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Oct 03

Oct 03

Introducing ‘Only On PSN’ For New Exclusive Games Throughout October

Susan Panico's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Network

We’re excited to announce a new program called “Only On PSN,” which features brand new games that are exclusively available on PlayStation Network throughout October. Every week starting tomorrow, October 4, you will find new titles, unique to PSN that are part of this program – games that you’ve likely read about here on the PlayStation Blog, or seen during our showing at E3 2011. You may recall our announcement a few months ago about our Pub Fund – a $20 million investment in exclusive PSN titles, and the Only On PlayStation Network program showcases two titles spawning from this investment: Eufloria and Okabu.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the Only On PSN games yourselves, so we’re giving you a few special offers throughout the course of the program. First, to sweeten the deal, we’ll be offering PlayStation Plus subscribers a 20% discount on each game during the first week of its availability.

Additionally, users who spend $60 or more out of their PlayStation Network/Sony Entertainment Network wallet through the month of October will get $10 back in November. This includes any of the Only On PSN games, purchases of games, add-ons, movies and TV shows in both the game and video sections of the PlayStation Store, your paid subscriptions for PlayStation Plus or Music Unlimited, movie rentals or purchases through Video Unlimited and any games or virtual items you buy in PlayStation Home.

Be sure to keep an eye on the PlayStation Twitter feed, as we’ll be giving away download codes for each game in the line-up every week. Don’t miss your chance to get this week’s Only On PSN games for free!

Now, let’s check out the games:

Eufloria - Only On PSNRochard - Only On PSN

October 4:

  • Eufloria – An addictive ambient game of space exploration and conquest, plant growth and bio-mechanical evolution. Explore a beautifully realized universe rendered in a style that is unique and compelling. Conquer asteroids in deep space and use their resources to literally grow and nurture semi-organic plants and creatures to do your bidding.
  • Rochard – A fun and original space adventure game that features a resourceful hero, ominous villains, rugged machinery, big explosions, even bigger stunts and sharp one-liners. The game tests players’ coordination and wits as they use gravity to their advantage, changing it at will to solve environmental puzzles and advance through each level.

Sideway - Only On PSN

October 11:

  • Sideway: New York – Help defeat Spray, a sinister tagger who wants to dominate both Sideway and the real world in this unique sidescroller that offers you the chance to leave your mark on the city.

Sodium2 - Only On PSN

October 13:

  • Sodium Collection – A more than $35 value available for $9.99, this PlayStation Home value pack includes the SodiumOne Pilot’s Jacket, which unlocks the full 50-level tank combat Salt Shooter game, and weapon upgrades for your SodiumOne tank. Also included is a variety of upgrades for Sodium 2: Project Velocity, a high-speed, free-to-play, futuristic multiplayer racing game exclusive to PlayStation Home, and the wildly-popular Blaster’s Paradise personal space, which hosts a tabletop version of Salt Shooter. Buy from the PlayStation Store and play in PlayStation Home.

Okabu - Only On PSNRocketBirds - Only On PSN

October 18:

  • Okabu – An action-puzzler, where players will guide Kumulo, Nimbe and four cloud-flying heroes as they battle to save their people and their world from the industrialized threat of the Doza. Dive into a hyper-tactile toybox world filled with a huge number of puzzles, playthings, adorable creatures and devious machines spread across an epic co-op campaign.
  • RocketBirds: Hardboiled Chicken – Annihilate an evil penguin regime in this cinematic platform adventure game offering full solo and co-op campaigns with stereoscopic 3D support. Destroy enemies with a slew of weapons and illuminate the secrets to his past while uncovering the real enemies of Albatropolis.

INFAMOUS: Festival of Blood - Only On PSNPixeljunk Sidescroller - Only On PSN

October 25:

  • inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood – Vampires swarm New Marais, and revered superhero Cole MacGrath has been bitten. To save his soul and city, he has just one night to find and kill the head vampire. Featuring hours of new gameplay, themed environment settings and new characters/enemies, Festival of Blood explores the darker side of the inFAMOUS universe.
  • PixelJunk Sidescroller – Q-Games goes old-school with a completely retro side-scrolling shooter that reinvents the genre from the ground up while maintaining that nostalgic feeling. Dodge flurries of alien bullets and strategically upgrade weapons while battling through sweeping stages full of hazardous fluid and endless shooting mayhem.

