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Oct 27

Oct 27

Get Your Hands on PS Vita Early with the First Edition Bundle

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hey PlayStation Vita fans! How would you like to get your hands on PS Vita one week before the official release date of February 22nd? After last Tuesday’s announcement of the PS Vita launch date, we are excited to bring more PS Vita news your way with the introduction of the PS Vita First Edition bundle. We’ve decided to give our most loyal fans an opportunity to own a PS Vita before everyone else. For a limited time in the U.S. and Canada, the PS Vita First Edition bundle will be pre-sold at select retail locations, starting today.

The U.S. bundle includes a PS Vita 3G + Wi-Fi model, a limited edition case, 4GB PS Vita Memory Card, and Little Deviants game for $349.99 (MSRP). The Canadian bundle includes a Wi-Fi model, a limited edition case, 4GB PS Vita Memory Card, and Little Deviants game for $299.99 (MSRP). Best of all, you can pick up the PS Vita First Edition Bundle on February 15, 2012, so this is your chance to play before everyone else.

PS Vita Image

With PS Vita, the world is in play. PS Vita is the next generation portable entertainment system, providing interaction with the world around you. Unlike any other handheld device ever designed, PS Vita provides all new ways to play, including a complete, socially connected experience with the biggest and best games. From the beautiful, highest resolution front touch screen and rear touch pad, to the dual analog sticks, motion sensors and dual cameras, PS Vita will offer all new ways to engage and play your favorite games. With both 3G and Wi-Fi support, you can stay connected with your PSN friends and social apps, while enjoying location-based gaming. And with select games, you’ll even be able to connect and play against PS3 owners, a feature that is only possible on PlayStation platforms.

Included with the PS Vita First Edition bundle is a copy of Little Deviants, which is a series of madcap adventures that allow you to have fun discovering and experimenting with the new PS Vita functions including rear touch and front touch, six-axis motion sensors, front and rear cameras and microphone. Little Deviants also offers an augmented reality shooter experience that lets players move around the real world firing shots and dodging enemies.

How many of you are going to order the PS Vita First Edition bundle? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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KANE8891 said:

October 27th, 1:09 pm

That would be fantastic, IF THE BUNDLE WOULD BE ALSO AVAILABLE IN EU! BUT SONY EUROPE doesnt care for us, EU FANS!!!

KingSora08 said:

October 27th, 1:18 pm

I would buy if it was the Wifi only model.

Lasdrub said:

October 27th, 1:23 pm

It’s a good deal, but I wish I could get the Canadian bundle. I can’t afford a wireless contract.

RurouniSaiya-jin said:

October 27th, 1:26 pm

Nice plan but you should consider making both available for each country so people in the US who only want Wifi can go for that bundle. Doesn’t affect me here in Canada but it would be nice. Sadly, I’ll pass on the bundle since I’m aiming to go digital with Vita. A 4GB stick won’t be big enough for me ^,^

Vesmic said:

October 27th, 1:36 pm

I won’t ever buy the 3g option since sony signed their souls to the devil (ATT). The bundle just seems like a slap in the face for American buyers. Personally each announcement I see about the Vita has be progressively less interested. I have gone from pre-ordering, to being perfectly okay with waiting a year for the price to drop on this device with a required memory card.

TheMovieHero said:

October 27th, 1:37 pm

Please bring that Wi-fi only bundle to the US! I’d love to have my Vita a week early but I just don’t need a 3G model. Is there any chance of us getting it too?

Tchanku said:

October 27th, 1:38 pm

I wonder if the Vita will support Indie Developers.

Machinetti-joe said:

October 27th, 1:46 pm

Id Kill to see this Offer in Europe!

p3k3cyto said:

October 27th, 1:48 pm

hey i have a question, the psvita does not have internal memory?

EZT said:

October 27th, 1:48 pm

If Amazon is the only retailer to offer this bundle, I will have to pass. I think it is a great offer, but I have trade-in money tied up with Gamestop. Also offer this bundle or one like it at Gamestop and I’m sold!

reson8er said:

October 27th, 1:49 pm

I’ll just echo the sentiment here already: I’d do it if it were available as Wi-Fi only. I figure you guys are probably making $ on the 3G version which is why that model is being pushed, but isn’t the model on game sales as well? I’ll be receiving my Vita on 2/22 unless the offer is extended to the wi-fi version.

