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Oct 12

Oct 12

PlayStation Home Announces UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Total Game Integration

GlassWalls's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Home Community Specialist


Calling all Fortune Hunters! This Thursday, October 13th, one of the most celebrated game franchises of all time comes crashing into PlayStation Home. UNCHARTED 3: Fortune Hunter provides a third-person adventure game experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen in PlayStation Home, including a partial recreation of the Yemen level from the UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer mode, and a cover-based shooting system complete with weapons and gameplay inspired by the hit UNCHARTED series. UNCHARTED 3: Fortune Hunter is the latest Total Game Integration event allowing players to unlock exclusive content in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception directly from PlayStation Home.

Over the course of the next three weeks, players will be pitted against waves of enemies developed from character models straight from UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. Progress through challenges to unlock special PlayStation Home rewards, such as collectible weapons; complete all 10 challenges to unlock the Kickback Endurance Booster for use in UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer when the game releases on November 1st. That’s not all – players that pre-order UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception directly from PlayStation Home will receive an exclusive Nathan Drake costume with custom shooting animation for their PlayStation Home avatars. Don’t miss out – log into PlayStation Home this Thursday to take advantage of this special offer!

In other news, VEEMEE will release a brand new arcade game, Savage Cosmos, into the wide world of PlayStation Home this week. This single player arcade game is a top-down, run and gun shooter that includes over 40 rooms/levels to explore, 15 unlockable medals, leader boards, and a host of special rewards. Grab your X1VM Plasma Rifle and enter the doomed SS Cosmos ship where hordes of alien combatants dedicated to your destruction await you. Will you be able to fend off the onslaught and escape the ship in time or will you succumb to the horrors that lie within? Pick up the Savage Cosmos arcade cabinet from the Exclusives store in the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to experience a true blast from the past with this fresh take on the classic arcade games of old.

Of course, the PlayStation Home Mall receives an update this week with new canine companions, additional Halloween costumes, more Granzella beachwear, and some ultra-premium “Diamond” clothing and furniture items in the Exclusives store – check ‘em out!

Baby Dog Companions

The Extra Life 2011 gaming marathon charity event starts this Saturday, October 15th. Gamers that register through the PlayStation portal at will receive a voucher for a special PlayStation Home virtual item. Extra Life is an annual 24-hour video game marathon that raises money to help kids at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It’s never been this much fun to do this much good. Register today to get your own personal page and begin tracking your progress. To learn more about the Extra Life charity event, click HERE.

Get over $35 worth of games and content for the low price of $9.99 with the Sodium Collection, available this Thursday exclusively on the PlayStation Store as part of our Only On PSN promotion. This PlayStation Home value pack includes the SodiumOne Pilot’s Jacket – which unlocks the full 50 level tank combat Salt Shooter game – and weapon upgrades for your SodiumOne tank. Also included is a variety of upgrades for Sodium 2: Project Velocity – a high-speed, free-to-play, futuristic multiplayer racing game exclusive to PlayStation Home – and the wildly-popular Blaster’s Paradise personal space, which hosts a tabletop version of Salt Shooter. Buy from the PlayStation Store and play in PlayStation Home!

Last but certainly not least, the PlayStation Home Community Theater receives an update this Thursday with new videos from the PlayStation community, for the PlayStation community. Log in the Thursday to watch as Urgent Fury returns with a look at Namco Bandai‘s Ace Combat Assault Horizon, followed by the third installment of their inFAMOUS trophy hunt and the ever-popular Bullet Points!

See you in Home!

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tonip1018 said:

October 13th, 9:35 am

ok am I missing something? The sodium package in the store is way different, no Blasters Paradise included and its only $6.99? :\ I was really looking forward to that package.

zech678 said:

October 13th, 10:17 am

PLAYSTATION home fail suck

PirateHarlock said:

October 13th, 12:28 pm

Glasswalls, the clear cache “solution” you keep offering DOES NOT WORK!!. I know you keep saying it I was in theatre 10 earlier in the week when you suddenly made an appearance and you told many people reporting the same bugs on home to “clear your cache” and it would work “starting today”. Well I did it again that night and it didn’t work, it still doesn’t work. You shouldn’t keep offering the same advice when you know it doesn’t work it just makes you look very foolish. This is just one more example of why I’ve been saying home is deeply flawed for a long time now. Another example is that same night you showed in theatre 10 and you yourself were censored when I doubt you were saying anything offensive. I don’t want admission that home is broken and need fixing, its been obvious for a long time now. I just want to see it useable as do many others. It’s been around 3 years and thats way too long for it to be still in beta. In fact the whole “beta” tag ceased to be about testing and its long been an excuse for the rampant lag, bugs and total lack of quality.

Welmosca said:

October 13th, 12:57 pm

Cant wait to play Uncharted 3 game at home that is very cool…but I have a question….what happened with Uncharted 2 space?It was one of my fav.

aero_oceana said:

October 13th, 4:26 pm

^^ Going to agree with the above poster! The Nepalese Village was my favorite space. The wind chimes in the temple were so relaxing. I always hung out there! Wish it hadn’t disappeared… I’d love to go there again and hear those beautiful wind chimes.

Yes, I know there are chimes in the personal space but that space isn’t nearly as attractive in my opinion.

