’t miss your chance to get this week’s Only On PSN games for free!

Now, let’s check out the games:

Eufloria - Only On PSNRochard - Only On PSN

October 4:

  • Eufloria – An addictive ambient game of space exploration and conquest, plant growth and bio-mechanical evolution. Explore a beautifully realized universe rendered in a style that is unique and compelling. Conquer asteroids in deep space and use their resources to literally grow and nurture semi-organic plants and creatures to do your bidding.
  • Rochard – A fun and original space adventure game that features a resourceful hero, ominous villains, rugged machinery, big explosions, even bigger stunts and sharp one-liners. The game tests players’ coordination and wits as they use gravity to their advantage, changing it at will to solve environmental puzzles and advance through each level.

Sideway - Only On PSN

October 11:

  • Sideway: New York – Help defeat Spray, a sinister tagger who wants to dominate both Sideway and the real world in this unique sidescroller that offers you the chance to leave your mark on the city.

Sodium2 - Only On PSN

October 13:

  • Sodium Collection – A more than $35 value available for $9.99, this PlayStation Home value pack includes the SodiumOne Pilot’s Jacket, which unlocks the full 50-level tank combat Salt Shooter game, and weapon upgrades for your SodiumOne tank. Also included is a variety of upgrades for Sodium 2: Project Velocity, a high-speed, free-to-play, futuristic multiplayer racing game exclusive to PlayStation Home, and the wildly-popular Blaster’s Paradise personal space, which hosts a tabletop version of Salt Shooter. Buy from the PlayStation Store and play in PlayStation Home.

Okabu - Only On PSNRocketBirds - Only On PSN

October 18:

  • Okabu – An action-puzzler, where players will guide Kumulo, Nimbe and four cloud-flying heroes as they battle to save their people and their world from the industrialized threat of the Doza. Dive into a hyper-tactile toybox world filled with a huge number of puzzles, playthings, adorable creatures and devious machines spread across an epic co-op campaign.
  • RocketBirds: Hardboiled Chicken – Annihilate an evil penguin regime in this cinematic platform adventure game offering full solo and co-op campaigns with stereoscopic 3D support. Destroy enemies with a slew of weapons and illuminate the secrets to his past while uncovering the real enemies of Albatropolis.

INFAMOUS: Festival of Blood - Only On PSNPixeljunk Sidescroller - Only On PSN

October 25:

  • inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood – Vampires swarm New Marais, and revered superhero Cole MacGrath has been bitten. To save his soul and city, he has just one night to find and kill the head vampire. Featuring hours of new gameplay, themed environment settings and new characters/enemies, Festival of Blood explores the darker side of the inFAMOUS universe.
  • PixelJunk Sidescroller – Q-Games goes old-school with a completely retro side-scrolling shooter that reinvents the genre from the ground up while maintaining that nostalgic feeling. Dodge flurries of alien bullets and strategically upgrade weapons while battling through sweeping stages full of hazardous fluid and endless shooting mayhem.

Also starting tomorrow as part of Only On PSN, we’ll also be offering a selection of rare classic games in the PlayStation Store: God Hand, GrimGrimoire, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Odin Sphere and Ring of Red.

So head into the PlayStation Store tomorrow afternoon to check out Eufloria and Okabu, and don’t forget: If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, be sure to take advantage of the 20% discounts for the new games each week before we move onto the next week of Only On PSN titles. We hope you enjoy the month of October gaming with these exclusive titles on PSN!

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phatmillips said:

October 3rd, 9:27 am

Dude, even still if there’s no trohpies for the PS2 games – 9.99 for Godhand is an EXCELLENT price, along with the other PS2 games that will be available. Grim Grimoire for 10 bucks, GREAT PRICE – Odins Sphere is a STEAL for 10 bucks. I have them already, these last 2 -BUY THEM IF THEY ARE 10 dollars. THEY ARE AMAZING

FunkyTable said:

October 3rd, 9:33 am

I hope we get to see Maximo Vs. The Army of Zen on the PSN. That’s one of my favorite games of the PS2 era.

KazeEternal said:

October 3rd, 9:36 am

So when am I going to be able to use my PS2 discs again, or do you guys plan on reselling me my games with zero benefit other than being downloadable (PS Vita Compatible?)?

killercroc119 said:

October 3rd, 9:39 am

Ahahaaaawww yeaaaaaa.. Festival of Blood is what I’m waiting for !

MOJAY21 said:

October 3rd, 9:42 am

I dont know If anyones asked this yet but if The classic PS2 games will be made in their original form will they their be A KINGDOM HEARTS 1 or 2 or both to hold me over or is it strictly pre-confirmed games? And btw how will the PS2 games work on PS3 that cant play ps2 games if they are in their original form?

Exypher said:

October 3rd, 9:45 am

Will I need the inFamous 2 disc to play inFamous: Festival of Blood?

I’m really looking forward to buying Eufloria, Sideway: New York, and PixelJunk Sidescroller.

