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Oct 18

Oct 18

UNCHARTED 3 – Join the Fortune Hunters’ Club

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Are you a Fortune Hunter who is dying to get your hands on UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception in just two short weeks? Can’t wait to find out what Naughty Dog has in store for you after you and Nathan Drake “UNCOVER THE TRUTH” on November 1st? Will you be scouring the PlayStation Blog in hopes of finding out when the next DLC release for Uncharted 3 will be? Do you want to get your Uncharted 3 DLC first and save a ton of money at the same time? Then you do NOT want to miss this! Announcing, the Fortune Hunters’ Club, a DLC Pre-order program that gets you WHAT you want, WHEN you want, and HOW you want it!

uncharted 3 fortune hunters' club

The treasure seekers and Fortune Hunters that Nathan Drake deals with are known to be smart, resourceful, and a very exclusive bunch. Similarly, you the UNCHARTED fans, have told us that you want an option to get your DLC at a discount, and you want to get it like a Fortune Hunter would (quick and easy). This is the club for you, and now is the time to join it!

The Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC program entitles you to the first four multiplayer map packs and the first three multiplayer skin packs for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception with the first DLC release coming in November. Pre-order now for only $24.99 and immediately score the exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club THEME, then with each DLC release you will receive an XMB message on your PS3 linking you directly to the content on the PlayStation Store! Valued at over $45.00, these DLC releases will be must-haves for any UNCHARTED fan.

Join now to save over 45% on 7 multiplayer packs, get the FREE Fortune Hunters’ Club theme, and then get your DLC like a Fortune Hunter would with fast and easy XMB message links!

Available for pre-order today on the PlayStation Store and select retailers!

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Rlonald said:

October 18th, 11:54 am

Sorry but even paying the discounted price of 25$ for something that should have been included with the purchase price of the game is too much… I’m a huge uncharted fan but I hate the whole DLC trend that is going on now so I won’t be buying this. Probably it’s even going to be an 100KB unlock you are buying, as is the case with most DLC.

Whitefire78 said:

October 18th, 11:57 am

Why do people ask why it’s not a big deal? IT IS WE KNOW NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO BUY IT. But announcing that they will sell DLC and basically letting people BUY IT WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING WHATS ON IT, WEEKS BEFORE THE REAL GAME COMES OUT, is kinda well… Greedy? I’m not saying they are ripping us off but I bet half of that stuff is already done and could have been put on the disc. And on top of that they add the Online Pass which will get them even more money. THEY WANT MORE MONEY. And actually give each character their own animations instead of just copy and pasting them on the skeletons making them look all weird (if that’s even possible). Lastly I would just like to say Why are we pre-ordering DLC???

KidCommando said:

October 18th, 12:06 pm



My principles are worth more than the entertainment value of a video game!!

While you can contribute to the nickel and dime downfall of gaming this gen, I will know where I stood.

This will only get worse. At least I will have someone to blame….YOU and all the blind ‘fans’ in here.

Please remember how this all started this gen with DLC and online passes. You will be asking yourself “what happened?” at some point down the line. You will have the answer and could have been part of the solution if not blinded by shiny things and ghost deals.

MGN1990 said:

October 18th, 12:08 pm

I already pre-ordered my copy at EB Games Canada.
Can i get in that way?

LoTuS52 said:

October 18th, 12:11 pm

Where in the PSN Store is this located to pre-order?

PremiumPencil said:

October 18th, 12:14 pm

This is crazy, in a bad way. well i’ll just wait for the store update…..

charsamwang said:

October 18th, 12:18 pm

I have a question regarding the PSN PASS. My main account for playing is on the JPN region. So if I bought the US version of Uncharted 3 and redeemed the code on my other US PSN account, will be I be able to play it on my main JPN account?
Because I don’t want to be forced to by the JPN version to be able to play online.

Chronos-Raikou said:

October 18th, 12:19 pm

Well we all knew this was coming. I hate planed DLC just as much as the average gamer, but I love Uncharted so much I really don’t care. I’m still going to buy it.

Besides, 7 Multiplayer Packs for $25 comes out to about $3.57 per map pack. This looks like more of a DEAL for the fans then a CASH GRAB for Naughty Dog.

spacysam said:

October 18th, 12:20 pm


Is this just for US customers, or do you know if Europe is going to have this as well?

VixDiesel said:

October 18th, 12:21 pm


– How long will this deal be available?

– How many maps are in each map pack?

– Do the map packs add new modes?

– Are they competitive or co-op? Or both?

– Do they add trophies?

– When does the first dlc pack come out?

