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Oct 20

Oct 20

Beta Feedback: How You Helped Shape Battlefield 3’s Multiplayer

Tommy Rydling's Avatar Posted by Senior Community Manager, DICE

Battlefield 3 for PS3

On behalf of the entire team at DICE, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who played and participated in our Battlefield 3 Open Beta. The information that we’ve gathered from your play time is invaluable. It will help to make Battlefield 3 even better!

But it’s not all network load balancing and matchmaking algorithms; When it comes to data, the real star is you! Just look at these killer numbers we pulled down from all of you PS3 players:

Battlefield 3 Beta Stats

Crazy numbers and we couldn’t have done it without you! Just a few more days now before the game launches on the 25th, and as you may know already, PS3 players will get access to the expansion pack Back to Karkand one week early.

But before I leave you, here is a short selection of just some of the hundreds of changes and additions we are making to the game before launch, as a direct result of your feedback in the Open Beta:

Improved Squad Functionality

There will be improved squad functionality in the retail game (including but not limited to): the ability to create squads prior to launching into a game, sticking with your squad when joining a game and continuing together through future games (if team balance on the server allows it), inviting friends to a squad, and changing squads once in game.

More Accessible Settings Menu

The ability to modify your settings via the deploy screen has been added into the retail game.

Improved Kill Cam

In the Open Beta, the Kill Cam would sometimes behave erratically. This has been fixed for the launch of the retail game.

Netcode Optimization

The netcode is one of the many things that we tested as part of the Open Beta and it was not necessarily reflective of the final retail game. The DICE team appreciates, and has heard, the feedback you’ve provided and is further optimizing online play.

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phyllito1 said:

October 21st, 3:31 am

8 million players on ps3 only or on ps3, 360 & pc?

hortyta said:

October 21st, 3:51 am

playstation do you think call of duty is over

ShadowKillR said:

October 21st, 7:21 am

I would still like to see only four man squads. With the right people four is plenty. Many a time it can be done with a two man if done properly, and the other team is fairly unorganized. I did hav one suggestion why not start developing cross chat for this game. I don’t know if 360 has the rights to it or not but I would love to start seeing this in the playstation community… any thoughts?

Tbone2119 said:

October 21st, 10:03 am

I’ll admit ive never played Battelfield.Ive played alot of COD games.I didn’t really like BF3.There were some nice things i liked about.Like when you jumped over something you really seemed like you were jumpping over it instead of just going up and over like COD.I’ll try it when i comes out.I wasn’t truly inpressed by it.To tell you the truth it doesn’t stand a chance against CW3.I’ll play both and then give my honest oppion about it.Hell i’ve ripped on my own FAV games that have fallen short of what i think they should be like NFS and Nascar.So i’ll probably post something when i play both.Take care peeps.

SNAKE-EYES73 said:

October 21st, 10:30 am

Was ok except the damn camper’s and that stupid flash light as well as people getting under the map! Your nothing when you have to take advantage over the game! Heck its enough I deal with that junk in Call Of Duty but now in Battle Field 3 not cool!

Hooligantuan said:

October 21st, 12:42 pm

Nothing stops you from playing with three other buddies in four-man-squad style when you’re playing higher player capacity games.

12 vs 12 is a joke. Not as bad a joke as Black Ops clocking 18 guys for its largest game mode, but anything less than 20 vs 20 isn’t a game I’m chomping at the bit to play.

Hooligantuan said:

October 21st, 12:45 pm

“Speeding Up Gameplay” … terrible design philosophy.

Make good, open maps and let the players work out their own tactics. More dudes in the fight does “speed up” the gameplay as it increases the likelihood and frequency of encountering enemy players.

GTP480 said:

October 21st, 2:24 pm

Just to clarify, these are global stats across all platforms (PC, 360, and ps3).
On a side note, I canceled my pre-order for the Limited Edition because I want to wait until it is patched several times. Might pick this up used in a couple months.