FiRe_AnGeL_ElitE said:

October 13th, 4:38 pm

the uncharted space is great but i have a problem i was uncharted 3 game i got 150 kills i got the ak then when i went to play it again it took me out the game when i was in the middle of it then i noticed my ak was gone i look in the wardrobe and also in storage it wasn’t then i check the list of rewards i got and the ak wasn’t there anymore.

brad74111 said:

October 13th, 7:00 pm

I tried doing the preorder deal through home it seems like it’s working taking my info logged in and all that but when i click the place order button it just seems to refresh the page and doesn’t take my order…

guess i’ll just keep my collector edition that i’ve already got preordered through amazon

six_1_four_boi said:

October 13th, 7:16 pm


six_1_four_boi said:

October 13th, 7:17 pm


jaybclark2 said:

October 13th, 11:59 pm

So I was wondering if I could still get the bonus if I already pre-ordered it at Amazon before because the browser keeps freezing. So maybe considering the order through home is from Amazon and my order was from Amazon, could I possibly get the rewards?

jaybclark2 said:

October 14th, 12:07 am

Like I said, the Home browser keeps freezing on me so I can’t order it at all even if I wanted to, could you make an exception?

erickafollie said:

October 14th, 8:55 am

Hello. Glass walls, how impossible is it to make the coat at theater 10 part of the 10 FREE items,I mean it sounds like a simple solution to this problem, I already got mines but I know many people haven’t, so please,transfer the coat to the 10 FREE items and post it as a community message so people know and have the chance to get it after waiting for 2 weeks,and also if this problem is going to persist, then make it so that we pick up future rewards elsewhere,and not at theater 10, maybe a Reward Box ,just like the 10 Free Items. Thank You

Psychonik said:

October 14th, 12:18 pm

Trying to pre-order the collector’s edition off Home, but it just says this is test and is only $15.00 and it won’t complete the order.

captn-mrty said:

October 14th, 12:23 pm

guess this is the right place to ask about the “new updates”. since it seems to me almost everyone that has posted is having the same problems, the community theater is trashed its not giving the free rewards that is promised and recently the vids in there are just not working correctly at all. ive been stopping there a few times a day since monday and it doesnt seem to be fixed, even when i log into my wifes account its the same old mess. is sony even addressing this problem at all? then theres the ever present lag, the system crashes and disconnects. so what is sony and the playstation home team doing about these issues?

Phantom_Outlaws said:

October 14th, 2:48 pm

i enjoy Home and all, but there is no way on Earth i would pre-order anything from this lag-ridden, buggy “game”. can’t even get a free jacket to work.

BuriedSorrow said:

October 14th, 6:02 pm

Just gotta say… $15 for an exclusive virtual outfit, where you already have to pay for Plus for it to be exclusive, are you nuts?!?!? I hope people don’t actually buy this.

Seriously that’s crazy… I’m happy with my free stuff lol.

Psychonik said:

October 14th, 8:16 pm

I pre-ordered Killzone 3 and Dead Island from Home no problem. They seem to have changed the domain now because before it was right off Amazon now it says Playstation in the top left hand corner. As someone who has supported and enjoyed previous TGI events I really hope they fix it. The Sodium package for 7.99 makes me a little happier. I love the fortune hunter game, but what’s with the inverted controls? They did this with the Killzone mini game too is there any way to switch it to normal?

Psychonik said:

October 14th, 9:01 pm

Sweet they fixed the preorder mess. They went back to getting it straight off amazon. Idk why they tried to change it.

Fire-Walker77 said:

October 15th, 7:54 am

alot of old games have ideas in them like final fantasy make avi out fits from old games super heroes bring in horror monsters or bring in wwe team and ask them fix avi stuff like for the wings there should be a wing part on the back not hands ok enuff said , but its awesome i like the halloween bundle thanks halloweens awesome month

nellz777 said:

October 15th, 1:07 pm

I know this is off subject but how does Mortal Kombat outfits sound for PS Home? I’m sure we’ve all been waiting long enough!!!!


October 15th, 8:32 pm

im luving the uncharted game! u should put co-op in there

spazzkid12 said:

October 16th, 6:59 am

hey glasswalls this is spazzkid on my eu profile im wondering how are all these rewards from uncharted goin to be availible

oh and look for my actual profile spazzkid im in assassins guild see you on pshome

spazzkid12 said:

October 16th, 8:55 am

hey this is like the dead island theme isnt it

nellz777 said:

October 16th, 9:24 am

@BHANGRA-WON-DIE If you really love the Uncharted series you woud know that there is going to be a co-op mode in the new Uncharted 3. Naughty Dog already confirmed it.

track62 said:

October 20th, 5:24 pm

i like the free items you get from the uncharted 3 home integration i got the G-MAL and ak-47 but i seen the “hub” thing any news on that or is it just a taste of whats coming soon.

on another not im tired of seeing glitchers everywhere i go i thing you guys need to have more moderators or guides in all the spaces most of the glitchers do whats called a “ghost glitch” which is where they use the reaper outfit and the highlight the adam android then back out as fast as they can so they can float heres the link that enplanes it all i dont like this at all it makes me mad how people ruin a great game

Heat55wade said:

October 22nd, 5:33 pm

does anyone know if Amazon may plan on shipping the Drake PS Home Avatar with all the Uncharted 3 preorders? I preordered U3 off Amazon in august and now I see this and its not really fair. Is it safe to cancel my preorder and just redo it thru Home?

LezGrl79 said:

November 2nd, 2:15 am

I pre-ordered on amazon through Home but did not get a code for the avatar. The code was for something in the game. How do we get the code for the Home avatar?

ITCOB1 said:

November 2nd, 4:35 am

Preordered from PSN Home inside Drakes Fortune game , but Amazon emailed me The code for the Standard AMAZON preorder. Suggestions??

gingerfroggy said:

November 8th, 1:56 pm

So the Message of the day shows me a female army set and I went on the blogs and it said they were in the Alter Ego store, which doesn’t seem to be found on the new ps home. Is Alter Ego still on the new and updated ps home, or is the set in another store?

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