UNCHARTED 3 – New TV Spot with Never-Before-Seen Footage

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UNCHARTED 3 – New TV Spot with Never-Before-Seen Footage

Hey UNCHARTED fans, as you know we kicked off our advertising campaign for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception right here with you, our loyal PlayStation.Blog readers back in September. Since then,you’ve been “feasting” your eyes on our fantastic 15 second spot for Subway starring noneother than Nathan Drake himself, as well as his cameo in Subway’s 30 second”AnyTober” spot gracing tv’s all over the country right now.

As you are about to see, our brand new spot showcases never before seen footage from Drake’s upcoming adventure that absolutely delivers on the promise that no other game can provide – actually “PLAYING” through a Hollywood, blockbuster action movie!

UNCHARTED 3 – New TV Spot with Never-Before-Seen Footage

We’ll be premiering this brand new 30 second tv spot live on the NFL this Sunday night, October 16th (Vikings vs Bears) 8:20PM (ET), but we wanted to share with you first! Set your DVR’s to capture this to watch again and again. And remember friends, no matter who wins Sunday night’s game, we ALL win as we set out to Uncover The Truth with Nathan Drake when UNCHARTED 3 hits stores just 17 days from now, November 1st! If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy already, don’t wait, the Collector’s Editions are disappearing fast!

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  • 10-31-11, the last day anyone will see me in person.

  • Just won the DC premium pass for the AMC event! Thanks!

  • TheUndertaker85

    Nice TV spot! Way to get Uncharted 3 out there for the masses. Uncharted 3 = GOTY for sure.

    On another note, got my Collector’s Edition preordered! 11.1.11 here I come!

  • I don’t see anything…

  • newsense2008

    Speaking of Collectors Editions. Any word on whether or not there will be Fortune Hunters editions?

  • PatriotEyez27

    Is it just me or is there just a blank spot o.O

  • Can’t wait for this

  • yeah commercial time is probaly cheap for the viqueens and carebears

    GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ageguyera21

    I’m slightly unbelievably surprised to see that shotgun just glued to his back. This isn’t 1997. They couldn’t have given him some sort of holster for it?

  • Nov. 1st: “Spunta never showed up for work.” “Apparently he’s got that “Uncharitis” that’s going around. Saw it on the news. Pandemic.”


    Omg I am so pumped, and guess what, lucky me and my bday is the 18th… ;) Bday money for both this and Skyrim! YESSSS! :))

  • Video worked fine on my end

  • BuriedSorrow

    2 words… wow!

  • OMG That is Amazing!

  • I can’t wait for this game. The never-before-seen footage just want me to play the game more than ever.

  • Oh gosh, this game is going to be so amazing…just preordered my Collector’s Edition today because I’ve been busy and debated which version to get as well.

  • Also, Ageguyera21 I agree about the shotgun. there should definitely be a holster, that’s an egregious mistake

  • My lord if that doesn’t make someone want a PS3 for this game I don’t know what will!
    Long live play gentlemen!

  • There is no video!!

  • Ageguyera21

    @ Eli7e-v335 Especially for a huge TV spot. That one shot makes the game look unpolished. I mean, NOBODY noticed that? I hope they fix it before it airs.

  • YES!!!!!

  • I think Nathan Drake should endorse more sandwiches.

  • I’m totally,
    without a doubt

    AMPED about this game! :D

  • I’m sacrificing my birthday gift for this, I know Battlefield 3 comes out in a week and a half, but it’s worth it.
    I also wanna get Batman Arkham City, looks super badass

  • eaglefan129

    Just a few short weeks are going to longer then waiting out the summer.

  • The dictionary doesn’t have any words to describe what i just saw…. SO GLAD I have my Collector’s Edition payed off. UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, I AWAIT you with much anticipation!

  • pickupdoctor

    I can’t wait to watch this movie. Err, play this game. Stunning.

  • Yea the shotgun attached to his back like that does look kinda silly..

  • Enkei-Xpress

    Haha, check out what it says on the condom machine at around 00:18

    “Duracondom, Your *Worst!* Protection”

    lol, gotta’ love Naughty Dog :D

  • lilbthedon2

    i cant wait ive been waitin 4 uncharted 3 4eva i hope they will make a better ending then number 3( among theives) i pre orderd it it looked cool at E3 previews look amazing and u get 2 play acool story

  • Psicocrusher

    1 Word: Awesome!

  • lilbthedon2

    any1 add me im friends with star,cyrus,luge

  • Oh My God! Can’t wait to play Drake of Arabia.

  • TheGuardianFID

    AWESOME, just AWESOME!!! 8)

  • LIKE

  • REDXJeenKs3000

    YA, ND forgot to put a holster on him. FIX . The Shotgun looks silly glued to his back

  • And the video is, where, exactly?

  • I cannot wait to purchase this game!

    Other publishers should take note. If any game should have an online pass, it should be solely for multiplayer. I appreciate this game for not using PSN Pass to wall off 10% of Nathan Drake’s story like certain other games are.

  • bloodbath666

    Can not wait for this. I played through both Uncharted games in preparation for the threequel.

  • Sorry, but I don’t see any video :(

  • jimmyfoxhound

    Is that shotgun superglued to his back?? (00:02) or is it like a shotgun shaped brooch, just pinned there? lol looks kinda silly. Did they forget to give him a holster? lol Yes I’m nitpicking so what :P

  • twistedfloyd

    I can’t wait. This made more pumped. Thanks also for not giving anything away with the footage. Very unspoilerish. My GF pre ordered the collector’s edition for me because she is amazing! Although I will not be able to play as much as I like when it first hits, once I’m out of school for the quarter, it’s Uncharted time. Come November 16th, Mr. Drake and I are going to sit down and have the best adventure ever!!!!!!


  • Very cool, can’t wait! Just a few more weeks away…

  • shadysaiyanz

    Hey ND/SCEA, Why is there no just steelbook edition? They have that in the EU version of Uncharted 3. The CE look nice and all but a separate steelbook edition would be cool. As i’ve never had a steelbook edition of anything :(

  • @ sciteach Me too! Can’t wait for Wednesday!

  • StinkyMoney5

    Those graphics impossible for a console game!!!

  • Is that shotgun glued to Drake’s back?

  • BxNYCBonaoDR

    I have been in love with Naughty Dog’s Uncharted Series since 11/2007. I am literally counting the days until Uncharted 3:Drake’s Deception comes out on 11/1/11(preordered in July 2011). What an amazing end to 2011 PS3 season. I am getting Batman:Arkham City, Payday:The Heist, UC3, and Saints Row:The Third. Hopefully my old but reliable 80GB PS3 can handle the late night gaming sessions that I’m about to put her through. That’s right everyone, my PS3 is a SHE and her name is Fiona Gallagher(Named after Emmy Rossum’scharacter in Showtime Shameless). Im in love w/my PS3 and I can’t live without her. : )

  • I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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