GTP480 said:

October 21st, 2:33 pm


I agree 12v.12 is a joke. However, anything higher is not possible with the PS3. Bad Company 2 still freezes my PS3 on occasion when too much is going on in-game. I don’t know anything about MAG, but does it feature destructible environments and vehicles? I doubt it.
This is a PC game. Period.

Hooligantuan said:

October 21st, 8:28 pm

I don’t really need destructible environments, but MAG does have vehicles and demolishable objective assets.

I don’t disagree that this is another PC game pretending to be a console game, though. Got enough of that with New Vegas.

williep35 said:

October 22nd, 7:23 am

Hey Sony I was wondering if you were going to make a new bluetooth headset, because I’m getting ready to buy the 2.0 one but I don’t want to buy one, if a new headset (buy Sony) is coming out…… please reply soon!!!!!!!!

payne1981 said:

October 22nd, 8:46 am

a day one patch will be available to my understanding

MCP-511 said:

October 22nd, 9:14 am

I bought COD modern warfare 2 and played it a while and tossed it on ebay. About as bad as mag. Its like fighting in a box, the areas are way to small. Those are the noob shooters. Those are camping games because you can’t take down a good percentage of the cover. Heck you can’t even knock over a tree. How is that even realistic. Don’t even get me started on the shots across the map because COD lacks bullet drop.

Modern warfare in real life includes vehicles and destruction and bullet drop. Thinking otherwise is child’s play. I can go a whole round and not eat a bullet in battlefield. You simply have to use your head.

The only gripe I have about battlefield bad company 2 for example is that vehicles seem to have unlimited ammunition. That aspect is a bit unrealistic. That aside, its still far more realistic than other games, the idea that you can’t hide behind cover indefinitely is extremely realistic and forces you to play differently. I can’t even play COD games anymore since the battlefield experience, its like something is missing, because it is.

TAzZ_809 said:

October 22nd, 9:16 am


Hooligantuan said:

October 22nd, 10:11 am

MCP-511, the idea that MAG has small maps is hilariously incorrect. MAG has some of the largest maps out there.

I mean, just basically thinking about it, you *need* fairly enormous maps to accomodate battles of 32 vs 32, 64 vs 64, 64 vs 64 vs 64, and 128 vs 128.

Whatever your imagined beef with MAG is, it ain’t the maps, bra.

Also, *most* games don’t have bullet drop, nor should they since the drop at the ranges of most FPS combat would be negligible.

PurpleMikey said:

October 22nd, 11:44 am

[PS3} 4players per squad is enough if you consider that you have 11 teammates means 3 squads per team…
but one thing I’d like to know… is how well you listening to our feedback… you probably got millions and millions of feedback most of them irrevelant… but the real ones… the ones that really could change your game… have they’ve been listened..?

12vs12 on a console that can handle 128vs128 (thats from MAG, it has big textures and big maps…) you can AT LEAST improve it to 16vs16 and it would make a huge difference.

I saw a lot of polygons lost under the map.. for rocks for examples… that could easily be removed to improve the stability and add more players…

There’s a ton of contact issues that need to be solved cuz most of the time people jump under the map and kill every one without being seen. I know it was a beta… but thats a bug that can be easily removed in alpha…

PurpleMikey said:

October 22nd, 11:44 am

You have vehicules but we haven’t tested it… I’m curious to see how they will react with the environment and if an airplane really have its place in a 12vs12 war… Battlefield have a lot of campers/snipers/lazy players call them the way you want… if on 12players there’ 2campers, 1air plane, 1tank and 8 guys running trough the map… it means that you won’t see a lot of action unless everybody is looking in the same direction

I bought this game in preorder only because I liked BF2 and im really curious about it… I’m a 3D modeler (student) and it have some incredible features (mostly graphics) but it looks like you’re selling us a game engine… not a game.

ID software did this with Rage and lost many fans… I hope DICE will deliver a solid game.

