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Oct 05

Oct 05

Gran Turismo 5: New Free Updates, DLC, and Price Drop

Brian Dunn's Avatar Posted by Associate Product Marketing Manager

If you have been keeping up with GT5, you know Polyphony Digital has been very diligent about releasing free updates to improve the game, especially the online racing mode. Ever since the launch, Kazunori Yamauchi and his team have been carefully studying posts on forums, reading comments on PlayStation.Blog posts and across Twitter, talking to fans at events, and more. The game has evolved a lot since last November, thanks in part to the dedicated GT fans voicing their opinions.

GT5: New Features, DLC and Price Drop

Now I’m here to share with you some very exciting news about the biggest FREE update yet, releasing in the next few weeks. It will add new features and even more functionality to your GT5 experience.

Polyphony learned that a lot of fans out there love driving using the game’s interior view, and has given some serious thought to it. With this new update, all cars in the game will now have interior views. Although the level of visual details will vary based on what car you choose, you can now race from behind the wheel of any car in the game. In addition, you’ll be able to get the 2011 season versions of the 11 NASCAR race cars for the first time.

GT5: New Features, DLC and Price Drop

GT5: New Features, DLC and Price DropGT5: New Features, DLC and Price Drop

Some of the other improvements introduced are greatly reduced load times when loading races, quicker menu response times, and adjustable opponent AI in Arcade Mode. Players will now have the option to save their progress during lengthy racing events so they can come back and finish at a later time, and can also adjust weather conditions for races using a slider function that goes from mild to severe.

GT5: New Features, DLC and Price Drop

The wildly popular Photo Mode has been updated to allow players to take pictures with their personalized driver avatars with customizable racing suits and helmets. You can even fast-forward and rewind race replays now to better capture that key moment in the race.

For those who enjoy racing online with your fellow gearheads, we’re expanding the shuffle race mode. As with the same feature in Gran Turismo PSP, this allows friendly competition between players of different skill levels. Players setting up online races will also have a host of new regulations available to customize their own events. New bonus incentives are introduced for players who log in and play on a consistent basis.

Truly hardcore racing fans will be stoked to hear that GT5 will now officially and fully support the Logitech G25 and G27 Racing Wheels.

GT5 2.0 WeatherChange

The final piece of big news is that there will be a full batch of downloadable content for Gran Turismo 5 in the coming weeks. This DLC will of course include new vehicles and tracks, plus some additional surprises.

We’ll have more details very soon on the specifics of the DLC, so stay tuned, and check the blog and the official Gran Turismo website for further details.

I am ending this post with a comment from the man himself, Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony Digital and creator of the Gran Turismo franchise:

The coming Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2 update is an update that contains the feedback from the users playing GT5 online every day. We have added cars such as the newest NASCAR race cars, but many of the updates are those that improve usability and expand the field of game play. I believed from the initial release of Gran Turismo 5 that it would be the users that would make the game grow thereafter, and we added things like interior views for the standard models because there was a lot of request for it from our users. You could say that this update is the shape and form of GT5 that was created through the opinions of our fans.

And if you don’t have Gran Turismo 5 yet, now is the perfect time to get into the best-selling racing game. In addition to all of the great new content and free updates, as of this week you can pick GT5 up for only $39.99.

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corbs951 said:

October 6th, 8:29 am

This is great news! Thank you PD.

I am very happy to see that we will now be able to pause during the longer races. I don’t always get long durations to play at a time between work and family which means a 24 hour race would really take me at least a month to complete and would have to leave my system on that entire time. I am also glad to see in car view for the standard cars. I now plan on going back through a lot of cars that I have not bothered to use just to see what they look like from the inside!

Can’t wait to get the update.


