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Oct 03

Oct 03

PlayStation Plus October Offers: Free Costume Quest and Discounts Galore

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

PlayStation Plus October 2011

It’s another good month to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber with some amazing free games and discounts for October! Leading things off is Costume Quest; Double Fine Productions’ stand-out adventure RPG where your Halloween costumes act as conduits to become a force to be reckoned with! With charmingly hilarious characters and story, you’ll want to snag this one soon as it will be available free from Plus for two weeks starting October 4th.

New release Elemental Monster is also available free for Plus subscribers starting October 4th and going through the month. Build your deck (featuring the stunning illustrations of Yoshitaka Amano), and battle online to determine who’s got the best tactics. At the same time you can enhance your game with seven different Booster Boxes, available at 50% off ($2.50) for Plus subscribers.

Action RPG fans, keep your eyes out for new release Dungeon Defenders later this month. Plus subscribers will be able to get access to free DLC for this awesome blend of Tower Defense and co-op action! The DLC will grant you access to 4 ‘familiars’ in the game that will help you in your adventure. Warhawk and Starhawk fans also take note; the original Warhawk PSone Classic is available for free as well. Relive old memories and see the roots of the Warhawk franchise; then prepare to have your mind blown when Starhawk drops in 2012.

This month, we’ll also be rolling out a ton of discounts across the network, including special day one discounts for all titles featured in the Only On PSN event! Get all eight exclusive PSN titles at 20% off during their first week launch, and enjoy the experiences you can only get on PSN, at a price that can’t be beat. The PSN release of Resident Evil 5 will also be sporting a 25% discount for one week, while other PSN titles like Explodemon! and Tales from Space: About a Blob will have their own set of discounts throughout the month.

There’s a ton more, including a to-be-announced SEGA title that will have added benefit for Plus subscribers, as well as new Full Game Trials like Dead Space, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, and Homefront, to name a few. Check out the entire breakdown below and leave your comments below. For more discussion, head to the Official PlayStation Plus Update thread in the PS forums.

PlayStation Plus content list for October 2011

(Please keep in mind these are expected release dates. Some content outlined may be subject to change)

Free PSN Games and DLC: Costume Quest – 10/4 (2 weeks)
Elemental Monster – 10/4 (2 weeks)
Dungeon Defenders DLC – 10/25
The pack contains: 4 familiars (Cog,Drakon, Naimi, Cowboy Monkey)
Free Minis: 1000 Tiny Claws – 10/4
Speedball 2 – 10/4
Street Smarts – 10/4
Free PS one Classics: Warhawk – 10/4
Full Game Trials: Resident Evil 5 – 10/4
Shift 2 Unleashed – 10/4
Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway – 10/18
Dead Space Digital – 10/18
Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One – 10/18
Homefront – 10/25
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe – 10/25
MX vs. ATV – 10/25
Exclusive Discounts: Eufloria – 20% off – 10/4 (1 week only)
Explodemon – 30% off – 10/4
Tales From Space: About a Blob – 40% off – 10/4
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – 25% off – 10/4
Elemental Monster Online Card Game Booster Box DLC – 50% off – 10/4
Sideway: New York – 20% off – 10/11 (1 week only)
Metal Slug 2 – 20% off – 10/11
Metal Slug 2 (PSP) – 20% off – 10/11
The King of Fighters ’96 – 20% off – 10/11
The King of Fighters ’96 (PSP) – 20% off – 10/11
Sodium Collection (PlayStation Home Game) – 20% of – 10/13 (1 week only)
Okabu – 20% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Rocketbirds – 20% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Valkyria Chronicles II PSP Bundle Pack – 40% off – 10/18
Under Siege – 70% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood – 20% off – 10/25 (1 week only)
PixelJunk: SideScroller – 20% off – 10/25 (1 week only)
Ikari Warriors lii: the Rescue – 20% Off – 10/25
Prehistoric Isle in 1930 – 20% Off – 10/25
Safari Rally – 20% Off – 10/25
MX vs. ATV Game + DLC Bundle – %20 Off – 10/25
4 Elements – 50% off – 10/25 (2 weeks)
MercHg – 50% off – 10/25 (2 weeks)
Mystery Title – 30% off – 10/25 (Hint from Sega: It’s a Sega title which is about to announced. Go to sega.com/sweepstakes for more information. Good luck!)
Paramount Sale Top Gun – 70% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Star Trek DAC – 40% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Days of Thunder – 40% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Bundle of all 3 Paramount Titles + DLC – 50% off – 10/18 (1 week only)
Free Themes: Bane of Yoto Dynamic Theme – 10/11
Dragon Dynamic Theme (PS Plus Exclusive) – 10/11
Lost Planet 2 Avatar Bundle (2O Avatars)- PlayStation Plus Exclusive – 10/4
Free Avatars Free Exclusive PS+ Halloween Themed Avatars – 10/11
Resident Evil Code Veronica 5 Avatar Bundle – 10/11
Media: Qore Episode 41 – October Early Access

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blakseed said:

October 3rd, 5:52 pm

Plus has been on fire lately.