– Over the course of how much time will this dlc come out? (A few weeks? A few months?)

– How many skins are in each skin pack?

– How much are the packs individually? How much is each map pack and skin pack? I don’t want the total of $45, I want a breakdown, please.

– Will you play it with me? :)

DwayneW1987 said:

October 18th, 12:25 pm

Won’t be buying this game. Thank ________ that I didn’t pre-order!

We’re not dumb, just momentarily ignorant.

shades909 said:

October 18th, 12:26 pm

Game isn’t even released and already have 45$ of planned dlc no thanks i was thinking of buying this since i liked uncharted 1 and 2 but not enough for that and i seriously don’t feel like spending 25$ even if i save 45% for dlc i don’t even know if they will be good….
I’m so happy i didn’t pre-order this game and now you lost a almost sure buy because of this post thanks for making me save money :)
Btw i’m almost sure people will start bashing me because i’m not fan enough of this game to waste almost 100$ on it (Pass Included) and i seriously don’t care about them but i just wanted to say everyone have difference taste and if you like this game enough to buy a pass good for you buy that’s not the case for me.

PcFish said:

October 18th, 12:27 pm

45% of $45 is $20.25, totaling $24.75.

KwietStorm said:

October 18th, 12:31 pm

Few details ominously omitted:

-How many maps ship with the game?
-Does each map pack include only 1 map?
-When will more details about the content be given before the pre-order period is over?
-When is the last day to pre-order?

Psikorps said:

October 18th, 12:38 pm


Buy all the DLC now via preorder for $25, save 45% off the DLC price if bought alone.

Buy the game now for $60, include the DLC price and the total price jumps to $85 if you preorder, over $100 if ya dont.


Buy the GOTY or other named edition down the road, get the game and most, if not all the DLC for around $40.

Options are nice.

Kirkpad said:

October 18th, 12:42 pm

Problem is that a chunk of that DLC is just for skins. I want to know the total cost of JUST the map packs. I could see it being like… not much more than $25. 4 Map packs at $7 a piece (guessing the price) is $28. And you’d actually know what maps they are!

Kchow23 said:

October 18th, 12:54 pm

Who would’ve thought people disliked savings.. It saves you money buying it all together than separate like the MK DLC. What’s so wrong about that? Also the online pass only affects you if you buy the game used besides it supports multiple PSN IDs not just one and can be downloaded on multiple PS3s.

Ishan_The_King said:

October 18th, 12:58 pm

Wait… Is this only in the US (the US PSN store), because I can’t find it on the EU store. I want to buy this.

EJayDub said:

October 18th, 1:06 pm

My gosh ND is redefining the idea of “milking” with this game. This is nuts. All that money for a few skins and maps? How many maps? How many skins? The only specific detail we get is the stupid theme! Where are the details??? You’re going to charge people 25 dollars and not even give them the exact details of what they’ll be getting? XD yeeah..

feelmuhpino said:

October 18th, 1:11 pm

Man this is tough. I’d be more inclined if this included all the exclusive perks from pre-ordering the games from Best Buy, Amazon, etc. I mean, what’s an Exclusive Hunter’s Club if you dont get all the EXCLUSIVE content? Make that happen and I’d be sold. But its hard forking over the cash for exclusive deals, while knowing that because I bought it at Brick & Mortar A, I don’t get the content from Brick & Mortar B.

musicman1234 said:

October 18th, 1:14 pm

Geez man.I love the beta online play. It’s the most fun most game I have played this year besides Dead Island.
After reading this,I will for sure wait and see how this plays out.If only you guys could give the Home preorder people the Drake avatar while the game is still in Home.I cancelled mine in Home because I wont get it until 10 days after amazon ships…then your space in Home will most likely be gone and that is no fun for us game launching role players.

BTW..Home game is killer.The space is awesome gang

LilWayneSuckz said:

October 18th, 1:15 pm

Until Naughty Dog fixes the blindfire/melee problem I won’t be buying any of said DLC

MagixAdept said:

October 18th, 1:17 pm

I’m upset about this, not because of the price, or because I think I’m being “robbed” or any other foolish thing, I’m upset because I still can’t even access Playstation Store!!!!. Where are the major updates about fixing the Network so those 93,000 can go back and access it again? I’ve gone through about a week without any Uncharted 3 to pump back in my veins and now I have to decide if I even want this and find a way to buy it too. I’ll admit I bought everyone single Uncarted 2 DLC so I can say I’m easily one of the most hardcore Uncharted fans out there. That decision was pretty dam easy but if I have to pre-order it then that means there’s usually a time limit, so where are the big answers we’re looking for?