DeathGazer said:

October 3rd, 9:45 am

I love me some day 1 PS+ discounts :)

Will buy: Festival of Blood, Okabu, Sideway, God Hand, and Odin Sphere.

Arcadian_Rebel said:

October 3rd, 9:47 am

Only good game I see up there is the new InFamous 2 add-on.

Rirse said:

October 3rd, 9:48 am

Don’t mind if they are the original version, but can you tell us if Odin Sphere is the EU version that fixed the infamous slowdown issues the game had

Moonglare said:

October 3rd, 9:52 am

That’s a very very good program. I’m also pretty much glad to be a PS+ member and take part on all the offers and discounts, I’ve saved a lot this past months not to mention the free games. Hands up for bringing PS2 classics to PSN, I hope we can have a lot more of them in the future =D

ElektroDragon said:

October 3rd, 9:55 am

Well at least October 25th is good.

jimmyfoxhound said:

October 3rd, 10:02 am

I thought “Okabu” said “Okami” and I about passed out! Could someone at Sony go convince someone at Capcom to release that classic awesome game on PSN plzzzzzz????

MGN1990 said:

October 3rd, 10:03 am

Will the Only for PSN program be PS+ exclusive?

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 3rd, 10:06 am

    No, this is for all PSN. PS+ members get a week 1 20% discount on the featured titles, but Buy$60 get $10 is for all.

bond4eva09 said:

October 3rd, 10:05 am

Will the PS2 games be available to download on PSP?

Hooligantuan said:

October 3rd, 10:07 am

Forgive me if I missed it, but will Plus subscriptions made in October count toward the $60?

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 3rd, 10:20 am

    Yes they will. Any purchases made in the Store or from your Wallet in October will count towards that $60 threshold.

callmeshua said:

October 3rd, 10:07 am

Is project velocity sort of like a wipeout type game?

callmeshua said:

October 3rd, 10:10 am

Are really all the sodium collection games futuristic racers? Cuz that’d be awesome

Mercenary09 said:

October 3rd, 10:13 am

Is Payday the Heist delayed because it wasnt mentioned in the Drop this week and isnt listed here either

that-acmilan-guy said:

October 3rd, 10:17 am

Please make some of the discounts permanent, it is too hard for me to put money on my PSN account as over here we don’t have PSN cards (I live in Bangladesh)

enjionPS said:

October 3rd, 10:21 am

Awesome stuff.

Here is to hoping for more the rare RPG’s (NISA, XSeed, Atlus, etc) to start showing up soon. Also Suikoden V, I’d like to play through that again.

boblaw said:

October 3rd, 10:22 am

max payne 1 and 2??? pleaseeeeee

Psychoz69 said:

October 3rd, 10:24 am

the $60 promotion do we need to spend $60 in one time purchase or can it be added on each week?

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 3rd, 3:22 pm

    No, not all at one time. Spend $60 through the month of October. So it can be a game purchase on week, a movie rental through the video store the next, a PS Plus subscription, anything that uses funds from your Store Wallet.

Ryumoau said:

October 3rd, 10:26 am

I have a question about the PS2 games purchased. i know there aren’t any trophies or extras added, but i was wondering if they would at least be XMB supported? I mean will we be able to still see or friends list and send/receive messages during game, similiar to psn and ps3 games?

Also, is it possible to make future ps1 classic titles have XMB support? It really sucks not being able to stay connected with friends when i play ps1 games i purchased from the psn store.

krae_man said:

October 3rd, 10:26 am

Will the upresing stuff in the PS3 firmware for disk PS2 games on the original backwards compatable systems work on the downloadable PS2 games?

Will these games use the PS2 virtual memory card making transfering saves from the Downloadable and disk versions possible?

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 3rd, 3:23 pm

    You won’t be able to use other PS2 saves from disc versions. Saves will be created uniquely for the versions that are on the Store.

gtkof said:

October 3rd, 10:27 am

Re-release Persona 3 and Persona 4. Keep it “Only on PSN”.


tacotaskforce said:

October 3rd, 10:30 am


This is literally the most exciting gaming-related news of the year. How much are the PS2 classics going to cost? $15?

InternatlGamer1 said:

October 3rd, 10:31 am

Finally downloadable PS2 games, so that means people can also finally play their PS2 disc games on Non-Compatible PS3’s. I have 60 GB PS3 with an upgraded 250 GB HDD. I might download Odin Sphere as I can’t wait for Vanillaware’s upcoming game “DRAGON’S CROWN” a Beat ’em up Action RPG”. Please add manymore games including PS2 imports
Thank You!

Adrance said:

October 3rd, 10:31 am

Eufloria is definitely on my list of must buy games this month. The 20% PS+ discount is a nice bonus.

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 3rd, 3:20 pm

    i’ve definitely enjoyed my time with it so far; looking forward to playing it more tomorrow!

PirateHarlock said:

October 3rd, 10:35 am

Since I still have my PS2 and now a PS3 with backwards compatibility I won’t be buying all the same games twice. But the spend $60 & get $10 back is a nice touch. too bad there isn’t enough for me to spend $60 in a single month.