Also starting tomorrow as part of Only On PSN, we’ll also be offering a selection of rare classic games in the PlayStation Store: God Hand, GrimGrimoire, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Odin Sphere and Ring of Red.

So head into the PlayStation Store tomorrow afternoon to check out Eufloria and Okabu, and don’t forget: If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, be sure to take advantage of the 20% discounts for the new games each week before we move onto the next week of Only On PSN titles. We hope you enjoy the month of October gaming with these exclusive titles on PSN!

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Arashi999 said:

October 4th, 8:23 am

My Arm, My Arm, My Arm, My Rm, My Arm, My Arm, will summon up the power of the GOD HAND. SO excited that you are finally releasing it digitally. Day 1 purchase. Gonna unleash the broncobuster

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

October 4th, 8:32 am

Will there be a PSTwo Classics section of the store like there is for PS1 or will it be scattered around and we have to try to find it like Dreamcast games?

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 4th, 9:50 am

    For the first month, you can find these PS2 titles in the Only On PSN category which will be very easy to find. After this month, they will have their own category.

drwhite76 said:

October 4th, 10:02 am

Is there any plans to add the Conflict series (ie Desert Stom) to this? Would really love to add those to my PS3.

Assisang said:

October 4th, 3:14 pm

I have a question about the spend 60$ and get 10$ back:

When you say it’s any purchase in October do you mean from October 1 to October 31?

I ask this because you announced it on October 3 and the psn store is updated announcing this promotion on October 4 so I fear that the October 1 to 3 period was not included because it was starting only from the October 4 store update?

It was my birthday on October 2 and I spend over 60$ on October 2 and 3!!

So I’m supposed to receive my 10$ in November if it’s really the whole month.

Raikuden said:

October 4th, 4:01 pm

I spent money on the PlayStation Store yesterday, before the store updated today. Will it count towards the $60 or more out of my PlayStation Network/Sony Entertainment Network wallet during the month of October?

steweybaby28 said:

October 4th, 4:10 pm

Is there ever going to be any chance that previous FREE playstation plus games will ever be added back as either free or with a discount? That would be cool. Another thing is that since there aren’t anymore free genesis games coming out, (and of course the only one i dont have is sonic 1 because i signed up for PS+ too late) will the ps2 games take their place? Because i dont want to go buying a ps2 game and then like a day later it being free or with a discount. Wow I sound like a cheapskate.

lobotomies4free said:

October 4th, 4:52 pm

isn’t Eufloria on steam?

bikershawn said:

October 5th, 12:26 am

Hi Morgan I was just wondering if you had pricing on everything (or anything) from what is “Only On PSN” so I can get an idea of how much of a PSN card I need. Thanks for any help you can provide (I know the discounts from Plus). Thanks Morgan and keep up the great work at Playstation.

landon201 said:

October 5th, 5:58 am

Amazing! we get PS2 support for PS3 slime and we get all of these cool stuff!
PS2 classics wish list:
Jak and daxter 1,2,3 and X combat
Rachet and Clank 1,2,3 and deadlock
Ape escape 2 and 3 (I also want 1 on PS1 classics)
kingom hearts series
and a Japanesse PS2 classics. :)

comex23 said:

October 5th, 7:28 am

I was wondering if i buy a psn plus prepaid card does that count towards the spend 60 get 10

QUNE5 said:

October 5th, 11:49 am

SOCOM, SOCOM 2 or Battlefront. That’s all I need. SOCOM Series along would be a gold mine. Now that S4 has failed. There’s no better time than now.

BlueBl1zzard said:

October 5th, 12:37 pm

PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!! Tell me you can play the PS2 classics on a PSP

Psicocrusher said:

October 5th, 2:16 pm

OMG! I’m not interested in all those games but OKABU and Rocketbirds will be in my collection!

Zy-- said:

October 5th, 3:18 pm

ALL the PSN PS2 games are not compatible with my NEW Official PS3 Headphones I bought.
Any firmware update on this matter,anyone else having the same problem?
it’s to bad :( GOD HAND has such an amazing sound track….

Thaster51 said:

October 5th, 3:56 pm

I bought some things on the PSN on October 2nd… just before this program was announced.
Will those purchases also count for the whole spend $60 and get $10 back? Or only things that are purchased from October 4th and onward?