ReIysis said:

October 6th, 8:42 am

I’ve wanted to bring GT5 back out for a while now, but the lack of saving during endurance events prevented me. Thanks for fixing this and all the other great improvements.

pabowler300 said:

October 6th, 10:20 am

i would like to see them lengthin the career mode add more races more classes, i have played gt since its psone release and theyve always been alittle shor in my boook im 95% done with only the 24hr nurburg and othe f1 championchip left so i would love to see some more career stuff

Bolduk said:

October 6th, 10:31 am

FORZA 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thebertrams said:

October 6th, 1:28 pm


I’m surprised anyone cares.

GTFreek said:

October 6th, 3:21 pm

Now that Volkswagen has control of Porsche, will you PLEASE, PLEASE , PLEASE work with them to finally get Porsche in Gran Turismo. I’d pay for that, especially if there are some classics, ala 356, 917,959.!!

Aegevs83 said:

October 6th, 7:38 pm

Very nice DLC!

@intense— I agree with additional American muscle cars; especially the classics.

Also, hopefully a updated version of the Nissan GT-R specV. I believe the 2012 model goes 0-60 in 2.9 secs!

I’m still surprised after several entries into the series, not a single course from Los Angeles? I may be biased (from L.A.) but L.A. is one of the popular car-culture cities of the world. Just a thought lol

Anyway, looking forward to the huge update along with the GT community and arigatou Yamauchi-san!

xXLEXINXx said:

October 7th, 5:50 am

Nice update now I can finally finish the last few Endurance races.

Fated_Soul said:

October 7th, 11:34 am

It’s awesome that these companys pay attention to what people really love about these games. I am one of those people who only drives using the in car view. No other driving game nails it quite like the GT series.

TJHjr said:

October 7th, 2:05 pm

Please stop comparing Xbox with PLAYSTATION 3, GT5 like all other Sony game can’t have been better just name one exclusive Xbox game u been dying to play……with Sony I can name 10 and I dont have to do that , the Playstation Brand speaks for its self!!!!!

Mikel1871 said:

October 7th, 2:09 pm

@ 49 ….did you bother to even read this paragraph?
Hint: look for the red letters.
Kaz and the Poly crew keep up the good work, your driving sim is really starting to shake things up. My only request please please please add better host controls let us choose the suspension types, flywheel types,intake etc. like we can the tires. Domo and keep the tires burning.

TJHjr said:

October 7th, 2:10 pm

Forza V.S. GT5….what happen to Forza 3? let Xbox keep making all those silly kinect games!!
LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randum said:

October 7th, 3:02 pm

Better late then never I guess…. good timing right when Forza 4 hits the market.

This game should have been held back or at the very least – sold at a lower price point on launch.

No excuse.

Hatchet-Slinger said:

October 7th, 11:30 pm

OK! we need to be able to download another user garage for 2P split-screen from the PS3 system so u can battle garage against garage, they also should make the pricing more reasonable for the top-dollar race cars like the older gt40 race car and others like it, like the F1 cars. and with the new cars,please why more nascar????? i thought there was enough already, why not newer cars like the 2006 or newer saleen s7 instead of the obsolete 2002 saleen, maybe some of the newer powerhouse mustangs like the shelby gt500 and the roush or something, some more newer super class cars like the Shelby Super Cars- Ultimate Aero, the mercedes-benz CLK-GTR or something along those lines, and we definitely need alot more cars to be able to apply the racing modifications on, like on cars like the lamborghinis or nissan skylines, anything that looks like a REAL race car, if its something that looks like it belongs in the category with the prius i thing WHY?! i like the game, hope to hear some good news about the DLCs

xMaGiiKxFuSioNz said:

October 8th, 6:25 am


lupo_55 said:

October 8th, 7:15 am

Can’t wait to get my hands on Spec 2. And I want every possible DLC that may be coming our way.
I’m wondering what may the DLC “suprises” be… ?! I would be very surprised to see something like the new Lambo Aventador. Or… some Porsches… ? Well, let’s keep our expectations low enough to avoid disapointment

jacosack said:

October 8th, 1:00 pm

Wauw, a nice red car in the last photo!
Lotus Esprit HC Turbo V8?

mintotook said:

October 8th, 4:42 pm

So happy for G27 support.