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 3rd, 3:24 pm

    Maybe a PlayStation Plus subscription so you can have a nice shiny Plus logo on the blog comments? =)

Emerald_Swords said:

October 3rd, 10:46 am

Bring in the Gta series from Ps2 please!

ItaChu said:

October 3rd, 10:48 am

Nice LITTLE enfasis on the PS2 games LOL

Darius2632 said:

October 3rd, 10:51 am


lupinthe50th said:

October 3rd, 10:52 am

Woah! Odin Sphere! PS2! Awesome! Will we be able to use our Ps2 saves on our virtual memory cards?

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 3rd, 1:21 pm

    These editions do not work with any previous PS2 save data. They’ll need to utilize newly created save data once you’ve downloaded them.

triple_lei said:

October 3rd, 10:54 am

Someone oughtta make a video of the Slim PS3 booting up a PS2 game and then showing the PS2 bootup screen. Goosebumps!

lisatsunami said:

October 3rd, 10:56 am

This is very nice news. Coincidentally I bought Deathspank & the Dead Nation DLC last night so Im almost a third on the way to my October surprise rebate. Will have no trouble meeting the threshold, I’m sure.

Thanks, PSN.

Oh, & I also nominate Okami for a PSN slot. I bought the Wii version couple years back but just can’t force myself to shake that gosh darn wiimote. So, original Okami, please!

Powerplay_Goal said:

October 3rd, 10:56 am

Will these PS2 games be playable via PSP?

Will they come with Digital Instruction Booklets?

Will you guys talk Square Enix into putting a Translated Front Mission 5 up there? :)

WelmoscaBR said:

October 3rd, 10:58 am

I never bought a game on PS+….so I want to know…If I buy one game on PS+…I will keep forever or I’ll loose when my PS+ ends???like that games for free

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 3rd, 3:26 pm

    Free games through Plus, you must have a Plus subscription to continue to access. Any content you purchases with a Plus discount however, is yours to keep. If your subscription lapses and you lose access to your free games, you will still be able to redownload them if you resubscribe.

cactusfriend said:

October 3rd, 11:02 am

Please release Steambot Chronicles on PSN! I own it but have no proper way to play it without a PS2 anymore!!

Please, please!

David2Crazy said:

October 3rd, 11:03 am

You’re doing awesome things with PS+, since I’m huge into downloadable games I’ve saved a ton of money. I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial here, just being honest!

Keep at it with the investments into small original games. In my opinion it’s where the most exciting things in videogames are happening.

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 3rd, 3:27 pm

    Glad you’re enjoying it =) We’re always looking for ways to keep folks happy both those in PS Plus, and those who are enjoying everyday PSN.

DazeOfWar said:

October 3rd, 11:03 am

Hey Morgan any way you can tell us how much the PS2 games are going to run? If they come out at $20 a piece you can count me out specially since there is no new enhancements.

Andrefpvs said:

October 3rd, 11:08 am

So if you’re selling PS2 games on the store in their original form WHY WON’T YOU ALLOW ME TO PLAY MY PS2 DISC GAMES?

Midgetguy said:

October 3rd, 11:08 am

I really really really wish the PS2 games at least had trophies!

If they did, I’d be more compelled to try out PS2 games that I missed back in the day.

Oh well, I like the idea of getting $10 back. (That’s enough for a free game essentially. Or 2 if you find nice deals!)

PSN always has the best downloadable games in my opinion though! October is going to be GREAT!

P.S. I love your little Locoroco picture! It makes me smile! = )

BlackIceJoe said:

October 3rd, 11:09 am

Please add Dark Cloud & Dark Cloud 2 on PSN. Then in the future release Dark Cloud 3. Also please add Primal, Okami, Drakan: The Ancients’ Gates, Wild Arms 3, Wild Arms 4 & Wild Arms 5. Then if they sell well these games can get sequels. I so would like to see Drakan 3 & Primal 2. So please make it happen Sony.

Cross-Legacy said:

October 3rd, 11:09 am

GrimGrimoire and Odin Sphere!!! Im so broke for this month. -_-

PlayEvoinsec21 said:

October 3rd, 11:26 am

I just have one thing to say: KEEP THE PS2 GAMES COMING !!

Adjiri said:

October 3rd, 11:32 am


1) How will save files be managed for downloaded PlayStation 2 games? Will it be through the memory card utility? Will the saving of games be done as if they were on PS2? Virtual memory card?
2) Will the PlayStation 2 logo appear before the title starts?

Thank you!

remanutd5 said:

October 3rd, 11:32 am

how about doing the same on the video store ?

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 3rd, 3:31 pm

    The Buy $60 get $10 includes the Video Store. Anything that uses the Store Wallet.

MGN1990 said:

October 3rd, 11:33 am


Tank_Baked said:

October 3rd, 11:34 am

Let’s go with the coming to ps plus post . Don’t make us wait all day .

PullusPardusUS said:

October 3rd, 11:44 am

Now what you guys need is a Paypal support, it will make purchasing games a whole lot more easier to me.

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