KevCity89 said:

October 27th, 2:01 pm

C I would get this bundle, but I won’t. Few reasons is because like all game consoles & handheld, later in the years they will come ship out other bundles that include better game packages & more importantly, bigger GB hard drives. For example, look at the Playstation 3. They started with the 40-60 GB models, to today from 40-320 GB models. So yea, I think I’ll pass. Playstation Vita will B A hit, I’ll just wait 4 better offers

MiiAmigo said:

October 27th, 2:09 pm

please do this for the WiFi Vita too and you got my money.

E-Phoenix- said:

October 27th, 2:16 pm

A 4GB memory card……………. How about 16GB or 32GB.

E-Phoenix- said:

October 27th, 2:17 pm

Since the Vita doesn’t come with any memory, the memory cards better not be expensive.

Chidori_93 said:

October 27th, 2:19 pm

WiFi bundle in US!!! Please, Please, Please.

PD:100% Secure will sell more, Is what you want Right?

rockinjs864 said:

October 27th, 2:19 pm

It would be nice if you annouced the 3G data plan price I’m not jumping on blindly to the 3G version model and then turn around to pay an $30 a month for it

Chidori_93 said:

October 27th, 2:23 pm

BTW is a great idea because we can read reviews before Buy it in Feb 22…

sparkkus816 said:

October 27th, 2:23 pm

The system will be awesome! However 249. is a little high…I’ll have to wait for a price drop and a bigger line up of software first..I think the magic price would be 199. for wifi version!

gold1617 said:

October 27th, 2:29 pm

since its 3g, would I need to purchase a data plan?
…pls answer this could make or break my purchase

zerroless said:

October 27th, 2:33 pm

im not getting the 3g verision but if you can turn the 3g off on this one and not have to pay for it or sign a contract and only use wifi this bundle would be worth the extra money and its a good bundle so will any one from sony who nows tell me because i would probaly pay the extra money for the early release and good deal.because i planed to buy the wifi only model……. IF ANY ONE HAS THIS INFO PLEASE TELL ME……. THANKS ALOT

zerroless said:

October 27th, 2:37 pm

i think they should make an early WIFI model that i would defently make me pay the extra money for thin please think about a wifi model thats early

gamemasta123 said:

October 27th, 2:40 pm

I might have actually pre-ordered this if the wifi only version was available in the US, but alas sony you had to give us the 3G version. Looks like I’ll just wait for the release date.

Kners1s said:

October 27th, 2:40 pm

Come on, not everyone wants the 3G version. Get with it, release two bundles.

Im_Juice_Lee said:

October 27th, 2:58 pm

I’d buy it if we had the Canadian version (wifi instead of 3G)


Tchanku said:

October 27th, 3:00 pm

Just saw this “*Mobile Broadband access requires DataConnect Pass plan for other specified devices. Time begins expiring immediately upon purchase/activation, whether you are using the service or not. Once your time expires or the allotted data is used, whichever comes first, your data access will cease. 30 day domestic plans automatically renew, unless you cancel auto-renewal. Fees are non-refundable. For full terms see Data Connect Pass Wireless Data Services Agreement on Mobile broadband coverage not available in all areas.”

Under features on the Vist1st edition page

Their data connect pass plan for other devices.

“Domestic DataConnect Pass Plans Cost
DataConnect Day Pass 100 MB $15
DataConnect Week Pass 300 MB $30
DataConnect Month Pass 1 GB $50”

Or 2 year contract
“Data Cost Domestic Overage Fees
5 GB $60/month $0.05 per MB
200 MB $35/month $0.10 per MB”

Thanks, you made my decision for me. Wifi and a cell phone.

Heavenly_king said:

October 27th, 3:15 pm

how about an UNCHARTED BUNDLE???

gus_xl said:

October 27th, 3:22 pm

Good for some I guess, but I’ll pass. I want the WiFi only edition so I’ll wait.

ElektroDragon said:

October 27th, 3:23 pm

This would be worth it if it were a month or two early, but only a week early is pathetic.

DJ-307 said:

October 27th, 3:26 pm

I would buy this, but its the 3G model. I mean I would love a 3G model, but its with AT&T and …, well I think enough has been said.

Dogtype said:

October 27th, 3:29 pm

Every game site is filled with comments from people in the US wanting the Wifi only model.

PLEASE consider offering the wifi bundle to the US as well. I’m with the large majority who will only purchase this bundle if it does not include the 3G model. Also, if this is for your “most dedicated fans”, I think we (the fans) need a much larger memory card. Please consider this option as well.

Really – I’m begging you, Sony. I want this bundle badly, but it has to be changed a bit.

navcomm81 said:

October 27th, 3:37 pm

I was sold until I read the WiFi only model for Canadians. I can wait a week longer.

