It’s Okabu Launch Day

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It’s Okabu Launch Day

It’s time to warm up your flippers and take to the skies of Okabu! Today is launch day, and if you head to the PlayStation Store in a few hours, you’ll find Okabu waiting there for you. The free demo is also available today, so if you’d like to take it for a spin, now’s your chance!

It’s Okabu Launch Day

In case this is the first time that you’ve seen the game, it’s time for a bit of background. Okabu is a co-op action-adventure following the adventures of two cloud-whale brothers, Kumulo and Nimbe. They’ve been dispatched from their aerial homelands to investigate the source of a toxic pollution that’s been poisoning their people.

As they reach the surface, they encounter four cloud-flying heroes, each with their own unique powers: from the Harpoon-wielding Captain Monkfish to the animal-charming powers of Picolo. Teaming up, they embark on an epic adventure to free their people and put a stop to the onward march of the industrialized Doza tribe.

Featuring a Platinum trophy, two player couch co-op, four expansive worlds, online leaderboards and four unique minigames, we hope Okabu is going to keep you busy for a LONG time!

If you’d like to find out a little more about the game, you can check out our previous posts on the PlayStation blog to meet the heroes, and find out about the gameplay and four worlds that make up the adventure. This game is also part of October’s Only on PSN program.

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  • This game looks great :0.

  • I know this has already probably been announced but what is the price for Okabu? I wanna make sure I get the right size PSN card.

  • $15.00

  • Hand Circus?
    Okay, now I’m oddly intrigued…

  • PremiumPencil


  • Looks odd. I want.

  • Duel User Account/PSN Login for the local coop? So multiple people in one household can earn trophies together?

  • @7 Has any game ever done that before?

  • xNukexGoxBoomx

    Hmm, this costs $15.00 & I have $39.50 left in my wallet, I guess I can buy this, it looks legit.
    Get your Portable ID!

  • Is there a discount for PS+ or is it still 15.00?

  • @7 @8
    I don’t know about trophies but LBP let everyone use their profile save, which at this point should be standard in multiplayer games. I hate in Castle crashes being called xxx1 xxx2 xxx3. My biggest concern for this game would be telling them apart though. Mario and Luigi are red and green for a reason. Very much looking forward to trying out the demo and finding out “in a few hours”. (I really hate when people post “out now” way before the store updates. )

  • LilWayneSuckz


    Uncharted 3 is doing it

  • DudeItsKyle

    yes there has been games that did trophies for multiple profiles, LBP2, Borderlands, Resistance 2, so yes it’s completely do able it’s just a lot of developers are too lazy to support the feature, I can’t believe this feature isn’t mandatory.

  • DarkCloudLives

    It’s co-op only?

  • It’s not co-op only, it has singleplayer. The co-op is offline only.

    PROBABLY going to get this, unless the demo is terrible.

  • Update this crap overnight, I hate waiting for this.

  • headronefish

    I’m ready.

  • JH-FallenReaper

    im so pissed i got a 20 dollar card and since rochard was 10 bucks i pre ordered infamous 2 festival of blood thinking okabu would be 10 dollars too and know when i get home i find out its 15 dollars what a fail well ill get it on friday!!

  • When is the store going to update it’s almost 7:00pm and nothing

  • itzz already 7 and nothing on the storee come on people!!!

  • Pretty large update this week; just bake some cookies & we’ll be downloading in a flash!

  • 9:48pm EST and still no store update? what gives?

  • JoeTheBeast16

    its 10:20 and i still don’t see Okabu on the store, nor do i see any of the other updates, and i searched for okabu and it didn’t show up either, luckily payday was downloadable for me at noon, but still, i wanted okabu!.
    Oh well, morning i guess.

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