PNW_Z32_driver said:

October 8th, 11:31 pm

I don’t think they can get Porsche on there…

thebertrams said:

October 9th, 8:29 am


Do you know anything about cars at all?

mike-kight15 said:

October 9th, 5:16 pm

Yes I freaking love my standard cars but I also loved cockpet views n now they r putting it up for all cars like the veyron and the formula n the sick ass green super car Mazda I have witch I don’t know what it called hahah lol but yeah looking forward to the DLC. (:

Ever_killer said:

October 9th, 6:05 pm

cool but can u make special event 4 b spec and a garage look thing 2 show ur friends ur cars and do better trade o and the bugatti veyron sport and more rm 4 priemum cars o something really cool would be when u are in online loby when ur outside the course ur character is in the pits with the other players character well the last thing was exaggerated

rambo593 said:

October 10th, 8:11 pm

Its about time we receive some doc for gt5. Not to sat cod ain’t bad but, with all those doc packs. Its time gt5 has a shine in the spot light and with this new 2.0 update I expect alot more challenges and a whole lot more newer cars along with much more detailed parts, paints, and couple faster cars. Faster then the x1. If that happens I know ill remain part of the gt family. Faster the better!

rambo593 said:

October 10th, 8:19 pm

I wander what kind of cars the d.l.c. pack would have. I hope you’ll will bring out alot more cars then your 1031. I say 1500 would sound very nice ooh. Can you maybe get more detailed with the chrome paints other then silver and gold. I got both but it would be great too have alot more than just two. And if anybody wants too add me its rambo593. Im always happy too have few new friends too race with & trade.

honda_32v said:

October 11th, 5:21 pm

Hi to you all…..I would like to add these cars….

1…Of course all the Porsche that everyone want….911 Twin Turbo & Carrera, 944 Turbo, 928, 914, and the Lemans of Porsche’s which won many races in 80’s

2. Get all these cars back from GT1-GT4 like all Galant VR-4 97 sedan (92 will be nice also), Accord SiR Wagon in 1994/1996, Ford T Model, 1880 Benz, 1950 old Audi long grey car which good and fast, can’t rememeber what model it was and the Mercedes grey race car which was good handling even late braking.

3. Add more track like Aussie’s Bathurst and add Aust’s Supercar V8 and Holden/ Ford in dealership like for Holden, Commodore VE, Vectra, Barina etc and for Ford, Falcon, Fairmount, Fairlane, LTD etc……

4. Why not try 4WS (Four wheel steering) like 88 Honda Prelude Si 4WS, Mazda 626 (Capella) & MX6 2.5 V6 4WS, Toyota Celica GT-R 4WS 90 etc….try to go in corner in sharp with four wheel steering, would like more fun with this.

5. Add more of F1 like Mclaren Honda V6 Turbo, Williams Renualt, Brawn GP, Mercedes GP, Mclaren Mercedes, Red Bull Racing etc……

honda_32v said:

October 11th, 5:22 pm

And yes I want to add more chome silver or Gold in price like 10,000 as it hard to find these colour so far….

cbiscuit21 said:

October 18th, 12:37 am

This is the best game for the ps3 that I’ve played

Triple_M_333 said:

October 22nd, 9:24 pm

Will it fix the aliasing issues?

Also, I demand a 1972 Chevy El Camino.

Triple_M_333 said:

October 22nd, 9:26 pm

Also, @100, playing a racing game with the triggers sucks.

best1name said:

October 25th, 8:51 pm

add me ps3 gamer tag best1name

guilherme14gui said:

October 27th, 2:09 pm

Now that you just have launched the 2.01 update
I wonder know why my game is’t lauching
I already did the update,and the game load and stop on a black before opening the main menu
When will you correct this “litle” problem?

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