PAYDAY: The Heist Official Launch Date Unmasked: October 18th

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PAYDAY: The Heist Official Launch Date Unmasked: October 18th
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We’re at it again, PAYDAY crew! The criminal masterminds behind the highly anticipated PSN co-op shooter PAYDAY: The Heist, are coming for your PS3s next Tuesday, October 18th!

PAYDAY: The Heist Official Launch Date Unmasked: October 18th

SOE and the OVERKILL team have worked diligently to develop and create a game with the highest quality of content – which will give players continued replayabilty and hours of complex, death-defying heists in a never-ending pursuit of the next big score. We can’t wait for the launch of this highly anticipated game and are even more excited for players and fans to finally enjoy PAYDAY The Heist together online. Once again, SOE would like to thank the loyal community for your patience and assure you that this will be worth the wait!

In the meantime, feel free to check out the all-new Slaughterhouse trailer above that highlights one of the most difficult heists featured in the game. Check out the PAYDAY: The Heist website for more info.

Thanks again for your continued support! Gear up to seize the game on October 18th.

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14 Author Replies

  • rockinjs864

    the mod said that will be the release date for EU.I only have one question though will this not have a plus discount?

  • @49 yeah me too – i want this game – still saying the 18th —wonder what made sushi think nov 2nd.i wont hold my breath though

  • Veringetorix

    wow! a lot of you people are completely unreasonable. You won’t buy the game because it got pushed back? The developers are doing you a favor and all you can do is complain. Really people? Grow up you whiney spoiled cry babies. You people are so inconsiderate and self-centered. Anyways, great trailer Overkill. The game looks really fun, and my buddies and I are already ready to team up. Is there a LAN option? Did you guys add an alternate fire option?

  • Cool, the wait was’nt too long. Is the free PayDay PSN PLAY promo will include the theme when we download the game on the 18th?

  • kabirdsall14

    I have yet to hear if there will be a ps+ discount. Can anybody confirm or deny this??

  • DJBennett1985

    See you guys on the 18th! Payday and Arkham City will be eating up next week for me.

  • I’m very happy to see that it is coming the Tuesday, and that you guys are trying to get this out asap. Other companies would have waited until the following week so that they will be featured in the Drop.

    Can we get some detail on the DLC for Payday? What can we expect and how soon?

    Thank you

  • k3rm7t4lif3

    looking forward like u would not beleve for this one, have not sleeped much since the delay….thank u thanku thanku!

  • DJBennett1985

    @41: The Nov. 2 date you speak of is for Europe.

  • ModernYorkster

    @ Chris Sturr ive got afew questions regarding features for the game.

    1. Does it support Voice Chat?
    2. Does it support XMB Invites?
    3. Is there lobbys or a Party System?

    Thanks, the game looks like a must own.

  • PlatinumAura

    OK now that the date is announced will the PlayStation play goers who received a confirmation XMB message that stated we bought all 4 titles be getting this the day of release or later?

  • LOL, @7 totally owned the trashtalker and nobody even understood what he meant. Twisted Metal was also delayed, so you’re not gonna buy that too? What if CoD and BF3 were delayed?


    Babies. Trashtalka3000, YOU go get a job.

  • Chris, if you see this, I just want to let you know that I’m really impressed. The graphics for that trailer look HUGELY upgraded than the game build from E3 and PAX etc. I’m not one to moan about graphics, I’m all about the gameplay. But it looks like I’m gonna be getting some amazing gameplay and the graphics is a nice bonus. Thanks so much guys, the delay looks like it was worth it.

  • Please tell me there is at least splitscreen! If so, is it 2-4 player splitscreen?

  • Archer88222

    looking forward to this game! Bit early to think about this but…..will there be any future DLC for this title? maybe some additional heists?