When’s the final day to pre-order? What are the other ways to buy into this club because PS Store is not an option for many people at the moment. How in the world will we know when PSN is available to the doomed people like me? And where’s my e-mail from Sony -_-?


October 18th, 1:23 pm

People complaining about this are nuts. Your getting loads of content for cheap instead of full price. (They did it because people asked for it BTW) DLC not your thing? don’t buy it. simple. but if DLC is gonna be plenty, I might as well get something like this to save money. I was gonna buy the DLC anyways, and have no problem with the DLC matter as a whole. Its like a surprise later on in the games life to have some new content to mess around with. 24.99 is better then spending 40 bucks if you plan on getting all the DLC like me.

D-Squad3 said:

October 18th, 1:26 pm

Not interested, the MP sucks.


October 18th, 1:28 pm

i pre-ordered the collecters edition does this come with it???

TheUndertaker85 said:

October 18th, 1:30 pm

Nice. I will be taking advantage of this offer. Got my Uncharted 3 CE preordered and just waiting for November 1st!

Also, don’t listen to the whiners claiming they’re not getting Uncharted 3 now. If they actually preordered, the online pass would mean squat to them as they’d be getting it with their NEW copy of Uncharted 3. I hope if it’s possible you all look to do the rest of the UC3 DLC the same way you’re doing this. Putting a much lower price on preorder for DLC is a good thing and saves the consumer money. Saving $20 by preordering this DLC is a pretty decent difference.

Plus we all know that just the the last two Uncharted games, this game is going to sell like hot cakes.

On an off note, please make sure to link this title with firmware 3.60 or higher like Portal 2 did. Make those “homebrewers” *Cough*Hackers and theifs*Cough* eat it without the Uncharted 3 experience.


October 18th, 1:34 pm

is there a previous game bonus again like in uncharted 2

Link01 said:

October 18th, 1:37 pm

sooo….. is it a dynamic theme, how long is it available, and why couldn’t you guys just provide like + discounts on day one dlc releases instead of forcing us enthusiasts into a deal that we don’t honestly know the value of?

JWC4 said:

October 18th, 1:42 pm

I love me some Uncharted. I am even going to the AMC event in D.C. tonight. I just hope that Naughty Dog is not putting more emphasis on multiplayer than the single player. I understand the desire to increase the longevity of the game but I feel like it is a feature that has been pushed onto Naughty Dog to compete with other games that include multiplayer.

lbettyl said:

October 18th, 1:43 pm

I wonder if U3 will read your U2 data like U2 did and give extra money and stuff….it doesn’t matter to me anyway since me PS3 with all of my game saves died (ylod) :'( As for this DLC, I already know it’s only MP stuff, but I would reaaallly like to know whether there’s co-op dlc included in this bundle cause that’s definitely my favorite MP mode, considering how amazing it was in Uncharted 2…I may get this either way though as I predict myself being hooked on this game for months

crXss said:

October 18th, 1:45 pm

really ND? not you too. DLC in the same month as the game’s release? sounds like it should have been included on the disc…

mandujano13 said:

October 18th, 1:56 pm

wha? ok it costs 24.99 and discounts on map packs how much will the map packs costs and how much will the the discount take off because it seems like were basiclly buying them but diffrence is that we get them early and get 2 free things. rip off?

mandujano13 said:

October 18th, 2:03 pm

also any idea on how to get the naughty dog weapon skins and the taunt for the subway beta, also what is the fortune hunter pack that were could have gotten from subway codes. naughty dog needs to really explain things good they just confuse us.

Siufu said:

October 18th, 2:13 pm

A little more details will help. I don’t want to purchase something which I don’t understand. How many maps are we talking about? How many skins per pack? What are the release schedule (approximation) of each pack? And is there an end date for joining the club? Can I join it when the first DLC comes out or at least when more details are announced?

DuoMaxwell007 said:

October 18th, 2:29 pm

i seriously hate that, i miss the days when DLC and expansions packs came out MONTHS after the game had been released.. giving ppl time to get bored/tired of the old maps before reeling them back in… this whole (lets give them dlc the week or 2 after launch) just proves they coulda put the stuff on the disc but choose not to to get more money…. at least DLC that comes out MONTHS later makes me believe the devs appreciate their fanbase and doesnt want the community to dwindle so they add more content to keep them around and not just out to make money (sure theyre making money either way but when you announced DLC before the game is even out just proves money is ALL their after,, i mean yo dont even have a community established yet nor do you give it time to get old so youre definitely not doing it for the playerbase at that point)

Kangaru14 said:

October 18th, 2:30 pm

How do you sign up?