Shatgan said:

October 3rd, 5:52 pm


Shatgan said:

October 3rd, 5:56 pm

at least there are free avatars for me i gues :/ cuz i also own resident evil 5, so not a good month for me…

DazeOfWar said:

October 3rd, 6:49 pm

Man I’m going to need a lot of money.

moecage said:

October 3rd, 6:50 pm

i’m in live in new jersey, what time does the psn store update ?

JaY_Ci_415 said:

October 3rd, 7:07 pm

Is this RE5 version PS Move compatible or is that only the disc version?

soldiercell said:

October 3rd, 7:35 pm

When will new games be available like ME2 to download instead of these old games that have been bought retail already! Why would I trial games I have already played years ago! FAIL

viperec56 said:

October 3rd, 7:39 pm

please add Legend of Legaia and some more ps1 rpg’s elder scroles is good but you cant beat the classics and is it true there is going to be a ff7 remake for ps3 please tell me

tifosiotaku said:

October 3rd, 7:43 pm

I’ll take Costume Quest, the RE5 discount and Sega’s “mystery game”, AKA their most successful arcade title ever, AKA the arcade racer by which other arcade racers are judged by.

John-Shooter said:

October 3rd, 7:45 pm

might try costume quest but other than that this nothing to get crazy about again

is that gold edition of re5 the move edition? might be nice to upgrade if it is since us early RE5 adopters got the shaft on the move support..

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 4th, 5:53 pm

    Yes, this edition includes Move support

badnewsliar said:

October 3rd, 7:49 pm

i excited about costume quest, and plus is paying off. i got things i wanted the first two months of joining (star wars force unleashed and costume quest) and some delightful surprises (astro tripper, plants vs zombies) i am sure this month be no different, and i can’t wait to see what is to come.

John-Shooter said:

October 3rd, 7:58 pm

i hope they got some more awesome stuff cuz i havent really seen anything crazy lately.. last fall was alot better than the way this is shaping up to be w/ the beta’s for kz3, dead space2 and i think brotherhood all within weeks of eachother

but i got other things to look forward to this month like the big FFXIV update tomorrow and the GT5 Spec2 update later this month and DCUO going free-to-play

Shyne30 said:

October 3rd, 8:09 pm

Question: Was the Uncharted 3 mutiplayer beta released earlier this year open to all psn plus users? If so Why was I not invited?

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 4th, 5:35 pm

    This was available to all Plus users in the Store. There was no need for an invitation, you just had to go to the Store and download it, as long as you were a Plus member. We posted quite bit about it on the blog, and if your email settings were open, you probably would have received an email too. Hope that helps!

Shyne30 said:

October 3rd, 8:10 pm

Getting Rage tomorrow send me an invite if you want a Co-op partner.

zzamaro said:

October 3rd, 8:14 pm


The U3 was basically public because everyone were plus members.

Pootin182 said:

October 3rd, 8:30 pm

My God! How refreshing it is to not see any Sega Genesis games on there. Being the owner of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis collection, I was very close to not renewing my PS Plus membership, but over time, I will slowly forget how much I hated getting old Sega Genesis games as a PS Plus perk. Thanks for moving on and here’s to bigger and better things.

jeffsmither said:

October 3rd, 8:30 pm

So we get a $0.99 game for free? that sounds not that great of a deal (I already bought it because it was cheap).
Also, Why have we not got discounts on imported PS1 games like we used to have?

iTofuMan said:

October 3rd, 8:37 pm

i really hope this trend of having psp games on PS+. its sad that we rarely get to see them on PS+, also home as well. i mean why are very little content for both the psp and home rarely have ps+ discounts? you guys rarely supporting both them, but i hope this means in the long run we get much much more psp and pshome content.

JEC94 said:

October 3rd, 8:38 pm

Plus sucks,I will never pay for it NEVER,I dont care how many ”free” games you guys may offer,I WILL NOT FALL FOR IT.

Budapesti said:

October 3rd, 8:53 pm

Speedball 2 is a mini? And it’s free???

A true classic from the bitmap brothers. Can’t wait to load that onto my PSP!

crsn891 said:

October 3rd, 8:54 pm

Lots of full games in the digital release section. I’m liking this trend.

Budapesti said:

October 3rd, 8:55 pm

Oh, looking forward to Costume Quest too. Not sure why I never got around to purchasing it (Stacking was fantastic!) but that’s a nice Halloween treat. :)

Budapesti said:

October 3rd, 8:56 pm



magicfan345 said:

October 3rd, 9:38 pm

How about a bonus each time you renew your PS+ subscription ? Each time you renew, you get a coupon or code for 1 free game on PSN and 1 50% off game on PSN of your choice. Then when people complain about not getting discounts on a particular game they want, you can suggest they re-up or add to their current sub to get another free and/or half-free game of their choice. That way everybody gets to choose the free game they want.

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 4th, 5:39 pm

    great idea, appreciate the feedback!

Gogo_ZvC said:

October 3rd, 9:38 pm

Nice! With the recent surge in extra free content and discounts, I’ll be renewing come December before my initial subscription expires.