  • @5 & 7
    Aren’t you the moron who was threatening to sue Sony 2 weeks ago. You accused them of theft by deception and claimed that this $20 “theft” was a felony…fail on you loser ha ha ha

  • On topic… There’s plenty of space in my empty head for this, Okabu, the bat man, and carnival games… YA I said it, carnival games. I got kids to play with so it gives me an excuse. It might be my first platinum:)

  • LOL @ those saying they wont buy another Sony game or this game because they cant wait 5 more days (not one year or 1 month) 5 days! lol you guys cant wait 5 more days? Jesus whats wrong with today’s society?

  • you guys are either ignorant, trolls or need help…..

  • BxNYCBonaoDR

    Finally! Payday:The Heist is coming out. I wished that it would have released on 10/4th like they originally announced.I was planning to play this non-stop for two weeks before Batman:Arkham City comes out. Now I’ll have to switch back and forth between these two games. I hope that its good because I’ve been waiting for this game for a while and have high hopes for it. If it’s as good as theyre claiming it to be, I will definitely be picking up any future DLC that is released for it. Please release the trophy list for it.

  • BxNYCBonaoDR

    @68, 69 I agree w/you people do need to be more patient. But patience is a virtue that unfortunately not everyone is equipped with. But I do have to correct you…Payday was pushed back a full 2 weeks not 5 days. It was supposed to come out on 10/4/11. Now its releasing, 10/18/11,tuesday. My guess is that people are just mad that they payed up front and then game was delayed the night before(10/3/11monday) and where given no release date by Sony or Overkill. We where only told that it would come out later in October.


  • BxNYCBonaoDR

    @51 @55 There will be no PS+ discount, sadly. Sony or Overkill would have announced it awhile back. But the game looks bananas, DLC is already planned, and its only $20USD. When you consider getting a replayable FPS, w/ multiplayer cooperative co-op for that price, that’s a steal(parden the pun lol) all on its on. I am a PS+ member by the way and i payed $20. No discount but I wasnt expecting one. This game is looks to be real solid and Overkill(developers) seemed to have worked real hard on their game. When a developer works hard I have no problem paying full price for a game. EX:Naughty Dog’s Uncharted Series Day 1 purchase $60 for Uncharted 3:Drakes Deception. Naught Dog worked hard to release best game possible=they get my hard earned $60. No discount required. See you guys online. PAYDAY BABYYYY PS. Please release Payday the Heist Clown Mask avatars!!!! That would be sick. I will definitely buy the complete set.

  • @millersburgfan52

    I’d rather a game get delayed last minute to be fixed than for it to come out with issues.


  • mclovinrocks

    ok so I did not preorder this game but I did buy the four play pack games sony as a preorder from my psn account and you said that I would get payday the heist as a gift and I did get that one message with a video for this game and then you said back when you where close to a release date that I would get a voucher code message to me on my psn account and I have just been waiting to see when I would get the code so I can get the full game of payday the heist and also thank you sony and thank you overkill for makeing this AWSOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also you both need to think of more awsome games cuz it would rock big time ok but this is an excellent start and I look forword to seeing more awsome games in the future from both of you!!!!!!!

  • rockinjs864

    @73 Well I guess I’ll be getting my pre-order on so I can get that free theme and yea I’m with u on the clown mask avatars they would hold me over until I could get my hands on that crazy sweet tooth

  • rockinjs864

    Oh well for the preorder guess that’s one theme I’ll miss out on:( Still will see your guys at the heist

  • This is BS!!!! I want a refund i will nnever buy any game of you guys again.


  • How do i go about getting a refund for this game since you guys cheated me out of my money?

  • I own the last Batman “AA” and I beat it….Pretty crappy game and the next one will be more of the same I cant believe you zombies wont give this developer a fair shot

  • musicman1234

    I would have liked to preorder this game but the PS Home Item was a tee shirt from Again,I would like to support this game but you guys have to do more for Home if you want advance money like this from me.

  • Been following this since day1…Cannot wait for Tuesday afternoon!!! Thanks OVERKILL…

  • About time, I wondered when this will come out, thanks for the release date, I hope teh delay was worth it.

