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Oct 07

Oct 07

PSN Top Sellers: September 2011 Edition

Morgan Haro's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

Welcome to the inaugural edition of a new monthly post that will reveal, for the first time, the top-selling PlayStation Network games each month. We hope you find this information valuable, and that it gives you some new perspective on popular PSN games that you may have missed. If you’re looking for the most-downloaded movies and TV shows on the PlayStation Video Store, you can find that information here.

Top 20 PSN Games of The Month
Clearly the April 2011 release of Mortal Kombat left PS3 owners wanting more, as the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection earned the top slot in September. Newcomers Resident Evil 4 HD, From Dust, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, Burnout Crash! and Renegade Ops also made strong showings this month. The original PSone Resident Evil games also proved quite popular — and no, this list does not include PlayStation Plus members who downloaded the games for free.

Drop your thoughts in the comments below and tell us your favorite title from the list, or even your favorite October titles that didn’t make the list.

1.  Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection: This eagerly awaited collection of hit arcade fighters Mortal Kombat, MKII, and MK3 soars to the top of the September PSN sales chart. Finish him!
2. Resident Evil 4
3. From Dust
4. Angry Birds
5. Resident Evil 2
6. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
7. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair



8. Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition: This fighting classic and PSN PLAY inductee cracked the top ten in its second month of availability. Check out PlayStation Store for a host of new DLC options, too.
9. Limbo



10. Final Fantasy VII:
This PSone RPG classic shows some remarkable staying power, hanging in the top 10 despite launching on the PlayStation Store more than two years ago. No Phoenix Down needed here!
11. Resident Evil Director’s Cut
12. Parasite Eve II
13. Burnout Crash!
14. Elemental Monster Online Card Game
15. Breath of Fire IV


16. Saints Row 2:
At 7 GB, this open-world crime epic is the largest game on this month’s download list. And at $20, it makes a fine chance to catch up before November’s Saints Row The Third.
17. Renegade Ops
18. Call of Duty Classic
19. Castle Crashers
20. Battlefield 1943

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zombie9 said:

October 7th, 12:38 pm

wow! surprised I don’t see God of War Collection any where?

JTlongcrow said:

October 7th, 12:40 pm

PSN Wishes:
Monster Hunter (1,2) (PS2)
Final Fantasy (10, 12) (PS2)
Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PS2
Legend of the Dragoon (PS1)
Diablo (PS1)
Chrono Cross (Pretty sure it’s PS1)

Avid PSN user

Thanks in advance if you would take my reccomendations seriously.

JTlongcrow said:

October 7th, 12:43 pm

Also, sorry for double posting, but I would also love to see:
Shadow of the Collosus/Ico HD collection (Even wal-mart doesn’t have it?)
MGS HD Collection this fall, I’ve heard rumors that it will be there? Although, I’d love to believe them, I don’t want to get all worked up and not pre-order one…
and MGS Virtual Missions for PS1


zech678 said:

October 7th, 1:07 pm

greats deal love it

Zoidzerg said:

October 7th, 1:11 pm


I rather enjoyed Vandal Hearts. It was basically what FFT was copying :P. Parasite Eve was good, and I hear PE2 is also good.

Zoidzerg said:

October 7th, 1:12 pm


It occurs to me that Vandal Hearts is not available on PSN I believe. They have a new title on PSN but I have no idea if it is any good.

Bolduk said:

October 7th, 1:15 pm

@ th4nGthO_241

I’ll respond by saying you forgot to release the Caps lock button.

nirojan45 said:

October 7th, 1:29 pm

Maybe the massive sales will let Square Enix know we want a remake. Yourichi Wada said he’d keep the Compiliation project open until the 20th anniversary and knowing SE they’ll need 6 years to bring FFVII to the PS4 in 2017!

rabidninjamonky said:

October 7th, 1:41 pm

Good list, but I expect a lot of changes next month. This last PS store update was amazing. I bet NBA jam and Chrono Trigger go 1.2.

harscombat said:

October 7th, 1:47 pm

im what payday the heist is a date when it come i hope this night so i can play tomarrow.

but dear payday team.is the payday the heist plit screen mode.evalebel.
please enwer this quastion.you said thet payday is a co op.game.but i dont see split screen mode.
or are you thinking about to do thet?

JLP_M said:

October 7th, 1:59 pm

I regret getting number 1 and 2

JEC94 said:

October 7th, 2:21 pm

I got Saints Row 2 in disc and is awesome!

Psicocrusher said:

October 7th, 2:34 pm


plaztiksyke said:

October 7th, 2:54 pm

I’m really glad to see that From Dust and Limbo did really well. They’re awesome games.