Brapp347 said:

October 27th, 3:48 pm

I wish it was the wifi only version.. i’ll wait. Even though feb 15th is only 5 days after my birthday…

nbuubu said:

October 27th, 4:00 pm

I too would much prefer the Wi-Fi only bundle and a larger memory card.

Looking at the prices in Yen for the memory cards (4GB (2,200 yen, about $29), 8GB (3,200 yen, $42), 16GB (5,500 yen, $72), and 32GB (9,500 yen, $124)), plus the full retail for the game ($40), plus the expected price for a first party case ($20), we’re looking at a bundle of stuff worth about $90 for $50 more than the cost of the Vita 3G.

My problem with the bundle is the tiny memory card. It’s just laughably small. It’s as bad as Microsoft selling a 360 with only 4GB of memory.

8GB should be the absolute minimum for a memory card in a portable system, and this bundle should have that. That’s the minimum size of the iPhone and it’s a minimum number that most consumers have in mind.

Sony is only shooting themselves in the foot by releasing a bundle with only 4GB of space for a system they expect to live online and that they expect consumers to download movies, music, and full games to take with them.

Niko-Blue said:

October 27th, 4:12 pm

When it comes to gaming now a days 4gb ain’t gonna do much for me 32gb n up

iTofuMan said:

October 27th, 4:17 pm

Now this is the information i was waiting for! will be pre-ordering this

joshp18 said:

October 27th, 4:19 pm

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and agree with the 95% of people on here…I would buy it if the US had the WiFi only model.

Bundle should be:

WiFi model PS Vita
16GB Memory Stick
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Limited Edition Case

Now THAT would sell.

thunderbear said:

October 27th, 4:21 pm

I’m a sucker for this thing so I’ll be getting the first edition.

TheBanditKing said:

October 27th, 4:25 pm

I’m sorry but this is a bad idea, a fragmented launch is no way to start a new console and rewarding a small portion of the Vita group by giving them the console a week early seems a bit unfair, especially since I think the WiFI to 3G break down will be 70% wifi to 30% 3G. I have no intention of giving AT&T (or any provider) anymore money for their half arsed 3G (oh and if someone sold you on 4G its a lie we are not even close to those speeds on wireless broadband). Sony, you’re my favorite game company and the Vita is looking strong and ready to storm the market, so don’t screw this up.

Scarface3010 said:

October 27th, 4:31 pm

Just cancelled my 3G+WiFi original pre-order from amazon. I just placed my limited edition order. I like that the price is only $49 more and you get the game, case and memory card. NICE BUNDLE SONY!!!!!! Please work with amazon to guarantee release date delivery, I paid $4 more to get it in a day.

LilBru said:

October 27th, 4:32 pm

As much as I want it as early as possible, I don’t want that particular game so I am gonna wait.. Unless the game is Uncharted then I would pre-order it a week early..

strayskruffy12 said:

October 27th, 4:35 pm


tbearntx said:

October 27th, 4:37 pm

Like all the rest I am not going to buy a 3G version unless it is a no contract (aka no hidden strings) version. I refuse to pay for another data service and I will never use AT&T. As a dedicated Sony consumer who has @ their home 3 PSP’s, a PSP GO, 2 PS3’s, two Sony ebook’s and Bravia tv’s, I think that this attempt at a bundle is just a slap in the face to those of us who are dedicated to the brand. I would think that with as much market share as Sony has lost to Apple in the handheld market and to Microsoft in the console market that they would finally start to.listen to their dedicated consumer. After i took the survey about the Vita and saw what kinda pricing options they were bouncing around, I cancelled my preorder and I dont know when i will actually buy one.

Uraizen said:

October 27th, 5:12 pm

WiFi only bundle for US, please.

chickengrasshead said:

October 27th, 5:17 pm

What !!! But I want the Wifi only version. WITH a better game. Like Uncharted.

Matt_Tennis12 said:

October 27th, 5:17 pm

Any chance this deal applies to the Wi-Fi only version of the PSVita? I’m not interested in the 3G version but this deal sounds exciting.

alanria3 said:

October 27th, 5:24 pm

Tengo una pregunta quisiera saber los wireless headset van a ser compatibles con el ps vita eso sería exelente

sdmentor said:

October 27th, 5:29 pm

idk wat to get this pack or the the wifi only and buy all the stuff with it

SpLinT said:

October 27th, 5:41 pm

How about a 3G model with a 32 GB card , case, Uncharted or UmvC 2 weeks early- for 400 bucks. Take it or leave it

ZachWuzHere said:

October 27th, 5:44 pm

when does the limited time offer end! plzzzzz make it until christmas so i will be able to preorder it!!

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