NicKSanDerS1 said:

October 18th, 2:51 pm

Im getting the collecters edition for my birthday, but I want to know:
1. Will it be possible for us to get the Naughty Dog Ak, Para 9, and Five dollar footlong taunt after the promotion is up because I’ve tried a couple times and haven’t gotten it
2. How many of the seven DLC packs will be maps?
3. Will the customization ever expand such as hair? Because my hero is pretty unatractive bald.

NicKSanDerS1 said:

October 18th, 2:55 pm

By the way I love you Naughty Dog and want to continue to see Uncharted games so please dont kill Drake, Elena, or Sully. Chloe I’m fine with as long as her death is unique, not saying she’s not important to Uncharted because she is, but it’s nice to have a dramatic effect……

BaronBrain said:

October 18th, 2:58 pm

As others have already commented on, I too find many aspects of this current console generation to be distatseful. It seems far more importance is placed on DLC multiplayer maps & skins, and insane pre-order “incentives”. Whatever happened to ensuring gamers rec’d the best & most complete experience possible ON DISC when we purchased a title?

The emphasis is always on multiplayer…why no single-player expansions? Many of us cannot stand the MP “experience”, myself very much included, so I wouldn’t purchase ANY of this DLC at any price.

Even if there were single-player (or co-op) expansions, I’d only buy it if released in a subsequent disc release. I only buy media-based formats I have full control over. I highly doubt Sony’s server will retain my DLC data 10-20 years later, if it’s even still online then. (Naysayers should remember this problem HAS already occurred with the original XB and other PC systems.)

BTW, I DID try the multiplayer beta to see if it was any good, but sadly it still bored the hell out of me. Just the same dull deathmatch, capture-the-flag, and other MP modes that reappear in games now ad infinitum. Give me single player or co-op any day!

jazzyrider said:

October 18th, 3:18 pm

So no single player extras? I’m not much of a multiplayer person, otherwise this would be awesome.

Shishimo9000 said:

October 18th, 3:19 pm

Sooo I was under the impression that Playstation users were more mature than the Xbox crowd… Guess I was wrong. I suggest next time you spell this out in a way that a 5 year old child could understand it since people seem to think that you saving them money is evil and shouldn’t EVER be done… I’m completely shocked by this ignorance.

Ok here we go nice and simple now. Naughty dog already has a business plan (becuase that is what they are a business) for how much DLC they will create and release for Uncharted 3. They tallied up how much it would cost and shaved 45% off the total and gave you an option to pre-rder it if you know that you are someone who likes to buy everything that comes out for a game that you enjoy. So by getting this package you have told them hey I want your stuff and trust it will be worth my purchase, so they said thank you for that confidence in our product here is %45 off and a heads up message for when it is released.

Explosio5 said:

October 18th, 3:30 pm

i’m a huge Uncharted fan, this is awesome!

angelspawn77 said:

October 18th, 3:35 pm

Sounds good, thinking about it and comparing it to cod map packs this is a steal. I mean you get 4 map packs and 3 skin packs for 25$ which is less than just 2 cod map packs priced at 15$ a pack. 7 packs for less than 2 from cod, that’s fantastic, not to mention Uncharted looks leaps better than cod. Cod has maps from a dated engine that they need to update.

E-Phoenix- said:

October 18th, 3:51 pm

Some people are really dumb not to read the entire thing…

tacitassassin25 said:

October 18th, 3:52 pm

That is ridiculous another $45 for DLC that is coming out the same month of the game. Complete rip off, I wont be buying the DLC for this game. Developers should be ashamed of themselves ripping off their customers like this. Really considering not buying this game now and just getting it later, I can see releasing DLC months after the game comes out, but literately the same month it just BS, Battlefield 3 here I come, c ya Naughty Dog

wolfzero1 said:

October 18th, 3:59 pm

if its just for map packs/multiplayer skins, I can’t see buying this, if it includes the possibility of more single player/co-op missions as well then I would consider it.

bakerarmy said:

October 18th, 4:00 pm

25 bucks (even at 45% off) is horrific. This just proves the developer intended to take even more money from us . The Game is not even released and they planned 7 packs of DLC. It should have been included with the game if it was planned.

What was (and is) a epic Single Player adventure has turned into a MP cash grab.

xXne0ven0mXx said:

October 18th, 4:02 pm

How long will this deal be good for? I’m 99% sure I’ll get all the DLC for this game anyways, so I just want to see how to spread out my purchasing with the release and all. Thanks!

lollollol85242 said:

October 18th, 4:25 pm

Great! The game is awesome so far, im having a blast im already level 20!

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