I’m not a huge fan of Mortal Kombat, but the Kollection is proof-positive that a great arcade emulation experience can yield big sales. (Unlike, say, all the Sega Genesis emulator dumps we’ve been getting instead of their superior arcade versions.) I have my fingers crossed for a Panzer Dragoon HD Collection :)

harscombat said:

October 7th, 3:50 pm

do sombody know when dragonbal z animate go to mubia or somthing

its realy funny white goku gohan end vageta i what to see them all
ther whas a date but its 2mond ago:(

i waiting for payday the heist:( i cent wait thet had say thet the heist whas in store 4 oct.but i knew it thet this will heppend i think this gonna take som whille.i dont trust this wy

they had say a date but they know how when
give mi i date dem man i what tomarrow

Jin_Kusanagi said:

October 7th, 3:55 pm


I’m impressed that Dissidia isn’t there =x

VenomXv said:

October 7th, 4:20 pm

After MK9s release, a lot of fans were anticipating the MK ‘Kollection’, but the online sucks. When is the patch coming? It’s been over a month, and it still lags like crazy on PSN & XBL.

joyto03 said:

October 7th, 4:39 pm

YUP PSN Keep Up the good Work

theory411 said:

October 7th, 4:58 pm

Obviously angry birds would be on there, lol. Mortal Kombat is still the bomb.

rabidninjamonky said:

October 7th, 5:03 pm

@65 harscombat Huh?

LordRazen38 said:

October 7th, 5:11 pm

Why is not Dark Souls one of this? And I am amazed that Final Fantasy VII is on the those!

rabidninjamonky said:

October 7th, 5:24 pm

@lord razen These are just downloadable games, Dark Souls is not downloadable. Great game though.

a7x_RoCk3r said:

October 7th, 5:26 pm

[DELETED] . Give PS3s the option to play PS2 disks. We ALL know you can easily do it. Let’s see it. [DELETED] You know if you rip off your customers by making them buy something they already have just because you’re being childish about it, you lose them.. I used to think better of this company, but after seeing what you have done in the past couple months to your customers, while hoping we were stupid enough to not know about it, just proves you’re as twisted as any other company. [DELETED]

a7x_RoCk3r said:

October 7th, 5:26 pm

Oh forget it..

a7x_RoCk3r said:

October 7th, 5:28 pm

“Your comment is awaiting moderation.” ,,l,, -_- ,,l,,

Tridrakious said:

October 7th, 6:25 pm

I would have loved to see some actual numbers going with this just to see how many people are downloading. I know that is a type of number Sony doesn’t like to talk about, but I’m sure there are more than a few that would also like to see that instead of just a list.

GMFCO311 said:

October 8th, 1:25 am

Come on people buy Dead Nation!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a fantastic game and so is Dead Nation: Road of Devastation!!

CHARLIE79 said:

October 8th, 2:29 am





Froggnen said:

October 8th, 7:03 am

What hapened to Section 8 Prejudice/!

Parhibition said:

October 8th, 7:04 am

I have to believe that if Final Fantasy 7 is still selling this well after 2 years, they will make an HD version. Maybe they just want to add some content like they said they might for FF10? I don’t know.

omgwtfsushi said:

October 8th, 9:17 am

Are we ever going to get Boarderlands GOTY at psn store? i know uk psn store has it for only 11.99 pounds :(

MadMeat001 said:

October 8th, 10:09 am

Please make every ps3 games that require online protection available on psn

CK4567123 said:

October 8th, 11:38 am

Cool but when MW3 is out its gonna be #1 :)

Yelzah_802 said:

October 8th, 1:12 pm

The first portal should come to the Playstation Network Store! Come on people! We want the first Portal to come to the PS store!

PumpkinMusic837 said:

October 9th, 9:50 am

I would have thought Breath Of Fire would of gotten higher but its still a great game!
Playstation sure has a lot of great games!

Benmo316 said:

October 9th, 9:30 pm

I love articles like this. I’m always curious to see what games are still trending. Thanks Morgan!

Masster_McCry said:

October 10th, 12:56 am

cuando sale el demo de Modern Warfare 3 ..? o.O

robdawg1001 said:

October 10th, 6:52 am

because final fantasy 7 is still one of the best games out there!

robdawg1001 said:

October 10th, 6:55 am

looking forward to seeing ff10 and 12 in hd with trophies!

cementori said:

October 10th, 9:02 am

Chtěl bych Resident Evil Nemesis,ale na PS store není…Je ta možnost i pro hráče z Evropy?Díky za odpověď.Hráč z České republiky

maniak_cz said:

October 10th, 12:57 pm

Where is CoD ? XP

zhenear said:

October 10th, 1:20 pm

It will be nice if you write the price next to each game & when they came out as well. if that is not too much work :)

Grexotic said:

October 10th, 1:35 pm

@51 decided to get the hard copy myself

Urso_BR said:

October 10th, 2:07 pm

caramba faz quase 3 anos que saiu o batlefield 1943 e até hoje ele tá no ranking do top 20 .

a EA Dice poderia dar uma upgrade no game não ?? que injustiça ele só ter 4 mapas …

Rinoa0989 said:

October 10th, 4:07 pm

im now playing ff4 bundle package it feels like an epic adventure love psn for having these games :)

xraginx said:

October 12th, 3:09 pm

who took my BROWNIES!!!!!!

xraginx said:

October 12th, 3:14 pm

i was on psn all summer playing call of duty 3,4,mw2,black ops. who thinks playstation is better than the 360, or is ps3 least best than 360, im going for ps3.and im waiting for mw3 to come out tell me if ure getting it and add me if u want to. :)

alamfbi said:

October 14th, 7:05 am

so guys should i get ps plus to take RE4 & RE 3 for free ?

davis_bros_ said:

October 14th, 3:05 pm

I can see why the Resident Evil Games are at the top. There all great games.

davis_bros_ said:

October 14th, 3:06 pm

You should you van save big $$$.

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