***This is only for the multiplayer because I haven’t tested the single player but from what I’ve seen the single player will be simply perfect!***

BTW – I am not a COD fan… I hate to fight in a shoes box… but I don’t like to be looking for a man in a 6km² jungle neither.

MattRaven-_ said:

October 22nd, 12:33 pm

and this is why im a playstation 3 gamer ……… cheers to you dice

RolandBeats said:

October 23rd, 3:13 am


ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY said:

October 23rd, 10:16 am

I am gunna be straight forward, i was a call of duty fan till i tried out some battlefield games a few months back, and im sorry call of duty fans but if your buying mw3 your wasting your money, call of duty is 110% crappy graphics, 110% crappy gameplay, 110% crappy physics, IF I RUN AROUND A CORNER YOUR BULLETS DONT BEND AROUND THE CORNER!!!!! call of duty will make more money because its called CALL OF DUTY no other reason, they have made lots with this series but its straight up garbage, sorry activision but you should have stuck with your guitar hero because i prefer GH over COD anyday!!!

CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!! let the little teeny bops play their pathetic MW3 while us MEN play on a REAL battlefield :D COD=NOskillsALLkills BF=NOskillsMEANSnoKILLS, if you suck at battlefield and rock at call of duty then the truth is you SUCK ASS!!! love ya EA,PLAYSTATION,DICE, and FROSTBITE 2!!!!

ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY said:

October 23rd, 10:19 am


my parents cant even aim and they pwn in all call of duty games

its mostly filled with little fags who arent even old enough to play

and its just straight up PATHETIC in ever aspect possible!!!!

KUNUS3 said:

October 23rd, 2:40 pm

call of duty is way better than battle field battel field could suck my ass

ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY said:

October 24th, 3:49 am

HAHAHA this idiot put a space between battle and field no wonder you think cods better because your braindead :D

ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY said:

October 24th, 3:52 am

now GET OUTTA HERE BEACH…… go play your little crappy arcade game while i play a real game, go back to your bad ops, because like i said before have these little winey babys arent even old enough to play these games, wait you cant even spell HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOSER

ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY said:

October 24th, 3:55 am

CALL OF DUTY SUCKS………… BATTLEFIELD RULES……….. if you dont like it give me your address and ill come teach you to STFU :P love ya ea, dice, and frostbite 2, Call Of Duty needs to be an xbox exclusive because im tired of it, plus crappy games belong on a crappy console.

ToKKeNbL00dMoNeY said:

October 24th, 3:57 am

AAWWEE……. his face is red because he has never played a real videogame before, oh wait he thinks it COD hahaha buddy, Battlefield 1943 makes cod look like crap :)

GGremlin said:

October 26th, 8:41 am

I was extremely excited for this game. Notice the past tense here.
The problem is that when I jump online to play it’s to play with my friends for the most part. When I found out how confusing and difficult it was to do exactly that on battlefield 3, I went to the single player mode.

I will probably finish out the single player version of this game, give DICE a chance to fix their squad system (of which gets diced up the instant you enter a match) and then, if it isn’t fixed, I will trade it in for store credit and get MW3.

Sure I won’t have the vehicles (which is awesome) and will probably have to deal with spawn campers up the wahzoo again, but at least I can complain about it with my friends instead of being trapped in a game that won’t let me change to a squad on the same team in game to join my friends, or switch teams to play with my friends. All in all, game mechanics, good but nothing spectacular.
What makes the game fun for me is the one part of the game that is nerfed. DICE, I know that broadlly amongst my friends that was the biggest gripe, and I’ve seen it all over the net checking this out. It appears it was a beta issue, and is still an issue in the live play.

ATXGil2L said:

October 28th, 9:07 am

THIS GAME SUCKS. If you’re expecting to ACTUALLY PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT IT. Oh, and if you’re expecting to hear them, you’re SOL as well. SO disappointing DICE. 4 man squads? HORRIBLE navigation tools. HORRIBLE matchmaking.

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