Now I need to upgrade my HDD though, 80Gb ain’t cutting it no more :(

Morgan, could the team post the actual price, if they have it this early, next time?

I’m with @5 StealthReborn- on the extra save space. It would be an awesome feature to implement (but with a lower price point then suggested :D )

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 4th, 5:41 pm

    Will aim for that on the next update in November; re prices

invision2212 said:

October 3rd, 9:44 pm

sweet costume quest looks fun

apoco_483 said:

October 3rd, 10:36 pm

+ Billyspleen13 Hey CTR was already offered on PSN+ so you missed your chance

Kirkpad said:

October 3rd, 11:47 pm

Thanks for the reply! It’s just when I get something for such a good price and never really play it I feel like I wasted funds when it’s free with PS+. I always jump on those day-1 discounts so you’re doing me good!

gtkof said:

October 4th, 1:02 am

KOF ’96 10/11???

Thank You SONY/NEO*GEO Station!!!

VenemoX said:

October 4th, 1:46 am

That is the definition of a good offering.

LittleBigJeka said:

October 4th, 2:20 am


neostardust said:

October 4th, 5:51 am

Awesome! Great updates and games thanks!! I can’t wait for the Infamous 2 DLC!

rjejr said:

October 4th, 6:26 am

Nothing bad to say this month, that almost hurts my head. I was considering not renewing in Dec., guess I’ll see how the next 2 months go. I’m sure they’ll be worse than this, but that’s ok.

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 4th, 5:55 pm

    Hoping we keep ya happy going forward; more and more awesome stuff planned, so stay tuned.

Charles_Surge said:

October 4th, 6:47 am

I recommend people check out Elemental Monster: Online Card Game, I didn’t play card games of any other sort, but it’s very easy to get in to.

GT-420 said:

October 4th, 7:13 am

+ es muy bueno

Fear_Me_All said:

October 4th, 7:20 am

that suck i just purchase ROCHARD last week hope sony will count it in for the 60$ spend for october

if not this is my last game i buy on release date i wait for discount or offer coz it not fun went you buy right aways and 1 week after they offer special and deal

so sony will it count or not?

EggySong85 said:

October 4th, 7:21 am

I’ve been trying to grab code Veronica from the PSN all week and it’s still not working. I keep getting the “cannot add funds” error. I know it’s not my card because I JUST bought dark souls from Amazon without a hitch. I’ve tried reentering my CC info 3 times now and it hasn’t worked so far. I was able to get Beyond Good & Evil and Resident Evil 4 through persistency, but so far Code Veronica has been no dice. I contacted Sony but all they said was “sorry our protective measures are so overprotective, you could always just go buy PSN cards”… I would be happy to, but PSN cards are a no go for me because I am living in Japan and don’t have access to them. Odds are I’ll miss out on RE5 Gold, as well :(. It really ruins a lot of the benefits of Plus.

JonJonXD said:

October 4th, 7:35 am

…this is amazing…so very amazing.

kyosukerok said:

October 4th, 7:44 am

Ratchet and Clank!!!! OMG *.*… october sure will be full of surprises ^^

cart0onnightmare said:

October 4th, 7:59 am

pssst… the Mystery Game from Sega is Daytona USA!


October 4th, 8:07 am

Its up to me to know when will my signature PSN Plus?

TwinDad said:

October 4th, 8:07 am

I forgot to add thank you for Costume Quest. I played the demo and passed on the game. I’ll play it for free.

Morgan any chance you can pass on the love for Valkryia Chronicles to the folks at Sega. I’m looking forward to VC3, but no word of an US release. I’m a sad panda.

Shadowreject said:

October 4th, 8:21 am

I Bought Costume Quest And Add On….. Blows This Week For Me…. Were The Hell Is Chrono Trigger !!!!!!

    Grace Chen's Avatar

    Morgan Haro said:

    October 4th, 6:00 pm

    Chrono Trigger is in the 10/4 Store Update. This is the Plus October update.

JLP_M said:

October 4th, 8:26 am

I was about to buy Costume Quest the other yesterday! Good thing I waited for it! Also really looking foward to Okabu and possibly getting sideway new york.

Over_God said:

October 4th, 8:30 am

I’m wondering…can you tell me at what time today the PSN store will be updated ? I cant wait to play Chrono Trigger :-)

PirateHarlock said:

October 4th, 9:03 am

@ramage, they’ve already started using the psn pass a month ago, Resistance 3 launched with it. It adds no features at all. In fact all it does is take away the multiplayer / online features if you buy the game used and don’t pay the $10 fee for it. its nothing but a scam really. I buy most of my games new but I know theres no legit reason to burn used buyers or make false accusations calling them thieves, pirates, criminals or even terrorists as some extremists have done.

Deathspear666 said:

October 4th, 9:03 am


Klart said:

October 4th, 9:34 am

Those are some great games! Hope we get the same in EU!

ipunchbabies23 said:

October 4th, 9:45 am

Costume Quest for free. Rad!!!

RE_Player said:

October 4th, 10:38 am

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition will be $30. Not bad for everything RE5, and a 25% discount for Plus making it $22.50. Buying it as soon as the store updates.

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