MiniAbyss said:

October 5th, 4:39 pm

How do I save in Maximo with memory card?

MiniAbyss said:

October 5th, 4:40 pm

I meant to say without a memory card?

Kazriko said:

October 5th, 8:58 pm

I should have asked before I bought it, but I just assumed it would work…

Is there any way to transfer your existing PS2 saves over to this? I have the PS2 memory card adapter, and I have my Odin Sphere saved game already copied to the PS3, but it doesn’t appear that you can copy back and forth between the Memory card PS2 saves and the PSN PS2 saves.

Thug_Life_EQ said:

October 5th, 8:59 pm

THANK YOU SONY!!! You guys made me more happier than ever. Thank you for finaly putting PS2 CLASSICS on psn. I’m look’n forward to the upcoming ps2 But please also put Star Ocean Till The End Of Time, Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria, Grand Theft Auto Sanandeas, Midnight Club Dub Edition Remix up in the future! You guys made more happier than when you guys put up customer pack back i think it was june. But either way you guys are do’n an awsome job. Thankyou so very much. This is why i don’t want a 360 ever. Couse Playstation is where all the best games are and always will be. Keep up the good work guys. Total Respect from Thug_Life_EQ.

kaidoinda804 said:

October 8th, 6:48 am

I am excited of the PS2 content now available. I bought Odin Sphere and it plays beautifully. Thanks Sony for bringing those games out as the first wave of PS2. Now if only we can get the Shin Megami Tensei games in there :D.

KidNT9 said:

October 10th, 9:35 pm

This is a great program Sony! Alot of great titles and better yet we’re finally getting to play ps2 games again! I’ll be looking forward to: InFamous: Festival of Blood, SideWay: New York, PixelJunk Side Scroller, and RocketBirds:Hardboiled Chicken which should be around 60 along with DLC, avatars, etc. For the ps2 classics, how about putting on your best-sellers, games who got the Greatest Hits sign, as well as games that you guys think hasn’t gotten enough attention. For ps2 classics my wishlist:
Kingdom Hearts series
Jak and Daxter series
Twisted Metal series
Ratchet and Clank series
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series
For fighting games to get online play may not happen though, but it’s worth a try!

P.S you guys rock! Diehard Sony fan here.

djNoLimitz said:

October 14th, 6:58 pm

I’m a little confused on what qualifies for the $10 offer; do I actually have to spend $60 on content or can I just add the funds to my wallet(doesn’t that qualify as spending already?) and then either leave it at that or only use up a partial amount?
Can it be done through a combination of both adding funds directly with a credit card and PSN Cards? (ie. would I be able to wire $10 to my PSN account through my credit card and then add an additional $50 with a psn card?)

Ohem1 said:

October 17th, 3:49 pm

Will PS3 by any chance have “Cross-game voice chat” impemented within this year?

Last time i read was that you “were looking into it” – and that was last year.

TheInfinityCore said:

October 17th, 9:03 pm

PSN really should add the 3 awesome games, .HACK//G.U. Rebirth, Reminisce, Redemption and they did released in Japan and developed by CyberConnect 2… i’m like dead missing them, really want to play them again. and properly the people in japan are big fans of .HACK// games

Uncharted-Elena said:

October 18th, 5:25 pm

You NEED to bring the Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank games to PS3(all of them!) These are THE best PS2 games, and they’re exclusives, so please? :D

shibojc said:

October 19th, 4:00 pm

I read so many posts on adding more ps2 games and not one has been answered. I was just wondering that maybe Sony should add games that players would want on there to attract more players. :D

Me_EaT_u_4_FuN said:

October 19th, 8:10 pm

I would REALLy just want to know, if The Socom Classics will be coming to the Playstation store as well, it seems as if i bring up SOCOM, it gets ignored, i would just like to know if they will be brought to the Playstation store as well, because i would buy each and every single one if they did, if you see this “COMMENT” please reply.

Psn = Rarest

Tex_Murphy_PI said:

October 23rd, 7:12 pm

Will there be a port for EyeToy: Play 2 for the PS3? This was a “gotta have it game” for my kids that got us into the PS3-Fat. However, with the FAT no longer with us, the kids are clamoring for these kinds of games.

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