  • If you were to play this on solo could the bots complete objectives? Or would events were multiple people would normally need to grab money now be quicker for the person playing solo?
    Like in this video it looked like it would take a little to long for one person to grab all of that money. at 4:16

  • If you ever played a great co-op and i dont mean COD…..I mean Resident Evil Outbreak or something where you actually play together…. then you would have the same respect I have for this developer….good job thinking outside the box on this title…..

  • Again, thanks for the support of this game, hope it continues…

    plus, thanks for the theme, it was a nice surprise!

    :thumbs: to #86 ^

  • Cant wait for this game I preordered it.

  • so since we’ve had to wait extra long for this game, do us pre-order people get any freebies or extras??? seems only fair seeing as it was due to come out ages ago and you’ve gone and changed the release date twice I believe.

  • Will there be competitive multiplayer. like the robbers team try to rob the bank and the cops team try to stop them. If not can it be added as DLC

  • Can we have splitscreen as a reward for waiting?

    Or at least a future patch that grants splitscreen, cause my friends don’t have a PS3, and so we won’t be able to play, even if they come home.

    Splitscreen make a game last longer and you can play it with friends and brothers at home, why people doesn’t put splitscreen?!?

  • I live in Denmark and don’t really care for french, german or spanish.. Could it be possible for you to realease the english version on Oct. 18th. So i don’t have to wait that much longer? :)


    The release date is the same for PSN as it is for steam correct?

  • The-Sigma-Alpha

    Looking forward to getting in on the action

  • What about the UK ? Will it be released at the same day as in the US ?

  • camandbron_buoy

    Dear Chris Sturr and Sony Online Entertainment;
    Congragulations on the release date! I found this date appropriate and generous. I believe that most players are cooling down and are much happier now that they know the release date. This was a good call on your part and it reasurred my faith in Sony and Overkill. I am also glad to know that the rumor about the DLC is true. All I ask for now is a reply to this comment and more gameplay videos. I know that “The Quality Bar has been set high” and am ready for those expectations to be met.

    I am looking forward to this Payday and I am ready to see the entire Payday:The Heist Development Team Overkill the competition.

  • I really do hope that this game does well. We need more departures from the ever-so-played-out ‘move into an area, shoot everything, move onto next area, repeat’ format that nearly EVERY FPS uses. Please be warned though: If the game is delayed AGAIN, you will have doomed yourselves.

  • Thank you for clearing up my understanding of the reason for the delay Chris. Your reply was informative, doubly so, as well timely. I truly am appreciative of the level of commitment to quality, within the expanse of a game title, Overkill and Sony have demonstrated; now and in the past. Technical issues and bugs I can understand, will always crop up. And would prefer to be fixed in a timely manner, as this seems to have been done.

    As for my continued support and patience; you’re welcome. (no sarcasm intended)

    I’m also glad to see, shortly after this reconfirmed release date, a new message in the PSN inbox that confirms this blog’s reconfirmation of the release date, with unexpectedly, the theme voucher pleasantly attached!

    Thank you.
    ~looking forward to experiencing PAY DAY: The Heist on the 18th.

  • I traded my xbox for a ps3 when killzone got released and I was about to trade my ps3 for another xbox but then payday popped up! I am SOOO glad I traded my xbox for a ps3! First killzone, now payday!? I LOVE sony! Can’t wait to start some heists!

  • I for one am going to stay up until 00:01 tonight and if this release is not out by then i will contact sony by phone for a refund i have no confidence in that overkill will release the game the 18th. The bs tacticts they have used against paying psn customers are below al criticism since i am certain that there where no real “last minute delays” they only said so because they knew the game would not be done in time to be launched at the 4th maybe the release date the 12th was a genuine mistake and but i dont think so i think they waited until a few days just before the release day to make it look like unexpected bug issues. A developer who has so much confidence in their product would not have this problem with it since beta testing would be over atleast a week before the release of the game.

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